Top 8 Best Big Man Recliners Reviews

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: July 10, 2021

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Big Man Recliner

Nothing beats the joy of coming home to take refuge in your big man recliner chair. They are the best place to sit and unwind after a long, hectic day.

Unlike many ordinary recliners, these units have generous sizes that can fit nearly all tall and big persons. With their robust construction, they are a personal sanctuary, offering a stable platform for most body weights.

You can have one of these in your bedroom, man cave, living room, bedroom, or even office – any room that allows you to relax in peace. Their epic size facilitates uniform weight distribution, letting you sit in comfort.

To help you choose the best big man recliner, we’ve outlined the top 8 best products available on the market. All you need to do is read along and select what suits your needs and preferences. 

Let’s dive right in!

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Top 8 Best Big Man Recliners

Let’s have a quick look at the 8 best big man recliners,

1. Lane Stallion Big Man

Take your relaxation sessions to the next level with the Lane Stallion Big Man. The horseshoe-shaped back, large T-cushion seat, plush kidney pillows, and large pillow-wrapped arms of this oversized recliner are all you need for better relaxation.


Extra Large Seating Area: this big man recliner has a generous 44’ seating space and an overall dimension of 44’’ by 40’’ by 48.’’ It is rated for weights of up to 500 pounds and specially designed for the big gal or man. 

Extra thick padding: The Lane Stallion Big Man could never be more comfortable! The extra-thick padding on the seating area and back area will give you the ‘heaven-on-earth feeling. Get ready for some extra comfort from the plush kidney pillows and large pillow-wrapped arms!

Unique reclining mechanism: This unit has 7-gauge steel, and at the full reclining position, the chair’s length is like that of a king-sized mattress. You can take a nap or even sleep on the recliner and enjoy your dreams! 

What I like

  • Construction: sturdy and durable
  • Armrests: Padded for extra comfort 
  • Max bearing capacity: supports the heaviest users
  • Wall saver feature: allows for compact storage
  • Unique reclining mechanism: back support

What I Don’t Like

  • Weight limit: some customers complained that the chair isn’t as comfortable for obese people


If you intend to purchase a unit with sturdy construction and a reinforced design, the Lane Stallion Big Man is the chair you’ve been missing for many years! It comes ready to support up to 500 pounds, and you can be a beneficiary. 

2. Catnapper Burns 4847 Power Dual Motor

Second in line is this classic man chair recliner available in 4 different colors to choose from. This chair will be an excellent addition to your space, thanks to its soft, cleanable woven velvet fabric that gives it a classic look and feel. 


Extra Wide Seating Area: the recliner has a (WHD) dimension of 39″ by 42″ by 44.” With a 20’’ seat height, 22″ seat depth, and 22″ seat width, it will support up to 400 pounds, enough for most taller and heavier persons. 

4847 Power Dual Motor: The 4847 Power Dual Motor allows the chair to recline and lift to infinite positions. You can set it to an entirely laid position and enjoy your sleep. But if you want to get some work done, the motor will lift it to 90°, or anything around that. The time-tested lift mechanism also works hand-in-hand with the motor to offer multi-positioned seating.

Convenient push buttons: the push buttons and hand wand features allow for effortless lift control. This convenience makes the recliner a suitable option for senior people struggling with limited mobility. 

What I like

  • Construction: sturdy and top-notch quality
  • Fabric: soft, easy to clean, and durable
  • Motor: Powerful, safe, smooth, and quiet
  • Steel reclining mechanism: for comfortable relaxation
  • Warranty: Extended 5 Year warranty

What I Don’t Like

  • Battery: you’ll need to buy a 9 Volt battery separately for backup


Catnapper Burns is worth every penny! The excellent design and quality are all you need to take your comfort levels a notch higher. And if you have a senior person in mind, this man chair recliner could be a handy gift option. 

3. Lane Home Furnishings 4216-19 Show Biz Chocolate Rocker Recliner

Get the comfort you’ve been looking for by buying this medium-large recliner.  It is another top contender with a plush seat cushion padded with C3 Pocket Coils. The extra-thick back cushion, fully padded chaise, and pillow top arms will shower your body with 100% comfort.


Sturdy Construction: this big man chair recliner is a Made-in-USA furniture. It includes hardwood frames, Tenon joints, and mortise for superior durability. The sturdy construction allows for comfortable reclining. 

Aesthetically Appealing Design: the chair comes covered in a subtle Chenille. The diamond grid design and multi-colored warp add to the beauty, giving the unit an elegant look and feel. Add this to your man cave or living room and spark your space. 

Full Padding: the well-padded chaise cushion guarantees max support from head to toe. You can watch your TV, read a novel, or take a nap on this chair without worrying about developing back pains.

Reclining mechanism: the Royal Zero Gravity reclining mechanism will support your back, legs, and neck while reducing the stress and tension that might develop from prolonged sitting.

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What I like

  • Comfort Seating: for contoured seating with extra comfort
  • Power Recline: for effortless reclining 
  • Comfort King: Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Perfect Pitch Adjustment: customized seating for any user
  • Zero Gravity Mechanism: for back, leg, and neck support

What I Don’t Like

  • Price: a bit costlier than units of its class


Lane is committed to offering users products with the latest technology, and this Show Biz Chocolate Rocker Recliner is no exception! This furniture gives the ultimate escape place to relax, nap, and unwind.

4. Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner

Homelegance strives to offer its customers with Quality, Style, Value and Variety. It is no wonder this Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner comes with quality standards to meet and exceed your expectations. 


100% Polyester: this loveseat is dressed in a dark brown plush microfiber. The material remains neat and good-looking even after many years of use. Its durability is something you’d want to consider if you’re tired of units that do not last long.

Weight capacity: the chair measures 43″ by 40″ by 40″. With an 18’’ seat width, 23’’ seat depth, and 20’’seat height, the  Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner will support up to 300 pounds while still standing stable. 

Quality Assurance: Homelegance boasts 30 years of experience in providing the best home furnishings, which also applies to its loveseat. The recliner is designed with quality artistry that guarantees quality, durability, and longevity.

What I like

  • Brand: renowned brand in home furniture designs
  • Oversized backs, arms, and seats: to support up to 300 pounds
  • Upholstery: soft and easy to clean fabric
  • Extra padding: for extra support and comfort
  • Quality: guarantees durability and longevity

What I Don’t Like

  • Seat: some customers complained that the seat portion is too firm


Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner is equipped with all the features needed to maximize your comfort. It is available in charcoal gray fabric cover, textured microfiber brown cover, or taupe fabric cover – you have a variety to choose from. 

5. Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner

Merit glider could be your perfect companion in that lonely man cave or media room. It is of elegant style and reliable comfort, giving relaxation a new definition. And no need to worry about body support – this orthopedic-recommended recliner will help alleviate the back, neck, tailbone, arm, hip, thing, and leg pain.


Quality fabrics: the unit has durable fabrics for comfort and enduring usage. Even your jumpy and scratchy pets or kids will not manage to destroy these fabrics. With proper maintenance, the fabrics will still look all new even after years of use. 

Comfort and Support: the Merit glider couldn’t be more comfortable! It is built to be warm and inviting. All you need to do is position your body and bring it to perfect alignment. The rest is comfort and maximum body support!

Well made: the manufacturer employs quality craftsmanship to put this piece of furniture together. You will not hear annoying noises or experience wobbling and shaking when sitting in this big man recliner chair. 

What I like

  • Price: affordable price tag
  • Operation: user-friendly design
  • Assembly: you only need 5 minutes to put everything together
  • Quality fabric: cheap maintenance
  • Elegant style and designs: make it overly attractiveThis chair is not as soft as the manufacturer claims

What I Don’t Like

  • This chair is not as soft as the manufacturer claims


Put this Merit recliner together in only 5 minutes, and you’ll be good to sit! It is overly comfortable and supportive, with tough covering for durability. 

6. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

The CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair has an overstuffed foam motion reclining mechanism, suitable for people with limited mobility. It is designed to help users arise and sit upright smoothly and safely. With a remote control that activates different transitions, this big man recliner is a convenient pick for senior people. 


Power Lift Recline Mechanism: The chair merges functionality and style with a single motor to lift, recline, and tilt to whatever angle. The heavy-duty mechanism lets you customize the recliner to any position for the best lounging experience. The motor allows changing from reclining to sitting to lifting. 

Anti-skid Upholstery: The armrest, back, and seat are overstuffed with a well-cushioned pillow covered with a high-grade anti-skid upholstery. The upholstery offers comfortable sitting for enhanced safety and stability.

Assembly: Assembling the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair could never be easier! Use the step-by-step instructional manual to put every part together, and you’ll be done in minutes. You can also search for “Canmov Lift Chair assembly” on YouTube and follow the simple assembly process. 

Metal Frame: the durable metal frame gives the recliner stability and strength, even when supporting its max weight-bearing capacity. The recliner has a  39″ by 37″ by 40″H dimension and can support up to 300lbs.

What I like

  • Durable metal frame: gives the recliner stability ad strength
  • Anti-skid Upholstery: for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Power Lift Recline Mechanism: allows smooth reclining
  • Instructional Manual: allows for easy installation
  • Remote control: convenient operation

What I Don’t Like

  • Armrests: feel low


The CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair could be your meditation center! This big man power recliner comes packed with higher-end features for convenient operation, easy installation, smooth reclining, and aesthetic appeal.

7. Clonmel Contemporary Oversized Zero Wall Recliner 

The Clonmel Contemporary Oversized Zero Wall Recliner is the ideal piece of furniture for anyone interested in ultimate relaxation. This large-scale comfort unit is a zero-wall wide seat recliner that will fit in your compact space without demanding extra room to recline.


Zero wall design: you can now save space while reclining in this modernly styled big man recliner. We’d recommend this to a couple as it has an oversized room enough for two big men or women. You’ll also enjoy its easy assembly as guided in the easy-to-follow instructions. The recliner will fit through 32’’ doorways wider.

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Luxurious feel: the super-soft upholstery, simple pull-tab reclining mechanism, and supremely padded parts make this recliner the epitome of comfort and body support. Try this out, and you’ll be shocked that you cannot do without it. 

Chocolate Brown Color: The trendy brown tone of the upholstery enhances its appeal. You can add this reclining loveseat to your living room, and you’ll love how the chocolate brown color matches almost all decor arrangements.

What I like

  • Style: gives the chair an elegant look
  • Price: affordable price tag
  •  Sper-soft upholstery: for added comfort
  • Simple pull tab: for smooth reclining
  • Supremely padded parts: for added support

What I Don’t Like

  • Maintenance: requires a high maintenance cost


This big man recliner is a supremely padded chair with well-cushioned arm, back, and seat areas.  The soft microfiber upholstery will leave you needing more time to relax and unwind from the noises and demands of life. The chair is an affordable pick but offers more than you could imagine!

8. Seatcraft Pantheon

The Seatcraft Pantheon creates a powerful experience of comfort whenever you sit to rest. It takes everything to perfection and comes with sturdier long-lasting perfection. This big man electric recliner comes with an epic size to support any heavy and taller persons.


Convenient Features: the recliner has hidden in-arm storage that offers a storage room for remote control, key, novel, etc. The lighted cup holders emit a gentle glow so you can easily find your beverage in the dark. And you can place your drinks or snacks on the tray table as you continue watching your TV.

Leather Construction: the recliner is designed with top-grain leather for a premium elegance and texture. This makes the big man leather recliner easy to clean – you only need to wipe the material regularly and look all new.

Power Recline Control: Recline your seats and headrests into your favorite position simply by pushing a button on each end seat’s power control panel. A handy USB port is included to conveniently charge your phone or other electronic devices.

Adjustable Powered Headrest: this best man recliner takes your relaxation and comfort to another level. Simply push the button to adjust the headrest to different positions for the comfort of your shoulder and neck.

Adjustable Lumbar Support: You’ll love the adjustable lumbar support that supports the body’s natural curvature. With this, you can sit without the constant worries of back strain, pressure, or tension. The headrest will improve support and comfort.

What I like

  • Construction material: most refined touch and look
  • Generous size: can support up to 400 lbs
  • In-arm storage: room for storage 
  • Adjustable headrest: for reduced neck and shoulder strain
  • Adjustable lumbar: supports the body’s natural curvature

What I Don’t Like

  • Sub-par quality


Bring the theater experience right into your living room with the convenient features of  Seatcraft Pantheon. From SoundShaker bass shakers to swivel tray tables to lighted cup holders to storage compartments, and many more. This big man leather recliner gives you the dream-level experience that will leave your back feeling stronger.

Buyer’s Guide of Big Man Recliner Chair

Before purchasing your big man recliner, be sure to check that it meets the following considerations:


What is the point of buying a big man recliner if it does not prioritize comfort? The best unit should come with a well-cushioned backrest, footrest, seat, and neck rest. It should also support your back, feet, and butts well, even after sitting for prolonged hours.

The armrest should equally be comfortable. If the recliner is built with convenient features like a cup holder, go for it! Higher-end units have a remote control to add to your comfort and convenience. And if your budget allows, treat yourself with such!

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Weight Limit

The product description section will give you a clue about the recliner’s weight capacity. But if this section does not indicate the max bearing capacity, inquire from the dealer before making your purchase. 

No one wants to buy a big man recliner that collapses because it cannot support their weight. To avoid such embarrassment, you should be able to answer the following questions: What’s the max weight capacity of the chair? How much weight do you have? 


How strong is the big recliner? Is it stable enough for your weight? Recliners with plastic parts of legs may be affordable but could compromise durability. That’s why it is advisable to settle for big man recliners with a perfectly structured base. 

If possible, the big recline should have a hardwood or metal base to support your body weights. With this, you will get value for money, and rest assured that your chair will last you a lifetime.

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Most big man power recliners come with leather or upholstery fabric. Fabric tends to be softer than leather and is available in different materials, from velvet to cotton to chenille, and many others. The only disadvantage is that fabric requires a high maintenance cost to increase its durability.

Leather is more durable and water-resistant. Unlike fabric, it has a lower maintenance cost and only requires simple cleaning to look all new. Leather, however, may not be an excellent pick for homeowners staying in places with warmer climates, whether the leather could get hot and sticky. 

All in all, we advise that you go for a recliner with fabric if you’re looking for something with different style patterns to choose from. And if you have pets or small kids that could scratch on leather, the fabric upholstery remains the best option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a weight limit on big man recliners?

The best big man recliners boast a weight limit between 350 pounds – 500 pounds. Many manufacturers have heard the weight demands of taller and heavier users and are now designing units that can safely handle people weighing 500 pounds.

Are big man recliners worth the price?

If you’re looking to buy the amid-end brand, you’re likely to enjoy an excellent price/value ratio. However, the too cheap brands compromise significantly on durability and quality, which may be a waste of money after a few months of use. 

How do you know the big man recliner size to buy?

To know the size of your recliner, you’ll need to measure the chair’s seating area and determine whether it will fit your buttons. The armrest and footrest should also feel comfortable without being too high or too tall. 

Is it OK to sleep in a big man recliner every night?

Sleeping in your big man recliner is safe if the chair feels comfortable. However, orthopedics advise GERD patients, sleep apnea, and back pain to avoid sleeping in recliners. These conditions demand patients have a good night’s sleep on a quality bed. 

How long should my big man recliner last?

On average, with proper maintenance, you can expect your big recliner to last about 10 years. If the chair is not exposed to pets and kids, it may last even longer with regular use. 

Benefits of a Big Man Reclining Chair

Improves Blood Circulation

Sitting for prolonged hours is unhealthy and could adversely tamper with the body’s blood flow rate. It leaves you feeling tired, and in worst-case scenarios, you may develop medical complications.

A big man recliner is an ergonomic unit that lets you recline to whatever angle. The chair customizes your sitting needs and gives you a healthy posture when relaxing. This, in turn, promotes blood circulation even as you work, read a book, watch TV, or take a nap.

Increases Productivity

One of the main factors that hinder work productivity is boredom and reduced mobility. If you work in a busy environment, you may not have all the time to stretch, exercise, or relax, which negatively affects your productivity. 

Fortunately, the big man recliner comes in to deal with such issues. It allows you to recline, swing, lift your feet, or lie down before you continue with your work. There has never been a fun and better way of increasing productivity without extra costs. 

Improve Quality Of Life

Senior people with limited mobility tend to have difficulties arising from their chairs or moving up and down. These recliners will let them rest and perform other essential tasks without problems. 

What’s more, the recliners will give the senior person independence without requiring an extra hand to help them rise from the chair. Instead, the recliner helps lift them when there is a need to perform basic tasks like eating, stretching their legs, and lying down to take a nap. 

The Best Gift to Pregnant Women

Many pregnant women will experience lower back pain arising from the baby’s weight. This condition makes it difficult and uncomfortable for such women to sit on chairs.

In these cases, a big man recliner will come in handy for pregnant women. It will help the user to lie down and distribute the baby’s weight uniformly throughout the body. Doctors confirm that this is healthy as it is excellent for the baby’s and mother’s health.

A Great Addition to Any Space

Big man recliners are designed in different shapes, styles, colors, and awesomeness. These beauties are an excellent way of creating a class in your bedroom, man cave, living room, study room, or even office. 

Pricier models will come with extra accessories like heat pad cushions that are eye-catching. Your visitors and business partner will not help but notice the recliner in your room. 


Are you looking for the best big man recliner chair for heavier or taller persons? Our review has got you covered! Forget about the many ordinary recliners that were not fitting you!

All our products are tested and trusted for affordability, durability, comfort, quality, and functionality. You’re sure to get value for money after your purchase. 

Get yourself one and enjoy your reclining siestas.

Happy reclining!


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