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Optimum comfort is the primary aim of which CozySeating analyses its product listings. Whether it is a recliner, sofa, or chair for lower back pain, sleeping, gaming, elderly, wall huggers, oversized, loveseat and lay flat, we have every detail you need to make your choice easier.

Our inspiration is to be the source of a decision that adds a touch of love, comfort, and lifestyle to wherever you are!

How do we pick a product for listing?

Our product description process starts from research and study of the various consumer needs. It then analyzes the products from popular global brands that will be a perfect match to the consumers. From there, we ‘tear apart’ all the details from one unique feature to the other to ensure you get a clear picture of what you are about to buy.

Moreover, we offer informative articles to help with different seating furniture needs at home.

Cozyseating’s product guides are checked monthly for product availability and pricing. At the same time, we verify that none of our recommended products have been recalled per the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

Who’s behind this?

Our story begins in 2020 with Andrew Smith, a father of two and a mechanical engineer for a furniture company in the States. Having five years of experience working towards customer satisfaction, he enjoyed ensuring a customer made the perfect decision on their seating choice to match their needs.

After seeing the joy and multiple gratitude feedbacks from various customers he handled, it was then that the idea of owning a seating furniture website especially for product review & descriptions started – CozySeating.

Andrew smith’s favorite quote has always been, “Your marketing plan is not as important as how you plan to invest in the happiness of your customers.”― Mac Duke, the Strategist.


Our mission is to continuously provide certainty of products with improved functionality and maximum comfort.

CozySeating seeks to understand the various needs and demands of clients with an innovative approach and provide a solution with the very best industry. Keeping up with the continuous trends of seating furniture, we are dedicated to advance our descriptions hence our constant market research via feedbacks and studies. We trust that this is the only way to exceed our customers’ expectations.


At CozySeating, we believe in a holistic vision that is beneficial to all our stakeholders.

Because our customers are our NUMBER 1 importance, we purpose to achieve both satisfaction and delight. As responsible citizens of our world, we work towards listing products that are user-friendly and environment-friendly. CozySeating wishes for an all-around happy work environment for our team members and stakeholders.

Products assurance

We take pride in leading with seating furniture’s product descriptions. Our team spends an extensive amount of time researching and reviewing only the best in the present market. Our product listing’s primary focus is modification, relaxation, and luxury, with the ethos that great comfort must work and be great to look at.

The wide range of our sofas, chairs, and recliners reviews have met the most needs and preferences of our customers worldwide.


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