10 Best Reclining Loveseats with Console (Top Picks – 2022)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: January 4, 2021

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Hi there, and welcome to our best reclining loveseats review. Because love is a beautiful thing, loveseats allow couples, friends, and family to share the love in style and comfort. What’s better than kicking your heels up watching an entire movie with your loved one?

Nonetheless, comfort is personal. Loveseats come in different types such as manual and electrical. Whatever rocks your boat is present in the market and needs a thorough search.

But, at CozySeating, we decided to extend the love and embark on the quest for you, hence this world-class review.

With your best interests at heart, we summarized the research based on comfort, style, size, durability, and price. We believe that you should invest in a chair and not buy a chair.

Please read below our leading reclining loveseats reviews and a buying guide. Make a choice!

Table of Contents

Here is our List of Top 10 Best Reclining Loveseats

1. RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner

Overview: the perfect duo. RecPro Charles boasts extraordinary features like faux leather, sturdy construction, large space, and stylish design. This allows space to become your best friend.

A 2in1 seat could be the perfect solution to your comfort needs. Read on.

This double recliner loveseat comes in faux leather upholstery. Faux leather may not be real leather, but it does a great job in durability and style purposes. It is tough enough to resist comfortable wear and tears but also soft-to touch making it skin-friendly. It is also easy to clean any spills and stains, hence giving you no stress of maintaining it.

Furthermore, this is a wall hugger, which means that no matter your space, you could still own the RecPro. Being a wall hugger implies that it has 3″ clearance from the wall to the reclining seat’s back. As much as it’s a space-saver, it has enough room for you to curl up or sit in any style you prefer. What’s more?

Because it’s specifically for leisure and a good time, the console in the middle has extra features to top up the design of RecPro. The console has flip-up storage and 2 cup holders for you and your partner. So during movie night, you can have your glass of favorite drink and some snacks for enjoyment. Sounds pretty convenient, huh?

You also don’t have to worry about blending this reclining loveseat with your space theme. It comes in 4 different colors of chestnut, toffee, putty, and mahogany. You don’t have to worry about the strength of the chair for two people. It has a robust steel construction that is stable and long-lasting. Well, the movie is about to start. Pull the latch on the side, and enjoy!



Verdict: a loveseat with extra features of the cup holder and storage compartment beats the rest in the race. Well, apart from the other notable features, something different makes it perfect.

2. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Loveseat

Overview: let nothing come between you two! Bonded leather, two adjustable positions, comfortable and soft to touch- this is a perfect blend of unique features to win your heart.

When you want nothing to separate you from your loved one, you buy the Divano Roma.

Because it has no console in the middle, it becomes more spacious. Well, you can as well sleep on it alone if you don’t feel like reclining and you got no company. This seat has a 56″ width even with company, giving it enough room to seat two people comfortably. You can have your little one sit in between if you like; there’s room. Read on.

The bonded or faux leather, apart from giving it a sleek finishing, is also very durable. It gives no chance to the comfortable wear and tear, and it’s too soft and skin-friendly. The faux leather material is breathable with a matte finish against sweat and easy to clean, which lets down your worries of maintaining it. Just dry or wet wipe any stains and spills.

Divano loveseat has a stable and robust construction that allows you to recline independently to a nap or sit in an upright position. While at it, it has supreme comfort to assure you of a great time. The overstuffed cushions all-round makes you never want to wake up. Don’t be surprised when you watch a marathon of movies for the whole weekend.



Verdict: if you want to nap in the middle of a movie, there’s no need to disrupt your partner; just recline your side of the seat and allow them space to continue watching. That’s what makes Divano loveseat stand out with a blend of other features.

3. Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

Overview: When it comes to sharing a seat, make sure it’s the sleekest of them all. Valencia loveseat takes pride in extraordinary features like LED lighting, top grain Nappa leather, quilted pattern, power support, and extra features.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you love your movie night experience? This power reclining loveseat provides your movie needs and the entire experience with a 10 -10 of the scale.

It comes with a sleek design and comfort to perfectly blend with your needs. The diamond-quilted design adds a touch of flair and comfort. When it comes to comfort, Valencia’s ergonomic design has double foam cushions spread just where you need them. Also, it has a power lumbar support that allows you the versatility to adjust the pressure on your spine accordingly. The headrest is also adjustable to your preference.

Also, it comes with a Premium top grain Nappa leather 11000 upholstery. This material is soft, smooth, and supple to touch, making it a skin’s best friend. And it’s durable, making sure you have more of it every time you sit for comfort and leisure.

Moreover, nothing beats the feeling of watching a movie in a dark room. So, imagine having a seat that adds the effects of ambient light. This best leather loveseat has LED ambient lights that boost up the mood of a movie night. Also, it comes in a three-positions recline with simple operation from the advanced tactile button on the seat.

Let’s talk about the extra features. Like no other, this double recliner comes second to none in providing top-class attachments. Whether you want to take a meal or drink, all are on board. There’s a tray to hold your plate of chips, a cup holder for your coffee, and a wine glass caddy for your glass of sweet red wine. Take your date nights up a notch in the comfort of your home with Valencia.

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Verdict: why pay to go out for a movie while you can bring the whole experience to your home? Simply slip into your pajamas and join your partner and kid in the theatre room and enjoy with Valencia.

4. Homelegance Resonance Double Reclining Loveseat

Overview: when you want a touch of everything excellent. Homelegance is among the top-rated loveseat recliners featuring high density cushioning, microfiber, unique but sleek design, and muscular build.

If you can have it all in one package, then go for it. Read on.

Homelegance double loveseat comes with a beautiful blend of microfiber and faux leather upholstery in the right places. The headrest, lumbar, armrest, and seat area are plush microfiber, while the rest is faux leather.

This perfect combination ups the durability and comfort game. Where the skin touches the seat, the soft and warm microfiber takes the day. The faux leather is durable and easy to maintain, making it easy to clean. The duo upholstery covers a sturdy construction to make sure of a lasting service for your comfort needs.

Moreover, because comfort is vital, the extra thick cushioning evenly spread invites you to take a seat and be comfortable. The cushions are dense enough for you to sit even with your kid for as long as you want. Also, it makes it hard to dent the seat, so for a long, as you sit, the chair retains its shape.

Besides, for reclining purposes, the lever-action is easy to operate. Just turn it correctly, and you will be kicking your feet up comfortably in an instant. This double recliner offers a stylish design for your home. It brings a touch of warmth and sophistication to suit whatever theme your space has.



Verdict: Homelegance double recline is perfect for your RV needs. Because you can’t go camping alone, have a seat that accommodates more than one person as you chat the journey away.

5. Blackjack Furniture 9760 Reclining Loveseat

Overview: two is never a crowd when it comes to a double recliner. It features durable plywood construction, microfiber, and adjustable recline- the perfect simple touch to your loveseat.

Sometimes, simplicity is loud in style.

This modern but straightforward look of Blackjack loveseat comes in microfiber upholstery. The microfiber is heavy on durability terms hence promising a more prolonged relationship for your chair. It is also soft to touch, which makes it warm even in the earliest hours of the morning and the cold late nights. Apart from being soft, the material is also straightforward to clean, thus easy to maintain. When you accidentally spill or stain the fabric, you can easily wet or dry wipe it off. It dries up instantly. What’s more?

The upholstery covers a sturdy structure of high-quality plywood. The plywood is strong and stable to serve you as long as you are willing to keep the chair. To boost that, it also comes with extra padding on the headrest, armrest, and backrest, and seat area. Comfort does not have to be complicated; hence this touch of simplicity still offers maximum comfort to your needs.

The reclining function is independent, with an easy pull latch on each side. You can sleep and kick up your footrest alone without disturbing your company. It has adjustable positions for napping, watching a movie, and reading a book.

Furthermore, Blackjack is a small reclining loveseat. Size can be a major hiccup for furniture, so this is a homerun for small-sized people and spaces. This makes it lightweight hence easy to move around to whatever location you may prefer.



Verdict: you don’t have to spend so much on quality. Blackjack double seat offers quality at a pocket-friendly cost with a simple but modern touch to your space.

6. Homelegance Laurelton Double Glider Reclining Loveseat

Overview: too much comfort to share. Homelegance glider double recliner consists of brown microfiber, multi-function operation, extra-thick cushions, and additional features.

It provides that great feeling of your furniture, serving comfort needs in style for more than one person. Read on.

This fabric reclining loveseat offers a multi-function operation. It’s both a glider and a recliner. The double lever on each side allows each person to glide when not reclining. So instead of just sitting upright, you can add oomph to it by gliding as well. The lever is easy to operate, allowing you to kick your footrest up even when not in recline and also recline without any trouble.

When all you need is consistency in your start-up space, this brown double seat comes in an excellent design appeal to your needs. The brown color blends perfectly with any theme, and it can also boost your interior. Its stylish design is satisfying enough if you don’t want any more furniture in your home.

For comfort needs, the padded cushions make sure you sit and never want to get up. It spreads evenly on the entire chair. Every position feels like a bed of clouds. Also, it comes with a middle console to add a touch of convenience to your comfort. The central console also acts as a flip-up storage compartment for your remotes and phones. Slide your phone when you don’t want interruptions during a movie night. And two cup holders for your favorite hot or cold drink.

Moreover, the construction of this double glider seat is the talk of the town. First, the microfiber upholstery is durable and soft. It resists the weak tears in a way that will not disappoint you. Also, it is soft hence skin-friendly, and easy to maintain. The body is of a reinforced wood frame and steel undercarriage. All the material in the structure is of high-quality, promising both strength and stability.



Verdict: when comfort is all you can think of, this overstuffed reclining loveseat offers it in more than one way; recline, rocker and glider. Buy this and enjoy all forms of comfort as you can.

7. Homelegance Pecos Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa

Overview: why buy one while you can find many in 1 package? Featuring brown leather gel upholstery, high-quality construction, and contemporary design- this sectional sofa is for the entire family’s comfort.

Sharing is caring; hence the Homelegance sectional sofa allows the entire family to be comfortable in the same way.

For starters, this sofa’s sizing and design is a perfect blend for people who want unison in their space theme. Consistency is vital; hence this style uplifts the face of any space it lands on. Once you invest in this sectional sofa, you forget about buying any other seat for the longest time possible.

The overstuffed cushions make it alluring to sit on even if you are just passing by. Sitting on this chair feels like the high-end life itself since you will feel comfortable in all areas. The backrest, headrest, armrest, and seat area all allow you to lounge a whole weekend in luxury. What’s more?

Because investing should offer lifetime value, this sectional sofa has high-quality construction to promise an extended relationship. The leather gel upholstery may not be genuine leather, but it serves like it. It is durable and adds a touch of class to the chair. It is also smooth, soft, and supple, making it skin-friendly. In case of spills and stains, the anti-spill texture allows an effortless cleaning process of a wet or dry wipe. This makes it very easy to maintain its freshness and cleanliness always.

Furthermore, the sofa is comfortable to individually recline on both sides with a lever operation extending it to a full recline position. The lever operation is also straightforward to use. Simply pull it, and the seat gets into place with your feet high and relaxed. Also, there is a console with cup holders and a storage section once you lift the console ‘arm.’



Verdict: for the value of your money, get this sectional sofa that allows total comfort for the entire family. Rest assured, it will meet individual needs to the fullest.

8. Signature Design by Ashley Power Reclining Loveseat


Overview: delivering style and comfort like never before. Signature boasts of power recline operation, deep cushion, adjustable headrest, and world-class tone.

This is a unique approach to style in your space.

Signature Design by Ashley is among the best power recliner loveseats in the market. The power operation allows you to automatically and smoothly operate all the functions of the recline position.

The headrest and footrest are automatically adjustable to your preference. The backrest also reclines to any position you want, from sitting down to lying flat. You can also stop in between for a movie position. The power control is on each side of the chair. Read on.

The faux leather gives it a chic look. Apart from appearance, it’s also soft, breathable, and easy to clean. The maintenance of this loveseat is on the lower side. The upholstery is also comfortable with deep thick cushions and a quilted touch. The deep cushions do not sag or dent in the seating area.

Moreover, high-quality steel construction delivers strength and stability. Both of you can sit in any position, together or differently, with no worries. The hardwood frames also boost the durability and steadiness feature to promise a tight and lasting relationship. Quality is not anything that Signature compromises on.

Also, it has attracted additional features like a USB port for phone charging, a cup holder, and flip storage on each side and middle console. The flip storage has self-closing hinges that, apart from convenience, also act as a safety feature. This way, you will not accidentally pinch your fingers when closing.



Verdict: if you are going to spend a lot, make sure it’s worth it and has unique features. Signature gives value for your money with incredible and unique additional features for everybody.

9. NHI Express Aiden Motion Loveseat

Overview: because comfort is unique, make sure your chair defines your unique personality. NHI Express loveseat enters the market with a bang of features like sturdy build, plush comfort, and storage compartments, among others.

What type of personality are you? Allow your furniture to answer. Read on.

First, comfort is the most remarkable aspect of this reclining loveseat. The vast and plush armrest, headrest, and pocket coil spring seat have even thick cushions for your feel good hormone. This comes covered in a blend of microfiber and faux leather for pure comfort and style. For those who can’t seem to decide on either of the upholstery, this is it! A perfect touch of high-quality fabrics that is soft, skin-friendly, and easy to maintain.

Just by looking at the NHI, you will tell of its heavy-duty structure. It has an all-steel undercarriage and reinforced hardwood frames for durability, strength, and stability. Even when you decide to move to a different space, the seat will not break down in the experience.

Remarkably this is among the best reclining loveseats with a console. The middle console comprises 2 cup holders and a storage section. This is a touch of convenience, style, and comfort at the same time. The entire loveseat makes your theme appreciate its presence because it will both blend and compliment your interior.



Verdict: when you find a chair that speaks volumes about you, don’t hesitate to buy. The NHI is perfect even for people as tall as 6’2, offering maximum comfort and support.

10. Flash Furniture Harmony Loveseat


Overview: strike a balance between comfort, style, and relaxation. The Flash Furniture features color options, soft leather upholstery, easy to assemble, and contemporary design. Allow your body and home to have all the good feeling of a great buy in furniture.

The padded armrests, back seat, and headrest offer maximum comfort and support to your body. This allows you to lounge in one position for as long as you can take without fatigue and strain. The faux leather upholstery boots the comfort, class, and durability functions. It is soft, skin-friendly, breathable, and easy to clean; hence all these make it easy to maintain. What’s more?

If you need to read a book, watch TV or take a nap, this recline function is easy and smooth, allowing you different comfortable positions. Besides, the neck and lumbar support assure you, and your loved one enjoy every position their seat has to offer.

Its elegant style comes in 4 different color options of black, brown, chocolate, and grey. This makes it an ideal selection for a family selection since you have the freedom to choose a color everyone will like. Also, your space will thank you for making sure the furniture is a perfect blend.

Furthermore, the quality of this Flash double recliner goes without saying of its world-class touch. It is heavy-duty steel that is strong and steady enough to support a maximum of 300lbs. It supports you comfortably from the head down to the footrest. Kick your legs up like you don’t care about life’s challenges and enjoy your weekend away.



Verdict: you get what you pay for, and in this case, you pay affordably for quality. Flash furniture double recliner delivers quality at a pocket-friendly rate if you are not flexible to adjust your budget any higher.

What to Consider When Buying the Double Recliner Loveseat

Yes, we agree that selecting the right choice from the above best of the best in the market can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have made the work even easier for you and came up with this very informative buyer’s guide. This way, you won’t feel lost in the jungle. Read on.

Dimensions: knowing the measurements of your chair is an essential factor. Especially for loveseats, you have to make sure the entire dimension is a perfect size for two people. Some manufacturers market a loveseat that can hardly fit two people.

Moreover, measurements are essential to know if the chair will fit in your space. It should start fitting from the door when you get your delivery and also on the side. Preferably, take your door measurements and ask the manufacturer if it’s a fit before buying.

Quality: quality goes to all the recliners. Check the quality from fabric to the structure/ construction. Upholstery comes in different materials like faux leather and fabric microfiber. Be sure to select the quality of material that suits your needs like comfortable to maintain, breathable, soft, and even blend with your style.

As for the construction, this is where your money should go. The structure of a loveseat, most significantly, should be durable, strong, and stable. Besides, it’s going to hold more than one person, so don’t take your chances. Look for heavy-duty steel and hardwood construction, and you will be sure of a stable and lasting service.

Style and design: what’s your style? Some people want simple while others want to go all the way up, making a statement with an elegant and chic style. Many things consider the style and design of a chair. The fabric and method of construction come into play. Leather upholstery adds a classy touch to any style.

Also, a construction with additional features enhances the design and style of the chair as well. For instance, there’s a loveseat with a wine caddy and LED ambient lights, making it unique in every aspect. So when it comes to the style and design, choose your poison according to your budget.

Comfort: this refers to the padding and foam cushions in the chair. You don’t want to sit in a chair that you will feel the wooden frame immediately. But you want a chair that has soft, thick, evenly distributed cushions that will offer maximum comfort and support. It’s a great feeling when your neck, lumbar section, arms, and feet receive all the cushiony comfort all day long. And also, make sure the cushions last and not dent or sag after a short while.


Do reclining loveseats come apart?

Yes! For the convenience of transportation, they come apart but with a simple and detailed instruction of assembly. Most models consist of detachable backs that have locking levers. Raising the back fabric panel should allow you to discharge the levers and remove the seats.

Do reclining loveseats operate separately or together?

They are independent seats joined together to save space and a touch of class. Therefore loveseats operate independently, allowing you to recline, kick up the footrest and even glide or rock without disrupting the other person’s comfort.

Parting Shot

The above best reclining loveseats are here to offer a great movie night with your loved one, a fantastic rest in your RV, and even enough space to relax as a family with your little ones.

Loveseats are an exemplary piece of furniture for loving homes that love guests or have several family members in one house. Besides, the main idea here is to spread some love!


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