10 Best Recliner with Cup Holder & USB Port

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: September 23, 2021

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Best Recliner with Cup Holder

Do you want to keep pausing your thrilling series to grab a drink? We don’t think so! That’s why you need the best recliner with a cup holder to let you chill and have your drink within reach for sips whenever you feel like it. Besides, who wants to spill a drink on their favorite chair when the movie gets too exciting?

Regardless of your choice of the type, your new recliner can have various designs and styles, including a cup holder. With a market overflowing with several options, our extensive research concluded on the below top-rated recliners with a cup holder.

Rest assured that comfort, convenience, affordability, and durability were the focus of research. Read on.

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Our Best Picks For Recliners With Cup Holders To Buy

Are you in a HURRY? Below is a QUICK List of products shortlisted for this review.

1. Best Choice Products with 2 Cup Holders

Are you looking to add ultimate convenience and comfort to your living room? Well, this exquisite piece comes with 2 cup holders, a 360-degrees swivel and electric massage, and four pockets. It is by far the best recliner with cup holders functioning to your liking as it should.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Being the first on the list, this Best Choice recliner with cup holders is a cut above the rest. Thanks to its unique features, it ensures everyone, including the elderly, gets the benefits as expected. This way, you will enjoy never leaving the comfort of your home.

Generally, everyone in the team enjoyed testing the most critical features while doing the research. Even the newcomers who had the least experience in carrying out the study agreed with the experts on placing Best Choice in the first position.

What You’ll Love

Adjustable heat and vibration: Aside from featuring the heat and massage (vibration) as a significant advantage for the user’s comfort, the intensities are adjustable. Therefore, the user can easily adjust to target specific stress points like back, lumbar, lower legs, and thighs.

Multifunctional: This design is specifically for utmost relaxation and mobility. A manual recliner has a side handle that you need to push to engage the reclining function. Better still, there’s also a 360-degree swivel function that allows you to face any direction without restrictions.

Convenient: Remarkably, it comes with two built-in cup holders for your favorite drinks and four storage pockets for readable and remotes. Well, it seems like leaving this chair will never happen!

Easy to operate: Best Choice recliner also comes with remote control for choosing and adjusting preferred modes and intensities on the heat and massage function.

Ultimate comfort: The fabric linen upholstery adds a touch of elegance to your space and is also soft-to-the-touch. Moreover, it covers plush padding to provide extreme comfort in all areas. Rest assured that a person with a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs will have a great time on this piece.

What you’ll not Love

Locking in the footrest challenge: The sitting is difficult to push in the footrest unless you get help from someone else to get up. Besides, the swivel movement also makes it difficult to close the footrest.


For an average home and user, this will bring your comfort levels top-notches higher. So if you want to get something that will help you take out a week’s work fatigue while enjoying endless movies unmoved, this is it! Buy now!

2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Cup Holders

This beautiful recliner is dark brown stylish leather upholstery with several functional solutions like two beverage areas, side pockets, adjustable footrest, and elegant design. It is perfect to rest.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

There’s nothing as exciting as a chair that cares and listens to your needs, hence the Mcombo recliner with cup holders. The primary role of this chair is to ensure minor or stress-free movements as much as possible.

Your weekends just got better and lazier with every bit of convenience right there with you.

What You’ll Love

Multifunction: The power lift function works best for everyone, especially those with mobility issues due to bad backs and knees. Thanks to the Counter-balanced lift mechanism with a TUV certified actuator, you won’t have to strain as the chair pushes you up to stand up effortlessly. Furthermore, this mechanism can smoothly take you down from a standing position and adjusting to a reclining position. Just press two buttons on the remote control. Easy peasy!

Massage and heat: It consists of eight different nodes all-round the chair, five levels of intensity, nine modes, and lumbar heating. The heat on the lumbar section is ideal for most people who suffer from back pains as it helps reduce pressure. Both of these functions work separately.

Durable and easy to maintain: Apart from being elegant, faux leather is also durable and easy to maintain. With just a wet piece of clean cloth, you can wipe out any stains and spills quickly. Better still, it covers overstuffed padding on the backrest, armrest, and seat for maximum comfort.

Convenient:  As a complete package, the Mcombo comes with two cup holders to hold your drinks and avoid spilling when relaxing, a USB port for charging your gadgets, and two side pockets to store remotes or reading materials. See, you won’t need to make unnecessary movements while relaxing on this unit with everything within easy reach.

What you’ll not Love

Heavy: Weighing 100 pounds makes it somehow rich for most users; hence need assistance in lifting to any favorable position.


Even though the Mcombo unit features an affordable rate, it offers value and quality. You get more than you asked for to ensure your whole self enjoys every moment of relaxation on it. Place your order!

3. Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner with Cup Holders

Improve your home movie theatre experience with a fantastic recliner with black leather upholstery and elegant design. This chair consists of built-in cup holders, a swivel tray, a big back, and a broad base for good stability.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

For people who love to watch TV or even work from home, this is it! Pulaski Larson will provide all the qualities you will practically live here- sit, eat, work and sleep. Besides, all the functions work best to bring out extreme convenience. Read on.

What You’ll Love

Infinite positions: For starters, it is a power recliner. This also provides infinite positions of use according to your preference with just the touch of a button. Therefore, you can sit upright to catch up on your series or work, recline to relax, unwind, and lay back flat to sleep.

Upholstery is durable and easy to clean: Rest assured, the faux leather upholstery will stand against the test of time to last you through a prolonged period. Also, it is soft to touch and breathable, making it comfortable to sit and even sleep on. Furthermore, you don’t need fancy oils and complex procedures to clean, just a damp cloth to wipe out any dirt.

Convenient and elegant: You will fall in love at first sight with this unit because of its design. Also, it comes with convenient features that make life easy. There are cup holders to ensure your drink remains secure and within easy reach and a detachable swivel tray that you can place on your iPad or mini laptop for work. Moreover, there’s one outlet and two USB charging plugs at the hidden arm storage. You just have to push a button for easy charging access.

What you’ll not Love

Inadequate padding on the backrest: The backrest padding is thin, making it uncomfortable to rest your back, especially for a long time.


Operate all the functions of Pulaski using your fingertips. Above all, style is noticeable on this unit with the detailed top-stitching apart from the aesthetics of the upholstery. So, order this chair now and enjoy a blend of quality functionality and elegance!

4. Flamaker Rocking Recliner Chair with 2 Cup Holders

Outfit your lavish living room with this elegant recliner. It features a design that offers a classy seating option for the sharp homeowner. The chair comes with 2 cup holders, multifunction, fabric upholstery, and heat and massage.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

This bold rocker, swivel, and recliner chair will breathe a new life into your space. It is mainly for those who want a simple though elegant setting with the most straightforward operations of extreme comfort. Better still, the assembly process is nothing to stress your mind, thanks to the detailed instruction manual.

What You’ll Love

Multifunctional: It features a 360-degree swivel for your calm sitting, reclining, or even rock back and forth while chatting with friends or watching TV. The pull buckle at the side is easy to operate, engaging the reclining function, not to mention extending and retracting the footrest for your ultimate comfort.

User-friendly and elegant:  Remarkably, it comes with soft, elegantly colored fabric material, a wide seating area, smooth lines, and overstuffed cushions. Aside from its ultimate comfort, it has a moderately raised headrest that supports your neck, especially when you recline. There are 2 cup holders to have your drink at hand and pockets to keep your remotes and magazines safe and close. Well, it is also effortless to wipe out spills on this material with a damp cloth.

Sound quality: This chair is generally of good quality. The thickly padded cushions with a high-density sponge provide both support and comfort where you need it most. Also, the soft fabric has a nice and durable finish and stitching, not to forgetting highly breathable and wear-resistant. Additionally, its metal frame structure is very sturdy and stable.

Heat and massage: Firstly, it has four points massage, five adjustable modes, and two intensity levels, providing you with a home spa of a full-body vibrating massage. Also, the lumbar heating function while massaging is good for relieving waist pressure and improved blood circulation. Luckily, there’s a timer function that allows you to set your preferable massage time in 15/30/60.

What you’ll not Love

Noisy: The vibration massage is loud, making it hard to take a nap when relaxing and enjoying the function.


Flamaker is gorgeous, firm, and also very sturdy and comfortable. All the functions work great and are accessible, including maintenance. Go ahead and shop now!

5. ANJ Recliner Chair with Cup Holders

This is a recliner with built-in cup holders. The microfiber is pleasant to the touch leather and attractive color. It makes perfect additional seating or a spot for relaxation in the living room and other interiors as you would prefer.

No products found.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

The ANJ recliner chair is fantastic for people who could use minimal movements, for instance, the elderly and pregnant mums. This is because of its convenience as well as simple and quiet operation.

What You’ll Love

Soft and comfortable: As an overstuffed chair, it provides superior comfort and relief. How? The headrest, backrest, seat, and armrest cushions are thick not just for comfort but necessary support as well. You cannot assume the convenience of the pullable 2 cup holders that keep your drink in place to avoid spills as you enjoy throughout.

Steady and easy to assemble: Within 10 minutes, you will be through to build and start enjoying the comfort of your recliner thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions. Nonetheless, the effortless assembly does not compromise the quality of construction. This is because the ANJ is of LVL (Laminated veneer lumber), a top-quality material that is steady and more durable than wood. Comfortably and stably, this piece can hold up to 300lbs.

Single reclining pull: With the single reclining pull tab, you can easily lie entirely back from an upright position and sleep off into absolute comfort, just like paradise. Besides, this mechanism also pops up the footrest for the best lounging experience.

What you’ll not Love

Inadequate lower back support: The lumbar section of this chair has thin padding, which makes the user add an extra cushion for better comfort and support.


With convenience being a significant advantage to look for, this ANJ recliner will meet your needs. You will enjoy maximum convenience and comfort from having your drinks in place to the effortless reclining mechanism with infinite positions. So, don’t wait anymore, buy now!

6. Power Electric Recliner Chair with Cup Holder

Electric tilting function, PU leather upholstery, overstuffed padding – do you need anything else? Maybe 2 cup holders and a USB port? Done!

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

This power electric recliner chair talks and walks the talk! Without a doubt, it is among the best-selling recliner chair with cup holder. Why?

Right from the appearance to the entire functionality, this unit provides a powerful blend of functions that work together to ensure the user is in safe and able hands. What’s more?

What You’ll Love

High-quality operation: Even as an electric recliner, this one is special! It features a German Okin motor that is high-quality as a product of both aviation and automotive material. Talk of power! This operation provides infinite adjustable positions from 100-160 degrees, including browsing, reading, watching TV, and sleeping.

Sturdy: Its construction of heavy-duty solid steel is not only sturdy but also safe and tested. Even better, it can support 330lbs hence an assurance of long-term use.

Thoughtful make: The feeling of a convenient chair is highly satisfying. This electric power unit comes equipped with a USB port that ensures your devices are charging. Also, your new favorite recliner features 2 cup holders that provide easy use for both left and right-handed users.

Deluxe design: This faux leather power electric recliner chair has a back-textured design. As a deluxe, it is perfect to suit the living rooms, theatre, and bedrooms. The exceptional cushion support, thick armrests, and footrest enable a comfortable and continuous reclining surface with superb leg support.

What you’ll not Love

Small and unstable base: The chair seems bulk but makes unsteady rocking movements with a small base.


This electric power recliner is a game-changer that invites you to a comfortable and good-looking environment. Trust us; you will be looking forward to weekends even more than before!

7. Seatcraft Diamante Power Recliner with Cup Holders

This LED track lighting recliner has black leather upholstery and an art-décor design. It has a powered headrest, two cooling cup holders, and in-built SoundShaker transducers.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

As for the perfect home theatre setting, nothing comes close to beating the Seatcraft Diamante! From the exciting LED lighting, exceptional comfort, and finally a high level of quality, how else do you want your movies at home?

See below what exactly you get when you buy this fantastic unit;

What You’ll Love

Convenient and user-friendly: This unit brings the movie theatre experience to your own home. It features user-friendly and convenient features, for instance, the lighted cup holders and base, swivel tray table, in-built SoundShaker bass shakers, and hidden in-arm storage compartments. This way, you have everything within quick reach and a high level of entertainment from the close speakers.

High-quality construction: For starters, the upholstery is of top-grain leather. This is aesthetically appealing and offers a soft touch, ease of maintenance, and durability. As a power recliner, solid steel’s mechanism ensures strength and stability while in use.

Maximum comfort: You can enjoy dream-like comfort from this piece because of the powered mechanism, adjustable powered headrest, and memory function, all within easy access. Also, the overstuffed padding on the head, back, armrests, and seat provide support and comfort, not to mention the footrest.

Straightforward control: You don’t need a remote to operate this powered recliner. All the functions are in-built on the inner side of the chair. This way, you can easily reach all the buttons from whatever position of rest you choose.

What you’ll not Love

No adjustment for the lights: The blue lights are too bright, especially for a small room, and there’s no way to dim but just turn them off.


Movies tonight! This unique recliner allows you to enjoy every trendy and newly-released film indoors. This way, you won’t need to spend money every weekend going to the cinema. Rest assured of the comfort, convenience for an extended period.

8. Esright Massage Recliner with Cup Holders

A vast seat, lavish cushioning, and armrests with large pillows all define the unmatched comfort of this recliner. Both armrests have cup holders, and the upholstery is a black composite material.

What We Like

What Didn’t Like

The Esright manual recliner with cup holders is not one of those chairs that seem too good to be true. This piece provides essential comfort just as it appears, making you feel like you won a lottery! Read on.

What You’ll Love

Relaxing functions: This chair offers several functions for your unparalleled relaxation. It comes with vibration massage, heating, rocking, reclining, and 360° swivel features.

Ultimate comfort: It has a soft and durable composite material that is ideal for intensive use. This upholstery covers extra thick sponge padding for the armrest and back cushion providing support and comfort.

Elegant and friendly design: This piece also understands your other needs, such as 2 cup holders to quench your thirst fully and added storage pockets to hold remotes and magazines, all within quick reach. You can comfortably place this recliner in your living room or bedroom.

Effortless operation: The recliner mechanism operates manually up to 140° using an internal pull handle. Better still, the heat and massage option is electric using a remote controller and power cord to adjust between 5 control modes and two intensity levels.

What you’ll not Love

It’s challenging to use latch: Pulling the latch to allow the leg back down to the seat was difficult to lock securely in place.


If you are searching for a budget-friendly, comfortable chair to use when you can find time free from work, then Esright is the perfect candidate for you! Go ahead and order one to change how your weekend feels, for good!

9. HOMCOM Recliner Chair with Cup Holders

This manual recliner with a cup holder establishes a perfect plan for one’s living or theatre room. Finished in top-quality faux leather, it will serve its purpose for an extended period.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

It shouldn’t come as a shock to fall asleep on HOMCOM. Lucky for you, your drinks won’t spill as they are safely in place in the cup holders. The amount of comfort in this piece is irresistible. What’s more?

What You’ll Love

Comfortable and stylish: With thick, soft padding, fine-touch faux leather, heating and massage, full reclining, and an easy-to-use remote control, this chair constitute the ultimate living room comfort and style. Also, it is multifunctional with a recliner, rocking, and swivel features.

Soothing functions: The lumbar heating function soothes the body pains when you sit and recline, which means it’s both relaxing and helpful to your general well-being. Also, eight vibrating massage motors aim for four significant upper and lower back thighs and calves. The user can use all the vibrating options at once or separately as they prefer to achieve full-body relaxation.

Adjustable features: Regardless of your current mood, you will find something that works for you. The five preset modes and two intensity levels are flexible, offering you a wide range of comfort to select your liking. So everybody has what they will enjoy!

Effortless and convenient: Because convenience is significant in a good recliner, this piece includes a remote control that easily adjusts the chair at individual convenience. Also, there’s a side pocket and two cup holders to hold drinks, remotes, magazines, or even phones.

What you’ll not Love

The plastic material breaks easily: Due to the struggle to put down the footrest, one uses force, breaking the plastic foot release.

Most times, this feels like the only recliner that comes with a complete package of all the desirable features a consumer requires. Even though the appearance is not that attractive, this chair will hold up for some years to come.

10. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Recliner with Cup Holders

This high-quality power recliner is a blend of style and function. It features a spectacular design with faux leather upholstery and soft padding. Also, you get 2 cup holders, a lift mechanism, and heat and massage for the ultimate functionality.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Save your back, knees, and drinks with the Magic Union power recliner! This unit is significantly ideal for people with mobility challenges, thus acting as a helping hand in standing up, sitting down, and napping, not to mention having drinks closely.

What you’ll love

Sturdy construction: The solid wood and metal frame provide strength, stability, and durability to support a maximum of 350 pounds. Also, the faux leather upholstery adds to the durability of this piece. Besides, it is straightforward to clean, soft-to-touch, and breathable, not to mention elegant.

Multifunction: As a power lift recliner, it provides four different positions; chatting, viewing, napping, and standing. Also, the recliner function engages the back and footrest to work together using the simple-use remote.

Pressure-relieving: The heat and massage function works best for the person suffering from fatigue, bad back, sore muscles, and just wants a long and pain-free weekend rest. Vibrating massage provides four areas of focus and five modes to suit your preference. Conversely, the heat feature is on the lumbar section to soothe the aching back and improves blood flow from the heat.

Easy to use: It features two remote controls to control the heat, massage, recliner easily, and lift functions. This chair is also effortless to assemble.

Convenient: The extra pockets and 2 cup holders on both sides ensure you have everything you need within close reach.

What you’ll not Love

Control cords often tangle: Because of the two remotes, the control cords tend to twist often, especially when they are both in use simultaneously.


So you have a bad back? Worry not, as this chair provides a quiet and powerful operation to meet your supreme relaxation and pressure-free needs. Grab yours now!

Buying Guide For Reclining Chair with Cup Holder

The feeling of leaning back, feet up, and a refreshing drink on your favorite recliner after a long, tiring week come second to nothing! But before you get to this point, you need to get yourself the best recliner with a cup holder. Read on.

Preferably, it would be best to look for a leather recliner. This option is ideal, especially if you have kids or pets, because of leather’s wear-resistance and easy to clean nature.

Another consideration is choosing between a manual or a power recliner. In simple terms, one operates by a remote attached to an electrical cord, and the other works manually with a lever or pull tab.

However, none of the above options affect how the cup holder functions; however, the electric recliner may have an LED light on the cupholder. Generally, a power recliner has added advantages though expensive and somewhat heavy. On the other side, a manual recliner costs much less, is lightweight, and has fewer features.

After knowing your options in the above features, the rest of the procedure is straightforward. You will have to consider the size of your space not to feel stranded whether to leave the chair outside. Deciding on other additional features, you may require will be a breeze.


With the best recliner with a cup holder, you will meet a high level of convenience. Aside from preventing spills from holding the drinks with your hands, you can also avoid accidents caused by knocking glasses you put on the floor or side tables. Remarkably, our top selection above has recliners that have unique features that are useful and suit a cup holder.


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