How Long Should a Recliner Last?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 3, 2022

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How Long Should a Recliner Last

The right recliner should not only be comfortable. Also, it should be durable enough to withstand daily use. When shopping for a recliner, consider the features, material, and how much maintenance you’re willing to put into it.

That said, how long should a recliner last?

Recliners are durable. On average, a recliner works for ten years. However, the time your recliner lasts depends on how you use it and what type of material you choose. Nonetheless, to increase their longevity, recliners need maintenance. 

Power recliners typically last more than the ordinary manual recliner. Electric recliners have smooth and regulated movements that minimize wear and tear.

Let’s see different factors and their impact on how long a recliner lasts.

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Are Recliners Durable?

Given their continuous positional adjustments, manufacturers tend to put more thought into developing these relaxing units. However, like other chairs, recliners vary in longevity based on their materials.


Fabric recliners are popular since they’re incredibly comfortable. They come in various materials like chenille, velvet, and cotton. Most of these have superb breathability and offer a fantastic place to relax. However, they’re more prone to staining and require more upkeep than leather models.

Nevertheless, leather recliners are more prone to scratches than fabric ones. So, you’ll need to reconsider this choice if you have sharp-clawed pets that will clamber all across your new recliner.


Another key consideration is your recliner’s skeleton. Recliner structures should outlast regular furniture frames. So, you want a recliner that won’t deform or crack over time.

Look for recliners with solid steel or hardwood skeletons. These stay put over extended usage, providing excellent value for money.

Additionally, get a recliner with a 1.9 or more cushion density rating to ensure long-lasting comfort and shape retention.

Operational Mechanism

When using recliners, you may have to pull a lever, while others only need you to lean back in them. Handle-style chairs tend to outlast push-back designs.

How Long Should a Recliner Last?

With regular use, anticipate your recliner to need replacement in roughly ten years. A rarely used recliner may last longer, whereas one subjected to kid chaos and pets is likely to wear sooner.

The higher your recliner’s quality, the longer it should last. So, knowing what to check when purchasing ensures you get a dependable recliner.

Recliners typically last 7-15 years based on material and usage. When frequented daily/nightly, expect seven or so years. These chairs last fifteen years if they’re more as an aesthetic piece than a relaxation point. Without playful kids or pets, leather ones may even exceed 20 years.

How Long Do Recliner Couches Last With Dogs?

Accidents, pet hair, scratches, and more are unavoidable when you have pets. So, even with quality recliners, you may only get around seven years. However, several steps can allow you to enjoy your high-end recliner set with dogs for ten or more years.

Consider stain-resistant textiles while looking for recliners. These fabrics create the ideal mix of cozy and long-lasting material.

Leather is an alternative for dogs that shed, as you can easily wipe away the fur. Keep an eye out for claws. While you can repair leather, the process may be pricey depending on the extent of the destruction.

Microfiber is a delight to work with because it’s resistant to rips and scratches.

Do Recliners Need Maintenance?

Yes, recliners need regular maintenance. A recliner quickly becomes filthy if ignored. Maintaining it clean ensures it looks and smells nice for years. Dust your leather chair with a soft cloth regularly to keep it clean.

Regularly vacuum fabric recliners to eliminate filth. If your fabric is water-resistant, you can use a light washing detergent and water. Additionally, you can clean it with an upholstery cleaner. Test any cleaning product in a hidden location before using it.

When determining where to place your leather recliner, ensure it isn’t directly in front of a heat source or under direct sunlight. Why? UV rays can fade the leather while heat dries it up, leading to cracks.

Regularly oil the mechanism to ensure its continued smooth operation. Additionally, grease the steel frame and bolts.

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How Long Do Lazyboy Recliners Last?

After 7-10 years of use, the average purchaser plans to get another La-Z-Boy recliner. However, it’s possible to use your recliner past the average lifespan. Some La-Z-Boy customers enjoy their recliner for even 20 years with appropriate care.

What Are the Most Durable Recliners?

Recliners frequently come in leather, fabric, microsuede, and microfiber. The most resilient option is leather, while microfiber, fabric, and microsuede are softer and cozier. Some recliners have high-performance fabric upholstery that is stain and wear-resistant.

The strongest recliners use sturdy metals like solid steel for the frame. However, these are heavier than models crafted from components like wood.

Who Makes the Most Durable Recliner?

La-Z-Boy is amongst the most famous recliner brands, thanks to its sturdy furniture. The brand has a long history of product development. Throughout the world, it established itself as a powerhouse for quality reclining chairs.

Nonetheless, many other recliner manufacturers are producing long-lasting recliners, giving La-Z-Boy stiff competition. Amongst the best are:

Get Your Long-Lasting Recliner

In short, a good recliner should last you 10-20 years, depending on design and usage. The right reclining furniture makes your home feel comfortable and inviting. It’ll also enhance your living space while saving you the repair and replacement expenses.

Before buying a recliner, consider how much time you spend sitting each day. You want a recliner that accommodates your frequency. Also, think about what kind of activities you do in your home. Will you be entertaining guests often? Or, will you sit around relaxing after work?


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