10 Best Oversized Recliners (Heavy Duty Recliners for Big Man)

by | Last Updated: January 6, 2021

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The search for comfort can be an endless quest with lots of limited options for size. Luckily, the best oversized recliners are a life-saver for the big fellow. After struggling with; not fitting or fitting uncomfortably and little weight in most seats, you need a break.

Thanks to the plus-size recliners, you can now relax as you melt your worries away. Though the market has infinite options, not any recliner will meet your unique needs and preference.

Therefore, at CozySeating, we did intense research and came up with the best review and buying guide to reduce your search burden.  

A sneak peek, maybe? Our summary emphasizes size (definitely), functionality, comfort, and price.

Hop in! Let’s find you the perfect oversized guy recliner.

Here is the List of 10 Best Oversized Recliners

1. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair 2

Overview: great things come in oversized packages hence the Canmov power lift recliner. This plus size recliner boasts of antiskid upholstery, sturdy construction, durable and easy to assemble features. What else could you possibly need?

There will be no more worries about finding the perfect size for your large body size and weight. Canmov oversized recliner is home for your needs. Read on.

Because size is your primary concern, this heavy-duty recliner has an overall length of 39 “W x 37” D x 40 “H and a Seat Height of 20.5”. For the cherry on top, its maximum weight capacity is approximately 300lbs. It stands on a sturdy steel frame for stability and strength. Just sink right in comfortably after your tiresome day.

Also, comfort is a priority. The backrest, armrests, and seat area has overstuffed thick cushions for support and total comfort. The high back allows you to fit comfortably with your head in right in place. Besides, the polyester upholstery is soft, odor-free, and easy to maintain. With all the padding in the right places for support and comfort, your lounging experience becomes safe. 

Guess what? The Canmov is also a lift recliner! At times, being big comes with difficulty in mobility. This lift recliner has a single motor, allows for efficient functionality. The lift mechanism allows you to transition smoothly between recline, sitting, and standing up from the chair.

 The full functionality runs quietly by using a remote with two buttons—one for recline and the other for power lift. The footrest and backrest also retract and stretch simultaneously. Also, you have the liberty to stop at any position you like.

Tired of reading your novel and you want to watch TV? The side pocket is there for storing your magazine or remotes for safety and easy-to-reach.

Generally, this oversized man recliner has a contemporary design that can either stand-alone or blend right in with the other furniture in your home.



Verdict: apart from perfect sizing, the lift function makes the chair ideal even for large size older adults. It enhances their mobility balancing while getting out.

2. Great Deal Furniture Merit Leather Recliner

Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner

Overview: allow your furniture to tell your story. It features a glider, durable upholstery, sturdy construction, and overstuffed cushions among the best large recliners.

Allow your long search to end here by buying this oversized recliner for your home’s comfort. Why?

It comes with a glider that adds to your comfort style. This enables you to slide in any direction you want smoothly. Suppose you’re going to take a nap by the window, glide and recline by the window using the easy-to-use lever on the side. Also, it is a rocker making it the perfect combination for relaxation.

This recliner will hold over 310lbs of weight for a big man without even denting the seat cushion. Only a strong chair can pull that off; that’s why this construction is strong and stable from the quality craftsmanship. What’s more?

The overstuffed cushions, all-around, allow you to rest from dusk till dawn. It has durable leather that is soft and skin-friendly. You don’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions as it will not heat up or become cold for your thighs. The leather is also easy to clean hence making it very easy to maintain. Using a piece of a dry or damp cloth, wipe off any stains or spills.

Moreover, the elegant design and finishing allow your home to look all cozy and striking. The armrest is comprehensive and uniquely designed with firm stitching to prevent any wear and tears.

With the seat 22″ wide and the overall chair width is 40″, you no longer have to force yourself on other chairs. You can have this chair in your media or living room. Anywhere you require lounging comfort, the great deal oversized recliner is ready to offer.



Verdict: for the big and tall guy, this is your perfect match. The size and weight considerations on this plus size recliner are an excellent deal for overall big sizes.

3. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Lane Home Furnishings Wisconsin Beautyrest Rocker Recliner

Overview: bring to life your imagination of comfort. This heavyweight recliner takes pride in mazing features like durable upholstery, soft and comfortable cushions, multifunction, and easy to assemble.

There’s no need to waste time assembling a chair when all you feel is fatigue. The lane home rocker recliner is an instant assembly for immediate comfort. The back slides on effortlessly with two rails and clips. What’s more?

The polyester, leather-like recliner emphasizes the elegance of this recliner. It is soft to touch, durable, anti-spill, and easy to clean. You can be sure of a lasting service with no comfortable wear and tears of this fabric. The upholstery is extra thick on the back, lumbar, seat, and armrest for complete comfort. The number of times you will fall asleep here are entirely too many to count.

This heavy-duty recliner also boasts of a top-class build with steel frames. The frames enhance strength and stability. There won’t be any chances of breaking this chair easily when you sit on it. Also, the entire physique is striking and bold to be a perfect match for any space. This will be the chair your friends see when they come over.

Furthermore, the easy-to-use handle active rocker recliner lets you smoothly recline for your afternoon nap. The rocker function works only when you are sitting, making it perfect for cuddling your baby to sleep.

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Verdict: This is among the best big and tall recliners in the market. It’s comfortable even for a height of 6’3″. So, apart from your mass, your size is also covered.

4. Lane Home Furnishings Stallion

Lane Home Furnishings Stallion Recliner

Overview:  as comfortable as a Lane Home Stallion user. With pride and confidence, this best big man recliner features all-steel construction, extra thick cushions, plush design, and durable upholstery, among others.

When you think comfort, think Lane Home Stallion without blinking. Why?

It has a huge weight capacity of 500lbs to go with an enormous structure that will offer support to any size individual for starters. If you are only on the race for the best-oversized recliner for maximum weight capacity, you will win the Stallion. Also, if you are a tad taller than most people, this recliner offers a higher backing. Tall people understand the challenge of finding a chair that can fit their height. Well, this is it!

Let’s talk about its construction. The 7-gauge steel with enhanced wood frame offers strength and stability. The upholstery is strong and durable. Hence there will be no comfortable wears and tears even if your kids play on it. It also has an arm-bolted mechanism for stability and longevity. With such sturdy construction, you can be sure of steadiness all through your relationship with the Stallion.

Moreover, comfort is a great selling point. This chair has a drop-in coil seating for endless comfort to make you feel as comfortable as a king. Also, it comes with a 2.5 high-density foam cushion that deters sagging and more lofts. The extra-thick padding is everywhere on the seat, including the footrest. What’s more?

This is a full-body recliner, just like a king-size mattress. The locking footrest allows superior foot support anytime you kick your heels up. You wouldn’t want your weekend to end.

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Verdict: this is the perfect extra wide recliner for any body size. You can sit on it or even have your little ones share the chair over a movie on the weekend. Heck, you can as well nap with them on it.

5. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver Recliner

Overview: for a creation that suits your personality, behold the Lane Home Wallsaver. It features 100% durable polyester, muscular build, high weight capacity, and contemporary design.

When a piece of furniture functions as it should, you become a happy customer. In your search for recliners for a heavyweight, this Wallsaver should be among your top choices. Read on.

With a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs, you can be sure that all your family members will find ultimate comfort and stability on this recliner. Well, not just the weight capacity adds up to comfort, but the construction as well.

This oversized man recliner boasts of sturdy and long-lasting construction. It features 100% rich polyester that is very soft to touch and durable. It is also effortless to clean hence less maintenance required. It has a seven gauge steel body with reinforced high-quality wooden frames with tenon and mortise joints.

Moreover, comfort is also the talk of the town. The 2.2 density high resilience foam with a drop-in-coil seat system ensures you are at your best comfort level. It also has extra thick cushions on the backrest, armrest, seat, and footrest sections. In case of a bad back, the Wall saver has it under control.

As it reclines, the footrest locks at the maximum level. The lever is also very convenient to operate. Just adjust it, and you will be napping your afternoon away in no time. Also, it uses minimum space as it’s a wall hugger. You don’t have to panic about where to keep it.

Because style is a must, the Wallsaver comes in a contemporary design and several color options that easily blend with your interior décor.



Verdict: even though it carries a heavy and wide person, it should not occupy the entire space. That’s why this Wallsaver allows you to arrange your area any way you like, as it spares enough room for any adjustments you would like.

6. Lane Stallion Big Man

Lane Stallion Big Man Wallsaver Recliner

Overview: the Stallion Big man is the new outfit for your home. It Features the most expansive seating area, stable and robust build, durable fabric, and easy to assemble.

After surgery, you will need a spacious and all comfortable seat for your total rest. No need to always stay in bed as this Big Man is ready to give you even better comfort than your mattress.

With a world-class construction, this seat is sure to deliver strength and stability. How so? The all-steel frame and reinforced hardwood frames ensure that you are as stable as ever. The durable upholstery is tough enough for everybody to sit, including your kids and the pet. It is also very soft to touch and easy to maintain by quick cleaning. Read on.

Also, the build is of high-quality extra-thick cushions all-round. The cushions offer total support, mostly on the lumbar section, where most back pains dwell. So the doctor will not have to worry about your quick recovery. If you have arthritis and need your feet as comfortable as possible, you can lock the padded footrest in a comfortable position.

It’s not a rocker but a wall hugger. With a few inches of clearance from the wall, you can revamp your living space the way you want. It takes significantly less space generally and allows you to use your area accordingly.



Verdict: staying in bed all day and night after surgery can be quite dull. It might even slow the speed of recovery. You need this Big Man to allow you to recover in comfort as you watch your favorite show.

7. Bonzy Home Overstuffed Recliner

Bonzy Home Overstuffed Recliner

Overview: as bossy as a Bonzy oversized recliner! It comprises incredible features that make you feel like a boss, such as robust construction, color options, skin-friendly upholstery, and 5 minutes set-up.

This heavy person recliner chair has overstuffed padding with velvet fabric that gives it a smooth and appealing texture. Not only is it soft, but it’s also durable and straightforward to maintain in case of any mess on it.

For comfort’s sake, the thick cushions from the headrest to the footrest allow you to kick back and relax. The cushions are high resilience that you don’t have to worry about denting anytime soon. Also, you can recline a few degrees down before kicking back your feet. Because comfort comes in all ways, sometimes all you want is your feet down.

The unique furrowed stitching makes it stand out among all the other furniture you got to up the elegance in your space. As it stands out, it also blends with whatever theme you have. Besides, a boss should stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Moreover, the boss has to be strong. That is why the Bonzy has a durable construction of natural pinewood. This makes it tough enough to hold up to 300lbs.  

Lastly, the chair comes in two boxes hence easy to move through the door and install. The installation process is a maximum of 5minutes. With that, it’s also straightforward to disassemble when you want to move.



Verdict: no more giving excuses for how you cannot find a chair perfect for your size. The Bonzy is large enough to hold massive people comfortably.


8. IOMOR Manual Reclining Chair

IOMOR Manual Reclining Chair

Overview: the perfect chair is the one that invites you just by looking at it. The IOMOR recliner has inviting features like multipurpose, customized design, and durable material. This is the perfect family seat.

Imagine a chair that caters to every family member’s needs and preferences in terms of comfort. Well, this is it!

IOMOR is among the best large recliners that should be in every home. To begin with, its improved design is friendly. This is to say that it can suit any space you decide to use, even the nursery. Its appealing design consists of arched armrests that are wide, soft, and adorned with classic brass accent nails (see what we mean by inviting?). The total curvature of the chair is just stunning.

For its bold look, comfort is supreme. The reason behind the convenience is the extra thick armrests and backrests and two pillows on the back and head. Also, the faux leather upholstery is durable, soft to touch, and easy to maintain.

To hold about 300lbs of weight, this chair comes in high-quality construction. It comprises a heavy-duty steel base, solid laminated veneer wood frame, high-density foam filling, and a highly breathable bonded leather surface.

Moreover, it can recline in 3 different and adjustable positions between 90°-150°. The footrest is also adjustable to suit your desires. The three different positions allow you to watch TV, read a book, or nap just by adjusting the easy to use side lever.

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Verdict: to beat the long colic nights, you need a comfortable chair that can allow you to relax and take a nap with the baby in your arms. The IOMOR is large enough to sit in any position as you hold the baby.

9. Christopher Knight Glider Recliner

Christopher Knight Glider Recliner

Overview: life is short, buy good furniture. Christopher knight boasts a charming design, world-class construction, durable upholstery, and extra-thick cushions for comfort.

Do you want to spend money on something valuable for a lifetime? Try the Christopher knight big man recliner. Why?

The alluring design will add a touch of elegance to your space to blend with your theme and the comfort you seek. Also, 42.50″ d x 39″ w x 39.75″ h are the perfect dimensions for an oversized seat for a large person—goodbye to the low self-esteem of always not finding the ideal chair size.

The high backrest allows proper lumbar support, and the footrest rises to enhance the perfect posture when you are having some downtime. You won’t suffer from the pins and needles of dangling feet from uncomfortable seats anymore.

Moreover, the durable construction of a rubberwood frame promises to deliver a lasting relationship. Apart from being durable, the rubberwood is also eco-friendly hence safe to use. The overall structure is light enough to move the chair anywhere you see fit or when moving.

Conversely, the dense but soft cushioning on the back and seat brings a whole meaning to relaxation. This is the perfect type of comfort for someone with consistent back pains. To add butter to the bread, the faux leather upholstery is soft to touch, easy to maintain, and durable.

On the maintenance part, caring for this heavy-duty recliner is easy. All you have to do is wipe any spills and stains using a damp or dry cloth piece.

Assembly needs a maximum of 5 minutes to set it up. It comes with just three pieces in a box, each piece slides and clips into the other. The clipping is firm, so no need to worry.



Verdict: the height can be an issue for tall people, but generally, this is a great chair worth every coin. Make sure to check measurements before purchase to enjoy every bit of comfort this chair delivers.

10. ANJ HOME Fabric Recliner Chair

best oversized recliners review

Overview: luxury you cannot afford to live without! This heavy-duty, extra-wide recliner features multifunction, comfortable, durable upholstery, sturdy structure, and easy useability.

Though comfort is a personal choice, everybody deserves to be comfortable. Read on.

The ANJ makes sure you don’t miss the comfort train. Why? It has an overstuffed backrest, armrest, and cushion seat for total comfort. A secure and warm curve enables you to take away the stress, fatigue to enjoy the new experience of relaxation.

Moreover, the primary purpose of this chair is to make sure you don’t work but relax. That’s why the simple to use lever makes the chair stretch and recline to an ideal position, in which you prefer for a better rest. And by taking hold of the armrests and inclining backward, the recliner further goes down to the next position, enabling you to nap perfectly. The footrest jerks out after you pull the lever and withdraws completely after you kick with heels. What’s more?

With all the adjustable positions, you can have your bedroom, study, and living room in this chair. This means the positions allow you to read a book, watch TV and take a nap. You won’t notice how quickly your weekend will melt away.

For durability, the skin-friendly and permeable fabric develops a sense of touch. This chair has soft pads to offer you sufficient lumbar and back support. The high-quality hardwood structure inside and hard-wearing steel frame at the base ascertain your safety and extend its life span. Remarkably it holds a weight capacity of about 300lbs.



Verdict: this is the best big man recliner for someone with a budget. Though it is cheaper than many options, it does not compromise on the quality. Hence a wise buy.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Heavy Duty Recliners

There’s no perfect recliner. Therefore you must consider favorable factors in the above choices to make the best decision. The primary factor is weight. However, some other big chairs may not be suitable for other users hence the need for other factors.

Take a look at the below factors.

Comfort and Durability

The quality of materials used and the manufacturer’s skills determine the comfort and durability of the oversized recliners. For sturdiness, the hardwood and steel frames are the best to offer lasting service.

If you can access the furniture store, it would be best to check on the steadiness and comfort. You can shake the chair and see if it wobbles, sit on it, and see if it will safely hold you down. Conversely, if you are buying online, take your time to go through various top reviews and customer feedback. This will you will be in a better position to judge.


For big chairs, safety is a significant concern. One cannot be too sure if the said heavy-duty chair will be able to hold them properly. For the several moving parts, be sure to check if there’s any gap in-between. Also, check the construction on the joint areas. Most recliners don’t have gaps as they have fabric covering the area. And for the few with openings, make sure the holes don’t exceed 5 inches to avoid kids and pets slipping.

Also, observe if the chair pinches while operating the footrest. This is dangerous if your foot or cloth sticks in the mechanism. It may end up with a disastrous outcome.


 The first thing that skips to our minds is leather. However, the upholstery is a vast platform with a variety of them. Apart from leather, other fabrics are as durable and easy to maintain with skin-friendly features.

However, for tall people, the delicate fabric is not ideal. This is because they can quickly wear and tear due to the pressure from their weight.


Having a budget in mind is the best way to shop. That way, you will look for your preferences in the recliners for heavyweight without overspending. However, some favorable features and quality can cost more than your budget. Therefore it would help if you set your budget on the higher side to contain any changes comfortably. The bottom line does not compromise on the quality since it’s a significant determinant for comfort.


If you plan to use your plus size recliner for an extended period, consider the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. You want a warranty that will cover the wear and tears, replace or mend a broken chair. However, there are some flaws the warranty won’t cover. Therefore be sure of the terms before buying the chair. If they are applicable, then you are good to go!


How much do oversized recliners cost?

A decent heavy-duty recliner will cost about $500. But for one with more lush features for a better experience, it will cost $1000+. However, you can still find some models going for $300. Remember, the cheaper the price, the basic the features of the product.

What is Half Recliner?

A half recliner is what some people refer to as an oversized recliner. These seats usually are more comfortable than the average recliner. They are ideal for a big person, though anybody can experience the comfort of the chair.


The reasons for looking for the best oversized recliners may differ with people. But the most important of them all is the comfort and weight aspect. The above review above explains more valuable factors in a plus size recliner.

You can skip the overrated salespeople who push you to meet their sales target rather than your needs as a priority with much confidence. Take your time to trade-off different features to settle for the best.

Remember, you always deserve the very best!