10 Best Recliner for Elderly (Comfort For Seniors)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 26, 2020

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Did you know? The primary cause of injury in seniors is falling. Well, just like all the phases in life, the golden age has its share of challenges.

Therefore, maintaining balance and mobility is the key to the prevention of falls and accidents. With such a crucial need, the best recliner for the elderly increases mobility, strength, safety, balance, independence, and fitness.

Usually, seniors have a variety of ailments hence spend most of their time indoors sitting or sleeping. For someone with a busy schedule, you need to get them a comfortable chair that provides maximum support and independence. Read on.

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Best Recliner for Elderly in the Market Today

We took the time to evaluate the top brands in the market. Even with all the varieties, you need to pick the best recliner for an older person’s needs. Such a recliner has to be comfortable, safe, perfect, and a power lift feature for mobility.

With this in mind, our summary of the best pick was as follows;

Take your time and go through the review of each recliner above and a buyer’s guide later for the best choice.

1. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

Overview: CANMOV provides an all-in-one package. Heat massage, power lift, firm upholstery, and heavy-duty construction- this is the ideal package for seniors to go about their daily routine in the house with utmost freedom and comfort.

Who needs a different caretaker when you got a complete package from CANMOV recliner chair?

Multifunction: Firstly, the power lift recliner is the real deal. With a silent operation, the lift motor pushes the entire chair to assist the elderly in standing up and sitting down. This way, the senior will not add any stress to the back or knees. Also, the reclining function comes in handy. It has different reclining angles that enable you to sleep, read, and watch TV. Furthermore, you can extend or retract the footrest when you want to stretch your body for maximum relaxation.

Conversely, the massage and heat functions have ten different modes, four focus points, and two intensity levels. This gives you the liberty to select what works for you and at what point. Remarkably, the heating function at the lumbar makes your lower back and waist more comfortable. To get all these top-notch functions working just the way you like, just press the buttons on the remote control. The remote has a timer function in minutes from 5-25 to set the massage time you want. Sounds pretty convenient, huh?

Material and comfort: This recliner comes in tough but soft anti-skid upholstery. The fabric is warm enough for the senior to sit on even after a long time sleeping on the bed. It is also thickly padded with high-density foam on the backrest, seat, and armrest for maximum comfort. The laminated veneer lumber (LVL) system will add stability to the comfort. This will be your senior’s favorite spot.

Design and construction: The complete design is convenient for wide and tall people holding 300lbs of weight capacity. The heavy-duty construction ensures the durability and safety of use. It has a side pocket for storage of remotes or reading material for free time; hence no need to clutter the side table. This is an elegant recliner suitable for the bedroom, living room, or theatre room.

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Verdict: If you are in search of comfort and quality, CANMOV is ready to deliver. The generous sizing is among the best selling points of this chair. It’s a convenient buy for those who are unsure of their seniors’ size back at home.

2. Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

Overview: This is a blend of style and functionality. Powerlift, generous sizing, and durable upholstery- this recliner for the elderly by signature gives you a full taste of the golden age.

Put a signature in your life by allowing a Signature recliner to ease off the weight of old age on your shoulders. Read on.


Powerlift: With just the touch of a button on the remote, this recliner slowly and gently lifts the senior to a standing position and back down to a sitting position. This dual motor enables your old not to strain their back and knees for an independent feeling. The recliner feature allows them to recline their backs and elevate their feet independently on the footrest for a top-notch lounging experience. You can go to work and leave them alone in the house with no worry whatsoever.

Comfort and style: The leather-like upholstery is a thick poly fiber with a soft feel-good touch. The double-stitched edges make it firm and improve the aesthetics of the chair. Also, the dense cushions on the seat, high backrest, and armrest serve ultimate comfort. The robust corner-blocked frames with metal reinforced centers assure your safety and non-wobbly experience for more assurance of comfort. The material is also straightforward to clean.

Durability: First, the material is tough enough to last the user for an extended time. Also, the heavy-duty construction is one that gives no doubt of a prolonged service since. Why? It is strong enough to carry about 300lbs of weight capacity and generous sizing for tall and wide people.



Verdict: If you consider a recliner that lies completely flat, just like a bed, then this is your best shot. This best chair for the elderly can also serve the disabled because of its fantastic comfort and functions.

3. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner

Overview: Esright offers the world-class sitting experience of a lifetime. Multifunction, comfortable, non-toxic material, and extra features- this electric recliner for the elderly only gives you one choice- maximum comfort.

Even if the world throws a thousand challenges at your feet, you can still live right by Esright. Why so?

No products found.

Construction and comfort: The construction of this recliner by Esright is from eco-friendly and durable timber that carries approximately 330lbs of weight capacity. All the wood boards used are formaldehyde-free, as per the requirement and certification of CARB. Of course, this is as a result of the health of the elderly in mind. What’s more?

The upholstery is soft and comfortable. Once seated, the lining springs and heavily padded backrest and seat cushion bring utmost comfort. The fabric carries a soft and warm feeling in addition to anti-pilling and anti-feltings effects. It merely feels like heaven! continue reading to Know Your Upholstery Fabric.

Multifunction: Noise is not a senior’s cup of tea hence the silent motor lift. The power lift pushes the chair upright, allowing the senior to walk out effortlessly without strain on the back and knees. Also, the chair reclines to 150 degrees giving the senior a comfortable nap time. The footrest extends and retracts with the backrest at the same time. Using the control button on the right arm, the old have the freedom to stop, lift, or recline to any preferred position.

Moreover, this chair for the elderly has massage and heat functions. It has five modes and four nodes of the massage area. The massage is by heated vibration and customized intensity levels, just the way you like it.

Extra Features: Extra features add to the convenience of the senior. The USB port allows charging of phones or other gadgets within easy reach. The chair also comes with 2 cup holders for any favorite drink and a side pocket to store remotes and magazines. With these, the senior will have everything in the same place, allowing more comfort and less movement.



Verdict: When you are looking for quality and value for money, you got it right with Esright. The price is friendly for all the beautiful features therein. Do not hesitate to make that order for your older person back at home.

4. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Overview: Because the cold affects the elderly in many negative ways, the Mcombo recliner chair has your best interest at heart. Heat and massage, durable faux leather, and extra features are among the best electric chair for the elderly.

When the cold season starts, with Mcombo, you and your senior will be in safe hands. Why?

Multifunction: The lumbar heating and full-body vibration are all senior needs. It comprises eight different nodes all-round the chair, five intensity levels, nine modes, and a heating point at the lumbar section. The lumbar area is typical for lower back pains for all people; hence a heating effect helps reduce the pressure. These functions work separately and can turn off in a set duration of 10-30 minutes as you would prefer.

The power lift function works on a Counter-balanced lift mechanism with a TUV certified actuator to push the chair up, helping the user get up quickly. This mechanism enables the user not to add any pressure or strain on the back or knees. Furthermore, the system can smoothly adjust to a reclining position as well. The chair functions only by pressing two buttons on the remote control. It’s as simple as ABC.

Upholstery: The faux leather is durable and cleans easy. Also, high-quality fabric is comfortable and adds to the aesthetics of the chair. It has an overstuffed backrest, armrest, and seat cushions for maximum comfort. When cleaning, no need for fancy oils or soap. Just wipe dry or use a damp cloth.

Extra Features: To complete the full functionality of the Mcombo, it comes with a USB port, two cup holders, and two side pockets on each side. This way, the user can enjoy their favorite drink, store remotes or reading materials on the side pocket, and still charge phones of gadgets within easy reach.



Verdict: Mcombo is an excellent recliner for the elderly for the price. Also, the colors and upholstery options offer versatility to your style. You can choose to blend the look or have this chair blend in.

5. ANJ Power Massage Lift Recliner

Overview: When the seat becomes your home. The ANJ recliner comes in a full package to offer maximum comfort that the user will not want to leave. Multifunction, firm anti-skid upholstery, and easy to assemble- just what you need for your senior with your busy schedule.

When duty calls, you need to find the best alternative for your elderly back at home. The ANJ is the perfect company with the utmost independence. Why?

Multifunction: Have you ever had a spa day for your senior? ANJ recliner offers massage and heating functions at the comfort of your home. With ten different modes, four massage and adjustable intensity levels, and a lumbar heating function for a superb experience. Rest assured that every day will be a spa day for the user.

Moreover, the vital power lift function allows the user to lay back, lift, and tilt as they please. In case they want to stand up, the chair lifts them upright, allowing a smooth transition without hurting the joints and back. Also, the relining aspect has three different positions. It comes with a side pocket for storage, so the user doesn’t need to move a lot to turn on the TV or looking for things. All the functionality is easy to operate by remote control as per any user preference.

Comfort and style: Whether granny is napping, reading a book, or simply watching TV, the anti-skid upholstery offers maximum safety hence comfortable. Also, the densely padded on the armrest, back, and seat add to comfort and support. Similarly, this recliner has a sophisticated design that commands attention and two color choices to suit any space.

Size and Construction: ANJ has a generous sizing and durable construction of sturdy steel frames. It is strong enough to hold a weight capacity of 330lbs and tall people as well. If you have adequate space, this chair is ideal when unsure of the user’s weight and height.



Verdict: This chair is perfect for those with back and hip pains as well. It offers an out-of-this-world comfort experience that you feel contented for making a great buy choice.

6. Froomer Power Lift Recliner Chair

Overview: Do not only upgrade on comfort, but also personal functionality and the décor of your home with Froomer best recliner for seniors. Powerlift, stylish design, and easy assembly- this recliner gives the user the freedom to function as they desire.

Freedom is contagious; the Froomer recliner offers independence in a comfortable package to the elderly, hence release from adult sitting. Read on.

Powerlift and Recline Functions: The electric lift motor system lifts the elderly when they want to leave the chair and gently back down when they want to sit. The smooth and quiet operation allows the user no strain and pressure on the back and joints. Also, the senior can recline to different cozy positions. They can either lie down to nap or sit both for TV and reading purposes. The footrest extends and retracts to offer maximum support while the user stretches their body. Just by a touch on the remote control and your elderly will have all the functions working as they wish.

Comfort and style: The Froomer is completely overstuffed on the back, armrests, and seat for extraordinary comfort. The high back offers complete support and anti-skid upholstery for safety and support. It is also straightforward to clean in case of stubborn stains. You don’t need to worry about granny slipping off the seat when she’s napping her afternoon away. This recliner has a sturdy metal frame for durability and perfect style for the living room area because of its attractive kind of design.

After buying, it will only take you a few and easy steps to quickly set it up. Remarkably, the assembly process needs no tools hence straightforward.



Verdict: For the perfect living room recliner, Froomer allows you to show how comfortable you can get.

7. Irene House Power Lift Chair

Overview: Dirt, stains, spills, name them. The Irene lift recliner is ideal for combating such messes and maintaining a fresh, comfortable home condition. It comprises of washable, detachable cover mats, multifunction and durable.

The Irene lift recliner for seniors allows you peace of mind and a calm approach to dirt. Read on.

Style and design: With old age, challenges like loss of balance and cognitive deficiency are norms. That is why this recliner considers all the messes a senior tends to make, from involuntary urination to spilling of substances. Therefore it comes with detachable mats, and the fabric is of high quality for anti-spill. With the detachable mats on the seat, armrest, and backrest, you can maintain the chair’s cleanliness by hand or machine wash as frequently as you wish.

Function: This recliner has a German brand Okin motor that serves two purposes, the power lift and recliner functions. Due to the weak knees and back problems in old age, the power lift helps the user stand easily from a sitting position. The entire chair gently lifts and tilts and goes back down in a quiet operation.

Conversely, it works as a recliner sofa as well. It allows the senior to recline into different positions as the footrest extends to enable the feet’ relaxation. The user gets to use both functions as desired by just a button on the remote.

Comfort and durability: The breathable fabric allows total comfort even in hot weather. Also, it has an overstuffed backrest, seat, and armrest for a more comfortable lounging experience. Furthermore, the sturdy construction is strong enough to carry about 300lbs of total weight capacity. The tough anti-spill fabric and robust structure deliver a long-term relationship with the user.

Lastly, the side pocket feature allows easy-to-reach storage for the remotes and other stuff like readable materials. It is also effortless to assemble with all accessories inclusive.



Verdict: Are you searching for the ideal birthday gift for grandpa? Make sure to buy this Irene recliner as he will be sure to enjoy absolute comfort every day.

8. Merax Electric Recliner Chair

Overview: This recliner comes in a wide assortment of cheerful colors to match or boost your space. Durable PU leather, comfortable and easy to assemble- attractively get comfort.

Color brings life to any situation. For older adults, color helps in boosting their moods, especially if they are lonely. What’s more?

Durability: The PU leather fabric, sturdy steel frames, foam cushion, and hardwood construction all ensure this chair’s durability. The PU leather is soft but tough enough to resist wear and tears and also anti-stain. The sturdy steel and hardwood frames enable stability and extended use. Also, the foam cushion hardly thins, ensuring extended, comfortable use.

Comfort: The chair has a padded armrest, backrest, and seat for a super comfortable lounging experience. The wide armrest allows enough room for the user to place the arms for maximum rest. It’s straightforward to doze off on this recliner.

Functions: The Merax offers both power lift and reclining roles. The power motor lifts the chair gently to an upright position allowing the user to stand up and gently down back to a sitting position. This way, the senior will not add any pressure on the joints and back.

For the reclining position, the user has the freedom to adjust to 3 different positions, nap, tv, and reading positions. Also, the footrest is adjustable, allowing your feet more relaxation. Furthermore, it comes with a massage function with eight vibration nodes all around the chair. Generally, all the parts are easy to function by the use of remote control.

Finally, it has a side pocket for easy-to-reach storage. The user can place the remotes and books for convenient use.



Verdict: If you need a gentle massage while reclining in any position, the Merax recliner is the best seat for seniors.

9. Dameng Lift Recliner Chair

Overview: Balance is everything with old age. Powerlift, comfortable and durable-this recliner for the elderly provides utmost balance when lifting.

A chair that provides balance and stability is all you need for a senior. The Dameng lift recliner enables a steady transition and much more. Read on.

No products found.

Function and durability: Counter-balanced lift apparatus pushes the whole chair up to support the senior stand up effortlessly without accumulating tension to the back or knees. Also, it slowly adjusts to a reclining position by the two buttons on the remote.

Furthermore, the high-quality iron frame enables long-term use. The structure also using the scientific principle is sturdy enough to endure a total of 300lbs. Also, the breathable faux leather is tough but soft, making it easy to clean and maintain for an extended period.

Comfort: The faux leather has an overstuffed sponge for the back, seat, and armrest, offering the user even more comfort. As the chair reclines, the footrest extends, allowing the senior to more comfortable napping, reading, or watching tv.

Versatility: Because of its highly skilled construction, this seat is ideal for home, recreation, and business places. The sleek design makes it presentable for showing off anywhere.



Verdict: The counter-balance system adds to the function of this chair as a vital role. With balance, the senior will not be afraid of falling off when lifting or reclining.

10. Rhomtree Recliner Chair

Overview: For the small-sized elderly, this is the perfect recliner for you. Comfortable, lift design, quick assembly, and recliner are the best shot for someone who wants to reduce the cleaning role.

Busy schedule? This brightly colored Rhomtree recliner is a lifesaver for the seniors in your home. Why?

Comfortable and Durable: The lift recliner has fabric upholstery that is comfortable and full of foam for a soft and comfortable feeling. The construction of heavy-duty steel adds to the durability aspect as it’s unlikely to break down or have a shaky feeling. Rest assured of a long-term relationship with the Rhomtree recliner. What’s more?

Functionality: For an elder with delicate knees and back, the lift system pushes the whole seat upwards and outwards to assist the senior stand up quickly. This way, there will be no pressure on the back or knees.

Conversely, the recliner position lets the backrest recline to about 160 degrees for a nap, TV viewing, or a reading position.

This chair smoothly and efficiently functions by a wired remote that easily stores in the side pocket. With the remote, you can lift and recline to any position you like.



Verdict: If you are looking for that basic but functional recliner for the elderly, then this is it. It will perform with utmost comfort with no sophisticated features.

Buyer’s Guide of Best Recliner for Seniors

Instead of enrolling your elderly into a nursing home or hiring a full-time caretaker, simply buy a recliner chair to help with balance and mobility. This way, they will not feel hopeless not to do anything by themselves.

With this in mind, the ideal option is out there in the vast selections. But worry not. Below is a buyer’s guide to help you decide on the above best choices in the market today. Read on.

Convenience: The elderly can spend an entire day on a chair. This can be due to health complications, such as cognitive and mobility issues. Therefore, you should make their experience on the chair worthwhile. Look for a chair that helps them with their mobility issues, for instance, a power lift for sitting and getting out of the chair. A recliner with different positions can easily adjust as they like when napping, watching TV, or reading a book. Don’t forget to get the automatic recliner to operate all functions by just pressing the remote control.

Upholstery: Cleanliness can pose a significant challenge for seniors. With balance as an issue in old age, they are likely to spill and mess the chair frequently. Hence look for a chair with anti-stain fabric that will be easy to clean or, better still, one with detachable covers. You can easily detach the covers to clean easily by hand or machine wash.

Extra Features: Features like cup holders, USB port, and side pockets for storage are a big deal for the seniors. They reduce frequent movements, which can lead to more pressure and strain on the joints and back. Having their favorite drink, remote, phone charging, and book within easy reach is a plus.


Are recliners suitable for the elderly?

Yes! Recliners for the elderly are the best mobility aids in the home’s comfort. Usually, the most common mobility issues include sitting and standing up from a chair. Hence the lift recliners are the best type for the seniors.

Can you add a lift to a recliner?

You can add a lift to almost any recliner. Use a personalized general lift frame and fix it to the bottom of the recliners. An electric motor offers the lift without meddling with the chair’s present features.


After reading the above reviews for each product, you will notice that the best recliner for elderly should have a multifunction, robust, and easy to clean fabric and sturdy construction. The above selection has a lot of similar features in a single package or less.

Therefore our best choice goes to CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair. It comprises an all-in-one package for the best performance and super comfort across all sizes.

Go ahead and place your orders!


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