8 Best Remote Recliners – You’ll Love to Add in Your Living Room

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 27, 2021

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Don’t you just love it when you get to sit back, feet up at any position with least if no effort? Thanks to the best remote control recliners, you can access specific functions without moving an inch- that’s what we call luxury!

Remote functions of a recliner are particular or overall, depending on the choice of your recliner. There are power recliners that only function by using a remote control, while some manual recliners have features requiring a remote, for example, massage and heat.

Initially, remote recliners were a perfect choice for the elderly or people with joint problems. But now, everybody wants their relaxation mode to involve no effort or have sophisticated features hence the need for remote recliners.

With the variety in the market, it can become overwhelming for people to make a favorable choice. That is why we explored the best available online to provide you with this review, followed by a thorough buying guide that will help you select the best option for you.

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8 Best Remote Control Recliners Reviews

Hurry? Check the list of best remote recliners,

1. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

Overview: Allow your life to feel easy with the comfort of Magic Union recliner operations. It features massage and heat, a lift mechanism, faux leather, and an ergonomic design.

Everybody wants a chair to help them sit down and get up effortlessly-more so for those with back, joint, and age difficulties. Thanks to the power lift mechanism, you can easily stand and sit or lie comfortably.

Imagine a chair that offers massage and heat functions! Well, an extra an out-of-this-world experience will not hurt; hence eight massage points for particular four areas of massage focus (lumbar, back, leg, tight) and five modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, and standard) meet your likings of various massage.

Buying a chair that you will have for the most extended period is a goal. Besides, some do not come cheap. The faux leather and high-quality construction of metal frames ensure durability. Faux leather also brings a classy touch accompanied by an ergonomic design. Better still, it is easy to clean and soft to touch with thick padding all-over to allow maximum comfort.

Remarkably, this chair operates by two remote controls, which smoothly and safely control the lift, recline, and massage functions. Sounds pretty cool, right?



Verdict: The Magic Union remote control recliner simply makes your life easy and better by offering easy operation and significant comfort levels. Gift yourself or a loved one by placing an order immediately!

2. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner

Overview: Among all the right decisions in your life, you can never go wrong with Esright recliner with remote control. Featuring multifunction, comfortable upholstery, and sturdy construction- ensure you live right!

Living right means living peacefully; thus, the entire operation is noiseless, thanks to the silent motor recliner. Using the precise remote control, you can smoothly operate the chair without hearing any squeaky or vibration noise from the lift, massage, and recline functions.

The massage and heat is a deal-breaker, and even better is the ability to enjoy its versatility on the specific areas of your body just the way you want it. And when you need to sit in any position, even lie, it reclines up to 150 degrees with the footrest extending or retracting.

Enjoying your power recliner’s comfort and convenience with a remote is something you want going on for the most prolonged period. Luckily, the sturdy construction and faux leather will ensure it holds you down for an extended period.

Besides, what better than having a robust and good-looking chair? It comes with a bold and stylish design that matches your décor.



Verdict: You are not only getting quality and easy operation but also an affordable price. The Esright remote controlled recliner chair ensures you experience no regrets whatsoever. Therefore, please make that order right away.

3. DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner

Overview:  Believe it or not, one recliner can change your life for the better. This chair features a power lift, faux leather, USB ports, and sturdy steel construction.

With dual OKIN motors, the unlimited position lift chair enables you to adjust the backrest and footrest independently to any customized position you want. The certificated OKIN motors have improved and more a quiet performance.

The available OKIN Dual-Motor power recliner with remote will boost your decor for extra comfort. Moreover, it is ideal for the s and persons with back pain to stand up effortlessly without straining the back or knees.

Breathable and soft PU leather finish, super thick sponge padding, high back, and wide armrest offer an extraordinarily comfortable feel from upright to 180° flat of napping. The remote control is for smooth and easy operation. The dual USB charging ports and the side pocket for storage and convenience are even better. What’s more?

The sturdy construction is suitable for OKIN Dual-motor with a reinforced steel structure and anti-back-tipping bottom design. These ensure the entire chair is robust and safer to hold 450lbs.



Verdict: If you are planning to gift your grandma, this is it! The set-up process is straightforward, and the features are worth every second spent on this remote control lift recliner. What matters is the easy operation and sturdy construction that holds a massive weight capacity. Hurry up and do not miss out on this offer!

4. Giantex Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: Even though you want it easy, make sure it comes uniquely stylish. This recliner with remote control features an ottoman, swivel function, faux leather, and vibration modes.

With two vibration levels, four massage nodes, and eight modes to pick, this electric massage chair enables a fatigue-free experience as you desire. So you there’s no need to fret about the unending back pains getting worse.

There is always time for fun, even in a tight work schedule hence the 360 degrees swivel. This allows you the luxury to spin in any direction. You can do it for fun or to engage in different conversations at once in a meeting.

Also, the backrest easily adjusts from 95-125 degrees, making it convenient for you to choose the most desirable position. It also includes an extra ottoman to meet your diverse rest wants and provide upgrade double comfort.

Top-quality metal frame guarantees long-term use of the chair to hold the weight of 330 lbs. the PVC upholstery is smooth and soft to touch, covering a high-density sponge to provide outstanding support and maximum comfort.

Remarkably, it comes with remote control for convenient mode selection and straightforward operation. Better still, there’s a side pocket to store the remote control for easy reach.



Verdict: If you are in s for a chair that can work both at home and office, this is your best shot. The comfort and functionality are straightforward and guarantee to the user. Are you working from home? Don’t hesitate and place your order now!

5. HOMCOM Power Lift Assist Recliner Chair

Overview: Do you want a comfortable home? Get the Homcom recliner chair with a remote control that features lift assist, linen upholstery, and a solid steel frame.

This is the ideal chair for seniors or people recovering from injuries and experience challenges standing from a seated position. The lift assist function lifts you from sitting to a vertical lean up to 70 degrees so you can stand without adding pressure on your knees and back.

Moreover, the remote control makes the chair smoothly recline into diverse positions up to 140 degrees if you want to nap. Better still, the footrest extends and lifts as it reclines for extra ease and comfort.

This power lift recliner has a solid steel frame with a balanced lift mechanism with a unique design of high back for super comfortable support. Also, it features wheels that enable effortless movement.

Apart from the sturdy steel frame, the linen fabric is also durable. Furthermore, it is soft to touch, breathable, comfortable, and easy to clean. The linen fabric covers plush, high-density foam in the back, legs, and seat areas, allowing you a perfect afternoon nap or movie time after work.



Verdict: The small size is perfect for little spaces and does an ideal job for the inexpensive budget. It is also decent and comfortable even during the lift functions. This is the perfect choice of a remote control recliner chair for those living in a small space.

6. Giantex Power Lift Massage Recliner Chair for Elderly

Overview: When your body needs a massage, make sure you get a chair specially designed for massage. It features metal and PU leather construction.

The power lift function is possible with the help of the remote control that is in the package. It will enable you to stand up easily without adding pressure to your back or knees. The lift chair is handy for the injured, operated, and elderly to stand up without any strain.

The massage recliner chair comprises two power levels, five massage modes, and a heating alternative. In total, it has eight vibrating massage nodes and diverse levels of vibrating force to let you sit back and enjoy a good massage in your leisure time.

The over-stuffed soft and comfortable backrest and seat cushion provide you with the need to relax and rest after a tiring day. Since it is oversized with wide and padded armrests, it ensures super comfort at any position you desire. Conversely, it releases the inbuilt footrest, fully powered by the remote, and lets your feet relax.

This power recliner with remote comes in soft and sturdy PU leather that is durable, breathable, and easy to maintain. The high-quality PU leather cleans easily and still ensures superior comfort and aesthetics.



Verdict: Nothing beats the feeling of getting a chair to do precisely as it intends for your needs. Enjoy the multifunction of the Giantex Power Lift Massage Recliner that efficiently operates thanks to the remote controls. For guaranteed service, ensure you buy this for your elderly or injured spouse for their maximum comfort.

7. ERGOREAL Power Lift Recliner

No products found.

Overview: When you allow the design to talk to you, all you feel is superior comfort. This remote control recliner for the elderly features durable material, massage and lift assist, bold and classy design, and sturdy structure.

The sturdy construction involves an eco-friendly, high-quality, treated camphor wooden board with water-resistant and durable linen fabric upholstered, which last twice longer than regular material. It has a solid steel base with a black stainless coating to add more durability and strength to hold up to 300lbs.

The cushion has a multi-layers filling, elastic strip, and springs for the back and seat cushion for comfort. The filler comprises high-density foam and overstuffed doll cotton, which provides long-time resting and fatigue evasion.

Better still; the two remotes controlled operation is easy and smooth with less than 25 dB sounds. The functions include 150° full position reclining with footrest and lift assistance for our seniors. Not to mention eight massage nodes, five modes, and two power levels with heat features. It also includes two side pockets for storage.

Last but not least, the design is to ‘die for’- simple but does a lot of talking to blend with your décor and aesthetics.



Verdict: First, it is straightforward to assemble for immediate use. Also, it reclines to a nap position enabling more comfort. The best thing is that it is calm and smooth when functioning. For its price, do not allow this chair to pass you by. Place your order now!

8. Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: Comfort comes in many styles, from your recliner chair with remote control. It features massage and heat, a recliner with an ottoman, and wireless control system.

When you have a tiring day, allow the heat in the chair’s backrest and the massage points in the seat cushion and ottoman to press the parts of the upper and lower back, lumbar, thighs, as well as calves.

This comfy extra member to your living space also offers an elegant and attractive appearance that upgrades the room and makes it feel warm and cozy.

The double-padded backrest reclines for delightful relaxation, as the soft armrest, seat, and ottoman cushions offer exceptional comfort. Also, the side pocket enables you to store the remote or any readable conveniently.

Remarkably, the wireless remote controller allows you to conveniently adjust between 5 pre-set massages, nine power levels, and two modes to access the most relaxing lounging experience as you desired.



Verdict: The swivel function is convenient, allowing you to spin in any direction you want. The wireless control ensures no cord to drag along, and you can operate it from across the room to help anyone seated. For those who have busy conference meetings as part of their work schedule, this is it! Order one and watch the long meeting hours elapse without the slightest fatigue.

Best Remote Recliner Buyer’s Guide

Reclining patterns: There are three types of reclining positions; 2-position, 3-position, and Infinite-position. This means that the recliner can operate by use of the remote hand control. The 2-position and 3-position only consist of a single motor with the headrest and the footrest acting according to one command.

The 2-position allows you to stop at any position between standing and sitting. More so, this is the most affordable recliner among the three types. It is only ideal for temporary use and not a prolonged stay. Conversely, the 3-position will not lay-flat but will fully recline hence very comfortable for napping.

Infinite position chairs recline almost flat like a bed. Some will even go low enough, so your feet rest above your heart, making it perfect for persons with legs and ankles that swell. It also comprises two motors that allow the backrest and footrest to operate individually with separate control buttons. This way, you get various positions that you cannot get in 2- or 3- position chairs hence the perfect choice for extended lounging.

Advanced features: Features such as massage and heat only operate by remote control even in a manual recliner. A massaging chair may seem like a needless luxury, but the higher price tag is worth it for people who suffer from aches and poor circulation.

The vibrating chairs boost your body’s blood from the head, back, lumbar, and legs. If you plan to buy a recliner with vibrating massage and heat functions, verify if the remote has individual controls for each area, including the heat intensity.

The lift assist is also a function that requires the need for remote control. This makes the operation more comfortable and convenient, especially for the elderly and injured people not to strain the knees and back.

Space: Consider the room in which you want to place your recliner. Standard models usually slide both out and backward. Conversely, a typical lift recliner sits from 18″-22″ away from the wall, which could be a challenge in small spaces. If you lack adequate space, wall-hugger models let the most recliners operate in 4″-6″ of a wall.

These wall-hugging models are from against a wall sliding forward without hitting the wall behind them. Always ensure you have the right dimensions of your space compared to the recliner of your choice.

FAQs – Remote Control Recliner Chair

How easily do power recliners break?

They have more positions and settings compared to regular recliners hence making them hard to break. This means that they are hard-wearing due to the automatic operation, usually resulting in lesser breakages and a prolonged lifespan, unlike the manual recliners.

Which is better, a power or manual recliner?

In terms of resilience, power recliners usually are better with a longer lifespan. This is due to the detailed and sturdy constructions.

Can you replace the remote control of a recliner?

According to your model and manufacturer, you can quickly contact them for a repair or replacement if the remote control is not working. It should not be hard to offer an alternative as this is just a part like any other but vital in your recliner’s overall function. However, it would help if you take utmost care and caution when using the remote to avoid unnecessary breakages or misplacing.

Parting Shot

The best remote control recliner ensures convenient and smooth operation. This is ideal for all age groups and even those with underlying medical conditions. The presence of a remote control signifies a more functional chair with added features to make your comfort levels worth enjoying.

Luckily, our top selection is thoroughly allowing you to feel free to make the ideal choice for your specific needs and preferences.


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