Meet the Team

Our Mission

CozySeating seeks to understand the various needs and demands of customers with an innovative approach and provide a solution with the very best industry. Keeping up with the continuous trends of seating furniture, we are dedicated to advance our descriptions hence our constant market research via feedbacks and studies. We trust that this is the only way to exceed our visitor’s expectations.

Andrew Smith

(Founder and Editor in Chief)

Andrew Smith Author at CozySeating

Andrew Smith is Our founder and editor In chief. The father of two is a mechanical engineer in one of the leading furniture manufacturers with over five years of experience designing and building seating furniture.

Positive feedback from consumers who appreciated seats that he played a part in building inspired him to start this site.

He intends to help his readers transform their entire living room and office into a comfortable space by selflessly sharing tips and all relevant information about choosing quality seating furniture.

As the editor in chief, he also ensures that the shared information is legit and up-to-date.

Derrick Haywood

(Chief Content Officer)

Derrick Haywood Author at Cozyseating

Derrick is a passionate writer who started his writing career while in college. He goes above and beyond to create in-depth product reviews and other informative articles.

When he is not writing, you’ll find him playing games with the boys. Basically, he spends most of his time on product research.

Derrick, therefore, values quality and comfortable seating furniture and doesn’t mind delving into a web search and information gathering to compose a comprehensive list of the best products.

Joanne McLeod

(Writer and Social Media Manager)

Joanne McLeod Author at Cozyseating

Joanne is the true definition of a words smith who believes her divine assignment on earth is content creation. The media and communication graduate is also a home organizing enthusiast and a well-known magazine writer.

An explorer at heart, Joanne likes starting conversations. She gladly and effortlessly moderates all our social media handles and promptly answers all the consumer questions. She is also in charge of our digital marketing campaign strategies.

James Leonard

(Editor in Chief)

James Leonard Author at Cozyseating

Before we publish an article, someone has to go through it and make sure its layout is right and the images and videos are in place. Leonard does this daily.

With over seven years as a senior editor in a reputed publication, Leo has a wealth of experience picking the right pieces. With his input, we are able to create an editorial calendar that details all our article, editorial, and photography needs.

Lois Johnson

(Marketing Manager)

Lois Johnson Author at Cozyseating

Lois is responsible for getting our name out there. She figures out how to let people know that the site exists and it’s online. She also works closely with the social media manager to design social media campaigns.

The mother of one who has a master’s degree in public relations also helps us write reviews. She has a way with words and enjoys describing stuff.