8 Best Lane Recliner Reviews – You’ll Love to Buy in 2022

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 27, 2021

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Welcome to the best Lane recliner Reviews. With the fuss and popularity of owning a recliner, if not many, we will agree that some brands stand out better than the rest. Well, among the top brands in the recliner world, Lane recliners continue to impress. Let, see why this brand is so proud to uphold its quality for ages.

For starters, Lane is a family-owned company that started back in 1912 in Virginia. A small company produces drawers, chests, and tables to make the ‘most comfortable seat in the house.’ For 95 years, they continue to impress their customers, advancing their innovation and quality for making perfect units.

Their products range from home to office, providing the perfect solution for your furniture needs. Lane makes chairs, ottomans, sectionals, but their specialty and popular range are the recliners, loveseats, and sofas.

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Lane Home Furnishings Reviews

The high reputation of Lane recliners is due to the wide variety of styles and the assured quality. Lane Furniture’s recliners come in plenty of upholstery options such as fabrics and high-quality leather. This gives buyers the preference of style and upholstery that will best suit their home’s decor.

Remarkably, many of the Lane recliners do not resemble typical recliners. One will be in denial if the option presents itself. Such varieties are stylish, rustic but are recliners.

But, worry not. Even with the wide range of recliners, below is a detailed review of the eight best Lane recliners that will make your search short and effortless.

Sit tight!

Types of Lane Recliners

Because recliners are a signature of every house, signifying comfort and relaxation, the Lane home furniture ensures you are home in whatever decision. Lane recliners are available in several styles such as;

Classic recliners: This style includes recliners with rocker function. Also, they come with a couple of extra features, mechanisms, and upholstery so you can make yours suitable for your home.

Traditional recliners:  It would be better if you got your grandparents a standard recliner that blends well with their traditional setting. For the perfect fit, you should go for Lane’s high leg recliners that will allow you comfort without messing with the décor.

Modern recliners: All of Lane’s recliners have the latest fabrics, mechanisms, and extra features. Lane brings out a blend of comfort and function with the present applications to their recliners. These applications feature power reclining, massage function as well as power sockets. These modern recliners are the best option for those with back problems.

Best Lane Recliner Reviews

1. Lane Home Furnishings 4205-18 Swivel/Rocker Recliner

Overview: Sigh! That’s all you can say from the head-to-toe comfort and support you get from this lane leather recliner. It features multi-function, soft leather upholstery, Royal Zero Gravity mechanism, padded back and armrests, and stable and durable structure.

When you ask for a recliner, but you get more! This lane recliner is multifunctional with swivel and rocker functions inclusive. Rest assured of total comfort and support even for a nursing mum who needs to rock the baby to sleep late at night. The swivel allows you to turn smoothly in any direction you like without moving the chair from its position.

After more comfort, the durable leather upholstery is very soft to touch, ensuring you feel excellent for the longest time you will be sitting. Moreover, the chair has thick padding on the chaise, back, and armrests.

Remarkably, it also has a unique Royal Zero Gravity mechanism that offers support to the legs, back, and neck, ensuring no stress. The quality is evident with the stable and durable hardwood frames on the mortise and tenon joints and a steel recliner system.



Verdict: Soft, comfortable, and good-looking chair worth the price. Easy to assemble and has a unique color to suit your interior.

2. Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Gladiator Rocker Recliner

Overview: Extensive, masculine, and sturdy! This chair comes with a heavy-duty steel structure, soft woven fabric, and maximum thick padding.

This lane rocker recliner is not only masculine but has a world-class structure that supports up to 500 pounds. The system comprises of ComfortKing recliner mechanism with seven gauges, heavy-duty steel, 2.2 HR Foam, and bolt-on arms for additional strength and resilience. Also, the frame is hardwood and mortise, and tenon joints.

Do you love napping on your recliner? Well, this will do just perfect for your preference. It features an extra-tall seat back and chair height for taller people. Better still, it reclines to the extent of 79″, which is similar to a king-size mattress.

Moreover, the soft woven chenille is not only accommodating to the user but also good-looking. This upholstery is absorbent and tough against easy tear and wear. Not to mention, it covers extra thick padding all-round the chair that ensures more comfort and support.



Verdict: Most times, it is rare to find a large and comfortable chair that meets a big person’s needs. Thanks to this Lane gladiator, it will also accommodate you when you want to sleep, giving you more space.

3. Lane Home Furnishings 6003-11 Recliner

Overview: A touch of style and class to bring forth an alluring look to your space. This Lane furniture recliner features chenille fabric, a tufted back cushion, wooden turned legs, and a push back recliner mechanism.

The two-tone Chenille mix in this lane recliner chair allows for a challenging yet soft look. It ensures the user is comfortable while preventing easy damages. Apart from being also breathable, it adds a classy touch to your space.

The tufted back design on the cushion and the wooden turned legs make this recliner uniquely stylish. You would feel proud placing it anywhere in your space. The back is also wide enough to accommodate and support your entire back easing any fatigue.

Moreover, it comes with thick padding on the chaise and back. Well, you won’t feel any wood pressing creating an uncomfortable feeling. The padding is also present on the footrest to offer your legs support when you want to kick up, back, and relax.

The push-back recliner mechanism is easy to operate. All you need to do is use your weight against the back, and the chair reclines to 3 different positions to suit your preference and needs.

You don’t need to worry about the structure as Lane furniture assures durable, stable wooden frames and a heavy-duty steel recliner mechanism.



Verdict: It would be best to get a chair that meets your preference in terms of comfort as well as your décor. The classy design of the Lane 6003-11 makes one fall in love with their space over and over again.

4. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver 4501-190 model

Overview: For a furniture model that perfectly blends with your personality, we present to you the Lane Home Wallsaver. It comprises 100% durable polyester, muscular build, maximum weight capacity, and modern design.

Nothing makes a customer happy other than having a piece of furniture function as they expected. Are you in search of heavy-weight recliners? This is it! Read on.

Even for a tight space, you deserve comfort thanks to the Wallsaver design. It will take up little space giving you no limitations on where to place it.

With a full weight capacity of 500 pounds, rest assured that it will hold most of your house members. Well, not just the weight capacity meets your comfort but the top-notch lane construction as well. This construction features a seven gauge steel with reinforced hardwood frames with tenon and mortise joints.

This large-man recliner takes pride in a sturdy and enduring construction. It consists of 100% rich and soft, and durable polyester. Cleaning this polyester upholstery is straightforward hence requires less to minimum maintenance.

Moreover, the 2.2 foam and a drop-in-coil seat system guarantee you are at your maximum comfort level. The foam comes in extra thick cushions on the chair’s support areas like the backrest, armrest, seat, and footrest.

The chair operates with a straight handle lever with a footrest that locks at its peak level. Because style is mandatory, the Wallsaver features a modern design that easily blends with your interior décor.



Verdict: The Wallsaver design is the selling point of this Lane recliner. Besides holding down a large and heavy person, the Wallsaver makes it easy for you to place it anywhere you desire to upgrade the face of your space without restricting on space.

5. Lane Stallion Big Man Wallsaver Recliner

Overview: A source of the cozy home comfort that everyone desires. This big-man Lane recliner features a tall back, wide seat, plush cushions, heavy-weight construction, and microfiber upholstery.

Those from surgery or with joints problems need a spacious recliner. Well, there’s no need to get bed sores because of always staying in bed while you can access the comfort of Big Man Stallion that feels even better than your mattress.

With first-class construction, this seat will provide nothing but strength and stability. The steel recliner mechanism and reinforced hardwood frames guarantee your safety and excellent balance. The durable microfiber is tough enough, allowing everybody to sit even if your kids decide to jump on it. Besides, it cleans quickly, and it is soft to touch. Read on.

Also, there are extra-thick cushions fixed all-round. The cushions offer maximum support, especially on the lumbar part, where most back pains originate. Your feet’ comfort is crucial thanks to the padded footrest, and you can also lock it in a comfortable position.

Because it’s a wall hugger, it only needs few inches of wall clearance. This means that you can makeover your living space to your desire.



Verdict: Long weekends require long series to watch without worrying about where to sleep. This Lane recliner is big enough to accommodate you as you sleep, offering you top-notch comfort even better than your mattress.

6. Lane Home Furnishings 4204-18 Swivel/Rocker Recliner

Overview: Lane’s mission is to remain comfortable in all situations, and Cortez delivers this to the last letter. It consists of polyester with leather-look upholstery, maximum padding, and a Royal Zero Gravity mechanism.

As much as a recliner is a desire for most people, having more functions brings the trophy home. The swivel and rocker recliner ensures you have added comfort in any direction you desire. Besides, it will come in handy more so for a nursing mum who finds it hard to soothe the little one to sleep.

For more comfort, the Royal Zero Gravity mechanism ensures your legs, back, and neck rest comfortably in total support. The plush padding on the head, back, and seat area assures the user of a comfortable lounging experience. Those with back and joint pains will enjoy having this Lane rocker recliner.

Because construction is an important aspect to be sure of, this Cortez structure comes in a rigid steel recliner system, hardwood frames, and mortise and tenon joints. Well, this is enough evidence that it can safely and steadily hold down 300 pounds.

Moreover, the side lever is easy to operate and reach. You need to turn it and lock it at any favorable position.



Verdict: Apart from looking good and being comfortable, the chair is also effortless to assemble. Furthermore, it matches its cost-effective price and ensures stability even for those with much weight within the weight limit. The design is also something to boast about once you have it in your space.

7. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Overview: Imagine and get that comfort! This lane rocker recliner boasts durable and soft upholstery, contemporary design, easy to assemble ability, sturdy build, and multi-function.

Assembling a recliner can be overwhelming most times. However, this rocker recliner has an instant assembly for immediate relaxation. The back slides on smoothly with two rails and clips.

The chenille with a linen weave emphasizes the class of this recliner. It is soft to touch, tough, and breathable, making the user comfortable. The upholstery covers extra thick padding on the back, lumbar, chaise, and armrest for complete support and comfort.

This long-lasting recliner also prides itself on top-notch construction. The structure features hardwood frames, a heavy-duty recline mechanism, and tenon and mortise joints. Chances of breaking or falling over when seated are very slim as this build can support up to 500 pounds.

Also, the entire shape is striking, perfect for any décor. Furthermore, the effortless lever active rocker recliner allows a quiet recline for your afternoon nap. The rocker function works only when you are sitting, making it ideal for cuddling your baby.



Verdict: Apart from being easy to assemble, it also boasts of its comfort and alluring design. Not to mention the sturdy and durable construction that never lets the user down.

8. Lane Home Furnishings 4205-19 Rocker Recliner

Overview: Different from the rest but guarantees comfort. It features soft leather, dual function, plush high-density foam, and a solid build.

Being a Lane rocker recliner, you will easily be able to catch sleep when fatigue overwhelms you. When it’s more than enough regarding comfort, including a rocking feature enables those with the nervousness of fidgeting issues to calm down quickly. Besides, the handle allows you to recline smoothly and take a nap.

The soft leather upholstery is easy to clean and flexible enough to resist cracking and peeling. Not to mention that it also adds a touch of class to your space, ensuring you leave your guests in awe when they visit.

Also, the leather covers high-density foam on the neck, back, seat, and armrest sections of this lane rocker recliner. Well, your support and comfort are genuinely essential.

Relax yourself the way you without any worry because the structure does not quickly shake or break down. Why so? This is because it is of a rigid steel recliner mechanism and hardwood frames. Even the footrest assures your feet of total support and comfort when you recline to a position of your choice.



Verdict: The quality of this chair is world-class, giving you value for your money. Apart from the leather making it look and feel royal, it is also straightforward to put together. Besides, being small in size makes it very easy to move as you desire.


Finally, the best Lane recliners reviews you will find in the market. When it comes to deciding on a sustainable brand for your recliner choice, you can never go wrong with the Lane furnishings. Lane recliners are more than what meets your eyes. They bring a combination of comfort, modernization, and technology to produce something special for your home and style.


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