10 Best Wall Hugger Recliners for Small Spaces (2022 – List)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: January 9, 2021

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Hey there. How about some smart styling for a cramped-up space with the best wall hugger recliners? Worry not! Small space is all about making the most of what you have.

Therefore it’s all about getting the best product that will perfectly fit and blend with the area it’s going to occupy. The best furniture wall hugger recliners will enhance the function and comfort of your space. So, where do you start?

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place. At CozySeating, we will help you make the best decision on the best wall-hugging recliners in the market today. Our review is a result of your desires, preference, and unique needs.  

We promise you will fall in love with your choice over and over again.

Table of Contents

List of TOP 10 Best Wall Hugger Recliners

Let’s get started with the list I reviewed,

1. RecPro Charles Collection Wall Loveseat

OVERVIEW: because love knows no boundaries, there’s no need to allow small space to be a hindrance. RecPro wall-hugging loveseat entails durable faux leather, enough room, extra features, and robust construction- just what you need for an indoors date movie night.

Are you a fan of movies? Have your loved one over and kick your feet up all night as you enjoy the latest series.

RecPro is a double wall hugging recliner. This means that it’s a 2-in-1 seat with a middle console with 2 cup holders and storage space. You can place a bucket of pop-corns or your phone on the storage space/ wide shared armrest.

Moreover, it comes in faux leather upholstery to assure of its durability. The material is also easy to clean; hence you can maintain it easily without the panic of washing the entire seat. Just dry any spills with a damp or dry piece of cloth.

Are you worried if it’ll match your space décor? Whether you live in an apartment or want it for your RV, this wall loveseat comes in 4 distinct colors; toffee, chestnut, mahogany, and putty. (See, we promised top-notch style in our collection.)

Because it is 67″ wide, 17″ fully recline footrest to the floor, and only needs 3″ from the wall to recline, the RecPro makes a perfect choice for a compact space. Also, it has a sturdy construction that makes it strong enough to hold two people together in separate seats. The double recline feature is straightforward- pull the latch on each side, and voila!



Verdict: are you planning to hit the road? Get your RV this double seat wall hugger recliner as well and get to enjoy your vacation in maximum comfort. Whether you are in the RV or outside admiring nature, this is it!

2. RecPro Charles Collection Wall Hugger Recliner Set of 2

OVERVIEW: your small space could still have more than a chair if you choose wisely. This set of 2 features a heavy-duty construction, durable and soft faux leather, incredible color variety, and style.

Because the more, the merrier, don’t be a loner in your space. Get the RecPro set of 2 to have a comfortable seat for a friend.

Buying value makes you own a product that is sure to last you many years. This is one of the best wall hugger recliner, which has a sturdy frame that makes it stable and durable. Also, the body has an upholstery material of faux leather that is very easy to maintain. Faux leather is anti-spill hence easy to clean. The material also guarantees long-term service since you don’t need to wet it to clean. All you have to do is dry it clean. What’s more?

When it comes to buying a recliner, make sure it’s comfortable. The RecPro set of 2 exceeds expectations by providing maximum comfort. The fully padded headrest, back, and seat offer support and total comfort. You can enjoy the whole drive without fatigue from sitting for a long time.

More so, it only needs 3″ of recline and reclines fully with the footrest up. Since space is an issue, your friend can sleep on this recliner because it reclines to a comfortable napping position, just like a bed.

If you are buying it for your RV, it would be better to bolt it on the floor for safety while the vehicle is moving. For a compact space, this set of 2 is also compact, making it the perfect size for short people.



Verdict: for a set of 2 seats, this is among the best small wall hugger recliner at a great price. Yes, you can afford comfort in your tiny living area.

3. U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger

OVERVIEW: never despise the power of small packages. U-MAX comprises of admirable features such as multifunction, PU leather, and robust construction.

‘Small but mighty’ is the other name for the U-MAX wall hugger recliner. Why?

For starters, the functionality of this wall-hugging recliner is on another level. It is a lift chair, has a massage and heat feature as well as a recliner.

The lift mechanism is ideal for helping you out of the chair. This is the best function for the elders and those suffering from back and joints problems. It lifts you to a standing position that you just walk instead of getting out of the chair.

Also, the heat and massage feature is extraordinary for the home luxury you deserve. It comes with four massage points (leg, lumbar, back, and tight) and five control modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, and regular). The heat function is for the lumbar area, so your back pains got no match against this electric wall hugger recliner.

The U-MAX also reclines to a maximum of 130 degrees with three adjustable positions- TV, read, and nap. While lounging, the back and footrest work simultaneously. Remarkably, all the functions of this wall-hugger operate by pressing two separate remotes. You can choose what process works best anytime and don’t need to worry about any manual operation. What’s more?

What’s a chair without comfort? It has an extra thick padded armrest, backrest, head, and seat area. Also, the PU leather is soft to the touch and skin-friendly. Sitting on it feels like paradise.

When it comes to durability, the upholstery is sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Also, the heavy-duty steel frame is vital for maximum stability and safety of 330lbs of weight. It lifts you like you would raise a baby. As if not all, you get this chair with extra features of 2 cup holders and four storage bags. So, you can conveniently store your remotes and magazines at a comfortable reach position.



Verdict: U-MAX wall hugger recliner is the perfect furniture for all homes. Besides, it gives you value for your money with all the fantastic features.

4. ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

OVERVIEW: just the perfect piece of furniture for any space. The ProLounger features high-density fiber, stain-resistant upholstery, space-saving design, and a stylish look- because your home deserves the best!

The ProLounger will get into your space and turn it into your little piece of heaven. Read on.

This small hugger recliner comes in a stain-resistant microfiber cover. Since cleaning will be effortless, this cover makes the chair easy to maintain and durable. Moreover, the reclining mechanism is heavy-duty steel, and the body frame is high-quality laminated hardwood. This goes without saying that you are going to have a long-term relationship with this beauty.

As you will notice, this is not a large recliner. Because it has a wall hugger design, the ProLounger reclines to a clearance of 4″ from the wall to the back of the seat to the wall you choose. The size and wall hugger technology creates a lot more room for something else as it a space-saving chair.

Simple but classy. The design is not overboard or tries so hard to impress. The manufacturer was conventional on the looks but delivered on the quality and function. Besides, why buy for looks and not the purpose above all things?

Also, the comfort it provides is quite impressive. It features an advanced comfort system of standard block foam, poly fiberfill, and independently enclosed comfort coil springs for extra support. This means that the head shoulders and more comfortable than those chairs that rely only on the padding.



Verdict: if you are in pursuit of a simple chair without all the bells and whistles, the ProLounger is the way to go. But, provided that all the functions are impressive, this is it! It’s the right product at a reasonable price.

5. eshion Wall Hugger Recliner

OVERVIEW: even with a living full of chairs, an extra seat never hurts. This is especially if it’s an eshion wall hugger recliner. It features microfiber upholstery, multi-color options, space-saving wall hugger technology, and a contemporary look. What’s not to like?

Incorporate a touch of style and comfort in your man-cave with the eshion wall hugging recliner.

For durability, it has a sturdy oak frame covered in durable, easy-to-maintain soft microfiber upholstery. Rest assured of value for your money as it will give you a long-lasting service of pure comfort. What’s more?

Talking of comfort, it has thick padding all-over and wide armrests. When you want to relax reclining, the easy-to-use and straightforward side lever makes the function convenient. While reclining, also the footrest supports your tired feet and legs, enabling you to relax your lazy afternoon away. And the wall-hugging feature makes the chair go easy on the space. So you don’t have to feel worried about cluttering your restricted area.

Also, it comes with a multiple color selection that makes it even easier for you to pick your desired blend.

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Verdict: if you need a wall-hugging recliner for your son or daughter, buy the eshion. This is because it’s perfect for lightweight and short people as well.

6. RecPro Charles Collection Wall RV Recliner

OVERVIEW: getting new furniture can be exciting, especially if it’s this RecPro Charles Wall Recliner. It comprises of stylish design, high-quality material, and also space-efficient.

No matter how busy you can get, it would be best if you had a comfortable spot to relax in your home. Why not make this RecPro your favorite corner seat? Read on.

With four different colors to choose from, toffee, mahogany, chestnut, and putty, this wall hugger can blend into a y interior décor your space got going on. The sleek design has a scale pattern on the fabric that makes it the perfect living space treasure to behold. You don’t have to place it where everyone sees it since people can spot it from whichever location.

The combination of high-quality material makes it long-lasting. It has a base of heavy-duty steel that can support the maximum weight. The cover is of extra soft, durable, stain-proof PU leather that’s also skin-friendly. The PU leather covers extra thick cushions for the top-notch comfort experience.

Moreover, it is a space-saver. This means that you can have it in a small space or your RV when going on a vacation. Because of its compact nature, you can have it anywhere without the feeling of cluttering. Also, it is lightweight hence convenient to take up the stair to your house for assembly. Again, you can quickly move it from one point to another if you decide on redesigning your space.

When reclined, it only needs 3″ of wall clearance. Hence you can create room for other stuff in areas you don’t want furniture. How about space for the morning Zumba session before you prepare for work? Sounds perfect!



Verdict: if you just started working and moving into your space, this RecPro wall hugger is the best deal for your small area. Besides, it is cost-effective, and you won’t compromise on quality.

7. JC Home Sabadell Wall-Hugger Power-Lift Recliner

OVERVIEW: guess what would uplift your living space? The JC Home Sabadell is the remedy to the dull look and feel of your home. With notable features like world-class construction, durable upholstery, minimum assembly, and modern style-you are definitely on the right track to your dream home.

Once you start to feel your living space is dull and needs an uplift, look for furniture that brings life to your living space. Read below.

A chair that allows you convenient functionality could be all you require. This top-quality wall hugger recliner is a lifter and recliner. In case you are agonizing from joint problems or want to gift your grandma, this chair will lift you upright, allowing you to walk out of it.

It has a steady, gradual lift mechanism that is safe and steady, not to have any wobbly effect. Also, the recliner purpose comes with a footrest to support your feet as you relax. With the easy to use remote, you can operate the lift and recline functions. The footrest extends when you are in recline mode. Amazingly, the entire operation is quiet and smooth. What’s more?

The durable construction is a vital selling point of the JC Home Sabadell and PU leather for strength and attractive looks. The heavy-duty construction guarantees a safe all-around function. Furthermore, it offers comfortable and supportive high-density cushions with individually wrapped pocket coils.

Conversely, the modern style offers striking aesthetics. This comprises of parts with smoothly curved curves and tufting for extra measurement. Whether you plan to have it as the only furniture in your space or blend it with existing furniture, JC Home Sabadell will not disappoint.

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Verdict: if you don’t want the loveseat version of a wall hugger, you can also decide on this. Most people commend their comfort and convenient lift mechanism. Buy and try it yourself.

8. ANJ Manual Fabric Recliner Chair

OVERVIEW: make a small space have a large impression on style and comfort. The ANJ recliner consists of extra-wide armrests, durable construction and upholstery, and a simple recline method- this is among the best-rated wall hugger recliners.

Every home deserves furniture with ease of comfort. Hence every home deserves ANJ manual recliner.

Durability is a significant factor when buying any furniture. For this wall hugger, in particular, ANJ is of top-quality construction. The heavy-duty steel guarantees a long-lasting use of up to 300lbs and 25000 times. Also, the obscure LVL (Veneer Lumber) framework is more environmental-friendly and robust than natural wood. The upholstery is of durable and tough fabric. Read on.

A comfortable chair can make you sit on it for the longest time. This material is plush and soft all-round. It has a smooth and comfortable armrest, extra thick and padded backrest, and the seat and footrest also entail high-density padding. It sure feels like sitting on clouds.

Well, apart from durability and comfort, how does this chair perform? (you ask) well, since it’s a recliner, it adjusts in 3 different positions using the easy-pull handle that enables you to work, nap, and leisure TV watching. Also, it reclines to a maximum of 145degrees with comfortable thick cushions.

But if your space is on the low-side, fear not! The ANJ is a wall hugger hence ideal for small spaces. Even in the little area, the wall hugger will spare some room for any other thing or movement in the house.



Verdict: the ANJ makes sure of a dream home experience in your tiny or large space. Create a classy statement by having this wall hugger into the front door of your home.

9. Lift Chair for Electric Wall Hugger Recliner

OVERVIEW: the expression of a house is in its seats. The lift chair wall hugger features massage and heat, lift and recline mechanism, durable construction, and convenient use- the ease of mobility in this wall hugger lift chair is the primary catch.

Your seats tell more about you than you think. That is why it’s essential to be keen and top of the game in shopping for a recliner. Read on.

This lift wall hugger only requires about 10″ clearance from the wall to the back of the seat. Besides, it comes in brown faux leather that is flexible to match any interior. What’s faux leather, you ask?

Well, faux leather is a durable, soft-to-touch, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant material. It covers a high-quality steel frame and sturdy telescopic metal on the footrest. The robust construction is a primary advantage for enhancing the stability and strength of the entire chair.

Also, the heat and massage inbuilt function is a jaw-dropping feature that sparks interest in many buyers. The massage mode has five modes, 4 points, and two intensity modes. It massages your body with a heat and vibration mode. The lift mechanism allows you to get out of the chair while standing up, so no pressure on the knees and back. Again, the chair reclines to various positions as you desire.

All the functions of the chair are smooth and quiet, operates by remote control. You, therefore, have the flexibility to change to your preference. It comes with additional features such as a side pocket. It is large ad snug enough to hold the remote and can also store your novels.



Verdict: if you are desperately on the lookout for a stylish chair that offers all the functions by just the touch of a button, this lift wall hugger will not disappoint.

10. ProLounger LYA Modern Lift Wall Hugger Recliner

OVERVIEW: a recliner chair belongs to every home. The ProLounger boasts of the lift mechanism, easy-to-use small, sturdy build, and side pocket- this electric wall hugger is your ultimate transition to elegance and convenience.

Agree to transform the old era of your living space with the ProLounger wall-hugging chair. Read on.

It features a 3in1 functionality of recline, sits, and lift. If you had surgery and cannot move swiftly, the ProLounger will lift you to a standing position from the chair.

Also, it reclines, leaving an adequate wall clearance; hence you have room to add something else to your space. You effortlessly operate the entire chair with just the touch of a button on its remote controller.

Moreover, the comfort of the ProLounger is to die for. It has high-density foam-filled cushions, polyester fiber upholstery, and separately enclosed pocket coils. This means that it offers a second to none comfort levels that you wouldn’t want to leave the chair.

Conversely, the sturdy construction consists of a laminated hardwood frame and heavy-duty steel reclining appliance. This frame is tough enough to hold a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. Also, the upholstery is durable and stain-proof hence very easy to clean and maintain. With this combination, you can be sure of a long-lasting relationship of total comfort, style, and security.



Verdict: a lift wall hugger is the best chair for your elderly. It offers a win-win situation whereby it’s a space-saving as well as convenient of the mobility aspect.


Buying Guides for the Best Wall Hugger Recliners for Small Spaces

Going through the above selection is not a guarantee you will make the right choice. But with the assistance of a buying guide, then your perfect choice awaits. There are still many vital factors to put into consideration when analyzing the ideal choice.

So, what are the main factors therein a buying guide?

Size:  the size of a chair is everything. A wall-hugging recliner is mostly ideal for small spaces; hence most are small-sized. Before picking any, be sure of the area you have for it in your home. Even though most of them come in small sizes, there are those in large sizes as well. Besides, not everyone has a restriction on space. Also, pick an extent that even though a wall hugger is a space saver, the size will enhance the space.

Function: of course, it’s a recliner! Ensure that it offers an adjustable recline position to suit your needs. Besides, you won’t spend your entire day reclined. It would also be best if it includes added functions such as lift, massage, and heat. Added functions save your money and energy in buying or hiring for similar extra services.

Style: are you buying it to stand alone, or it’s an addition to the existing furniture? For existing furniture, make sure you choose a manner that will boost and blend with the current. Conversely, if it’s stand-alone, also make sure to select a style that you will settle on for some time before you add anything else. Have the picture in mind of your ideal room.

Construction: from the body to the upholstery, make sure you choose what works for you. The ideal choice is one that will require less or no constant cleaning. The PU leather is tough and stain-proof, making it very easy to maintain. Also, in terms of a lift wall hugger, make sure it has a patented durable body frame. If not, you will find yourself or your loved one falling off the chair.

Cost: last but not least, the price is reliant on the features. While chasing value and affordability is crucial, remember not to compromise as well. The higher the high-quality components are, the higher the price. Make sure you buy for value. The furniture you choose to buy should deliver high performance and long-lasting relationships.

Extra features: extra features equal extra comfort and convenience. Things like cup holders, USB port and storage bags are essential to look for. While it’s hard to find all these on the same chair, you can decide on the most important extra feature and be in the search.


What does a wall hugger recliner mean?

A Wall Recliner, also known as a wall-hugger recliner, is perfect for smaller spaces like a bedroom or smaller living room or man-cave. Instead of the seatback leaning back like a rocker recliner, the reclining position initiates from the chair moving ahead on its track instrument.

How Far Does a Recliner Chair Require Being From the Wall?

A basic recliner naturally needs a minimum of 1 foot of clearance space on the wall’s front side to open fully. You can also allow a little more room for the headrest to be in a completely reclined position away from touching the wall.

How does a wall-hugger recliner work?

The reclining function on a wall hugger operates by moving the seat cushion frontward during the recline motion. When the seat moves forward, the back will recline, and the footrest outspread in front of the chair. Then the recliner will move downwards to a maximum angle of reclining.

Parting Shot

With the several varieties in the market, it makes it easier to own one. The prices and types differ but rest assured there’s something for your back and within your budget. While recliners are a life-saver, the best wall hugger recliners allow you comfort and enough space.


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