10 Best High-End Recliners In 2022 (True Meaning of Comfort)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 14, 2021

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Until you buy the best high-end recliners, you will not understand the true meaning of comfort. High-end recliners bring on a touch of elegance in a contemporary household. Even though you can find a recliner for whatever budget you have, high-end recliners offer unmatched features and technology.

Generally, recliners are perfect for all ages, and some even work best to relieve back pain and sort of sleep disorders. Still, who doesn’t want to lounge with their feet up while binging on the latest episodes on Netflix?

Our team set out to review the best high-end recliners in the market because there is high demand for top-notch relaxation and coziness. Everything herein meets your expectations regarding structure and comfort and takes you to a whole new level of peace.

From our analysis of the ten best high-end recliners, this is what you will find;

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List of 10 Best High-End Recliners

1. Fjords Leather Norwegian Reclining Chair – Top Choice

With a weight of 75 pounds and package dimensions of 42 x 36 x 34 inches, rest assured of average weight and oversized chair for your needs and ultimate comfort. Moreover, it comprises a recliner and ottoman, laminated wood base, cold cure molded foam and leather upholstery.

There’s no possibility of starting our list without topping this European brand. Why? Customers love its traditional style with a bit of upgrade of an ottoman. Still, you can set it up in your office, homes or bedrooms for the ultimate relaxation in style.

First, it comes with top-grain leather upholstery. This is not just for a classy and aesthetics appearance but also guarantees durability, comfort and easy maintenance. Once there’s a spill, just take a damp piece of cloth and wipe it off.

The high-quality leather covers cold cure molded foam evenly spread on the armrests, back, seat and even the ottoman. This is among the softest and fluffiest foams in the market, so you will not have to worry about comfort. Does it last, you wonder? Another critical aspect is because it retains its appearance and suppleness even after an extended seating period. Well, this is better compared to the usual block foams that flood most recliners in the market.

What about the design? This luxury recliner comes with an ergonomic design purposely for your back and legs support. More so, the ergonomic design ensures the blood is circulating properly in your whole body. Still, the Teak laminated wood frame provides strength and stability to hold down your body weight securely.

Talking of weight, if you want to recline, your weight will determine the position of resting. This means that you should push back the chair with your weight to the desired position and an active-release mechanism brings it back upright. Thanks to the in-built unique gliding mountings for ensuring you rest as you wish.


  • Traditional style but classy appearance
  • Cold cure molding for ultimate comfort
  • An effortless active release mechanism
  • Ergonomic design for whole body relaxation
  • Sturdy and stable laminated wood base


  • Hard to reach the tension knob from a reclining position


‘OH LA-LA!’ is what many consumers used to express the comfort, efficiency, structure and design of this high-quality chair. Remarkably, it comes fully assembled, so you have to open the box and enjoy your chair straight away. The only wish is it also came with a table.

2. Right2Home Power Home Theatre Recliner

Without a doubt, this high-end recliner is a fan favourite that bags lots of positive reviews. It comprises faux leather, infinite power positions, steel-reinforced and fantastic extra features.

Everybody loves to be in control; that’s why this recliner allows you complete control at your fingertips. Because it is a power recline, you can effortlessly recline to infinite positions with just the touch of a button. You can sit upright to read a book, recline a bit to watch your favourite show or go down low to nap your fatigue away.

The faux leather upholstery is breathable, easy to clean, durable and adds a touch of elegance to your space. Moreover, the big, bold and beautiful structure is solid steel, ensuring stability to support a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

When it comes to comfort, the extra padding on the back, seat, and footrest is there to fulfil your desires. Watching your favourite show can take as long as you want and still have no sign of fatigue.

Remarkably, the extra features are to die for. They include hidden storage and cup holders on each arm, a swivel table tray as a work or snack station, and an outlet with 2 USB charging plugs. There’s no need to get out of your comfort to charge your phone or tablet but rather charge conveniently from the chair.


  • High-quality faux leather
  • Generous padding on the entire chair and footrest
  • Detailed, elegant design with tailored lines and stitching
  • Extra features


  • No padding on the headpiece hence poor support


Are you working from home? According to most consumers, they were impressed with the straightforward operation. More so, the hidden storage will help you store work stuff away from everybody. Still, the swivel tray is convenient to place your laptop and work comfortably for an extended period. Still, the infinite positions allowed them to relax fully in different situations.

3. BarcaLounger Jacque II Leather Recliner & Ottoman

BarcaLounger Jacque II is a luxury recliner from a famous furniture brand, BarcaLounger Store. This pedestal leather recliner and ottoman boosts the living room’s aesthetics with its rustic design, channel stitching, and rich finish.

The dimensions of the chair are 35 x 34 x 41 inches and a weight of 63 pounds. The tall back makes it a comfortable choice for maximum back support, even for tall people. The chair comes with upholstery of top-grain leather, while the base of both the chair and ottoman swivels 360 degrees for convenience and stability.

One thing for sure is that this upscale recliner comes with lots of benefits.

The BarcaLounger Jacque II has top grain leather upholstery that makes it very comfortable to sit. The leather upholstery covers durable foam reinforced with blended down feathers. Better still, it has a loose seat cushion with 30 pocketed coil springs for enduring comfort.

The tall back and matching angled ottoman give lounging a whole new meaning because of the comfort. Besides, tall people will have a good time relaxing due to the fitting and well-supported back.

Moreover, the construction is impressive, with a hardwood-plywood frame for durability. There’s also a convenient knob beneath the seat that allows you to adjust the reclining tension as you set a desirable position for your comfort’s sake. Still, it is easy to operate by just pushing the arms, and it reclines.

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  • It comes with swivel, recline and ottoman functions for utmost comfort
  • It consists of top grain leather for durability
  • Features soft padding all-round
  • Elegant design with three color choices of whiskey, black and ivory


  • It makes noise when you sit or get up


Going by most customer reviews, it is evident that this is a comfortable luxury chair. Also, the eye-catching design makes it a focal point of any room you place it. Above all, the assembly is straightforward within few minutes of delivery. Buy it and come back with a testimony.

4. Svago Zero Gravity Recliner

What’s there not to love about this high-end recliner? As unique as it appears, it makes an excellent addition to any room, providing comfort just the way you like it. Despite the looks, rest assured of the overall quality it serves with unique features like massage and heat, independently adjustable footrest, articulating headrest and stretched armrests.

First, comfort will never be an issue as long as you have Svago Zero Gravity Recliner. Why? The massage and heat function ensures this luxury recliner serves a higher purpose by eliminating tension, fatigue and offering relief. Does your back or neck hurt? The detachable Sensitemp head and lumbar pillows provide ultimate support and comfort, relieving the aches.

Remarkably, the independent footrest allows you to lounge with or without it in any position you desire. Better still, you can make it your office chair to allow comfort in the long working hours. The prolonged armrests give full support to your arms, and the long back and articulating headrest provide support.

Also, the chair has soft thick but enough padding for your relaxation. The padding comes with faux leather covering that gives it a classy look and feels soft to touch, easy to maintain.

When it comes to construction, rest assured that someone with a maximum weight of 300 pounds can comfortably enjoy this recliner. This is because of the high-quality steel frames that ensure both durability and stability.

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  • Offers complete lumbar and neck support
  • Massage and heat functions for luxury relaxation
  • Durable and stable construction
  • Independent footrest
  • Faux leather for class, resilience and easy maintenance


  • Remote breaks down easily


Nothing feels as satisfying as finding the perfect chair, thus ending your long search. Apart from the sleek and modern design, the healing properties of this recliner are worth every penny. From the heat and massage function to the neck and lumbar support, please make your order ASAP!

5. Human Touch Perfect Chair- Best Technology

Sometimes, there’s a divine connection when you find your perfect match in a chair. This luxury recliner operates manually using your weight to adjust to any desired position. Still, it features a long head pillow, ergonomic back support and extended armrests. As if it’s not enough, the zero-gravity mechanism brings out the pressure and tension on your spine. Read on.

No products found.

If you are looking for a manual recliner that understands your body, this is it! This chair comes with an extraordinary balance that upgrades your lounging experience. When in default, the chair lifts your legs, allowing your body to relax with a weightless posture, making you feel like floating in the air. Well, magic is real, as it is possible to defy gravity and enter into a stressless experience.

Moreover, the release valve allows you to modify your lumbar support to how you like it. The top-grain leather covers the chair entirely, giving it a contemporary look and soft feeling. Its base comprises hand-crafted solid wood, while the legs are aluminum shaped and polished.

What’s the need for a high-end chair that is not durable? Lucky for you, the durability of this recliner is worth your attention. This is because the chair’s body structure is high-quality steel that protects against rust and stain. Learn more about Recliner Mechanism.

Why else should you buy? Apart from the features, the chair also has fantastic benefits for the body. For instance, you get post-surgery recovery support, relief of exhaustion, muscle strain, and even pain. Also, the chair enables the expansion of lung capacity to provide more stress-free breathing. Lastly, this seat boosts blood circulation and oxygen levels.

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  • Zero-gravity mechanism
  • Comfortable and contemporary upholstery
  • Sturdy body frame
  • Eye-catching design
  • Full support head pillow and adjustable lumbar support


  • Challenge in coming out of the recline position


What more would you want from a chair that effortlessly supports 400 pounds and adds more benefits to your body function? Still, even with the steep price, it has value for your money as it provides ultimate comfort.

6. Presidential ll Barcalounger Manual Recliner

If you love furniture that looks and feels excellent, please take a seat!

You have a lot to like about this most expensive recliner. It consists of espresso wooden legs and tufted buttons on the back and brass nail heads on the wings and armrests, for starters. The joints come bonded with corner blocks, while the sides and the back have adequate padding for safety. It has foam covering and upgraded with blended down features.

The top-grain leather adds a matchless tone of beauty, making it highly unique. The hardwood plywood structure features mortise and tension construction. If you are fond of a firm chair, then look no further. It’s a striking and comfortable leather chair that delivers its role at perfection.

Moreover, this high-end recliner chair also comes with 30 pocket coil springs, ensuring your sitting comfort is one of a kind. This chair has no rival for quality if you top the Delrin bushings on the reclining mechanism and the Stetson Coffee color.

A significant feature is the dimensions which are 40.5 x 34.5 x 40.25 inches and 125 pounds, making it an averagely sized but heavy chair.


  • Supreme traditional look with top-grain leather
  • Excellent comfort with spring system and foam
  • Outstanding plywood & hardwood structure for durability
  • A steadfast and sturdy reclining mechanism with Delrin bushings


  • Heavy-weight hence needs help in unpacking and assembly


Most consumers commended the bold and expensive appearance of the chair for boosting their interior décor. Besides that, the comfort and quality of this chair speak of superb craftsmanship to deliver only the best. Well, no pain in buying this one whatsoever!

7. World Source Design Paris Power Recliner

This luxury recliner serves an expensive but worth-it plate of style and comfort.

The World Source Design Power recliner delivers a contemporary design with a striking look. It’s genuine top-grain leather with elegant stitching on both the arms and sides. However, it is not a manual recliner chair as it comes with a two-way power controller that makes it easy to operate. (Power vs Manual recliners) This way, it becomes easy to reach the most comfortable relaxing position as you desire.

Remarkably, it also includes a pillow-like headrest that tops up the comfort levels. For convenience, there is a USB charging port in the control panel for you to plug in and charge your smartphone or tablet within reach. This skin-friendly and 100% soft top grain leather upholstery comes in several colors: black, brown, grey, and sand. This allows you an easy time to choose what works best for your décor.

Moreover, it features an utterly adjustable back and leg rest that functions independently to ensure your comfort. It also adds a chance to modify its position for a personal but extraordinary lounging experience. Better still, it comes fully assembled hence ready to use right after delivery.

When it comes to its construction, the broad and round steel base offers stability and strength when the chair is operational. Also, the reinforced steel frame reassures durability to serve its purpose for an extended period. The ergonomic design with adequate but firm padding fully supports the back and whole body.


  • Top-grain leather for durability and easy maintenance
  • Round steel base to stability
  • Reinforced steel structure for strength and durability
  • Adjustable back and independent footrest for personal comfort
  • USB charging port for convenience
  • Easy to operate two-way power controller


  • The padding feels stiff to some people hence uncomfortable


It is always a welcoming idea to incorporate unique but quality furniture into your interior. This luxury World Source Design recliner will not only ensure you are comfortable but will also grasp the attention of your guests. Go ahead and be different!

8. Seatcraft Pantheon Power Recliner- Unbeatable Construction

Sometimes, big, tall, dark and handsome applies even in a chair. This upscale recliner takes pride in dimensions of 43 x 40 x 45 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. More so, it features top-grain leather, home theatre seating and top-notch comfort.

No products found.

If you are looking for nothing but the top-rated leather recliners, then the Seatcraft Pantheon will make a perfect choice. Why?

Size is a crucial element when looking for an ideal chair for comfort. Besides, how many times have you felt a chair is not fitting as a significant person? Lucky for you, this extensive and tall chair allows the big and heavy people have a sense of belonging. It ensures your back gets full support and your feet rest nicely on the footrest without hanging out. What’s more?

The value for your money is crucial; thus, the quality of this high-end recliner is notable. First, it blows your mind with unique extra features. They comprise a cup holder, a swivel tray, a USB charging port, storage slots in the armrests, and LED lights. When is your movie date again?

Another fantastic feature about this unit is the powered headrest and lumbar support. From the easy to use control panel, you can adjust these two functions to match your needs and preference of comfort levels. And the memory function is an impressive upgrade at your convenience.

Nonetheless, the appearance is worthy of a trophy. It boasts top-grain leather that is soft, classy and easy to maintain. Better still, the stitching on the upholstery brings out a contemporary look that boosts your interior décor.


  • Generous sizing
  • Soft and classy top grain leather
  • Adjustable powered headrest and lumbar support
  • Easy to operate power recline system
  • Impressive and convenient extra features


  • The lumbar support may not benefit short people


When something is perfect, it is worth it! The consumers recommended this chair because of its wondrous appearance with extra features, comfort levels, and all the powered controls are easy to use and very convenient.

9. Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner

What if your chair also assisted in ensuring you relaxed in the best comfort? This high-end recliner features a power lift function, soft cushion, impressive weight capacity, extra features and contemporary design.

What are you planning to get grandma for her birthday? A lift luxury recliner would make a perfect choice. The lift mechanism is smooth and quiet in all positions. Also, because her joints and back are delicate from old age, the lift mechanism will help her stand up when she wants to get out of the chair and help her down to whatever position she desires. Luckily, the remote control comes with a cord, so it’s hard to misplace.

The upholstery is also impressive from high-quality fabric that is odorless and very soft. The high-density sponge spread evenly on the chair for ultimate comfort, making it ideal for anyone recovering from an injury or surgery.

For its durability, the steel frames construction is sturdy enough to support 330 pounds of weight. This sturdiness and stability from the build ensure your safety and lasting service. Still, it comes with extra features such as a side pocket on the right side for storing the remote and readable.

Subsequently, the assembly is straightforward thanks to the inclusive hardware and easy-to-understand manual.


  • Lift and recline functions for convenience and relaxation
  • Soft and odorless fabric with a high-density sponge for comfort
  • Durable and stable construction
  • Contemporary design


  • It takes up much space in the living room


Even older adults deserve independence which works for the benefit of themselves and the caretaker. This unit is everything it says, as the structure is impressive and runs quietly and slow. Most people said they had a hard time getting out as it is super comfortable in any position you desire.

10. OT QOMOTOP Power Lift Recliner

When a chair is committed to providing only the best of the best services, your worries and doubts fade away in the high comfort levels. It features a silent power lift, soft fabric, sturdy build, overstuffed padding and USB port.

No products found.

Life becomes more accessible with this best luxury recliner. Why?

The power lift and recliner mechanism make you find lounging quite effortless as it lifts you when you want to stand and allows you down to sit, watch or sleep. More so, the Counter-balanced lift mechanism with CE certified motor is quiet, smooth and works with just two buttons on the remote.

For its durability, it features anti-wear and skid-proof fabric, an overstuffed pillow and arms. The filler for cushions is a high-density soft sponge approved by STC. Also, it has soft and slow rebound memory foam. Remarkably, the interior comes from treated solid wood with and alloy steel certified by SGS. This construction ensures stability and strength to support 360 pounds of the user’s total weight.

The extra features consist of a side pocket and USB charging port for convenience. Better still, the assembly is effortless with no tools required.


  • Sturdy construction for 360 pounds
  • Quiet and straightforward power lift and recliner functions
  • Soft and durable fabric
  • Comfortable overstuffed padding
  • Big and tall generous sizing


  • The footrest is not independent


This luxury recliner is terrific. Generally, it is well-built with a simple remote that is efficient on both sides of the chair. Also, the movement is excellent, slow and very safe, ensuring you feel nothing but comfort. The material is very soft and durable, and the chair is very nice looking. I love that it doesn’t take up too much room when reclined.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best High-End Recliners

Upholstery: While it’s among the top factors to consider in shopping, let your lifestyle determine the best upholstery for your needs. This is because there is upholstery for every type of recliner to match various requirements. However, high-end recliners would be best in top grain leather upholstery for durability and elegance.

Weight: For starters, you should consider your weight while looking for the perfect chair. Also, how often do you move or redesign your living room? This will make you look for a chair that provides strength for your maximum weight capacity and light enough to carry around.

Dimensions: A chair with the perfect dimensions will provide a good fit. Therefore, ensure you get the dimensions of the chair when it is upright and reclined. This should match your height and width and enjoy a great fit in any position you desire.

Extra features: This includes features like manual, power, massage and heat, positions available, zero-gravity and even bonus features like cup holders, side pockets, USB port and side tray. While this can be from your lifestyle, your preference also plays a significant part to enhance your comfort.


What do you mean by high-end recliners?

These are types of recliners that offer the best of features and technology at a higher price. Usually, they range from $1000 and above.

Is there special maintenance for luxury recliners?

Nothing out of the ordinary. They still require regular maintenance and care to ensure they serve you long-term. Besides, why spend so much and enjoy for a short time?


From the above comprehensive review of the best high-end recliners, we are confident you are ready with the perfect choice for your needs and preference. While all the above choices are the best in the market, our top choice is Fjords Leather Norwegian Reclining Chair for the reasons stated.

As you decide, remember to drop a review on the ultimate experience from any in our selection.


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