8 Best Catnapper Recliner Reviews of 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: January 3, 2021

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Hey buddy. When it comes to the best Catnapper recliner reviews, you will agree with cozyseating that something is charming about this type of chair. Not just from the aesthetic value but also due to the pillow-like feeling that makes them perfect for comfort. Read on.

In the event of a tall person or a nursing mum, these Catnapper recliners have enough room and feel so soft, allowing you to curl up and sleep. With such a recliner, one can boast of placing it anywhere- in the living room, bedroom, and even guestroom.

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Our Rating for the Top Best Catnapper Recliners

Catnapper is an American-based company that takes pride in the quality and unique products. This is the reason we decided to review their top recliner models as follows;

The selection above is a summary based on the Catnapper recliners’ high-quality, durability, comfort, and affordability.

If you want to know why each of the following recliners made on the list, read below.

8 Best Catnapper Recliner Reviews

1. Catnapper Cloud 12 Rocker Recliner- Best Overall

Overview: I bet the person behind the ‘cloud nine feelings’ derived the phrase from sitting on this recliner. Sitting on this recliner is like sitting on a bed of clouds due to the softest feeling and utmost comfort. 

It features very soft padded cushions, soft upholstery, durable frames, and easy to use mechanism.

Talking of comfort, Cloud 12 is a wide recliner that comes with a heavy-duty steel frame and a sturdy footrest. The steel frame is tough enough to hold your weight up to 250lbs without wobbling. Also, it is just the perfect height for your back. Not too tall or too short. What’s’ more?

Since it is a rocker, you can manually recline and kick up the footrest for a more comfortable position. Still, it has enough room for you to curl up and take a nap. Either way, this recliner will hold you down correctly.

Remarkably, the extra soft cushions are not just soft; they return to their original shape when you get up. So, there’s no more denting or leaving behind a hollow cushion. After one person, the chair looks ready for the next as it did not have anyone sitting on it before. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Lastly, the micro-denier fabric is tough and easy to clean. It comes in lovely shades that fit in wherever you want to give your space an elegant look.

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For the perfect gift for nursing loved one, shop the Cloud 12. The extra soft ad dense cushioning is their ticket to sleeping while holding the baby all night.

2. Catnapper Full Lay Out Lift Chair Recliner

Overview: this Catnapper power lay flat recliner comes with several angles for relaxing just the way you want. It comprises fashionable but durable velvet, an extra-wide sitting area, a lift mechanism, and a sturdy steel seat box. The only worry is that you won’t want to leave this chair. Read on.

The contemporary style of this flat lay recliner comes with a piece of durable velvet fabric. The material is fashionable and comes in a variety of shades to choose from. It is also straightforward to maintain; hence needs you to wipe with a damp or dry cloth in case of dirt. Also, the velvet is skin-friendly thus warm when you sit on it, anytime any day.

The heavy-duty steel seat box is sturdy to carry a maximum of 400lbs of weight capacity. With an expansive lounging area, you and your little one can cuddle on this recliner worry-free. If you decide to sleep, this electric Catnapper recliner can lay flat, giving you the bed-like feeling. What’s more?

Apart from sleeping, you can also choose other positions that allow you to watch TV or finish your favorite novel. The entire reclining and lift operation is quiet and smooth, allowing you peace of mind. The lift mechanism helps you smoothly transition from sitting to waking up from the chair without hurting your joints and back. It’s perfect for the elderly as well.

Moreover, you can separately work the back and footrest to achieve a flattering position. Because comfort is the utmost need in every chair, this Catnapper is no exception. The gel-infused foam on the padded cushions makes it extra comfortable to lounge in. This also maintains the shape of the pillow, minimizing sagging and low-spots.

Lastly, the back-up batteries are a lifesaver in case of a power outage. Enjoy infinite positions for an endless duration.




The search for grandma’s 90th birthday gift is over. This Catnapper power recliner is the ideal gift for her maximum comfort and mobility assistance.

3. Catnapper Teddy Bear Swivel Glider Recliner

Overview: everybody loved a teddy bear while growing up. This Catnapper teddy bear recliner will be your new love. It features soft padded suede fabric, 360° swivel, and a smooth glider- the perfect package for a power nap.

Do you remember the feeling of cuddling a giant teddy bear? Well, the generous soft foam padding all over this chair makes you feel like you are hugging a teddy bear to relax. Read on.

The Catnapper teddy bear has enough room for any sitting angle all round-on the back and footrest as well. Therefore, you can sit, recline, lie, roll around, and still have some extra space. There are no restrictions to comfort whatsoever.

Also, as it charms you with its elegant look, this recliner is multi-function furniture. Not only does it recline, but it can also glide and perform a 360° swivel to any direction you want to face. If you are tired of facing the TV, you can rotate and move near the window for some fresh breeze. What’s more?

As you easily use any function you desire, the steel tech mechanism allows a quiet and smooth operation. The footrest adds to your comfort as you kick your legs up for a more relaxed position. Also, the sizing is generous enough to fit tall people up to a height of 6ft and sturdy construction to hold a weight capacity of 300lbs.




There’s no point to enjoy your afternoon nap in one location. Swivel in a new direction, glide away, recline and mildly rock to a new position of your space. Enjoy your rest near the fireplace or the window for a change.

4. Catnapper Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner

Overview: because massage is fun, a personal massage recliner chair is even more fun. This Catnapper power recliner comes with massage and heat functions, extra padded cushions, an additional comfort ottoman, and a side pocket.

A comfortable chair is one thing, but a heat and massage comfortable chair is out of this world. This Catnapper recliner allows your body to nap as it experiences the heat and massage benefits as well. After a tires day at the construction site, the massage function vibrates with eight nodes spread throughout the chair, five control modes, and two-speed levels are the best thing ever. Also, the heating function can easily adjust with different intensity levels. You control all these features by just a button on the remote just the way you like it. What’s more?

Sometimes, people struggle to fall asleep. But this recliner is also a rocker, making it very easy for you and the baby to fall asleep. Furthermore, the extra comfortable ottoman/footrest allows you to assume a more relaxed position anytime.

Also, the extra padded cushions on the entire chair intensify the comfort. Sitting on this chair makes you want to spend the rest of your life on it. The side pocket is an extra feature for convenience purposes. You can store your readable materials or the remotes for easy reach and avoid misplacements.

As insurance for comfort and luxury, the construction is also commendable. The fabric upholstery is skin-friendly, soft to touch, and easy to clean. The framework is heavy-duty and sturdy enough to hold you down for as long as you want.




There is no need to go to the spa and spend your entire savings. Instead, invest in this Catnapper heat and massage recliner to enjoy your home spa, everyday anytime.

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5. Catnapper Camouflage Magnum Recliner

Overview: imagine a seat that perfectly blends and fits your man cave- the Catnapper recliner is the ideal joy to own in your private chambers. The Mossy Oak pattern, sensate heat and massage, and soft, comfortable cushions provide the perfect combination for a Saturday night live match on your TV. Read on.

No products found.

This oversized recliner is a big man’s best friend. The generous sizing is big enough to fit a tall and wide person. Also, it has enough room to sit in any position you deem best without any limitations; you can curl up, cuddle your baby, enjoy your magazine or sleep lying flat in a reclined position.

Moreover, 100% camouflage cotton is durable and easy to clean. You don’t have to be afraid of a stain shows. It is also soft to touch, making it comfortable.

Moreover, the footrest is extendable for long feet. So, the tall people won’t complain of feet hanging over the chair anymore. The extra padded soft cushions boost your comfort, making you sink and relax the best way you can. What’s more?

This camouflage recliner has sensate massage and heat features as well. Spread all over the chair, the massage function has several nodes and five control modes with two-speed levels. The heat function is on the back and lumbar area easing tension and pressure. This recliner enables you to enjoy this function with just the touch of the remote, adjustable just the way you prefer.

Because it can carry a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, this chair has durable, heavy-duty steel construction for stability. As heavy as you can be within the recommended weight limit, you can go ahead and sleep the whole day on this rocker recliner.




If you are planning to revamp your space to incorporate a man cave, this is the best furniture to have therein. It is a perfect outdoor feeling on the design and an ideal size for men.

6. Catnapper Winner Oversized Rocker Recliner

Overview: This Catnapper oversized rocker recliner might be the one piece missing the puzzle of adding comfort to your space. With different colors to choose from, considerable and rocker function- the Catnapper Winner comes ready to offer comfort as intended.

It comes with extra thick cushions on the back, armrest, and a considerable seat depth to the modern appeal to boost the comfort. Also, the construction is the strongest ever, with a heavy-duty steel base and frame. On the steel seat box, there’s no spitting or warping of the cushions. Direct Drive Cross Bar guarantees that the two sides of the system function together for longer lives. This is ideal for durability and stability purposes. Read on.

The chair has soft fabric that is easy to clean and restore its elegant appearance. Just use foam upholstery cleaner and wipe it dry. The seat also has a spring system of 8 heavy-duty sinuous steel springs that enhance strength, flexibility, and comfort. That way, you can change positions easily without feeling the strain to adjust.

Nevertheless, this recliner is also a rocker. It’s hard not to fall asleep on this chair as the rocking motion soothes you for a night of deep sleep. The footrest extends and retracts just the way you prefer to relax with your feet up.

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For a simple but comfortable look in your living room, this Catnapper Winner rocker recliner will work the magic.

7. Catnapper Chaise Rocker Recliner- Best Soft

Overview: do you want to sleep deep like a cat? This Catnapper recliner has the feather softest feeling ever that allows you to enter into a completely different world where sleep is the only way to survive. Rocker recliner, massage, heat function and durable upholstery- what else do you need to sleep?

The Catnapper chaise rocker recliner has a chain of systematic cushions that give you the feeling of sitting on a bed of pillows. It is one of the softest chairs that you will come across, with a button-tufted back and wide arms that let you relax to the maximum. You can rock and lean backward, reclining until you are lying as flat as you desire, with enough room for you to curl up. Read on.

Remarkably, it comes with a 3-speed massage and multi-level heat function that controls by a remote. Your only work will be sleeping as the chair takes over all the tasks of making sure you experience the first-class comfort.

The micro-suede fabric is durable and easy to clean. Also, to add to the durability aspect, the construction is sturdy to last an extended period.

The Catnapper chaise rocker recliner could suit best in a nursery where the cushions’ systematic styling works well with a kid’s room. You might also use this chair in your bedroom since you require something soft you can sit on. And you would decide on this change since it does not shake or shove you.

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Do you have a long weekend and planning to sleep as your life depends on it? Get this Catnapper chaise rocker recliner that has the best soft feeling of all. You will thank me later!

8. Catnapper Thornton Power Layflat Recliner

Overview: include style in your space with first-class leather touch furniture. It has a power headrest and lumbar support, stylish design, comfortable and sturdy- just the perfect addition to your living room./

The Thornton Catnapper is a power-driven lay flat recliner that functions differently from other recliners in the same array. This particular chair is from leather or faux leather that gives it a smooth to the touch feeling. You might pick out this recliner because of the power buttons on the side, which could be a style statement as well as comfortable. What’s more?

The chair has padding from the footrest rest upon the entire seat. With the pressing of the power buttons, you are free to adjust the seat to a reclining position with the footrest extended. Also, this is a lay-flat recliner giving you the feeling of a bed. If you want to sleep or curl up, this recliner is wide with enough room to relax at any angle.

For maximum comfort, it has comfort coil seating and comfort gel to enhance the padding. The headrest and lumbar support are electric to easily adjust the way you want to achieve a more comfortable position.

Finally, the Thornton Catnapper recliner is the one thing you would recommend to anyone who has or is looking for leather furniture. It seems notable, no matter where you position it in your space. It comes with automatic controls that do not stress someone with mobility concerns.

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As always, style and comfort are inseparable from giving your space the edge. Leather or faux leather is a style statement second to none, so with a Catnapper design, your worries leave out through the front door.

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Catnapper Recliners

When life tends to fall apart when you are awake, all you need is sleep and more sleep. Lucky for you, the Catnapper recliner edition is specifically for sleep. It hugs, rocks, and reclines just to give you the most comfortable rest.

But with the vast selection in the market, how do you choose the best Catnapper recliner? Read on.

Comfort: comfort is the priority of buying any furniture of choice, recliners as well. Make sure you test and confirm the convenience of any Catnapper of your choice. Preferably, walk into a physical store and get to sit on several options to get the feel of comfort.

Material: upholstery is another essential factor. 

You can choose from leather to fabric material. Choose a material that suits and blends with your lifestyle. Also, decide on a material that is easy to maintain in case of stains. The durable material will go a long way in serving you well. With all these in mind, you will make a great choice of material.

Still confused? Read this guide on Leather Vs Fabric Recliner.

Construction: for a recliner, the mode of construction is critical. The framework should be strong and robust to hold down your weight. There should be no room for instability in the structure. High-quality construction is also durable and safe to use. Insist on checking the certificates of manufacture to be sure of the quality work.

Cost: buy what you can afford. Do not compromise on quality while trying to save a few coins. Conversely, do not be extravagant in buying and you can get the same features and more in a cheaper version. Have your budget and the features you want in your Catnapper recliner so as not to overspend.

Are you in short of budget? let’s check out the complete list of budget recliners.


Is Catnapper a good recliner?

Catnapper recliners are, without a doubt, among the best chairs for comfort and sleeping with a pillow-like feeling for your body. 

How do you adjust the stiffness on a Catnapper recliner?

Rotate the thumbwheels clockwise to escalate the reclining tension. Turn them anti-clockwise to reduce the pressure. These are the basic instructions when dealing with recliner tension.

How do you adjust the footrest tension on a recliner?

Lean forward in the chair, exert pressure on the footrest and raise the lever or push the release button to restore the chair to its natural position.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! For the best chair in terms of comfort and relaxation, we come with the best catnapper recliner reviews. They can host different people from tall, short, wide, slim, and even multiple to top it up. Eve for the unique needs of people with mobility issues, the Catnapper has something for you as well.

Stay comfortable, sleep comfortably!


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