8 Best Extra Wide Recliner – For BIG & HEAVY People

by | Last Updated: June 4, 2021

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extra wide seat recliner

If you are a person on the larger and taller side, I bet you would give anything to get the best extra wide recliner. Besides, most times, it feels embarrassing trying to squeeze yourself into a recliner that doesn’t fit properly or risk breaking, not to mention the hip and back problems you can get from such situations.

The truth is, it’s not easy finding a wide recliner chair, though it’s possible. Take it from me, the market is vast with lots of options, but only a few qualify to be in your homes. That is why with your best interests at heart, I am providing you with a list of the eight best-oversized recliners.

Apart from focusing more on the measurements, I also researched beneficial features like material, padding, and weight capacity. This is to ensure you are lounging in both a double-wide and comfortable recliner for a lasting period. Better still, you will find factors to consider before you acquire your desired choice of a wide recliner.

Because you are in the right place, get comfortable and read on.

Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Wide Seat Recliner

Nobody will choose the correct recliner for you but yourself. Therefore, you need to be keen on fundamental factors as below when judging the available options.


The market is full of different types of recliners that come with their merits and demerits. For instance;

Rocker recliner: They are similar to rocking chairs, only that these can recline for added comfort. Moreover, they only rock when in an upright position to give you a gentle back and forth motion that is very relaxing. The rocking motion is ideal, especially for people who have trouble sleeping and nursing mums cuddling the baby to sleep.

Push-back recliners: These are the regular chairs that recline with no extra benefits. You can easily adjust the sitting position using your weight against the back of the chair. Usually, they only offer a maximum of 2 recline positions for your needs.

Life recliners: They are motorized pieces that offer mobility assistance to the user in getting up from the chair and reclining back down to a sleeping position. With the dual smooth and silent motors, they make a forward and up motion making the user easily stand up to ensure no pressure on the back and knees. Lift recliners are perfect for the elderly, disabled, or sickly people who have mobility issues.

If you don’t have any special needs that you want your recliner to meet, then a regular recliner would be just fine.


Because we are looking for the best wide recliner, dimensions are important to consider. As oversized recliners, they will take up much space in your house. While the wideness comes in different variations, you need to choose a practical and suits your liking.

To ensure it will fit your room, ensure you consider both the chair and your space measurements. Also, your chair should allow you adequate room to move around quickly.

The floor to seat height is a significant concern because it will determine whether your back will have enough support. Ideal recliners with big seats have taller backs to ensure the backs and necks rest comfortably. Besides, the length of the recliner will increases as you recline it further to a sleeping position allowing more room to fit perfectly.

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Weight Capacity

Typically, oversized recliner chairs have resilient structures that hold a higher weight capacity. When buying a wide seat, ensure you check the recommended weight limit. This way, it will warn not to exert more pressure than expected, risking breaking down.

Preferably, because there’s not a fixed weight limit, you should have your average weight capacity in mind to shop one that matches it and a little bit on the higher side. Such recliners also have solid metal frames that distribute the weight evenly on the structure.


Why else would you look for an extra-wide recliner that is not for comfort? While this is true, you need to consider the type of upholstery to get one that feels soft to touch and comfortable. Besides, everyone desires to have a recliner they can sink into all day, every day.

Upholstery comes in different types. You can choose leather which is soft and luxurious. Better still, it is straightforward to maintain by just wiping out the stains and dust. While they come in different grades, from genuine leather to bonded faux leather, they tend to cost more than other materials.

Conversely, the fabric upholstery is an admirable choice. This is because of versatility and more room for experiment due to the different types, shades, patterns, and prints. Fabric recliners are also easy to clean and breathable, ensuring you feel cozy, fresh, and calm. Better still, due to the wide variety of fabric upholstery, these recliners are becoming popular and quite affordable as well.

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Recline Angle

A reclining angle determines how low or flat the chair can go. This is an essential aspect of looking for a wide recliner chair to sleep on comfortably, just like on a bed. Yes, it is very okay to sleep on your recliner as it has health benefits, especially for people with underlying health conditions.

Lucky for you, the market offers a wide variety of diverse recline angles, so you have the luxury to choose the perfect angle for your needs and preferences.

Manual or Electric

This is a personal choice to make. Usually, manual recliners come with a lever that you use to adjust the positions of the recliner. Conversely, electric recliners come with integrated and technologically advanced power components. Because of these advancements, you can easily change into a desirable position with just a power button and not move an inch.

Manual recliners are easy to maintain because they are less complicated, not to mention affordable as well. Nonetheless, power recliners are a significant and costly investment that needs utmost care and maintenance for prolonged life.

Moreover, electric recliners offer various positions compared to the manual type that only has one position. If your budget is flexible and you don’t mind spending more on a recliner, go for the electric recliners.

Well, now that you are in the clear on what to focus on when choosing a wide-seat recliner, let’s get right into the top 8 choices.

Here is the List of Best Extra Wide Recliner,

Top Picked Best Extra Wide Recliner

1. Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner

It’s nap time! The double-wide reclining chair is an excellent addition to your cozy corner. This one is ideal for two-person hence also applicable as a loveseat. The microfiber and padding ensure superb seating comfort.

Christopher Knight Home Halima Microfiber 2-Seater Recliner
Color: Slate
Material: Microfiber
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 46.46 x 37.01 x 39.96 inches
Item Weight: 91.27 Pounds

Comfort: Nothing beats napping in a comfortable and wide recliner. First, it comes in microfiber upholstery that is soft and easy to clean. Also, the padded cushions help in providing extreme comfort and serenity.

Operation: As a manual wide-seat recliner, it has a release latch that adjusts the back to one resting position. Also, it extends the footrest allowing your feet to relax in complete comfort and support.

Design: The upholstery comes in either microfiber or polyester with different charcoal, navy blue shades, and slate shades. This provides versatility for liking in blending with your interior. Better yet, the vast and tall back is button-tufted for the aesthetics of both the chair and your space.

Structure: For a weight limit of 550 pounds, rest assured of sturdy and stable metal frames will also ensure long-term use. Also, plastic legs come attached to ensure balance, floor protection, and easy movement on the metal base.

What I like

  • Attractive fabric: Fabric comes in two types with different shades for your liking.
  • Modern design: Wide and tall button-tufted back acts like a charm to your space.
  • Structure: Metal frames and base for balance and strength of 550 pounds.
  • Super comfortable: Plush padding all-round and extending footrest for comfort and support.

What I Don’t Like

  • The footrest needs more padding for enough comfort and support.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Generally, most reviewers were super pleased with their purchase of this oversized recliner. It gives more room for a significant person and allows two averagely sized people to fit correctly. Better still, the cat also loves the seat as its new place of comfort.


As a lover of pets, the fabric is easy to clean off the pet dander, among other debris. Also, it offers a perfect spot with a high back to relax after a tiring day seated in the office staring at the computer.

2. Flash Furniture Harmony Series Loveseat

Recliner featuring double-wide seat brown leather upholstery, deeply divided back, and modern design. Moreover, the recliner is very comfy due to the curved spring system and high-quality stuffing.

Flash Furniture Harmony Series Brown LeatherSoft Loveseat with Two Built-In Recliners
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 64 x 56 x 38 inches
Color: Brown Leathersoft
Material: Leather
Form Factor: Loveseat
Seating Capacity: 2

Design: It comes with a contemporary style that will suit your living room, bedroom, or man cave perfectly.

Comfort: The LeatherSoft upholstery and plush padding on the arms back and headrest have CAL 117 fire retardant foam. Better still, this combination offers exceptional comfort and support, especially for those with back problems.

Function: This extra wide seat is manual with recessed levers that enable the back to recline to a favorable position and the footrest to extend, allowing you to support your feet. Besides, it is a well-hugger allowing more extra room.

Structure: For starters, the leather upholstery is easy to clean and durable. Also, for support of 300 pounds, rest assured of the solid and sturdy metal frame. This is pretty heavy for a 100 pounds item weight, hence hard to move around when you want to clean. However, the seat is wide enough to accommodate a tall and large person with their child or pet.

What I like

  • Easy operation: Easy to use recessed lever adjust the back and extend the footrest instantly.
  • Chic design: The contemporary design will blend perfectly with a modern space.
  • Comfortable: Plush padded arms, back, head for maximum relaxation.
  • Solid structure: Holds a maximum of 300 pounds due to stable and sturdy construction.

What I Don’t Like

  • The two seats do not align flawlessly with one seat higher hence uncomfortable.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Most reviewers showed their discontent with the delivery system that brought two left chairs or half chairs. This was a significant inconvenience in the return and re-delivery process.


When you move to a new house, this chair is effortless to assemble and disassemble with clear instructions. Moreover, it looks great and features a fantastic quality for lasting service. It’s definitely worth your money for the affordable price.

3. Signature Design by Ashley – Austere 

This is a highly convenient and comfortable oversized seat area. It is relatively large, which also means that it can comfortably accommodate even two people. The seat has soft faux leather upholstery in 2 color options.

Signature Design by Ashley - Austere Contemporary Faux Leather Oversized Zero Wall Power Recliner
Color: Grey
Material: Faux Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 40 x 55 x 42 inches
Furniture Finish: Antiqued gold-tone
Item Weight: 1 pound

Function: Because of the zero-wall feature, you can save space, making it ideal for compact rooms. With the back against the wall, it makes it a perfect movie nightspot. Also, the one-touch power control is easy to use, engaging you into an ideal position when you want to lie down with your feet up.

Comfort: For starters, the faux leather feels soft to the touch and looks great. The high-resilient foam cushions and the softly rolled arms ensure you sink into plush comfort. Better still, the back has thick padding to provide adequate lumbar support against back strains, not to mention the footrest for leg comfort and support.

Design: Just by looking at it, you want to buy it already. Apart from the luxurious faux leather and polyester combination look, the available shades also invite a lasting look into your space. Furthermore, the accent nail trim on the arms adds a touch of style and aesthetics, bringing this wide seat to the next level.

Structure: With measurements of 40 x 55 x 42 inches, rest assured of sufficient room even for your loved one, child, or pet when you need company on this chair. Like an electric chair, it comes with a power cord and clear instructions of use and assembly.

What I like

  • Space-saving: Zero-wall feature saves space even in a tiny apartment.
  • Plush comfort: Thick foam cushions and wide rolled arms for cozy relaxation.
  • Contemporary style: A combination of faux leather and polyester and the nail trim upgrades the appearance of this chair.
  • Comprehensive structure: It offers dimensions that efficiently provide extra room for the company.

What I Don’t Like

  • The upholstery is thin and seems not to hold up for a long time.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Some reviewers hesitated in buying this oversized recliner at first, but after the leap of faith, they are glad they made a choice. They commended on the exceptional comfort, style, and sturdiness, which is value for their money.


About this double-seat sofa, it is remarkably comfortable, well-made and the general appearance is appealing. Better yet, it provides maximum comfort even for someone healing after an injury or surgery.

4. Christopher Knight Home Calliope Reclining Loveseat

Fantastic extra-large chair made of solid wood frame and steel base and recline mechanism to provide stability and strength. It features a thick padded seat and back in quality polyester fabric and an easy-to-use reclining tool.

Christopher Knight Home Calliope Buttoned Fabric Reclining Loveseat, Light Grey Tweed / Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 47 x 35 x 39 inches
Color: Light Grey Tweed/ Black
Material: Fabric
Form Factor: Recliner Loveseat
Seating Capacity: 1

Structure: As a lone ranger in your home, you want a recliner that perfectly fits, especially if you are a tad bigger. Well, this is for you. This chair provides enough space for a significant person (you can hold your pet) to rest in maximum comfort.

Comfort: Apart from the thick padding on the back and seat area, the polyester fabric is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Better yet, it is also breathable ensuring you don’t feel the sweat stench and gives a fantastic feeling when it’s hot.

Operation: The recessed lever is straightforward to use. It will instantly adjust the back to a great spot and extend the footrest rest allowing you to kick your feet at a superb resting angle.

Design: A broad button-tufted back gives enough support as well as style to the interior. Besides, the two neutral color options make it very easy to blend in with the available décor, ensuring a perfect addition to any room.

What I like

  • Chic design: Button-tufted back and fabric in 2 color options enhance the appearance of any space.
  • Specific function: Recessed lever is simple to adjust the back and extend the footrest to comfort bliss.
  • Excellent comfort: A combination of thick padding and polyester enables your body to feel great in maximum comfort.
  • Construction: It has adequate sizing giving enough room for a significant person of 300 pounds weight capacity.

What I Don’t Like

  • The footrest is stiff at first before getting used to it.

What Other Reviewers Say:

According to several user reviews, the assembly process is effortless, with no tools required. Better yet, the color grey option is a perfect and beautiful match.


Generally, this wide-seat recliner is super cozy, looks great, and reclines way back. Remarkably, it is also an excellent fit for a tiny space, ensuring that two averagely-sized people can enjoy adequate comfort.

5. Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Oakesdale Glider Recliner

Beautiful and comfortable plus-size recliner chair featuring an iron frame with glider/rocker smooth mechanism, plush padding, tall back, and functional armrests for extra comfort.

Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner
Color: Grey
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 35.4 x 36.6 x 39.8 inches
Item Weight: 84.7 Pounds
Brand: Ravenna Home
Style: Contemporary

Comfort: First, the plush padding is comfortable. It allows you to sink in and forget your troubles as well as offer support, not to mention the vast, cushy armrests for added comfort. Also, the fabric covering is soft to touch, breathable, and anti-stain, making it easy to clean.

Function: As a manual recliner, this chair offers a release lever that is easy to operate in adjusting the backrest to a suitable position and kicking your legs up in comfort and support. Also, it has a glider mechanism that offers back and forth gentle motion soothing you to instant sleep.

Design: This is a single-manual wide recliner with four attractive colors with either fabric or bonded leather upholstery for your preference. Better still, the new functions and appearance make it an ideal choice for a modern space.

Structure: It features a steel base and hardwood and plywood frames for reinforced strength and balance. It is relatively light for 84.7 pounds of item weight so that you can change its position easily in the house.

What I like

  • Plush padding ensures maximum comfort and support, especially on the neck and back, to avoid strains.
  • Multifunction: It has a combination of glider/rocker and recliner functions that enhance your relaxation.
  • Chic and modern: Color and upholstery options for your preference of the same design.
  • Lightweight and sturdy: Metal base and wooden frames offer stability, portability, and strength for lasting use.

What I Don’t Like

  • The chair seems to tip over when you are picking something while seated hence risky.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Most users found this chair roomy and comfortable enough. Even though leg force is necessary to lock the footrest, it doesn’t compromise comfort.


As a manual recliner, it is customary to use strength in locking the footrest in place. Also, the assembly process is effortless. Remarkably also, the seating is nice and wide and just the right fit.

6. Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner

Extra wide seat makes this rocker recliner an amiable option for people who value comfort. It boasts plush thick padding, manual operation, rolled and cushy arms, and microfiber upholstery.

Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner - Sierra Black Microfiber Upholstery
Color: Black
Material: Microfiber, Foam, Wood, Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 66 x 35 x 39.5 inches
Item Weight: 82 Pounds

Comfort: The generous plush padding on the entire chair, not to mention the rolled arms, enable heavenly comfort. Also, the microfiber is skin-friendly and permeable, accommodating your body even at whichever temperature.

Operation: As a rocker recliner, the back and forth smooth and silent motion lulls you into relaxation. Also, it has a manual lever on the side that enables the recline function to adjust the back and extend the footrest.

Design: It comes in 4 color options at different prices for your preference. Still, the microfiber is modern and boosting the room’s aesthetics, not to mention it cleans easily.

Structure: Because comfort requires durability, the form is of hardwood frames that deliver strength and stability. Furthermore, the seat has no-sag springs that provide lasting support and comfort.

What I like

  • Contemporary style: It fits in any décor with different color choices.
  • Durable: Hardwood and no-sag springs ensure stable and lasting service.
  • Easy manual operation: Reclining manual lever is easy to reach and use.
  • Comfortable: Rocking motion and plush padding stimulate maximum relaxation and comfort.

What I Don’t Like

  • There’s a gap between the seat and footrest which can be dangerous.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Most users commended the supreme comfort from the padding that just swallows you up. Also, it had an alluring appearance boosting their interiors.


This wide-seat recliner is very comfortable, allowing the head to rest nicely on the back of the recliner. It is also super easy to recline. The lever works easy and smooth, totaling a significant value for a rocker recliner.

7. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

If you’re dreaming of fantastic comfort and design in your space, check out this incredible and unique oversized recliner! It makes a perfect match for every elegant room.

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner
Color: Charcoal
Material: Wood
Upholstery: Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 41 x 37 x 43 inches
Item Weight: 87 Pounds

Comfort: It is fully padded from head to footrest, allowing full-body comfort and support. The leather upholstery is soft to the touch, aside from being luxurious and elegant.

Design: This single wide chair comes in 6 color options with different upholstery to match your budget and décor preferences.

Operation: It is easy to pull the recliner lever on the side and adjust the back kicking your feet up in blissful relaxation. The zero-gravity mechanism and rocking motion allows you to rest without stress and even sleep.

Structure: As an American product, rest assured of durability and strength from hardwood frames, mortise and tenon joints, and steel recliner mechanism. Still, the 87 pounds makes it portable to move it to a room and location of choice.

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What I like

  • Luxurious comfort: A blend of plush padding covered in leather upholstery enhances the comfort levels up.
  • Elegant design: It comes with various color options and upholstery for your décor needs and budget.
  • Easy to use: Pull lever can easily adjust the backrest and extend the footrest up for support and comfort.
  • Stable and durable: High-quality materials of construction boost strength and resilience.

What I Don’t Like

  • The rocking motion makes noise.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Generally, most users agreed that this is an excellent chair meeting their comfort demands. Also, they commended on the classy leather upholstery boosting their décor.


If you struggle to sleep, buy this chair immediately! The plush cushions, rocking motion, and soft, classy upholstery will stimulate immediate sleep before you know it.

8. Great Deal Furniture Merit Recliner

This extra wide recliner chair establishes a smooth addition to any space, providing comfort and a bold vibe. Soft-padded body with adjustable backrest and footrest will engage you smoothly into lasting relaxation.

Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner/Glider Chair
Color: Black Leather
Material: Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 42.5 x 38.98 x 39.76 inches
Furniture Finish: Faux Leather
Item Weight: 101.41 Pounds

Operation: As a manual glider recliner, it also offers a gentle rocking motion. The recessed lever instantly adjusts the backrest and kicks up your legs with the extended footrest into super tranquillity.

Comfort: Just by looking at it, you imagine sinking in the plush padding. The generous padding swallows your whole self into extreme comfort and support.

Design: The faux leather upholstery invites a sophisticated appearance to your interior, either boosting or blending flawlessly with the available décor. Also, the color is neutral hence easy to use anywhere.

Construction: The glider and reclining mechanisms are solid steel and the body from hardwood frames; rest assured safety and durability. It also has 500 pounds of weight capacity and provides enough room to stretch.

What I like

  • Extremely comfortable and supportive: Generous padding to sink in and forget your troubles.
  • Classy design: Black faux leather easily blends and boosts the style of any space.
  • Sturdy and resilient construction: Supporting 500 pounds with solid metal and hardwood build is impressive.
  • Versatile and easy function: It is a glider recliner that also rocks and easy to operate.

What I Don’t Like

  • Tall people find the back to be too short for full support.

What Other Reviewers Say:

As for most reviewers, this chair is exactly as comfortable as it looks. Better still, it is worth the price providing value.


If you have a back problem, this is your stop! This wide seat is not soft but stiff, offering the perfect lumbar support to relieve back pains. Besides, the quality of the entire structure is worth every coin.


If you want ultimate and consistent comfort with or without comfort, the best extra-wide recliner is your ideal choice. From the above selection, you won’t miss your perfect match made just for you! Cozy seating!