Top 10 Cheap Recliners Under $100 to Buy in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 10, 2021

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Guess what? Owning a quality recliner is not as costly as before. With the abundance of recliners in the market, you can get comfortable and stylish cheap recliners under $100. If you know the importance of kicking your feet and reclining your back for a good nap after work, then this low price sure feels like winning a lottery.

Well, usually cheap is expensive hence the fear of the compromised quality of a cheap recliner. However, rest assured that even with the low price, the quality still stands tall. Only if you look at our review below is because we only slot out the current best from the market.

Our market research and study still upholds all the preciseness in scrutiny. Therefore, we always assure you of comfort, quality, design, functionality, and luxury to match your diverse needs and preferences.

To your long-awaited dream of owning a recliner, the time is now!

Read on.

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List of Cheap Recliner Chairs Under $100

1. Devoko Recliner Chair

Overview: Adjustable back, standard premium construction, easy to assemble, and durable footpad- a complete package wrapped with a cheap price tag.

Structure and comfort: It’s hard to separate the comfort and construction of a great recliner. This recliner under $100 comes in a combination of high-quality metal frame and top-grade wood. This combination assures you of a sturdy and stable chair that can hold up to 275 lbs of weight capacity. The PU leather is durable and soft to touch hence easy to clean and maintain.

As for the comfort factor, it comes with extra padding on the seat and back area, wide and curved armrests to assume a comfortable position supporting your arms, and a double-thick padded footrest. Even though kicking your feet is to die for, the Devoko recliner assures you of kicking and resting your feet in super comfort. Your bones and muscles have you to thank.

Functionality: The good news is that this is also a lay-flat recliner. The back adjusts from 90° – 180° in 3 different modes; sit up to read, lean back to watch a movie, and lie flat for a nap. There’s never been a better way of spending that $100.

Also, it consists of protective foot pads to protect your flooring from scratches when you are pulling your chair. A scratched wooden floor is very unsightly, and it’s also irritating when your chair keeps sliding and moving from its position. The footpads will not only protect your flooring but will also help you avoid the hustle of rearranging your chair back in position every time.

Since the chair comes pre-assembled, the installation process is less than 3 minutes. Besides, comfort doesn’t have to wait.




Remarkably, this chair has a gentle vibration mode on the lumbar section to ease fatigue and back pains. It has a remote to easily control your functions. While comfort is the primary source of thirst from most users, this recliner will not disappoint. Even when you jerk from the thrill of a match on the TV, your floor is safe. This is due to the footpads’ floor protection. See, cheap is also grand!

2. Homall Recliner Chair

Overview: Cheap and bold, this recliner features adjustable positions, high-quality upholstery, sturdy construction, and footpads.

Material: The high-quality PU leather does not only add a sophisticated look, but it is also durable to resist comfortable and careless wear. Moreover, it is also stain-proof hence easily cleaned with just a simple damp cloth wipe-out. PU leather is very comfortable, soft and skin-friendly with high permeability.

Comfort: This recliner under $100 provides more comfort than you can imagine. It features three adjustable positions from 90° – 180° giving you the freedom to what suits you at any time. The high-density thick sponge is everywhere from the backrest, seat, armrests, and even the footrest. Because it is also a lay flat recliner, the thick sponge assures you of super relaxation mode always due to the thick and soft cushions.

Construction: It comes with a high-quality metal frame to steadily support your feet. The wooden frames are also of a top-notch quality that ensures not squeaking or wobbling anytime you use this chair. This single recliner has steady support of four feet with non-marking pads, which excellently protect the sofa and hard floor. Also, it is sturdy enough to hold a maximum weight of 265 lbs.




Being a recliner under $100, the qualities are imposing. The chair comes in a contemporary design that uplifts the face of your space. A double stitching design is not only great to add to the aesthetics, but it is also comfortable and wear-resistant. In case you happen to spill anything, do not worry, as the PU leather is soft and easy to clean. Moreover, the retractable footrest is easy to adjust to meet any of your needs as you desire.

3. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

Overview: Best-selling chair with incredible features such as quality breathable fabric, sturdy footrest function, adjustable recliner, and contemporary design.

If you are looking for a cheap but quality recliner to have in your living room, bedroom, and home theatre, this is it! Why?

Functionality and construction: The top quality metal frames on the footrest are stable and allow easy angle adjustment to perfect your relaxing time. Also, the recliner back is easily adjustable from 90°-165°, enabling you multiple positions to relax and even nap.

This cheap recliner has a robust construction that holds without shaking a weight capacity of 265 lbs. it means that you are safe and secure to sit and nap for as long as you like within the weight limit. The rubber feet padding protects your floor and also enhances stability purposes.

Material and comfort: It comes in a high-quality breathable fabric that adds a classy touch to your space. Also, it is soft to touch and durable. Thick padding in the upholstery allows maximum comfort evenly spread from the headrest to the footrest.




Buying a chair that every member enjoys is a great thing. First, it is lightweight; hence easy to move around to any location you see fit. It can perfectly fit through an average door size without the need to dismantle it. The linen fabric comes in a fantastic grey color that enhances the look of your space. With the 2-step and tool-less assembly, you will spend no more than a minute.

4. Giantex Recliner Chair with Ottoman

Overview: Ottoman design, adjustable backrest, 360° swivel, lumbar support, high-class upholstery, and durable structure- add a unique touch to your sitting comfort.

Ottoman: The unique approach of footrest adds not only a classy touch but also super comfortable. If you feel tired from having your feet on the floor, place them on the thickly padded, well-sized, and super comfortable ottoman.

Functions: An adjustable backrest allows you into multiple positions of rest according to your preference. The easy-to-adjust process operates from 90°-135° for your convenience. Moreover, the seat can rotate 360°, which provides you the freedom to spin in a full circle, adding a bit of fun to your tiresome work. Besides, you can stay occupied in many conversations simultaneously. This flexible and smooth swivel function assures durability to use for years to come.

The backrest consists of lumbar support to ease your waist fatigue from sitting for an extended period.

Upholstery and structure: High quality steel frame guarantees lasting service. It makes sure the couch is sturdy enough to endure the weight of 330 lbs. conversely, the soft and smooth PU leather will give you a soft and comfortable touching experience, and the high-density cushion will provide excellent support. The PU upholstery is also very easy to clean and maintain against wear and stains. Besides, it adds a touch of elegance to your big or small space.




The unique design of an ottoman is a great selling point. The assembly is effortless, thanks to the clear instructions. It is also comfortable, from the fantastic PU upholstery to the thick cushions all-round. Besides, the ottoman has a broad and stable base for stability, even for heavy people. Generally, this is a tremendous new recliner under $100 to add o your home, office, or theatre.

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5. Yaheetech Fabric Recliner Chair

Overview: High-quality linen fabric, adjustable relaxation modes, pocket spring coil, and foot protection- precisely what you need for your small space.

Comfort: The pocket spring coil allows nothing less than maximum comfort. The thick, high-density foam supports a quality pocket spring, which can work individually to provide complete support to the body for a better sitting experience.

Function: You can enjoy your ideal sitting positions on this adjustable reclining chair. Whether you prefer sitting up straight or with your legs up or lying flat, you are in control of your preference. By a simple thrusting at the backrest, the footrest promptly pops up and stops at any angle from 0-90°.

This cheap recliner under $100 chair rests on four solid feet fitted out with non-marking pads. These efficiently act as a protection for both the floor and sofa.

Material: The high-quality linen upholstery is tough and comfortable at the same time. Besides, the grey color is neutral to match any décor in your space. Better still, it has a simple but classy look that is striking.




It is important to note that the fabric is not waterproof, but it is straightforward to clean. It would be best if you wiped off any dirt gently. The pocket spring coil function allows you to sit for as long as you have due to maximum comfort. This is a small recliner for short and slim people caring for all your luxury and relaxation needs. Besides, great things come in small packages as well.

6. Wingback Recliner Chair

Overview: Multi-level adjustments, easy to maintain, contemporary design, and easy to install- this cheap recliner under $100 for adults is your excellent option for comfort.


Function: Featuring a dual-function, the foot extension and a reclining back will help you relax and be comfortable. Also, enjoy a 2-level recline function of partial and full recline for your utmost relaxation. The footrest retracts immediately you push back to recline.

Durability: This recliner chair comes with durable PU leather. In case of any spills, the upholstery is waterproof hence prevents the liquid from soaking in. this also makes it easy to clean with just wiping out the stain or spill.

Moreover, the legs and frame are of solid hardwood that adds stability and durability. Also, the heavy-duty steel on the backrest guarantees a safe and long-lasting service to your needs and likeness.

Design: This recliner chair is sleek, contemporary, and classy. Skilfully crafted for style, this cheap recliner under $100 is the perfect addition to the office’s living room. This recliner sofa will decorate your décor, face-lifting your space to a better level.

It is easy to install, taking only 2 minutes to slip the backrest onto the base and screw four legs, and voila, you’re complete! Remarkably, you don’t need any tools for the little assembly.




For a low price of under $100, this chair is ideal for someone with back problems. Besides, it is perfect for a home theatre setting, and you can buy more for everyone to enjoy relaxing while watching their favorite show. Better still, the reclining function is simple to use by just pushing back. Luckily, you can be sure to have this chair for a long time due to the durable construction.

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7. Flash Furniture Recliner

Overview: Even your kid deserves their perfect measure of comfort. It features a recliner footrest, soft leather, solid hardwood construction, and contemporary design.

Construction: It is perfectly sized for your kids and their pets. It features a durable hardwood frame with stable plastic feet to hold a total weight of 90 pounds. Remarkably, it comes with a cup holder to prevent your kid’s drinks from spilling. However, in case of spills, worry not as the soft and resilient LeatherSoft material is easy to clean. Just wipe with a soft, damp cloth.

Elevated feet feature non-marking floor glides on the legs to protect your floors from abrasions and scrapes. This way, the chair will slide smoothly during any movement.

Style: For your kids, style is everything to make them feel comfortable. Luckily, this cheap kid’s recliner under $100 is everything to make their little world perfect. For starters, it comes in different attractive colors; they will fall in love at first sight. The protruding soft headrest does not only add comfort but improves the style of the seat in general.

This chair will not recline for safety measures until your kid sits on it and pulls the lever one inch to recline. This way, you have no worries about them sitting alone without your intrusion.




If you are thinking of a birthday gift for your little one, this is it. From the unique colors to the durable material and extra features, your kid will love this. Because of the messy spills and stains, the upholstery is especially to handle such—no need to worry as a parent because it is easy to clean. Allow your kid comfort the same way as you for their happiness because they deserve it.

8. FDW Recliner Chair Single Reclining Sofa

Overview:  Dual function, contemporary design, guaranteed comfort, and easy to assemble- spend your $100 now!

Function: The FDW recliner sofa is especially for ultimate relaxation. It consists of easy adjustments that allow users to lean back and relax at any desired angle. A dual-function footrest and reclining back offer you the best mode to unwind after a long tiresome, and stressful day.

 Design: Comes with durable, waterproof PU leather or comfortable canvas. Better still, the legs and frame are robust hardwood, which provides extra steadiness and sturdiness.

Comfort: With its stylish design and sun-proof exterior, you will never feel this satisfied with $100. Better yet, you can have it not only in your living area but at the theatre, business lounge setting, and even a restaurant.

It is also effortless to assemble. It comes in two pieces that you need to connect the backrest to the base, screw the four legs in, and sit. Luckily, it would help if you had no tools for the assembly process.




If you are looking for a theatre set-up, this would be the perfect cheap choice for a variety. The simple but modern design will elevate the mood of your décor. Also, the set-up procedure is straightforward; hence a short time to have it ready without any tools. Moreover, their small size makes it ideal to fit through the door and a small space.

9. Vnewone Recliner Chair

Overview: Have you ever thought of owning a recliner as soon as now? This recliner under $100 features dual-function, durable upholster, sturdy construction, and easy to assemble.

Comfort: This chair features a dual-function footrest and a reclining back that will surely help you relax and remain comfortable. This push-back recliner comes with wider curved armrests, larger-size and padded seat cushions, and a densely thick recliner back. You have the freedom to adjust to diverse angles from 95°-160° to suit different conditions.

Construction: It comes with durable, waterproof PU and easy to clean. This recliner’s legs and frame under $100 are particularly from robust hardwood to offer extra stability and durability. Conversely, the footrest operates on a highly resilient steel frame with thick foam padding.

Design: The design is sleek and can widely serve comfort purposes in the office or living room. It is sophisticated to blend with your décor or stand out significantly. Better still, it is sun-proof so that you can place it close to a window.




It is super easy to assemble hence saves time in the process. For the low price, the comfort is on another level. The PU leather does not only look great, but it feels great as well since it is soft to touch. It leans back enough to allow a sweet afternoon nap.

10. Furniwell Recliner Chair

Overview: Massage function, dual-function, ergonomic design, and durable material-exactly what you need for a new crib.

Function: Features a massage function at the lumbar section to reduce fatigue and back pain. It is also easy to adjust in different angles for diverse needs from 90°-170°. You can watch TV, read a book, and nap.

Comfort: The high-quality skin-friendly PU leather upholstery is soft and durable. Moreover, it is both easy to clean and maintain, free from spills and stains. The thick comfortable sponges ensure you are not only comfortable but your body receives the full support it needs.

Design: Its back syncs with the curve of your body. Whether you sit or nap, it improves the haemal circulation and doesn’t press the human body. Besides, you can relieve the stress with the help of thick foam padding.




Nothing beats the value of owning a massage recliner under $100. Better still, it offers total comfort and relaxation to improve haemal circulation. It only needs 5 minutes of an assembly to get a sturdy chair to give you a long-lasting service. The PU leather is a gem that ensures easy to clean and soft to touch features to add to durability. Spend that $100 like never before!

Cheap Recliners under $100 Buyer’s Guide

Space: It might be cheap but not the right size for your small room. Before rushing to buy that recliner under $100, consider the location’s area, you are going to place it. More so, will it fit through your door? Having a small recliner does not mean that it lacks all the good qualities. Look for ways of making more space in your room to accommodate the recliner.

Upholstery: When deciding on the right cover, you should consider the appearance, comfort, durability, maintenance, and cost. Getting real leather for this low price is impossible, so you can always have PU leather instead. Better still, go for fabric like linen.

Function: it is possible to get an admirable role within this cheap price range. As seen above, there are cheap massage recliners. It would be better to always go for what provides more within your budget.


Will a cheap recliner last?

Generally, a recliner lasts an average of 10 years. Whether it is cheap or not, how you maintain, it matters more on its durability. Check for ways to prolong your recliner’s life.

Who has the best prices on recliners?

Our review covers the brands with the very best prices. This under $100 review has popular and renowned brands.


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