10 Cheap Recliners under $200 to Buy in 2022 (Top Picks)

by | Last Updated: February 16, 2021

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Can you get cheap recliners under $200? Absolutely yes!

Among all the expensive recliners in the market, it is still possible to get a cheaper one with extraordinary features. Well, you may think that with the low price, some quality features may be lacking, but nothing could be far from the truth.

Recliners are not just for comfort and relaxation, but some are also medically approved for some health complications like back pains, joint aches, and even sleep apnea. Being a comprehensive solution for your needs and preferences is enough reason to own one, if not more. And, believe it or not, your $200 savings is your ticket to a recliner haven.

Well, if you stick with us a little bit longer, we will show you what our experts got for you in this category. But, as a cherry on the ice cream, rest assured of luxury, style, comfort, and more competitive features from our top selections.

List of cheap recliner chairs under $200

Let’s have a quick view of the list.

1. Homall Recliner Chair

Overview: Absolute bargain for a low price and excellent quality. You get faux leather, a high-density seat with extra thick back padding, easy to assemble, a comfortable push-back recliner, and foot protection.

First of all, going by the many positive reviews from customers on Amazon, this recliner under $200 is everything you could want.

It comes in faux leather upholstery soft to the touch, durable, and of excellent quality. The faux leather is also effortless to clean, giving you an easy time when it comes to maintenance.

Moreover, the high-density seat ensures you are at your best when it comes to comfort levels. The extra-thick back padding eases any back pain and supports your back to enhance a correct sitting and relaxing posture. What’s more?

Though it is entirely manual, it does not have a handle to engage the recline function. Instead, it is a comfortable push back recliner that immediately takes up the footrest for more comfort after a tough day. Homall recliner rests on four sturdy feet with anti-marking caps on each, so no need to worry about your wooden floor getting scratches when you move your chair.

Assembly is relatively easy and takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Generally, it is a necessary but great chair with sturdy construction.


  • Durable and soft upholstery
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy construction to hold 265lbs
  • Straightforward push back recliner with adjustable footrest
  • Foot protection pads
  • Effortless and quick assembly


  • Small in size hence unsuitable for tall people
  • Thin armrests


This chair beats all reasons that it’s worth under $200! It is soft and comfortable that you could easily fall asleep. With the hardware tools included, setup is quick and easy. Also, it is excellent and firm quality, so rest assured of durability. Go ahead, make the order and see what your $200 can buy!

2. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

Overview: When your type of comfort shows up in a low-priced quality recliner, this is what you get; soft and breathable material, sturdy construction, elegant design, and foam padding.

This recliner chair under $200 comes in a high-quality breathable, and soft linen fabric. Also, it has foam padding on the backrest and seat area. The armrests are wide, curved, and smooth; hence your comfort needs well handled.

Moreover, the reclining system is easy, smooth, and firm. You can freely adjust your comfort positions from 90° – 165°. The footrest assures maximum relaxation if you want to take a nap or watch TV with sturdy steel construction.

Better still, it comes in the perfect size, not too small or too big.


  • Easy push-back and multi-position recline system
  • Soft and breathable linen upholstery
  • Comfortable and perfect size
  • Durable and stable steel construction
  • Elegant design to fit in any room
  • Easy 2-stage no tools needed assembly


  • Too light hence lacks enough balance when you add force
  • With no coil spring on the seat, the cushions are likely to lose comfort over time


If you are looking for a perfect gift idea for a friend, do not pass this recliner under $200 by. For the fantastic price, the features do not disappoint as well. Easy to assemble that you can comfortably do it alone, given that it is also lightweight. The steel construction guarantees a sturdy and durable quality to last long. Nothing beats the comfort of having different recliner positions for watching TV, reading a book, and even napping from the same seat.

3. Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Overview: Let the cushions assure you of comfort. It features a thickly padded seat, back, armrest, tall back design, pushes back recliner, and soft microfiber material.

Featuring a tall back design, you won’t need to worry about your back not getting all the support it needs from any position you desire.

Also, the reclining mechanism is smooth and easy. You just need to use a little force ad push back the recliner, and the footrest will extend automatically.

What of style? Worry not! This recliner chair for under 200 dollars features sturdy and non-bulky legs and a classy, contemporary look. You can be sure of elegance in your living room as long as you got Dorel.

You should only buy a comfortable chair that delivers on the comfort aspect. Dorel has a unique moderate padding style and line breakdown. The padding is adequate, making you feel like you never want to get up.


  • Tall back design
  • Thick padding and more sweeping arms
  • Sturdy construction
  • Contemporary design
  • Smooth and easy recline and footrest function


  • As a slim chair, it is too narrow for large people.
  • The footrest feels a bit rigid when pushing back.


If you live in an apartment, this is for you. Dorel is best suited for small city apartments because of its compact size. However, the comfort is not similar to its size as it’s too much for your relaxation. The color is gorgeous hence perfect for our interior décor. With no handle, the recliner mechanism is straightforward, requiring less effort to push back, and the footrest extracts immediately. The microfiber material cleans up well and is also very comfortable. The assembly process is a breeze.

4. Living Room Slim Manual Recliner Chair

Overview: Even with cheap and straightforward, you can get comfortable. It features a simple but classy slim silhouette, a variety of color options, and soft upholstery.

Simplicity speaks volumes if given a chance. This recliner on sale under $200 features a manual and easy push-back reclining mechanism.

Moreover, it comes in a durable soft linen fabric. Better still, it includes cushions filled with high-density foam that is risk-free and hypoallergenic, so your kids are safe to sit and sleep.

Remarkably, you don’t have to worry about what to blend with your interior décor as this recliner comes in a variation of colors to fit best whatever you have as your décor.

For convenience, it has a storage side pocket to put your remote and readable. The headrest has enough padding to ensure your head and neck rests comfortably, especially when taking a nap.


  • Variation of colors to match any interior décor
  • Soft and durable linen fabric
  • The smooth and effective push-back recliner
  • Padded seat and headrest for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble


  • A short footrest that feet hangover
  • Weak armrests hardly hold down your weight when getting out


Good looking chair if you choose your favorite color to fit your small space. The assembly is minimal and relatively easy to finish in few minutes. Also, the push-back is comfortable thanks to the steel frame that operates smoothly. Moreover, the linen fabric is soft and durable; you can be sure it will last as long as you need to want it to.

5. Christopher Knight Home Recliner

Overview: When your little cash decides to treat you in ways unimaginable, you get shiny bonded leather, elegant design, sturdy and stable construction, push-back recliner, and easy to assemble.

You need a chair that commands both style and comfort in your space, even when it comes cheap. This chair radiates luxury and comfort in either an upright or reclining position. Also, the smooth bonded leather adds a touch of sophistication, giving you the best style with no cost to maximum relaxation.

The two positions of comfort come easy due to the foam padding all-around the chair. Now you can take a nap when you need to for as long as you have. The tall back ensures your back gets full support and eases the back pains from the challenging work routines.

Better still, the side pocket is an added advantage for storage purposes for your easy-to-reach convenience.


  • Sturdy construction to hold 300lbs
  • Smooth, shiny, and durable upholstery
  • Elegant and tall back design
  • Side pockets for easy-to-reach storage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight to move around and assemble


  • Recline position does not hold
  • Very low armrests


Rich color to bring out the best of your living room. Also, it is more stable than soft, which means you won’t sink into this recliner. This is a great feature to enhance a firm back support. It feels robust and durable. Moreover, it reclines quickly and smoothly. Even the elderly will have no problem going back for a nap. Remarkably, it comes 99% assembled; you simply have to fasten the four legs and snap the back unit onto the bottom unit. Even better, no tools are needed, and it only takes a maximum of 5-10 minutes with self-explanatory instructions.

6. Giantex Gaming Recliner Chair

Overview: Add style and comfort to your gaming room at a lower cost of under $200. This recliner comes with an adjustable footrest and backrest, durable faux leather, massage function, and convenience features.

To enjoy your game at different positions, adjust your backrest from 90° to 160°. Moreover, an adjustable footrest reinforced by a metal structure lets you rest and fully stretch your legs, providing the best comfort. What’s more?

Filled with a durable thick sponge, this seat will offer you a comfortable sitting experience. It also features fine PU leather, wear-resistant, skin-friendly, and easy to maintain clean. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it can endure up to 330 lbs. without shaking.

The electric massage lumbar pillow is especially for easing pressure on your waist to attain ideal relaxation. It comprises of 2 vibrating motors and eight massage modes with a corded remote control for easy selection. Besides, you can set massage time in 15/30 minutes to suit your needs.

Moreover, both sides have storage bags and a pocket on the back store remote control or any readable.


  • Adjustable footrest and backrest
  • Lumbar massage function
  • Convenient multiple storages
  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Durable and smooth easy to maintain upholstery
  • Elegant design for any space


  • Heavy to lift and carry around
  • Massage only on lumbar section and not a full body


Giantex gaming is the best recliner under 200 dollars delivers what most chairs in this category cannot, a lumbar massage function. For such a competitive feature, the price is hard to believe. Moreover, it is straightforward to assemble as it comes pre-assembled, leaving you with just the back to slide in on the bottom part. Since playing takes time to clean the chair, the smooth PU leather is effortless to clean and maintain. The construction is top-quality as it can comfortably hold up to 330 lbs. Come on; don’t miss getting this for your gaming star on his birthday!

7. StorkCraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Overview: Get your rock on with this glider and ottoman. It consists of a complete set of glider chairs and ottoman, comfortable cushions, and a practical arc design.

 The price of motherhood is high; you don’t need to spend so much on a recliner with much comfort. This cheap glider, a rocker with an ottoman chair, comes in 2 individual pieces; chair and ottoman.

Beat the sleepless nights and get your baby to sleep by relaxing on this chair. The glider and rock motion will soothe you and your baby to deep sleep. Better still, you can place your feet up on the comfortable ottoman to make sure you have a comfortable position.

Moreover, the arched design and soft, comfortable cushioning backs you up if you have to stay up for long. Also, if you need to keep anything within arm’s reach, each arm comes with storage to put your baby napkins or magazines.

Remarkably, the cushions and base come in various colors to blend in your nursery’s décor.


  • Rocker and glider motion
  • Separate ottoman for resting feet
  • Arched design comfortable for a mother’s back while nursing
  • Comfortable cushions for more relaxation
  • Convenient storage
  • Solid construction


  • Cushions not thick enough
  • Constant rocking makes annoying background noise


The finishing detail of this chair is impressively competitive for the low budget; you are sure to add more color and style to your nursery. Also, the fabric is detachable for hand or machine wash; hence easy to maintain freshness all through. Still, the assembly process is straightforward, that you can do it alone. The rock/glide motion helps you in soothing the baby to sleep.

8. ClickDecor Recliner Chair

Overview:  Black doesn’t crack, they say. This black recliner under $200 features faux leather, a generous seating area, an easy-to-use reclining latch mechanism, and soft cushioning.

 It comes with a generous seating area that allows you to curl up comfortably. Besides, the soft cushions on the armrest, backrest, and seat area give an additional touch to your comfort level. Apart from comfort, the cushions allow your back to rest easy with full support and relieve tension and pressure on the lumbar section.

The PU leather is not only attractive but is durable, soft, and easy to clean. Also, it is skin-friendly in case of extreme weather conditions.

Instead of using your weight to push back, the exterior reclining latch is easy to operate both the back and footrest for different relaxation positions.


  • Easy to operate recline and footrest mechanism
  • Generous seating area
  • Adequate cushions and pillows for optimal comfort and support
  • Durable, soft, and easy to maintain faux leather


  • Heavyweight
  • Footrest does not lock in position


It has the high-quality construction to guarantee you a lasting relationship of super comfort. Remarkably, durable upholstery that is very easy to clean and maintain is a bonus point. Also, the set-up is less daunting and requires no tools to get it ready for use. The seating area is wide and comfortable to curl or sleep in a free position.

9. Flash Furniture Love Seats


Overview:  You can get a blend of office, gaming, and home recliner in this cheap recliner for under $200.It features a swivel seat, knob adjusting feature, overstuffed chair, and separate ottoman.

With five different colors and synthetic leather, you will have a great time choosing the perfect fit for your space. The generous padding is soft and comfortable to sit on. It comes with a separate ottoman that ensures you stretch your legs to a suitable height.

The reclining function works by a twist knob allowing you to recline to a favorable position. The 360 degrees swivel function enables efficient office seating where you can access all sides without changing positions.

Sturdy and stable steel base construction to hold a maximum of 250 lbs. ensures your security and comfort.


  • Lightweight to move around
  • Sturdy and stable base
  • Separate comfortable ottoman design
  • Soft and adequate padding for super relaxation
  • Easy to use twist knob
  • 360 degrees swivel function


  • Time-consuming assembly process
  • Tends to lean on one side after sometime


If you work at home, you can have a blend of office and home comfort from a single chair. The ottoman design is of a great height so that you won’t strain. The adjusting knob allows you to lock down your favorite position and relax. The synthetic leather is soft to touch and durable to meet your needs and preferences always. The size is perfect to fit any space from small to large. Also, the construction is sturdy and stable with the broad base steel.

10. Christopher Knight Home Floral Fabric Recliner

Overview: You can never go wrong with a floral touch and especially if it comes cheap. This blue floral recliner features solid and sturdy construction, a comfortable push-back recliner, and durable fabric.

It looks so modern and stylish that you wouldn’t believe it’s a recliner at first. It comes in different floral prints to give you the freedom to choose your décor’s perfect match.

The chair has a solid and sturdy steel and hardwood construction to ensure support and comfort for up to 250 lbs.

An easy push-back recliner mechanism ensures no handle to pull but just use your weight against the backrest. Besides, the footrest extends easily immediately you push back, allowing you to kick up your feet for more relaxation. The padding is on the firm side hence ideal for back support and correct posture.


  • Floral stylish design
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Firm padding for correct back support
  • Comfortable push-back recliner and footrest mechanism


  • The firm padding may be uncomfortable for most users
  • Small in size


If you need a recliner that’s more on the design than features, this is it. It’s always a brilliant idea to add a floral design touch to your space as it adds life and beauty. Since it’s a small chair, it will be perfect to use a corner chair if you have a large room. Its small size can hold 250 lbs. of weight comfortably due to the reliable and sturdy construction. Flowers are always a favorite; don’t miss out on this cheap offer.

Buyer’s Guide of Cheap Recliners under $200

Requirements: If you have any special needs, you should look for a recliner that offers a solution. For example, back pains would be best if you had a recliner with a massage function on the lumbar section. Still, look for one that you can quickly get off it if you have joints problems. That is a recliner with a smooth and proper functioning mechanism.

Space: From the above list, most of them seem to be small in size. This is an excellent deal for people with small spaces and those with small bodies. The large recliners would probably cost more than the $200 mark.

Budget: It would never hurt to have a flexible budget. Something slightly above $200 and comes with irresistible features should not pass you by. Always have a budget with room to spend more or less, even if the sale talks of a fixed rate.


All the above cheap recliner chairs under $200 have a great value and provide various functional benefits. However, our overall pick would be Homall Recliner Chair! This is because you get a load of cushioning, a smooth and easy to push-back recline, and this sleek contemporary look.