10 Best Recliner Under $500 (2022 – Updated)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 21, 2021

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It is always very confusing to pick the best recliner under $500. especially when there are lots of options available in the market.

Also, Disappointing to desire something, but sadly, you cannot afford to pay the price. That is the story of our lives regarding the costs of most recliners in the current market. This makes you wish there were cheaper options within your range. Well, not to worry.

Luckily, with this demand for cheap recliners, you don’t need to pay a hefty price for your comfort and relaxation at home. That is why the market has recliners under $500. The best part about these affordable recliners is the assurance of quality and reliability.

Take a look at our best ten selection of recliners on sale under $500. Read on.

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10 Best Recliners under $500 to Buy in 2022

1. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner

Overview: Best value for outstanding performance; this chair features rocker, manual with dual-zone massage, microwave suede, and 225 lbs. weight capacity.

This recliner under 500 dollars also rocks. To recline this seat back is manually by using the lever on the side of the chair. This way, you’ll be in a super comfortable position; many thanks also to the back sewn-in foam cushions that provide incredible support for your back, head, and legs.

The microwave suede upholstery is an excellent substitute for PU leather or real leather materials and is very soft and smooth to touch. For more relaxation, this recliner comes with a massage function. Thanks to the remote control, you can operate both zones by selecting either high or low settings.




If you are looking for a recliner under $500 and in the $200-300 range, well, then this is it. It looks nice, easy to clean, super comfortable, and has a lay-flat recline function for restful sleep. Moreover, it fits the average oversized person and includes a vibration mode that works well in soothing and rocking a colicky baby.

2. Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat

Overview: It features massage and heat functions, two recline positions, faux leather, and extra features. It is always an excellent feeling getting value for your money.

By just pressing one button, the backrest and footrest operate simultaneously for optimal comfort. It has eight vibrating nodes spread all over and a heating function on the waist area with nine modes and five-speed levels available. Remarkably you can pre-set the two tasks in a fixed time of 10/20/30 minutes.

Moreover, this recliner for under 500 dollars features faux leather that is high-quality and easy to clean. Besides, it still enables superior aesthetics and comfort. Because it is easy to maintain, you only need to clean the mess using a damp or dry cloth.

To add cheery to the ice cream, it comes with 2 cup holders and side pockets on each side for easy-reach convenience.




Getting a recliner with massage and heat functions at an affordable price is like winning a jackpot. The heating at the lumbar section and massage/vibration all around is exactly what you need after a tough day at work. Besides, faux leather is a comfortable material, not to mention soft to the touch. Also, the padding enhances super comfort and support in any position you desire.

3. Ravenna Home Glider Recliner

Overview: Great assurance in style and durability at an affordable price. It has four fantastic color options, foam padding, iron frame construction, and three comfort positions.

Apart from easy maintenance, the soft microfiber upholstery is the first step of comfort in this cheap recliner on sale for under $500. It is also very tough and durable for long term use. Next, the padded cushions on the backrest, seat, armrest, and footrest will ensure you have a more comfortable lounging experience that you won’t want to leave the chair.

Moreover, the fabric covers a solid fibreboard and iron frame. This sturdy construction enables durability and safety of use within the recommended weight limit of 250lbs.

The Oakesdale has a dual function of a recliner and rocker. The nursing mum can comfortably lounge and rock the baby to sleep even in the wee hours of the night. Remarkably, the D-ring on the side makes it recline back into two positions: reading/watching TV and napping any way you desire.

For a touch of elegance in your space, the contemporary design will be sure to wow any set of eyes falling on it. With only 15 minutes of set-up, you will be relaxing your weekend away in style.




The downsides should not make you miss out on this incredible sale of such a high-quality recliner with the most advantages. Soft and easy to clean material, easy to assemble, contemporary style, and dual functions of rocker and recliner, well, this is the real deal!

4. Mecor Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: This exceptional recliner under $500 offers competitive features for an excellent price, such as multifunction, full-swivel rotation, and durable material-a perfect combination to eliminate fatigue and all back problems.

For a sportsman, this is your long-awaited solution for back pains and fatigue. The heat massage function has eight massage points and five massage styles for your preference. Even better, separate body part massage mode helps relieve stress, fatigue, pain and removes tension from the shoulder muscle.

Also, it has dual functions of both a swivel and recliner. It rotates in 360 degrees full circle for your convenience of facing any direction you desire. Still, the recliner function goes down to 160 degrees, almost as flat as a bed. This provides a comfortable sleeping position.

The top-quality leather and robust wood frame boost strength and resilience to hold an incredible weight limit of 400 lbs. Also, the thick padded armrest, back, and seat provide exciting comfort any time you prefer.




There’s no point in not buying this great chair on sale under $500. The heat and massage functions are competitive for high-end recliners. Moreover, the extra features for your easy-to-reach convenience of 3 side pockets and 2 cup holders make your weekend worthwhile. Also, the bonded leather takes your living room style up a high notch to elegance and class. What more could you possibly want?

5. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: When you want not just a chair but a perfect match for your home, Esright is there for you inexpensively. It proudly features multifunction, double comfort, and an elegant and simple design.

Relax in this chair in any way you want from the five functions it offers; recliner, vibrating (massage), heating, rocker, and 360 degrees swivel. The recliner has 140° manual control with an electric massaging function. The massage feature vibrates using eight nodes all around, five control modes, and two-stage intensity. The heating function is on the lumbar section with adjustable speed levels using a remote.

The PU leather is soft, skin-friendly, and comfortable. Besides being elegant, it is also smooth hence easy to clean. The thick padded double comfort cushions ensure back and armrest support. Moreover, the CARB-certified construction frame has reinforced iron fittings for sturdiness and forte.

To ensure total relaxation, it also makes sure it offers top-class convenience. It has two side pockets and two cup holders hence you don’t need a side table.




Apart from being stylish and comfortable to maintain, it is also a perfect way of relieving fatigue and muscle pains. It’s hard to get all these features in one package for under $500. It is still easy to assemble and resilient enough to ensure a lasting service for your total comfort.

6. Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Gladiator Rocker Recliner

Overview: The bigger, the better. This massive recliner ensures an oversized fit and quality features such as 500 lbs., weight capacity, high-quality steel construction, and soft, durable woven upholstery.

The masculine sturdy seven gauge steel construction withstands a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. for a price of under $500; it is the cheapest and quality recliner to hold this massive weight and size of people. Even better, the back is extra-tall, ideal for tall people as well.

It also comprises a 2.2 HR Foam, a comfortable and sturdy type of padding for your chair. Remarkably, it can recline up to 80″, which is similar to a king-size mattress, ensuring maximum comfort.

It has tenon joints, hardwood frames, and mortise for added durability, so rest assured of enjoying your comfort for ages. Besides, you can pass it down to your younger generations.




For a gigantic chair, it delivers its expectations accordingly. It is also essential to note that it is a firm chair; hence you sit up high rather than sinking in the padded cushions. However, this does not compromise on the comfort levels. Moreover, it is your second bed in the living room, so no problem when you fall asleep. For such a price, it is a great deal worth every cent.

7. U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair

Overview: A chair that treats you like the royalty you are by doing everything for you- it features massage and heat functions, PU leather, power lift, and solid construction.

Well, you don’t have to rob a bank to get a high-end recliner for your needs, while you can have this cheap recliner chair under $500.

The electric lifter and massager ensure complete indoor relaxation after a tough day. The massaging role provides diverse massaging levels with a lumbar heating function for added coziness. It handles four specific areas of your body and offers five massaging functions to ensure different but effective results.

Moreover, the lifting mechanism makes standing up from the chair a total breeze. Not to mention the smooth reclining system for a better lounging experience in 3 different positions as you desire; read a book, watch TV, and nap. Enjoy all the functions at an ease of the two remote controls for smooth operation.




Typically, this recliner is ideal for short people despite the weight as long as it is within the 300 lbs capacity. Though the reclining function goes back to only 140 degrees, it will guarantee you super comfort to nap in that position. Imagine a chair that lifts you from your sleeping position so you can get out; make sure this great deal resides in your home!

8. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Overview: Don’t allow your $500 to go to waste and buy the Mcombo. It comes with three adjustable recline positions, power lift function, durable microfiber, and sturdy construction.

The power lift comes in handy for those with mobility and back problems. This way, you can sit and stand effortlessly without straining your knees and back. This chair lifts and reclines smoothly with a Counter-balanced lift mechanism with TUV certified actuator thanks to the remote controller.

Furthermore, the cloth upholstery is hard-wearing and cleans easy. Also, the material has good elasticity with an effect of anti-felting and anti-pilling. With overfilled padding on the backrest and armrest, built-in springs in both back and seat, you can be sure of maximum comfort.

You will still find therein 2 USB ports, cup holders, a sizeable side pocket, and a comfortable padded headrest.




The smooth and quiet lift and recline functions ensure a peaceful and comfortable weekend. The chair is also easy to assemble with just two steps, and you are ready to go. Luckily, the backrest and footrest can function independently and also lock at any position you desire. This recliner is such an excellent value for under $500 worth owning to make life easy and comfortable every day.

9. RelaxZen Oscar Rocker Recliner

Overview: A combination of luxury, style, and comfort, all for under 500 dollars, is a great deal worth fighting for. It features massage and heat, durable upholstery, and convenient, easy operation.

This recliner comes with a heat and massage function that consists of 8 powerful and different massage motors targeting four zones with five-speed levels and nine diverse modes with mild lumbar part heat.

The thick foam cushion is comfortable and soft in the back, armrest, and seat. So, you can freely lounge in any position without adding more tension but rather relieving stress in your body. The faux leather upholstery is easy-clean soft to touch, and durable against unnecessary wear and tear.

The easy to operate remote ensure a straightforward message operation.




To begin with, it is straightforward to assemble. Also, the massage function is efficient and easy to operate. The overall thick and soft padding is super comfy and ensures total support in whatever position you choose to rest on. With a weight of 300 lbs. rest assured of stability and durability in the construction.

10. Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner and Slanted Ottoman

Overview: The unique design still feels and lasts like the typical recliner. It comes with bonded leather, dual function, steel springs, and a classy design.

The recliner is among the most comfortable you’ll sit on for under $500. It features thick padding in the seat and backseat and offers a superb soft feeling with the bonded leather. This bonded leather is also easy to clean and hard-wearing to enable durability with comfort.

Moreover, it comes in Ruby Red, Java Brown, Ivory White, and Black, so you will not have a hard time choosing the one to blend with your office or living room.

Remarkably, the 360 degrees swivel feature makes this recliner outstanding and unique. The sturdy circular base is robust to ensure you spin in whatever direction without losing stability. Meanwhile, you can smoothly recline to 45 degrees.

The solid construction is of walnut hardwood for the strong base, for both the chair and ottoman.




If you are searching for a cheap recliner under $500 that is well-designed, attractive, sturdy, smooth swivel, nicely padded leather, and sensibly stitched, well, this is your stop. This chair will work well whether you are working in your home office or watching a movie.

Buyers Guide for Best Recliners under $500

Construction: Even for a low price of under $500, you still want your recliner to last for an extended period. You should consider those choices with hardwood frames and steel reclining mechanisms. These two will guarantee more durability than the cheaper options. Moreover, the frame is not the only thing about construction. Upholstery is also a significant concern. Well, real leather is way expensive; however, a durable alternative is PU leather. The cloth material like microfiber is also an excellent option for those who are not fans of leather. For padding, make sure it is memory foam as it is better than the other types.

Power or manual: A power recliner works with electricity, while a manual simply operates by a lever or tab. Both are excellent; however, using a power mechanism is costly, therefore most likely, the rest of the sofa won’t be sufficient. Conversely, a manual recliner has a simple reclining system but look for a better quality in your choice.

Additional features: From cup holders to massaging functions, side pockets, and lifters- basically anything that boosts the chair’s functionality is something that you will love. However, make sure you stick within the price range, as some are way above the limit.


How hard is the assembly process of a recliner?

Generally, assembling a recliner is an easy task. Although this may depend on the manufacturer; there are those with easy to read instructions and even include hardware tools if necessary to ensure you have an easy time. Others will come pre-assembled in 2 parts requiring just 5 minutes of locking in the base’s back.

Are recliners in this category durable?

Well, the durability of any recliner depends on the care routine you offer it. Even the most expensive recliners can last three months if you mishandle them. Your choice of the type of construction will also matter. If your kids and pets often jump on your chair and still stand, you can be sure of the durability.

Can you sleep on the above recliners?

Yes, however, it is not recommended to sleep a whole night or frequently on your recliner if your doctor has not advised depending on your underlying medical condition. A quick nap after a tiring day or slightly dozing off during a movie is okay. But avoid making it a habit to sleep through the night.


We hope that the above high-quality selection will enable you to make an effortless decision within the under $500 price range. Gladly, the extra features are attractive and offer more value for your cash. Bear in mind that the above is a list of the best from the current market.

Our overall choice goes to Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat. Go ahead and pick your best and make sure you place an order.


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