Top 8 Best Home Theater Recliners of 2021

by | Last Updated: June 10, 2021

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Imagine being able to sit and watch your favorite movies while sipping a cold beverage at the comfort of your home! What makes such experiences more memorable is a big screen, top-tier audio system, and the setting of the movie room.  

Here’s the good news: you no longer need to pay bucks of money to enjoy that movie in a theater. You can now bring this cinematic grandeur to your house. You already have the screen and the audio. What’s remaining is the best home theater recliner!

These recliners are handy pieces of furniture that will affect your watching experience either positively or negatively – after all, you’ll remain seated the entire time. That’s the main reason why you need to get the best out of the best?

With the countless options available in the market, you may find it daunting to filter out higher-end models and get your pick. But not to worry; we’ve done the work and now present you the top 8 best home theater recliners on the market.

The included buyer’s guide will help you make an informed purchase decision and the FAQ section will answer most of your questions. 

Read along!

Buyer’s Guide on Home Theater Recliner Chair

Below are the main factors to consider when buying a home theater recliner:

Size of the room

Where do you plan to place the theater style recliners? The size of that room will determine the type of chair recliners you’ll choose, whether, loveseats, single recliners, or multi-row split units. 

Smaller theater rooms may require more compact units with space-saving designs; the opposite is true for larger theater rooms. A wall hunger would also work for smaller rooms. 

Avoid placing the seat(s) too close to your screen in the name of saving space. This is because the light the TV emits are unhealthy for the eyes, especially if you’re the type who stays on the screen for prolonged hours. Read our detailed guide on choosing the right size of the recliner.

Number of seats

You will also need to have a clue on the number of people you’ll be expecting in your home movie theater. Do you invite friends to watch with you? How many family members are present in your house? Do you live alone? If you can answer these questions, you will know what to pick.

You do not want to buy a single-seat recliner that will leave the other family members standing or leaning on the recliner’s arms as you watch your movie. That’s why you need to choose the right entertainment recliner that will offer enough seating space for everyone to sit and watch the TV with you.

Construction Material

You also need to look into the construction material of your home theater recliner. Is it durable? Is it easy to spot clean? Is it easy to care for? Will it still look all new even after many years of use? Is it skin-friendly for users with allergic reactions?

If the material is quality, it will withstand all that the environment throws at it. And when spills occur, the material should be clean after you’ve wiped the stains with a piece of cloth. 

When it comes to quality, durability, and low maintenance, seat materials like faux leather and vinyl are most preferred to fabric upholstery. Arguably, the only main advantage of fabric is that it’s less costly. 

Here is the comparison between Leather Vs Fabric Recliner. Go and read to know more.

Build Quality

Everyone wants value for money. That is why checking for a recliner’s build quality is paramount to getting the worth of your investment. If you want to prioritize your comfort, go for a tv recliner that is well-padded with quality luxury materials. 

The brands we’ve mentioned in this review boast quality artistry that guarantees top-notch build quality. With this, you can rest assured that your unit will not start misbehaving after a few sessions of relaxing.

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Additional Features

To make your experience more comfortable, manufacturers are designing home theater recliners with more convenient features. These features include, remote control, hidden storage compartments, and table trays.

While the extra features are not must-have essentials, they will add to the recliner’s comfort, convenience, and versatility. Some models also offer tech-embedded components like USB ports to power up your e-devices when sitting. 

Other higher-end models even have massage features and integrated lights. These extras may hike the recliner’s chair. Therefore, if you’re willing to spend more to get more, you’ll be happy to have most of these components on your power theater recliner.

Here is the list of best power recliner with heat and massage to buy in 2021.

Top 8 Best Home Theater Recliners

1. Flash Furniture Eclipse Series

The Flash Furniture Eclipse Series is a black home theater unit covered in durable LeatherSoft upholstery to capitalize on your comfort. It is the ultimate beauty for any contemporary home theater setting, delivering memorable movie nights with friends and family. 


Thick Padding: This theater recliner uses the CAL 117 fire retardant foam to pad its integrated headrest and arms. The generous foam amounts on the seat and back also maximise on its comfort and back support.

Holder and Storage: You’ll love the 2 double cup holders on this chair. Take advantage of this feature and place your favorite beverages when watching the movie. The 2 storage consoles let you store your game controllers, remote controls, and even magazines.

Floor Glides: the attached plastic glides will come in handy in protecting your floor from scratches. They are designed to slide smoothly on the floor as you move the recliner from one place to another, giving you maneuverability capabilities. 

What I like

  • Cup holders and storage console: gives convenience
  • LeatherSoft  upholstery: easy to spot clean
  • Durable fabric: for added durability
  • Floor glides: protects your floor from damage 
  • Unique design: aesthetically appealing

What I Don’t Like

  • Heavy and bulky to move around


The Flash Furniture Eclipse Series makes every game and movie count! Invite your friends for a cinematic experience and let them enjoy the push-back 2-seat reclining theater! There has never been a better way of entertaining the fun side of you. 

2. Delange Reclining Power Sofa

If you’ve been looking for quality, this premium pick will meet and exceed your expectations. The recliner comes ready to complement any decor arrangement, so you can have it in your dining room, bedroom, living room, man cave, or even office room. 


Solid Construction: the manufacturer uses durable veneer wood and long-lasting wood to put this furniture together. The result is a solid recliner that does not wobble or shake when supporting its maximum weight. 

Leather and Polyester Construction: The materials herein are soft enough to enhance your comfort levels. The upholstery is also breathable, allowing your skin to breathe even after long hours of sitting. 

Quality Craftsmanship: The black color of the fabric will match with nearly all decor arrangements. This color, together with the superior design makes the chair add flair to your space. 

What I like

  • Wall hunger: requires only 4’’ distance from back to the wall to recline
  • Quality materials: makes the chair durable and long-lasting
  • Traditional artistry: adds to the recliner’s appeal
  • Armrests include storage: for versatility
  • Hidden LED lights: for convenience

What I Don’t Like

  • Assembly: requires an extra hand to help in assembling


The unique feature of this recliner is the drop-down backrest featuring 2 cup holders for convenience and versatility. And so, why not upgrade your movie night with the Delange Reclining Power Sofa?

3. Bolt XS400 Motorized Leather Home Theater Recliner

Bolt XS400 is styled for genuine comfort and body wellness. This unit offers 3 bolsters: 2 bolsters split along the spine for mid lumbar and lumbar support and the 3rd bolster to angle your head and neck when watching the TV.  

Bonded Leather: This fabric is of the highest quality, offering richer textures and tones. The leather is also durable for pet and kid-friendliness. It is thick and sophisticated to withstand wear and tear. 

Accessory dock: The Bolt has an exclusive Accessory Dock to fit all your accessories when you’re watching your movies. The dock also hosts different accessories like a swivel tray table, LED Flex Light, wine glass holder, tablet holder, and dual USB charger.

Footrest: The recliner’s footrest is chaise styling, providing leg support and leaving no gap between the legs and the footrest. 

What I like

  • Power Recline: offers multiple reclining positions
  • Head and lumbar support: for head and lumbar support
  • Accessory dock: includes convenience features
  • Space-saving design: fits compact spaces
  • Gel-infused memory foam: for added comfort

What I Don’t Like

  • Footrest: may be too far for short users


The premium 1.8 high-density foam of this recliner’s seating core guarantees long-lasting support. With proper maintenance, this chair will last you a lifetime.

4. Pulaski Larson Theater Recliner

The Pulaski Larson theater Recliner is another multi-functional recliner bringing comfort, convenience, and versatility to your fingertips. This home theater recliner sofa is built with elegance and doesn’t compromise on performance. Its stitching detailing and tailored lines will certainly make your space look unique. 

Charging Plugs: This home theater recliner comes with 2 USB charging plugs and another outlet plug to power your e-devices. You can now charge your phone, tablet, or iPad from the comfort of the recliner.

Swivel Tray: The tray attaches to any of the arms and acts as an excellent platform for positioning your tablet or laptop when you’re working. You can also hold your beverages and snacks on this tray as you continue watching your movie. 

Faux Leather Cover: the premium fabric of this recliner is extremely soft but also breathable. It comes with a material composition of 20% polyurethane and 80% polyester. This material is durable, sturdy, and easy to clean even in the presence of stains.

What I like

  • Assembly: easy to put together
  • Reclining: can recline to infinite positions
  • Hidden cup holder: for extra storage
  • Streamlined contemporary design: aesthetic appeal
  • Black cover fabric: soft and easy to clean

What I Don’t Like

  • Fabric: The seat is way too soft and sinks when a heavy person sits on it
  • Too heavy


The Pulaski Larson Theater Recliner includes all the high-tech options needed to improve your home’s theater feel. The push-button storage and sophisticated looks will give you a game-changing movie experience. 

5. Seatcraft Omega Home Theater

Get top-in-class comfort from the Seatcraft Omega Home Theater – one of the best electric recliner movie chairs! This unit allows you to have a movie theater experience at the comfort of your house. It includes all the convenient features found in higher-end models, from a USB charging port to lighted cup holders to in-arm compartments to a center storage console!

Premium Leather Gel: the recliner’s gel gives the feel and looks of top-grain leather. With this, the unit remains elegant, sturdy, and comfortable even after many years of use. 

Adjustable Headrests: You can adjust the powered headrests to suit your preferred position and reduce shoulder and neck strain. 

Control Panel: this home theater power recliner allows you to recline the headrests and seats into your preferred position by pushing a button on the power control panel.

Fold-Down Table: The middle backrest features a fold-down table. The table holds 2 cup holders, 2 USB plug-ins, a 110V AC power outlet, and an overhead light. The ambient-lighted cup holders will emit an azure glow to help you reach your beverages even in the dark.

What I like

  • Leather gel: adds to the comfort and durability of the recliner
  • Fold-down table: holds more features for versatility
  • Assembly: easy assembly
  • In-arm compartments: provides storage options
  • USB charging: for powering up your e-devices

What I Don’t Like

  • Drink holders: not ergonomically positioned


The Seatcraft Omega Home Theater will mark your end search for the perfect home theater recliner. It is a captivating beauty that perfectly blends affordability, convenience, versatility quality, and top-notch performance. 

6. Seatcraft Pantheon

Enjoy memorable movie experiences on the Seatcraft pantheon entertainment recliner; the unprecedented comfort and body support you’ve never felt before. This unit takes into account everything needed for sturdier and long-lasting perfection. 

Generously-sized – if that standard-sized recliner isn’t strong and large enough to hold your weight, be sure to try out the Seatcraft pantheon entertainment recliner. It is taller and wider to support up to 400 lbs, twice the bearing capacity of standard recliners. 

Genuine material: quality starts from the construction material of a tv recliner, and this unit does not disappoint! It comes with hand-selected top grain leather for durability and elegance. 

Tray Tables: The removable swivel tray table has a polished finish and will hold your beverages and snacks. You can also place your laptop or tablet on this table when working.

What I like

  • Ambient Lighting: acts as a light source in the dark
  • Ergonomic construction: added comfort
  • Adjustable powered headrest and lumbar support: for body support
  • Swivel tray table: holds your accessories 
  • Power Recline Control: allows the headrests and seats to recline

What I Don’t Like

  • Quality: some little compromises on quality


Seatcraft pantheon is the epic-sized chair for any big man or woman. It offers all the posh features you’d want in your home theater recliner and comes with an extreme focus on sturdiness. We’d recommend this option to those looking to get value for money. 

7. ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair

The unique features of this reclining chair includes swiveling, massage, and heated features. What’s more, you’ll love the included speaker that offers excellent audiovisual effect, giving stereoscopic sounds just like in the theaters. 

Massage Function: The ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair comes with an 8-point massage system and 4 vibration modes massage to make your experience fun, comfortable, and more relaxing.

Well padded: This premium pick offers soft and comfortable padding to give you support and comfort where you need them most. 

Push-back recline mechanism: reclining this chair is a breeze. Simply place your hands on the armrests and lean on the backrest so your body weight pushes the chair back to recline. You can also pull out its D-ring handle to recline the chair at your desired angle. 

What I like

  • Drink Holders: holds your beverage and laptop
  • Quality padding: for added comfort
  • Recline Function: help you recline to your preferred angle
  • Massage Functions: for comfort and ultimate relaxation
  • Speaker: offers excellent audiovisual effect

What I Don’t Like

  • Construction: Not an excellent pick for taller persons


The ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair is a great pick for the price. It feels sturdy and works better than any single-seat theater recliner. Besides offering a place to watch movies, the tv recliner is the best place to unwind after a long, hectic day. You can make this your choice if you’re on a budget.

8. Furniwell Recliner Chair Massage Home Theater

The Furniwell Recliner Chair is another single seat for anyone looking to pimp their man cave. Like many others on this list, the unit comes with soft sponges and quality PU leather upholstery. 

Ergonomic Design: While there’s nothing fancy about this unit, you’ll appreciate the minimalist design that accords with the body’s curvature to help in haemal circulation. The ergonomic design will not press your back but helps in releasing accumulated tension and pressure from your back. Continue reading reviews of the best ergonomic recliner chairs.

Assembly: The Furniwell Recliner Chair Massage Home Theater is easy to assemble. It comes with only 3 parts and will require less than 5 minutes to install all the parts.

Footrest and recline: you can adjust the footrest to your preferred angle to suit your different situation. Set anything between 90-170° to suit your napping, watching TV, or resting.

Massage function: the vibratory massage function is light and helps your body relax perfectly. It is also easy to use –  you only need to lean backwards, turn on the massage function, and you’ll be good to go! 

What I like

  • Adjustable footrest: allows you set any relaxation angle
  • Outstanding Warranty: covers for any malfunctions
  • Assembly: takes less than 5 minutes
  • PU leather upholstery: soft and skin-friendly
  • Ergonomic Design: helps in maintaining proper sitting posture

What I Don’t Like

  • Massage Function: the massage function offers more of a vibration and less of massaging


The Furniwell Massage recliner sofa is the perfect place for you to relax while watching that movie. The simplistic design allows you to place it anywhere in the house, whether you’d want it in your man cave, bedroom, living room, or home theater.

Benefits of Buying a Home Theater Recliners

Home theater recliners outperform ordinary recline chairs. They offer enormous advantages, making them a reliable investment. Some benefits of buying these units include:

  1. The chairs will give you cinema-like experiences without the need of leaving your home’s comfort more comfort
  2. They provide more comfort and body support that surpasses what the theater can offer
  3. They are designed to fit the body’s curvature and give you the right sitting posture. When set on the right recline angle, you do not need to worry about back pain or similar body aches. 
  4. These seats are specially designed for people who enjoy watching movies for long hours 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a home theater recliner good for my back?

Yes – these recline chairs are designed to offer back and lumbar support. However, the secret to having a comfortable sitting experience is choosing the right chair for your body and setting the proper recline angle for your needs.

How much room is needed for home theater seating?

It is advisable to choose a home theater room that is at least 15’ wide and 20’ long. This space may be a bit cramped but will be a good basis to build your home theater. 

Which is the best home theater recliner?

All our top 8 units have been designed for top-notch performance. However, the Flash Furniture Eclipse Series takes the lead thanks to its quality and durability.


Are you still planning to transform that room into a home theater? Now that you know the best models available on the market, there can never be a better time to get started. And with this review, finding the best home theater recliner to suit your needs should be an exciting affair. 

All the best in your purchase. Happy reclining!