The 10 Best Budget Recliners of 2022 with Competitive Quality

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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Hi there, welcome to my ten best budget recliners review.

What is your budget? Recliners are an essential addition to any living space to relax and kick up your feet. Also, they come with different prices from as low as $100 to those high end over $1000. This way, you can easily afford a recliner for your basic needs within your price range.

Besides, it is no shame to afford a highly-priced over your budget recliner. Remarkably, the manufacturers have made sure that their budget recliners do not compromise on quality. They will meet your needs and preferences whether you want a swivel, power-lift, manual, rocker, massage and heat.

Here is our top-selection of budget recliners that are not only for your home’s comfort but also the comfort of your pocket. Please don’t hold back as the prices are very friendly. Indulge!

Table of Contents

Top 10 Cheap Recliners Review 2021

1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Overview: For the elderly and those who suffer back pains, this is it! It features power lift, heat and massage, faux leather and extra features.

If you work for long hours daily on your feet, you will love the comfort zone and relaxation the Mcombo Recliner offers. Precisely, it has a calming massage and heat function to ease the tension on your muscles. This feature consists of 8 vibrating points on the seat and one lumbar heating point. Both processes can turn off in a pre-set time of 10/20/30 minutes as you desire.

Remarkably, you do not have to worry about your décor as it comes in five distinct shades of faux leather. Regardless of its affordable price, it comes with a variety of fully-equipped high-end features. The faux leather cleans easy and still provides comfort and aesthetics with the soft and elegant look. Not to mention that it is easy to maintain, as well.

Also, it lifts and reclines by the easy to operate the remote control. The lift assistance ensures those with back pains and elderly stand up and sits effortlessly by raising and lowering the chair. Moreover, it includes extra competitive features like dual USB outlets, two cup holders and two side pockets.

Still, the construction is high-quality for durability and safety. For instance, the under the seat is of top-quality metal to support 320 lbs. and anti-tipping design on the base to offer maximum security.




Apart from all the above benefits, it is worth mentioning that Mcombo is very easy to assemble as it comes in just two packages. It has a generous sizing as well to fit a wide variety of sizes and heights. The functions are smooth and quiet to offer comfort and peace of mind. What more would you want from your reasonably-priced recliner?

2. BELLEZE Rocker and 360 Degree Swivel Glider Recliner

Overview: A perfect blend of plush, comfort and affordability. Featuring rocker, glider, recliner, PU leather and durable construction; this inexpensive recliner chair would make an ideal choice for your space.

Apart from being comfortable, it is also super stylish, making it a perfect fit for any contemporary living space. Better still, it has three shades to choose from that will not give you a headache in trying to blend your décor.

The PU leather is smooth, elegant, soft and easy to clean. This makes it ideal for low maintenance requirements and skin-friendly. Also, it is durable to resist against easy tear and wear from children and pets.

For more comfort, this ultra-padded affordable chair ensures your neck and lumbar have maximum support. For more convenience, the chair swivels at 360 degrees, rocks and reclines to a napping position.

Because you should enjoy having it for an extended period, this recliner should last. The construction features high-quality wood and metal frame for durability.




A fantastic function of this recliner is that it spins even in recline. Still, the assembly is quick and straightforward, saving you much time and energy. The faux leather does not disappoint on the low maintenance needs and its supple effect on the skin. Even better, the plush padding ensures you sink in super comfort and support. Let your home define you in quality but an inexpensive way.

3. Furniwell Recliner Chair

Overview: The furniture of your dreams is affordable! It comes with vibrating massage, thick padding all-over, durable construction and PU leather.

You will love this best-priced recliner. There is a vibrating massage feature that allows you to recline and relax totally. Besides, the vibration is not intense to make you uncomfortable but relatively mild yet effective. By using the remote control, you can efficiently operate this massage function to your liking.

The plush soft PU leather makes the recliner skin-friendly and cleans easily. Other than that, the leather barely wears out, guaranteeing a long-term use. Also, the black shade allows you to place it anywhere in your space, and it will still look amazing.

The comfort of this chair is of another level. To begin with, the thick padded seat and back assure of your comfort and support. Also, the vast and smooth armrests add more convenience at any position.

Furniwell recliner has an ergonomic design, enabling you to improve your blood flow and relax your back or muscle pains. It is also straightforward to assemble the three parts.




It is impossible to beat the functionality of this chair for this fantastic low price. Besides, it is very affordable, comfortable and works best to relieve tension on the muscles. Moreover, it is effortless to assemble. This is an ideal chair for a small and short person. Save on cost and enjoy utmost relaxation at the comfort of your home.

4. Esright Fabric Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: Live right with affordable Esright. It consists of vibrating massage and heat, swivel and rocker, double comfort and elegant design.

It is hard to find a recliner with massage and heat functions at this low price. Furthermore, you get to enjoy five roles for the perfect relaxation as much as you want; vibrating, heating, reclining, rocking and 360° swivel features. It is easy to operate through all the functions by the remote control included.

For your comfort’s sake, the soft and sturdy fabric is ideal for intensive use and easy to clean thus durable. Moreover, it has cushions that are extra thick for backrest and armrest.

Furthermore, the extra features of 2 cup holders and side pockets boost your convenience. Relaxing becomes easy when you can easily reach for the remote and readable and still enjoy your drinks.




Enright’s chair does not top the list when it comes to its comfort levels; however, several proper functions overweigh the minor factor. Besides, it is scarce to get such a chair in the market for this low, competitive price. Enjoy all the five functions anytime you wish and especially after a long day. On the other hand, the upholstery makes sure you have a breeze while napping or sleeping due to its softness. Besides, it is straightforward to clean off any stains or dirt. Don’t let this chance pass you!

5. Bonzy Home Recliner

Overview: Guess what? It is not expensive to be a boss like Bonzy! It comes with tough suede fabric, deep-cushioned, stylish design and sturdy construction.

The selected high-quality suede leather fabric is soft, comfortable, smooth, delicate, hard-wearing and robust breathable. It allows you to have a comfortable lounging experience anytime.

For more on comfort, the high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in suede leather also ensures full-body support. The reclining mechanism is easy and quick using the one-pull lever that causes you back, and the footrest kicks up.

When it comes to its design, the cocoa brown hue makes a bold impression of your space. Also, the alienated bustle design and creased stitching brings on the plush style and feel.

Furthermore, the solid pine wood frame and heavy-duty steel mechanism provide maximum support for 300 lbs. all the while. It wraps you in comfort with superior cushion support and overstuffed armrests. The chaise style seat offers a continuous reclining surface for outstanding leg support.





This best price recliner is lovely and comfortable to use. Also, the assembly is quick and effortless to handle alone. Remarkably, the wall-hugger design is a plus considering it can comfortably fit in a small apartment as well. Bonzy gives you a chance to be the boss of your comfort and relaxation anytime you desire.

6. ACME Arcadia Recliner

Overview: If all you need is comfort, go the ACME route. Featuring a simple contemporary style, sturdy construction, effortless back and footrest operation and comfortable padding- allows you to concentrate more on the comfort than looks.

It is small in size hence ideal for small spaces. Besides, the simple yet contemporary design will blend well even in the compact area.

Because its focus is more on comfort, the microfiber upholstery is soft and stain-proof. Moreover, it wraps around plush padding around the chair to add support to the lumbar, neck and armrest sections. The three distinct shades give you the liberty to choose what will work best for your décor.

Let’s not forget that durability is also essential. The sturdy hardwood frame and armrest ensure stability and long-lasting service.

The operation is straightforward, as well. The side knob helps you to lower the seatback while the pull lever extends the footrest.




Well, as much as you should not expect much from a low price recliner, this ACME does not disappoint. It may not compete with the high-end selection, but it proudly offers comfort and style in this category. Do not despise your small room and include this recliner to treat your body to more comfort and relaxation after work hours.

7. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

The magic of buying a power lift chair is that you just need to relax as it does all the work for you. This inexpensive recliner gently lifts you to a standing position, so you don’t strain your back and joints when getting up. Similarly, it will return you to any position you desire to watch a movie or take a nap.

Better still; the vibrating massage comes with four massage nodes, five modes and a heating function on the lumbar section. Basically, you have the liberty to choose what works for you best using the two remote controls.

It has durable construction of the robust wooden frame and faux leather that guarantees of long-term service. Also, the in-built footrest ensures total relaxation.

Conversely, it has 2 cup holders and side pockets for convenience, allowing ease of reaching your items.




The massage and heat feature is a win. Moreover, the power lift function is smooth and steady to allow a quiet and comfortable transition. It has a design that attracts every eye that walks into your space with its faux leather and a bold size. For this low price, you ought to instantly add this magic to your room.

8. Great Deal Furniture Glider Recliner

Overview: Indoors are for kicking up your heels and reclining back! This cheap adult recliner features three unique shades, PU leather, high-quality wood construction and glider recliner function.

Put an end to your journey and go for this Great Deal recliner. Why?

It features a glider that adds to your comfort style. With a glider, you can smoothly slide away when transitioning to any position you love. Suppose you want to take a nap, the rocker feature also soothes you to nap as soon as you desire comfortably. Nursing mum would find this ideal to beat the tough colicky nights.

This recliner is strong enough to hold up to 310lbs of weight without even bumping the seat cushion. Definitely, that needs a firm chair with stable and steady construction to pull that off. It comes with high-quality craftsmanship of steel and wooden frames. What’s more?

The overfilled cushions allow your neck and back to rest all the time. The comfortable cushions have a wrap over of soft, durable leather that is also skin-friendly. You don’t need to panic about harsh weather conditions as it is breathable thus will not heat up or feel cold for your thighs. The leather also cleans up easy making it very easy to maintain. You just need a damp or dry cloth wipe off any stains or spills.

In addition, the graceful design and finishing add sophistication and cosiness to your home. The armrest is wide enough with unique and firm stitching to make it hard-wearing.

The generous sizing comfortably fits a large person. Because it feels s good as it looks, you can place this chair in your living room confidently or wherever you will need the lounging comfort and relaxation.




As hard as it is hard getting a sizable chair for the big and tall guy, this is your perfect match. Remarkably, the price is opposite of its size hence a plus in ensuring affordability. Allow your body to relax comfortably in a chair with enough room to curl up and nap freely. The dual operation allows you to recline and raise your feet simultaneously.

9. IOMOR Manual Reclining Chair

Overview: Buy a chair that is inviting just by glancing with the first impression. The IOMOR low-cost recliner has exciting features like multifunction, modified design, and durable material- the ideal family seat.

No products found.

Nothing beats the joy of buying a recliner cheaply yet a favourite for everyone in their diverse needs and likings when it comes to comfort. Behold this is it!

IOMOR is among the best-priced large recliners that become a must-have in. for starters it has an improved and friendly design that can suit any space including the nursery. Its alluring design consists of curved armrests that are wide, soft, and decked with classic brass accent nails. The total curvature of the chair is just stunning. Sounds captivating, right?

For its bold, impressive look, comfort is absolute. The primary reason for convenience is the super thick armrests and backrests and two cushions on the lumbar back and head. Similarly, the faux leather upholstery is durable, soft to touch, and easy to maintain since it cleans easy.

To support up to 300lbs of weight, this chair comes in first-class construction. It includes a heavyweight steel base, strong laminated veneer wood frame, high-density foam padding, and a significantly breathable bonded leather surface.

Furthermore, it reclines in 3 different and adaptable positions between 90°-150°. The footrest is also regulating to suit your desires. The three different positions enable you to watch TV, read a book, or nap just by controlling the easy to use side lever.




Finally, you can finish watching your series in maximum comfort all night long. Besides, you can pause and take a nap if sleep comes heavy. This inexpensive recliner is large enough to curl up with a bowl of popcorns. Comfort and great size come cheaply with IOMOR; enjoy every bit.

10. Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman

Overview: Being unique shows you are special. Buy the low-priced Mcombo recliner with ottoman for a touch of uniqueness in your space.

The outcome is this multifunctional, efficient and elegant piece of furniture that provides you with the benefit of a lightweight chair as it retaining the comfort. Better yet, the ottoman allows you to relax your legs while reclining on this chair.

Exceptionally designed recliner entails a ball-bearing swivel base that enables the rotation effortless. The adjusting knob allows you to relax in infinite positions and still move quickly to any direction you desire.

It consists of 4 features for massaging lumbar, back, thighs and legs, 5 vibrating massage modes and eight massage nodes. The massage intensity is adjustable in two high and low levels as you change through the massage mode and node.

Moreover, the construction assures you of durability due to the high-density steel. This design offers stability and strength to support up to 330 lbs. besides, the PU leather is durable, cleans comfortable and soft to touch. Also, it is easy to maintain.

For a prolonging service life, this massage recliner has an auto shut-off feature. This enables it to turn off the cushion unit after every 15 minutes of continuous use. However, it would be better if you do not use it continuously for more than 30 minutes.




Find the time and buy this inexpensive and unique chair to allow comfort in your space. The ottoman design is convenient to use it in the office as well. The construction will enable you to relax and nap within the weight limit without panic. Besides, it looks elegant as an addition to your home.

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Best Budget Recliners

Bear in mind that you will not find a perfect recliner. For that reason, you must consider constructive factors in the above selection to make an ideal decision. The primary factors are weight capacity and construction. However, some other budget-friendly recliners may not be appropriate for different users, hence considering more factors.

Read on.

Comfort and Resilience

The standard of materials used and the expertise will determine the low-cost recliners’ comfort and sturdiness. You will find that the hardwood and steel frames are the best to provide long-term service for sturdiness.

If you can get to a well-stocked furniture store, it would be best to analyse its firmness and comfort. You can try shaking the chair to see if it wobbles easily; still, you can sit on it to see if it will securely hold your weight. On the other hand, if you opt to shop online, find ample time to examine through several top customer reviews and feedback. That way, you will have high chances to make an ideal decision.


For generously-sized recliners, safety is a substantial concern. You cannot be sure if the said heavy-duty chair will be able to support you accurately. In case of many movable parts find out if there’s any space in-between. Also, ascertain the assembly of the joint areas. Most recliners don’t have cavities because of the upholstery and padding covering the area. As for those few with gaps, ensure the holes don’t surpass 5 inches to inhibit your kids and pets slipping.

Also, check if the chair nips while working the footrest. This is unsafe if your cloth or foot sticks in the mechanism as this may lead to an accident.


The first thing that skips to our minds in terms of fabric is leather. However, the upholstery is a massive stage with diversity. Besides leather, other materials are also hard-wearing and comfortable to maintain with skin-friendly features.

However, for heavy people, delicate fabric is not recommended. Such material under much pressure from heavyweight is likely to wear and tear due.


Even though all the above options are budget-friendly, you need to have a stable budget in mind. That way, you will shop for your likings in the low priced recliners without overspending. However, some useful features and quality can cost more than your budget. However, you can still overspend and be within your budget limit. Therefore it would be better to put your account on the higher side to hold any changes at ease. However, our selection above does not compromise quality since it’s a weighty factor for comfort.


If you plan to use your affordable recliner for a prolonged period, note the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. It will help if you have a warranty that will cater to wear and tears, substitute or repair a broken chair. Nevertheless, some flaws the contract will not cover. Therefore make sure you understand the terms before purchasing the chair. If they are relevant, then you are set to go!


What makes a recliner cheap?

First, cheap is relative as many people have different views on that. What would be reasonable for you would be expensive for another person. Therefore, the best way would be to look at the affordability of the product. Generally, cheap recliners range from $100 to under $500. But because we value affordability more, our list entails of recliners that most people would afford comfortably.

Are cheap, recliners worth it?

Of course, yes! Well, they may not be as fancy with high-end features but are a great deal than staying without a recliner. A life with a recliner is different ad worth every bit, especially for a busy person. However, most people are not as rich to afford the fancy selections hence this budget-friendly category. But if you feel the need for something much better than what we have, you can always save up to afford it. But, it would be better to start life with one of our top choices of low-priced recliners.

Parting Shot

Cheap reclining chairs are a risky investment; nonetheless, they are valuable if the deal is valid. Moreover, it is not a great idea to shop for elderly or wide recliners in the low-priced category. However, our selection grants you surety of high-quality products. Above all, despite your appointment, ensure you do your best in caring for your recliner to prolong its life. Prove the high-end recliner wrong that your inexpensive choice can last longer than they expect.


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