Top 10 Best Recliner for Lower Back Pain (Full Comfort and Quality)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 30, 2020

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Hi there, and welcome to my best recliner for lower back pain reviews. Did you know that the leading cause of disability globally is back pain? (You probably know this, and that’s why you are here).

But, worry, not! Most people suffering from lower back pain recover but only after a prompt relief action. What’s more?

Study shows that a reclined position will help lift the stress on your back. Therefore, I decided to go on a recliner evaluation for you with your best interest at heart. With quality, comfort, fabric, size, and price in mind, I summarised on;

Read on. Your perfect choice waits!

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List of 10 best Recliner for Lower Back Pain – Reviews

1. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel-The Best Recliner for Back Problems


Overview: The overall best recliner for back problems for adults. Power lift, lush comfort, and the perfect size- this recliner is ideal for both disabled and familiar with back problems.



Ashley Yandel surpassed with this power lift Signature design of recliners. With several options in the market, no other recliner could beat this. Why?

This is the recliner specifically for ease of back problems other than living room comfort. It shouldn’t surprise you if you get yourself sleeping off severally on this recliner.

Moreover, even with a disabled in the house, you won’t have to keep worrying if you leave them for a few minutes on the chair. One client had to leave his disabled uncle for a quick purchase at the neighboring store. On coming back, he found him comfortably asleep on this recliner.

Not every home has disabled people, but this recliner relieves all back pains. Read on.

The Signature Design by Ashley Yandel recliner is best because:

Self-service: With just the touch of a button, the power lift feature enables you to sit and lie at your preference. The hand control power button has different adjustable settings that allow you to lift, tilt, and lie back with elevated legs at your command.

Keep your back intact and comfortable: Back comfort is a priority in relieving pains and aches. This Signature design has a high back, dense cushions, and imitation leather material. The armchair contains a strong corner blocked frame and a secure metal seat. You don’t have to panic about falling off.

Quiet operation: The thick poly fiber material produces no irritating noise when you sit or get up. It is also soft and not sticky, so you can sit on with bare thighs if you have to.

Liberal sizing: Ashley Yandel reclining chair measures 35* 40.5*42.5inches with a 20″ seat height and 69″ wholly reclined length. This is perfect for a tall person.

With the easy-to-read instructions, the assembly should be a walk in the park.


If you can meet the expense, this is the best way to relieve lower back pains promptly. Go ahead, shop now!

But, if you are in search of budget-friendly recliner yet quality options, keep reading.

2. Homall Recliner Chair

Overview: Who said quality doesn’t come cheap? From the material, comfort, and performance, this Homall Recliner Chair is by far the most budget-friendly yet quality of all time.



Feast your eyes, and be sure to get this affordable yet quality recliner for the whole family comfort. With the qualities you seek, no other recliner could beat this price.

The Homall recliner chair is specifically for those with back problems but cannot afford luxurious recliners. Now, you can finally get your back pains sorted without breaking the bank. What’s more?

Generally, most consumers loved this straight back recliner. Even some sportsmen commended the high performance after a long day at practice.

Other back pains were severe, but there was an improvement in their backaches after frequent reclining.

The Homall recliner chair is perfect for the following reasons:

No cold, no sticky: The top-quality PU leather material and the high-density thick sponge welcome your comfortable stay on this recliner. If you have a short or short dress, the material will be soft and not cold and sticky on your skin. Also, it is accessible to clean, and durable.

Maximum comfort, check!  Apart from the usual reclining function, this recliner contains a lumbar vibration massage role to deliver the utmost experience. What does this mean? Various massage modes include sleep mode, wider armrests, adjustable footrest, and a wide recliner back for extreme relaxation. (Talk of cherry on the ice-cream)

Sure rest on the footrest: this is no ordinary footrest as its construction is of high-quality steel frame with thick foam padding. What better way to enjoy soccer with your laid back and positioned feet on the footrest?

Heavy or not? The Homall recliner chair can steadily hold approximately 265lbs. Moreover, some more massive consumers have commended it for holding up to 320lbs and still going steady.


Even for a pocket-friendly price, the Homall recliner chair is NOT the most perfect out there. The short headrest was a bother to some consumers, while others wished it would rock. However, you are sure to get value for your less money with this purchase. Please shop now.

3. Mac Motion Recliner and Ottoman

Overview: When comfort meets style, Mac Motion is born. Recliner and ottoman, high-grade leather, and swivel function-Mac Motion are perfect for those though in pain, still pay attention to their space style.



Behold ladies and gentle, the Mac Motion Recliner and Ottoman. In terms of comfort and style, no other recliners for back problems could beat this.

This is the most elegant recliner, distinctively for those who want to relax their back comfortably in style. Now you can finish reading your novel with a comfortable back. What’s more?

Some buyers were on leave and did not find interest in any outdoor activities; hence opted to finish reading a book. Remarkably, it came as a shock to see how quickly they could spend a book under the utmost comfort.

Even though it’s been on their to-do list, there was notable progress in their reading skills.

The Mac Motion Recliner is essential because:

Movement champ: you can freely adjust the back to any comfortable position you deem fit. With the control knob, you can quickly stop at any position of rest. Because movement is vital in relaxing, it comes with an adjustable headrest as well. Movement benefits the body in better blood circulation and lumbar support while reclining. (Sounds pretty cool, huh?)

Stylish icon:  even with various designs to meet individual likes, style is a must in the construction. First, the hardwood frames finish compliments the décor of any space, depending on the tonal variation you prefer. Next, the layer of high density molded foam provides utmost comfort in the seat. Finally, different styles come with distinct upper and lower lumbar support.

Here to stay: since Mac wants you to enjoy lasting relief of back pain, this recliner has a top-quality leather-like cover. How does it help, you wonder? Well, the body is double sewn inside and out for full endurance. As tough as the cover may be, it is soft to touch and comfortable to the skin.

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For delicate back and neck conditions, the swivel action is not advisable. The Mac Motion Recliner does not lock to a stationary position hence deem irritating. But if you have no severe back condition, then this is it.

4. ANJ Recliner Chair

Overview: This standard-sized recliner is best for pregnant mums with back and hip pains. Overstuffed arm and back, steady and easy to assemble- it’s perfect for pregnancy journey to motherhood.



The ANJ recliner chair is the best for pregnant mums because of its simplicity and comfortable, quiet operation.

Pregnancy is usually a challenging journey for most mums. They experience back and hip pains sometimes all through the journey. The ANJ is specifically to help ease the aches and discomfort and enable a more bearable condition. You will finally get to sleep peacefully for a whole night. What’s more?

Even those who are not first-time mums stated an improvement in their journey after using the ANJ. Pregnancy is differing, but back and hip pains are constant hence evident change.

ANJ recliner chair is perfect for pregnant mums for the following reasons:

Maximum comfort: The overstuffed chair enables extreme comfort and relief. How? With a thick backrest, headrest, cushion, and armrest, this ANJ recliner for hip pain also offer exceptional support for your back, head, feet, and lumbar.

A single pull to utopia: Using the available reclining pull tab, you lay back and sleep off into the absolute comfort feeling like you are in paradise. Well, how much great comfort and luxury can mean.

Comfortable but steady: The simply follow instructions enable you to assemble in less than 10 minutes quickly. And even though it’s that easy to set up, don’t doubt the quality of construction. The ANJ is of LVL (Laminated veneer lumber), a high-grade material stable and robust than wood. It can carry 300lbs. I mean, there’s no guesswork in maintaining and holding a pregnant mum (2 lives at risk).

Also read: Best Recliner for Elderly Woman


With the consistent back and hip pains, this ANJ recliner will be of great help. You will get to enjoy maximum comfort in different positions as you pass down the countdown. Don’t wait any longer, buy now!

If this is not your stop, please read on for more options.

5. CANMOV Recliner Chair

Overview: The CANMOV recliner chair is the ideal doctor’s prescription recliner for all people with back problems. The manual reclining mechanism, advanced design, and high-quality bonded leather- it’s a perfect choice to add to your home collection.



The CANMOV recliner chair is a full package leather recliner chair. For all people with back problems, no other leather recliner could be more specific with its functions.

While others come with luxurious functions over back pain relief, this recliner for back problems hits right on the spot. You can comfortably sit, expecting ease and comfort on the pains and aches on your back.

Generally, even the athlete that visits a masseuse noted improvement on his back problems after using the CANMOV recliner chair. It was not a one-time improvement, but frequent use was better each time.

The main benefits of the CANMOV recliner chair are as below:

Manual reclining: This recliner has a smooth reclining system with three reading stages, watching, and sleeping. The overstuffed material provides extreme comfort for your head, back, and lumbar. So, you can experience comfort evenly in the entire body. Want to learn more about Power Vs Manual Recliners? Go through this guide.

Footrest action: The lever on the arm pulls out the footrest extending it before your feet for support. To return the footrest, quickly push using your heels until it locks back in position. The footrest position holds even tall people comfortably without their feet hanging over the recliner. (Talk of a perfect match)

High-end material: The top-quality leather with thick foam and LVL system offers luxurious comfort when reclining. The material is soft and skin-friendly, giving you a seventh heaven stable experience altogether. No wobbly or shaky movements while lounging on this one. What’s more?

Perfect look: The innovative design is ideal for the living room, bedroom, and even theatre. After a long day at work, enjoy relaxation to the fullest while sleeping or watching a movie.


When the back has severe aches, rocky may help relieve the pains. Sadly the CANMOV recliner chair is intact in one position but still wins the race in providing back pain comfort. This is an ideal choice. Please place your order.

6. Bonzy Home Air Leather Recliner Chair

Overview: The elegant Bonzy recliner is a comfortable way to enjoy your only time and ease back pains altogether. Pocket-friendly, comfortable, and easy to assemble- it’s the ideal recliner for having a good time playing video games or reading a book.



If you are looking for something for leisure and ease the back pains at the same time, get this cozy Bonzy recliner. Why so?

This recliner allows you to read a book or play a video game with extreme comfort rather than focussing on the pains. Now, you’ll finally get to finish that last stage of solitaire!

At times even after a long day at work, we fail to catch sleep immediately. So it’s proper to get a recliner that will ease the back pains as you do something else. What’s more?

You are prone to catch sleep at some point, but it will shock you how much you can cover in a comfortable position.

The Bonzy recliner is perfect because:

Comfort at its best: The overstuffed padding with air leather for utmost comfort. This air leather is not only high-quality and durable but also delicate, breathable, and easy to maintain. Your skin will thank the softness and comfort it provides.

Moreover, the overstuffed armrests and deep and large cushions allow you to sit back and relax on the recliner. The single pull reclining motion causes you back instantly. Read o.

Ideal décor: The unique red-brown color is a perfect fit for any space setting. It adds to the ambiance of your living room, bedroom, and theatre room.


It’s so sad that people over 6″ cannot enjoy the luxury and comfort of this Bonzy recliner. However, the lucky ones attest to the “no turning back” vibe and enjoy endless supreme comfort.

7. Thomas Payne Recliner Chair

Overview: when back pains come knocking, it’s time for an upgrade. Raised headrest, 360 degrees rotation, and functional footrest- this Thomas Payne recliner chair is perfect for a lifestyle change.



Thomas Payne recliner is the perfect recliner for travelers. I couldn’t think of a better option to upgrade your RV chairs.

This is a great way to substitute the old chairs in your RV. This recliner is perfect for those who love to travel quite often. Long travels can bring about back pains hence the need for a recliner. Keep reading.

All the occupants in the RV noticed the elegant upgrade in their furniture collection. Even the driver slept comfortably on this recliner after the long drive.

Even though there was only one, everybody took turns in enjoying maximum comfort.

Thomas Payne recliner is beneficial because:

Home away from home: The wooden base and elegant stitched leather look will compliment any RV, making you feel at home. The leather and polymer coating is easy to clean and padded for supreme comfort. You don’t have to worry if the RV accidentally hits a bump, and you spill your drink on the recliner. Just wipe it clean.

Natural recliner: Just sitting on it naturally sets it into a reclined position. However, you can adjust to a more reclined position with the footrest out. Just pull the lever, and the footrest will automatically stretch. The raised headrest allows you to place your head comfortably. So what’s standing between you and your beauty sleep? Absolutely nothing while on this Thomas Payne recliner.

Also, here is the list of 8 Best RV Recliners to Relax In.


For limited space in the RV, we recommend the Thomas Payne recliner chair for back problems and comfort. Also, it’s lightweight, allowing you to carry it safely into the RV for quick assembly. Are you thinking of taking another long drive? This is your ideal choice for a travel recliner. Go ahead, get it now!

Stay with me, will you?

8. Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman

Overview: Who said that money could not buy you happiness? This high-end reclining glider is best for nursing mums. Easy to assemble, comfortable, and adjustable- this is the perfect recliner for new parents looking for quality and safety.



Behold the Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman. The number one glider recliner for nursing mums of all-time. Nothing came close to beating the gliding function.

This is the best recliner for nursing mums as it allows them comfort even late in the night. The gliding function enables the mum to recline and cuddle the baby to sleep. Now you can finally sleep despite the prolonged colic sleepless nights.

After using this glider, most mums showed more improvement in their sleep routine. Parenting is not as hard, after all! What’s more?

Apart from nursing, they were able to cuddle their little ones to sleep comfortably. Indeed happy baby equals happy parent!

The Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman are marvelous for mums for the following reasons:

Glide, recline and lock: the glide motion goes on for as long as you would prefer and automatically reclines to give you more comfort. Remarkably, the ottoman glides just as the chair does hence experience uniform motion (just the thought of it makes me sleepy already). Also, you can lock steady any position you like. The footrest on the ottoman is for a more stable position for the mum while nursing. Simply fold it back in place when you are through. What’s more?

A clean affair: The armrests are detachable and washable. Conversely, the back cushion is comfortable to remove to clean and also wash the wooden frames behind.

Safety first: Your safety and the child are a top priority hence a durable construction of hardwood. The hardwood is strong enough to carry about 260lbs. With safety still in mind, this glider has no sharp edges, no metal or lead content, and no formaldehyde. All these are unsafe for a child-friendly environment.


Because babies are adorable, all nursing mums deserve one of this Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman. Enjoy parenthood by kick-starting with a memorable and comfortable nursing experience. Memories are worth every cent, go on and order for this.

9. Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliners

Overview: Standard model by far the best for the elderly. 

Dual motor system, permanent position, and sturdy construction are perfect for the elderly for their maximum comfort.



Irene House Recliner is perfect for seniors everywhere. With frequent memory loss and backaches, no recliner could beat this for the elderly. Why?

Age comes with mobility problems due to backaches. The elderly can hardly endure sitting in an upright position for long; hence a recliner would be ideal. Now grandma can finally enjoy her classical music without backaches. What’s more?

While upright sitting is a problem, grandma cannot also stand upright to wake up from the reclined position. Therefore many seniors commended the power lift for helping them stand up from the recliner.

The Irene House recliner has more benefits like:

Unlimited positions: after a long day of watching her classics, grandma needed to fall asleep. This straight back recliner allowed her to stretch and get the comfort of her bed with just the touch of a button. The endless positions allow adjusting the backrest and footrest simultaneously to any position you like or individually. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Up you go! The lumbar pillow and wide backrest support the waist and body respectively as the recliner lifts grandma to a standing position. She doesn’t have to struggle to get up and out of the recliner. Also, the side pockets act as storage facilities for the remote. So grandma won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing it.

Powerful performance: the electric and dual motor work smoothly, quiet, and independently. Grandma enjoys every position as she prefers.

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No more bed rest alone in the bedroom due to back and leg pains. This Irene House Recliner is a game changer to allow you a more attractive yet comfortable environment. Grandpa could need this as well so, go ahead and buy.

10. Mecor Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: this exceptional recliner offers massage function for back problems. Multifunction, full-swivel rotation, and durable material- this is perfect for all back problems.



The Mecor Massage Recliner Chair lives up to its name. This is the best-selling multifunction recliner perfect for lower back pains. Why?

Apart from reclining into your preferred position, the massage functions will soothe the back and general body pains. Go ahead and call off the massage appointments, finally!

Even though this is not as perfect as human hands in massage, the sportsman noted improvement in the endless back pains.

More advantages of the Mecor Massage Recliner Chair are:

The press and knead go along way: The heat massage function offers eight massage points and five massage styles for choice. Individual body part massage mode helps ease stress, pain, and stretch the shoulder muscle. (So relaxing)

Swivel and recline: The recliner swivel and reclines at the same time. This provides the utmost comfort after surgery and back problems. What’s more?

Just a little bit longer: The high-quality leather and sturdy wood frame enhance strength and durability. The densely padded armrest, back, and seat offer extreme comfort that you would want to stay a little bit longer.  


With thorough heat massage and reclining, what more can be the ultimate solution to back pain? Last option but not least, don’t miss this great choice. Go ahead and order now!

Things to Consider Before Buying the Reclining Chairs for Lower Back Pain

A recliner is an investment that you would enjoy for many years to come. Therefore making the right choice is ideal. Hence go through the buying guide below.

Cost: Because this is not just any ordinary chair in your living room, be sure to invest more for the utmost quality and comfort. To avoid impulse buying, draw a strict budget to follow. Prices differ from low to high, depending on the advanced attributes present.

Type: Even though recliners pretty much do the same thing, they come in various styles. In this case, you are looking for a recliner suitable for back problems. With such thought, you can eliminate other vast types that don’t suit your lifestyle.

Size: After deciding on the type of recliner you want, it’s time to choose the ideal size. Where do you intend to place your straight back recliner? The amount of space you have will determine the size you ought to get (don’t forget the door size). Also, you will need to evaluate what size is best for your body. How tall, comprehensive, and heavy are you? After establishing all these measurements, you can now comfortably look for the ideal size of a recliner.

What’s more? You are almost there.

Material: Did you know the material of construction also determines the price of the recliner? Of course, a recliner cannot be of high-quality 100% leather and still cost a few dollars! Also, high-quality material is likely to last you longer compared to the cheaper options.

Confused? Go and read our ultimate guide on upholstery fabric.

Additional features: What’s relaxing without your favorite glass of wine or cup of coffee? Wait, where are you going to place your glass or cup? A cup or glass holder is an additional feature that plays an essential role in boosting a recliner’s comfort purpose. Also, some recliners come with a USB port for phone charging. (How cool is that?)


Did you know? Back pain can attack people of all ages, from young people to the elderly.

With this in mind, the best recliner for lower back pains is the most common recliner in everyday recliner searches.

Keep the above consideration in mind as you embark on the journey to purchase the best addition to your home.


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