10 Best Recliners for Gaming (Feel Comfort with Recliner Gaming Chair)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: January 8, 2021

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Are you looking for the best recliners for gaming? Please take a seat.

With the new ‘stay at home’ norm this year, you’ve probably picked on some new indoor leisure activities. Above all, gaming happens to be your new favorite hobby. You know how hard it is getting up from the seat while you are busy trying to get to The Last of Us Part II. Hence you can spend a whole day playing.

Believe it or not, the best gaming recliner could be your ticket to championships. You see, to counter the fatigue from endless quests, you need to be comfortably seated. Besides, what’s better than kicking back on a recliner after a tiring day to advance to new gaming levels?

Therefore, in this review, CozySeating will cover the ten best gaming recliners currently in the market. Our summary is as a result of style, comfort, quality, and price. Wherever your game station is, there’s something for you. Read on.

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Here are the 10 Best Recliners for Gaming

1. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

Overview: Homall provides a perfect blend of comfort and leisure. It comprises world-class features like stylish design, quality upholstery, and foot protection, among others. This leather reclining gaming chair is your best shot for earning an unbeatable high score.

Imagine the feeling of setting high scores across numerous games, thanks to Homall!

Material and comfort: high-quality PU leather is not only classy but also comfortable. It is skin-friendly and easy to clean; therefore, you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink on it as the game intensifies. The high-density sponge provides superb comfort, so you can sit for as long as you like. The material is also very resilient and has high permeability.

Function: this gaming recliner is also multi-purpose. You can use it for working, watching movies, and even napping. The adjustable back and footrest set you comfortably to any position you desire from a 90-180 degrees angle.

It’s also perfect for those games that need a TV rather than a PC, for example, Xbox.

Style: even though it looks like an old-school recliner, it has a unique style that shouts its purpose for gaming. This recliner has enough room to allow gaming motions and fit most people. Also, it comes in a variety of colors of blue, red, purple, and grey to suit any background or your choice. Like most recliners, it has a side pocket where you can store your wireless gamepads or game guides.

Durability and construction: to hold a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, this gaming recliner has a heavy-duty construction that assures its durability. It stands on four sturdy legs with non-marking pads. Therefore your floor and sofa are well protected.



Verdict: whether you are playing a racer game or killing Nobbs, the Homall gaming recliner should be your lead option in winning. The style and comfort are out of this world.

2. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Gaming Chair

x rocker pro series 2.1 foldable video gaming chair

Overview: if you cannot play or program without some music in the background, then this X Rocker gaming chair is your best choice. With notable features like inbuilt-speakers and subwoofers, vibrations, wireless radio receiver, and classy design- you won’t even realize the time.

To quote Dick Clark, “Music is the soundtrack of your life,” enjoy every second spent on this gaming recliner. Read on.

Media experience: being a top-selling point, the media effect on this X Rocker gives you the knowledge to die for. Why? The in-built two forward-facing speakers, ported power subwoofers, and the audio force modulation enable you not only to feel every sound of the game but live in the moment. You will feel like a live experience of the game.

Multipurpose: this gaming recliner with speakers is also perfect for listening to music as you relax, watching TV, and reading. Any way you choose to relax, it works for you. Even when you feel like gaming with other gamers, this chair offers the feature of connecting with other RCA stereo systems and chairs. What’s more?

It is also adaptable with all gaming systems, even though others require extra adaptors. For instance, if you choose to play Xbox 1, it doesn’t have an RCA jack; therefore, you need an HDMI audio extractor.

Comfort: with your best interest at heart, the X Rocker has vibration motors syncing with the audio’s bass tenors. This effect causes an extraordinary full-body feeling that enhances comfort and entertainment for as long as you wish.

Also, it has soft padding all around with pressure releasing base. The base maintains a comfortable sitting that you won’t feel any form of fatigue. The stabilizing armrest and lumbar support keep you in any position.

Construction: the base is strong and sturdy with a tilt and swivel function. Because X Rocker wants you to enjoy a lifetime experience, the structure is a robust material that enhances its durability. The PU leather is tough and easy to maintain; hence no easy tears and wear.



Verdict: don’t just play for the sake of high scores, but make sure you feel every moment of the game. The X Rocker gaming chair takes you right into the core of the game.

3. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Video Gaming Chair

Full body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Overview: even when the game is addictive, and you don’t want to quit, massage is your antidote. This massage video gaming recliner has a massage experience, modern design, high-quality upholstery, and durable construction.

The feeling of spending your money on quality comes second to none. The shiatsu massage gaming chair is all you need. Why?

Massage experience: it provides a full body massage function. With five massage modes (knocking, kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu, and air pressure) and three pre-set auto programs, you get the best massage experience everywhere. It has four airbags on each side of the chair, swinging your hip by inflation and deflation as a masseuse does. With a roller gliding from the upper back to the seat, this massage function results in relieving the pressure on the pelvis, waist, and hip to avoid a bad posture from sitting for hours.

Design: remarkably, it comprises of hidden wheels that make it easily portable. Whether you want to play in the game room, take a nap by the window or enjoy a book in the study room, this chair moves everywhere you want it. Also, it has an easy-to-reach inserted control button that enables you to operate all functions without moving. There are a convenient phone slot and USB port for charging when you are busy gaming.

Furthermore, it has a jaw-dropping sleek style that perfects it for use in the living area, theatre, or office.

Construction: this recliner assures long-term service for your gaming needs. It has a solid steel frame making it sturdy enough to hold 200lbs, which is more vital than ordinary chairs. PU leather is hard and easy to maintain. No need to panic when you spill or stain; hence easy to clean.

For comfort, it comes with extra padding on the seat and in-built Bluetooth speakers on the headrest. You can enjoy music while on your gaming session.



Verdict: To enjoy professional massage right in your gaming room, please buy this shiatsu massage gaming chair. It provides the type of massage you would spend a lot to book an appointment after a tiring endless gaming session.

4. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Recliner Chair

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Overview: Respawn gaming recliner is the only furniture your gaming deserves. It features comfort, 4D adjustability, sleek design, and sturdy construction. When you fall in love with your gaming, you deserve to enjoy every minute on a comfortable chair.

Respawn recliner chair is a game-changer for your playing sessions. Read on.

Adjustability: the 4D adjustability enables you to find your best position when playing. You can lift or lower your chair and recline between 90- 155 degrees with endless locking positions. Also, the soft, padded armrest hinges with the chair in the recline position. Also, the 360 degrees swivel enables lively movement.

Construction: it comes in durable PU leather that has contrasting colors. The colors maintain a professional look yet blends with any background of your space. The sturdy steel construction reassures durability and stability, holding a 275lbs weight capacity. You end up playing at ease with no wobbles, no matter the effect of the game.

Comfort: it comprises divided soft padding specifically for maximum curved comfort and support whenever and wherever you want it most. Moreover, this ergonomic chair has a stretchable footrest and a removable, adjustable headrest that enables a more comfortable position. The lumbar support pillows and padded armrests enhance super comfort on the whole chair.

Design: Respawn offers total luxury and comfort with its sophisticated design. You can also use it in the office to provide comfort during long working hours.



Verdict: because your office and gaming studio should look well, get the Respawn gaming recliner chair at a cost-effective price.

5. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

Killabee big and tall 350lb massage gaming chair

Overview: when a chair comes specifically to meet your needs, the Killabee massage gaming recliner becomes irresistible. It comes fully-packaged with multi-function, plush comfort, and sturdiness.

The Killabee is among the most comfortable gaming recliner. Why?

Multi-function: when you are up all night gaming, the implant USB electric massage feature enhances the lumbar cushion to relieve fatigue successfully. The adjustable back, height, and recline locking mechanism positions to a maximum of 155 degrees. Also, the arms are flexible, with an extendable padded footrest and a 360 degrees swivel movement. Therefore, you can recline, rotate while kicking your legs up in your gaming session to any position you desire.

Comfort:  When it comes to comfort, Killabee never disappoints. The PU leather, which is anti-fade and easy to clean, has extra thick padded foam added on top of the present seat cushion. Also, the headrest and lumbar massage cushion have pads for maximum stability and comfort. The high backrest is suitable for tall people to fully support the spinal and neck to avoid aches and maintain good sitting posture.

Construction: the sturdy construction of an integrated and robust metal frame, heavy-duty steel base with smooth-rolling castors provides maximum security and stability. Remarkably the structure is strong enough to carry up to 350lbs of weight.

Style: of course, fashion is also a fundamental need while looking for the best recliner gaming chair. It has a contemporary design that can also suit your office apart from the gaming function. As the boss, make a statement with this chair in the office.



Verdict: gaming can cause lower back pains most times; hence a comfortable chair is mandatory. The Killabee allows you to kill two birds with a stone; comfort and lumbar section pain relieve massage function.

6. Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair

Vitesse Gaming Reciner Chair

Overview: when a chair allows you to game like its life’s competition. The Vitesse comprises of easy assembly, premium material, and ergonomic design.

For a professional gamer, this is the best lounge chair for gaming. Read on.

Function: Vitesse is a unique model of a gaming chair to suit a severe gamer’s needs. Why? It comprises an in-built ergonomic headrest and convenient lumbar support, and a retractable footrest. The gaming style boosts the aesthetic feeling making one feel like the best of the best.

 If you want to recline, it easily adjusts in a variance of 3 positions from 90-180 degrees. With a 3-point support system from the head, lumbar, and feet, your whole body receives total rest and support.

Material: the PU leather is both water-proof and anti-fade, making it durable. Also, it is skin-friendly and comfortable to maintain. The spills and stains should not restrict you from finishing your game; hence easy to clean by just wiping with a damp or dry cloth. In case it’s hot, the upholstery is breathable therefore comfortable to sit on.

Construction: its structure is of a heavy-duty steel frame making it strong and stable. Also, it comes with a PU leather covered protective footpad. No gaps for your foot to snag in between or the feeling of uncomfortable cold metal on your calf.

Incredibly, it takes less than 8 minutes to assemble and begin gaming fully. It also has a side pocket for convenient storage. You can insert your game manuals and covers or even the wireless controls for safekeeping.



Verdict: if you are planning to gift your little gamer, the Vitesse is an ideal gift. It has the perfect size for young gamers not taller than 5.9′ and tries to take their skills to another level.

7. Giantex Swivel Gaming Chair

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

Overview: are you planning to have your friends over for a gaming tournament? The Giantex swivel floor gaming chair is all you need. It has a swivel base, adjustable backrest, in-built springs, and foldable for easy storage.

With a gaming recliner close to the floor, you will have a unique approach to a better gaming session. Read on.

Function:  the bottom part is a swivel base that rotates to 360 degrees. This makes it convenient when you want to pick something from another direction. Remarkably, it is also a rocker. You can adjust the backrest into four positions, just the way you want. Switching to different sitting positions enhances comfort and relaxation. One position can cause backache.

Comfort: this floor game recliner has in-built springs that shape the chair and offer much more ease than typical foam. It also has extra-thick sponges all over that make the entire lounging experience one of a kind to boost the comfort.

Construction: the Giantex gaming recliner can hold 330lbs of weight. This means that it has a robust construction of concrete steel tubes. Also, the upholstery is tough linen that is hard to wear and tear. But don’t have your cat on the chair. It’s likely to scratch the linen with its claws.

Design: the low floor design is unique, but the perfect approach for comfort while gaming. You can remove the swivel base for washing in case it gets dirty for washing. That makes it convenient instead of wetting the whole chair to clean just the bottom.

Furthermore, once your gaming tournament with friends is through, your floor recliner is comfortable to store. The backrest can thoroughly fold hence clearing out space for anything else. This also makes it easy to carry it to another location.



Verdict:  Giantex floor gaming recliner is perfect for your needs to play and hang out with friends, even outdoors for a barbeque. It perfectly fits children and adults.

8. X Rocker SE 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair for adult

Overview: X Rocker is the expression of comfort. It features a multi-purpose media experience, wireless connection, and elegant design- this gaming recliner with speakers allows you to play and listen.

Designed for comfort, X Rocker is the reason you will never leave your room. Read on.

Versatile: there are times you want to take a break from gaming and just need to relax, watch movies, read a book, or even listen to music. This recliner is perfect for various activities that require sitting comfortably. Again, its style allows you to use it anywhere comfortably, even in the office.

Media experience: the Audio Force Modulation (AFM) magnifies and intensifies the sound from the game or music, enabling you to sync and become one with the excitement. The two speakers on the headrest are for powerful sound immersion. Rest assured you won’t miss a thing. Moreover, the open ported power of the 4″ subwoofer offers a pompous sensation.

Wireless connection: the chair quickly connects to your devices for using a wireless connection for music or gaming on other screens. It comes with optional RCA cables for different devices. Furthermore, the control pane contains precise controls (volume and bass) and a jack (output and input) connecting to your audio for other X Rockers to come in for several games.

Comfort: the design of X Rocker allows your body naturally for extra comfort. Also, it has a neck and lumbar support with tilt and swivel movement for super comfort and relaxation. The chair has padded cushions on the headrest, backrest, and seat that make you stay a little bit longer for another round of battle.

Lastly, the faux leather material is durable, soft, breathable, and skin-friendly.



Verdict: the right thing with this X Rocker 2.1 gaming is that it highlights the importance of sound. Whether you are gaming, listening to music, or both, you need to listen and feel it whole. Also, it is the perfect size for even tall people.

9. Merax Gaming Recliner Gaming Chair

Merax Gaming Recliner

Overview: when gaming becomes your raw lifestyle. Merax gaming recliner includes ergonomic design, sturdy construction, and extra features- the best deal you will find!

When you need to spend your money on an all-combination chair, place your order on this 3-in-1 recliner gaming chair.

Multi-function: if you are looking for gaming, office, and lift chair, this is it. Merax helps you find your favorable position from 90-135 and locking it. Also, it swivels on a non-wheeled base giving you a firmer rotation. Nevertheless, you transition from a low position to a higher one by use of the lift feature.

Construction: the round base is stable and heavy-duty to hold a weight capacity of 275lbs. The reinforced steel frame qualifies the hardness test for robust and durability purposes. Furthermore, the armrest is without wobbling and doesn’t break easily. Generally, the Merax construction assures stability, durability, and security of use.

Design: the chair is lightweight hence making it easy to move around to a suitable location. It comes with an extra removable headrest and lumbar pillows for additional comfort whenever; therefore, you don’t need to buy others.

Besides, there are two cup holders and a movable side pocket. These extra features satisfy the convenience need; hence you can enjoy your favorite drink secured on the cupholder. Again, you can store your remotes and readable material on the side pocket. These features minimize movement since you will have all you need at close and convenient proximity.



Verdict: you need a gaming chair that can also double up as an office chair and a lift chair. The Merax is a crafty combination for your daily use.

10. Gtracing Gaming Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Adjustable swivel recliner

Overview: sit with the luxury you deserve. The Gtracing gaming chair has fantastic features that comprise of ergonomic design, multi-function, durable upholstery, and thick padded body-say goodbye to discomfort.

When your chair is a reflection of you, you make sure Gtracing is part of your home and office furniture. Why?

Functionality: if your skills and chair work together, your gaming expertise goes over the roof. This chair is a superior design, mostly for gamers but can have a comfortable office role. Whichever position you want, you can get it. How? The armrest and headrest can easily adjust, rocks, large reclining from 90-170 degrees, and 360 degrees swivel.

Design and comfort:  the thick padded seat and back bring on another level of comfort to this chair. It has a strong metal frame that ensures a safe, stable, and comfortable lounging experience. There are no shaky or squeaking sounds when sitting on Gtracing gaming chair. Moreover, the durable, soft PU leather, extra seat cushion, lumbar, and headrest pillow provide additional support and comfort.

What’s more?

The material is easy to clean hence easy to maintain. PU leather is also skin-friendly thus does not get uncomfortable in extreme weather conditions.



Verdict: with Gtracing, comfort is primary in gaming while efficiency in working. Choose a chair that suits a couple of needs.

Buying Guide for the Best Recliner Gaming Chair

With the above selection, how do you choose the best? Choosing the best can be hectic, especially when you have all the great picks together. Just as we narrowed down your search to review the best, we will also offer a buying guide. With a buying guide, your perfect decision awaits. Read on.

Comfort: you may hear from many sources that sitting for a long time is unhealthy; the truth is that even standing for long hours is not suitable for your health. As a gamer, sitting for many hours is what your body understands, therefore pose a danger. But to strike a balance between comfort and enjoyment, you need to choose a chair that shouts ‘i am the most comfortable gaming recliner.’

Support: look for a chair that offers maximum support to carry your weight and support your back. In carrying weight, you should analyze the model and material of construction to ensure the chair’s strength. Read on.

If you plan to use your gaming chair in the office, make sure it offers maximum support when working and typing on the computer. Hunching over the office desk can cause lower back pains. Hence, you need help when you are in an upright position seated to maintain the neural spine posture when the chair is holding you.

However, if you are gaming, a recline position and support on the back is ideal. Therefore look for a locking backrest or pressure control.

Value: whether you can afford an expensive seat or a cheap one, find out if it brings value for your money. Analyze all the features and purpose carefully to see what you can avoid and what has to be inclusive. Some features add the price but are not as necessary, while others are significant but cost-effective. What exactly do you expect the chair to do for you? The answer to this will help you reach the price and value factor.

Design: with a wide range of gaming chairs, it would be best to choose a gamer-friendly design. If you have a game room, you should look for a chair that blends with its décor. Also, what is your gaming need? This answer will tell more of the suitable design. For instance, some people want to play alone; hence a single chair with lone features is best. Others love tournaments and having friends around for gaming sessions. In this case, a chair that connects with other devices and similar chairs is perfect for all the needs.


Are recliners good for gaming?

Recliner Gaming chairs are an ideal asset for those who spend long hours sitting at a screen or computer. Gaming recliners handle low sitting lifestyles and show you how to sit with correct posture. Sitting in a gaming chair is very comfortable.

What’s the position of your lumbar support?

The lumbar support should be in your spine’s standard curve, naturally at the small of your back right over your belt line. This alteration is often in the chair, so you can regulate the height of the chair back and the lumbar support simultaneously.

Finish Line

There you have it! Because gaming is fun, so should your chair. Our overall choice for the best recliners for gaming is the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair. With quality, adjustability, comfort, and price as basic needs in a gaming recliner, our top selection was sure to impress us.

Pick any of the above selections with wisdom from the buyer’s guide and upgrade your ‘game dom’.

Let the games begin!


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