Best Lay Flat Recliner In 2022 (Top 10 Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 10, 2021

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Did you know that lack of sleep will kill you faster than food deprivation?

Hi there, and welcome to my best lay flat recliner and buyer’s guide. The amount of comfort you receive in your sleep will determine the type of sleep you will have. Most people find it hard to sleep on their bed because they find it uncomfortable for reasons such as the shape of the bed and mattress and underlying medical conditions.

Moreover, lying horizontally flat on your bed becomes uncomfortable hence loss of sleep. But, worry not!

According to the experts, the best lay flat recliner is necessary for sleep apnea, back problems, and other conditions that make sleeping in a bed difficult. Besides, such a recliner is perfect for anyone who would love a comfortable place to doze off in the living room.

Therefore, my team and I decided to go on the best recliner for a sleeping hunt to narrow down your search. We summarised comfort, durability, material, and extra features from the best in the market.

Read on to make a decision.

Table of Contents

List of Best Lay Flat Recliner in the Market Today

1. Maxxprime Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Infinite Position Lay Flat

Overview: Lift function, dual motors, infinite positions, USB port, and side pockets- this is your perfect match to relieve fatigue or sleep apnoea in providing maximum comfort.

Positions: This flat lay recliner will allow you to sit upright (natural chair position) and read your unfinished novel. Better still, you can adjust it to go down a little bit in a TV watching position to and when all is said and done, why not catch a nap or even sleep completely? It will lay flat like a bed, giving you a comfortable sleep position for as long as you desire. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Lift function: Thanks to this recliner, it comes with a lift function that helps you get up quickly from your lay-flat position to a standing position and back to a sitting or lying flat position. This function helps avoid adding pressure on the back and joints while trying to get out of the chair.

Dual motors: The dual motors give you the liberty to control both your footrest and back independently. With just the touch of a button on the remote control, you get to assume any style of comfort when it comes to kicking your legs up or reclining back.

Style: Mega Motion Juno comes in a contemporary design with durable and different fabric colors to match your decor. You get to choose your favorite color from Burgundy, Dove, Chocolate, and Navy to blend or stand out from the rest. Also, it comes with a thickly padded back, armrest, seat, and footrest to ensure maximum comfort for an extended period.

Extra features: Remarkably, it includes a USB port to charge your phone within reach. Also, there is an easy-to-reach side pocket on each side to store your readable and remote.




This is a heavy-duty chair that can carry a maximum of 325 lbs. Even in a tall person with a height of 5 ft. 6″-6 ft. 2″. Moreover, if you wish to have the chair brought pre-installed, you will have to spend more on the service. Otherwise, you can install it easily with the available easy-to-read instructions.

Go ahead and shop now!

2. Mecor Power Lay Flat Sleeper Recliner

Overview: it features functions like massage and heat, dual motors and lift, and sturdy construction. Mecor is your all-in-one package for comfort and luxury.

Massage and heat: This function comprises eight vibrating massage nodes for the lumbar, back, thigh, legs, and a heating system for the lumbar section. You can control all these features to your preference using the remote control inclusive.

Dual motor: This is not your ordinary recliner, as the dual motors allow you to adjust the footrest and backrest separately. According to your preference, you can sleep, recline, watch TV and even get out of the chair effortlessly.

Comfort: Comes in a padded headrest, widened and padded backrest, and armrest and seat area to allow you to relax in utmost comfort. The widened backrest ensures support for the entire body and comes with two universal rear wheels for easy movement.

Construction: It has a high-quality metal frame, high-density composite board, thick memory foam, soft and slow rebound, and a TUV motor that ensures long service. The heavy-duty construction can hold a maximum weight of 330lbs.

Style and design: Has a PU leather upholstery that is durable, soft to touch, and easy to clean. The rivet design holds the fabric securely in position while adding style to the chair. Also, it comes with a USB charging port and side pockets for easy-to-reach convenience.




You can get this chair in black and brown colors, which easily blend with any interior. The massage function is not the shiatsu type but vibrates to ease fatigue with a heating lumbar function. Also, you can add a pillow on the lumbar section to add more comfort.

Buy now on Amazon to get the best offers.

3. Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Lay Flat Recliner

Overview: Dual okin motor, infinite position, breathable leather, high-quality steel construction, and support lift chair- a perfect choice for the elderly with mobility and sleep problems.

Quiet and smooth operation: It is an electrical and high-quality dual Okin motor that ensures a silent and smooth operation. The engines allow you to adjust the back and footrest individually as you desire. You can also comfortably stay in any position you like with just the touch of 4 buttons on the remote. The lift function helps the elderly to sit and stand from the chair with much ease.

Absolute position: You have the freedom to operate the backrest up to 180 ° and the footrest from 90 °-180 °. Both the extending footrest and lounging concept allow you to stretch and relax, like sleeping, reading, watching TV, and more.

Construction and upholstery: All wood boards are formaldehyde-free and high-quality steel frame. Also, the high-density sponge ensures lasting service so that the lift chair is resilient enough to endure 300 lbs. of the weight. Moreover, the smooth and cozy leather material will give you a skin-friendly experience that enhances support. This upholstery is also breathable and waterproof, making it easy to clean.




This lay-flat recliner allows you to turn your living room into your bedroom. This is because of the maximum comfort, style, and competitive functions it offers. With the infinite positions and independent remote controlled roles, you will bid goodbye to your sleepless nights.

Moreover, grandma and grandpa will enjoy this even more. Don’t hesitate and place that order now.

4. Jacky Home Lay Flat Lift Recliner

No products found.

Overview:  Sometimes, it takes just a chair to get your sleep back in order without any more struggles. 

Wide adjustable angle, dual motor and lift function, comfortable upholstery, sturdy construction, and easy to assemble- gift yourself long-lasting sleep with Jacky Home lay flat recliner.

Dual motor functions: First, it lifts the chair to help the user stand up and sit down effortlessly without straining the back and knees. Also, the backrest and footrest function individually in any position you desire. These functions are easy to control using the four buttons on the remote.

Positions: The infinite positioning allows you to operate the backrest from 110 ° -180 ° and footrest from 90 °-180 °. Remarkably you can lock into any place you prefer, from reading a book to lying flat for your afternoon naps.

Comfort: Breathable faux leather is soft to touch, making it easy to clean. It encloses a thick sponge on the seat, armrest, and backrest for utmost comfort. Moreover, the humanized design consists of soft and high elastic to add durability and convenience to your daily use.

Construction: The heavy-duty metal frames and quality hardwood ensure a lasting relationship between the chair and the user. It’s resilient enough to support 300 lbs. of weight. As heavy as it is, it will only take you a maximum of 20 minutes to assemble. It comes with easy to read instructions that ensure you get the process quickly.




You will only need to assemble the backrest and wheels and enjoy your comfort and sleep immediately. It is sizable enough to hold a person of 6 ft. and does not take up a lot of space. The silent operation is a plus as you won’t need to wake people up in the middle of the night when you need to get out of the chair.

Rest assured of value for your money, so go ahead and buy.

5. Catnapper Owens Full Lay-Out Recliner

Overview: Polyester fabric, USB port, Comfort Coil seating with Comfort-Gel and power recliner-a simple, a contemporary chair that does not compromise with the importance of sleep.

Comfort: The comfort coil-seating and comfort-gel lets you enjoy out-of-this-world comfortable lounging and sleeping. The coil-seating allows the thick padded cushions not to sink in even after using sitting and sleeping on it for the longest time.

Operation: It offers a stable and silent reclining operation is something you require for that good-quality rest. Using power control, you can recline and kick up the footrest for a more relaxed position. Also, it has sufficient room for you to curl up and nap.

Style and design: Lastly, the polyester fabric is soft, tough, and easy to clean. It comes in lovely shades that fit in any interior or space you want to place it.




An ever-ready chair as the cushions does not dent even after lounging for a long time. Also, the power headrest and lumbar ensure total support to relieve fatigue and back and neck pain. It also acts as a pillow to lift your head when you are sleeping flat.

6. ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

Overview: Breathable bonded leather, heavy-duty construction, comfortable cushions, and extra features- ideal chair even for pregnant mums to sleep through the nights.

Function: Remote controlled chair allowing you to recline smoothly and gently with just two buttons. The gentleness is an excellent fit for people with underlying health conditions or the elderly who require a slow operation.

Comfortable and Durable:  Comes with overstuffed pillows on the head and back for various positions like reading a book, watching TV, and sleeping. This provides exceptional comfort for your back, neck, and lumbar. Also, durable, top-quality steel construction ensures about 25,000 times use. The breathable and soft leather is easy to clean and lasts long. Moreover, it adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Extra features: The USB port for charging the phone is within easy reach. It is oversized to hold down 300 lbs. of weight and tall and wide people.




This is the perfect lay-flat chair for people with back and hip problems. It is also straightforward to assemble with detailed and simple instructions. The elegant classic design adds to the aesthetic value of your space. Buy now while stocks last!

If this is not your stop, read on.

7. Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner

Overview: Same as its name, this recliner offers a cloud 12 if not nine types of relaxation and comfort. It features very soft upholstery, padded cushions, durable frames, and easy use reclining system.

Comfort: Cloud 12 is a lay-flat power broad recliner comprised of a heavy-duty metal frame and a robust footrest. The steel frame is strong to hold a maximum weight of 250lbs without shaking. Also, it is just the ideal height for your back- neither too tall nor too short. What’s’ more?

Functions: Due to the eight gauge spring system for seat strength and comfort, it delivers a quiet and smooth operation of infinite positions according to your preference.

Construction: The 100% Steel Seat Box offers superior support to prevent warping or splitting. Moreover, the combined steel base resists bending and wears hence long-lasting.




ANJ is a “swallow you up” recliner for utmost relaxation and luxury. With this lay-flat reclining chair, you can turn and curl to find the best position. Unlike most recliners, it has a steel base and one button, adjusting the chair flat to complete horizontal and any position in between. Click on for the best deal on Amazon to order now!

8. Irene House 9170 Lay Flat Electric Power Lift Recliner

Overview: It features a dual okin motor, unlimited position, durable upholstery, and sturdy construction. This is what you need to overcome sleep deprivation.

Comfortable padding and sturdy construction: The Formaldehyde-free wood boards, top-grade steel frame, and soft high-density sponge are features that guarantee a long-term service. This way, the lift chair is robust enough to hold a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Smooth and comfy leather material will provide you relaxation and generous support.

Function: The dual okin motor is smooth, silent, and independent. You can assume any position you want, from lying flat to standing up using recline and lift motor. The other engine lets you operate the backrest and footrest functions independently. Just use the four buttons on the remote control to engage the dual motors the way you want.

Unlimited positions: It comes with four different positions for reading a book, watching a movie, sleeping, and standing up—the backrest functions from 108°-160°, and footrest from 90°-180°.

Extra features: It features a side pocket design for convenient storage and two rear wheels for easy movement. It also comes with all assembly accessories included making it easy to assemble.

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Wrong fitting for tall people hence feet hanging on over the footrest


Generally, this lay-flat power recliner is an all-round for comfort, style, and function. The chair comes in different colors to blend in any space. Besides, you don’t have to worry if your movie takes the entire night; you can pause and sleep on your recliner as long as you want.

Good things don’t last long in the shops, so order now!

9. Bonzy Home Recliner Chair

Overview: whenever you need to be alone, Bonzy has your back covered when sleeping or sitting. It is easy to assemble, comfortable, durable, and elegant.

Style and design: It comes in a variety of colors, ready to blend in your interior. Moreover, it is an ideal size that does not take much of your space. Velvet upholstery that is user-friendly, wear-proof, breathable hence easy to maintain.

Comfort: It is softly padded on the backrest, armrest, and seat to offer maximal support and relaxation. The armrests are wide enough to allow you to lounge in any style you feel comfortable.

Construction: To hold a maximum weight of 300 lbs. this construction is sturdy without wobbling. It has a generous sizing to fit a majority of short and tall people comfortable with enough room to sleep in. The assembly process is effortless within 10 minutes for a complete set-up.




Bonzy offers much support when you need it. It comes in 2 pieces that easily snap together for a quick assembly. The comfort is prime as it has no gap on the back or leg section to cause uneasiness. The chair does feel not only great but also looks outstanding and worth every coin.

Go ahead and place your order.

10. DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Lay Flat Recliner

Overview: manual latch, high-density form, vintage design, and sturdy support- a stylish and versatile chair to match your preference.

Simple design: The manual latch is easy to operate, allowing you to kick up your feet on the footrest for support after a tiring day. The rock motion ensures you relax completely, offering an irresistible sleep urge within few minutes of use. Moreover, the backrest and footrest easily adjust individually, giving you the liberty to enjoy any relaxation style.

Construction and upholstery: The sofa comes in breathable artificial leather that is soft to touch. Also, it covers a high-density soft sponge to offer comfort. The interior construction is of quality import treated solid wood and alloy steel. The long-lasting steel construction ensures 260,000 times usage as well as weight support of 360lbs.

Functions: It lets you relax in 3 different positions: reading a book, watching TV, and napping for your needs’ flexibility. This way, you won’t stress going to bed when sleep catches up.

Lastly, it ships in with all parts and instructions, allowing you easy 10-15 minutes maximum assembly.




It is super comfortable with an overstuffed back for more support. It also comes with a smooth gliding/rocking motion that soothes you to sleep. The manual latch is easy to use when you want to recline. It wipes off spills quite quickly, and the PU leather is breathable hence an advantage for hot areas. Don’t wait, place your order!

Importance of a Lay Flat Recliner

Improves blood flow: There are several times that you will find yourself with numb and heavy feet from a tiring day at work. While this may be the norm and may not raise any concern, you need a way to solve the problem. Since your feet do not receive sufficient blood circulation, a lay-flat recliner will be your means of rescue. Besides, what a better way than to come home and kick your feet up and take a nap? Experts say that raising your feet increase the rate of blood circulation in your entire body.

Bloating remedy: Acid reflux is common for people who do not sit in a correct posture. This causes indigestion problems that lead to swelling of your stomach. When your stomach fills up with gas, you will start to feel abdominal cramps, nausea, and a burning sensation. Sitting in a reclined position will place your stomach directly under your esophagus; hence food will flow nicely for digestion to take place.

Easy breathing: When you wake up tired from strained breathing at night, or when your breathing is on/off, sleeping in your bed may not be a good idea. Lying flat horizontally on your bed may accelerate sleep apnea and even adding pillows. The best way to conquer sleep apnea is by use of a recliner to sleep. This is where a flat lay recliner comes into play. It will help you fall asleep comfortably and breathe easily as well.

Pain reliever: A flat lay recliner will help ease the pain and pressure on your joints and muscles from a tiring day. Getting home and lounging on your recliner with your feet up relieves the strain from all the muscles and joints and provides utmost relaxation and comfort.

Best Lay Flat Recliners Buyer’s Guide

Type: Lay flat recliners come in different styles. Considering your needs, what kind of a recliner would you prefer? For instance, you need a recliner with swivel and rock functions, a massage and heat recliner, and even a power lift recliner. Establish your most essential needs before deciding on the suitable type for you.

Durability: Everyone needs something they can have for a lasting period and most especially a recliner. If it offers the exact type of comfort you want, then it is a treasure to behold for as long as it will take. Therefore, go for a robust frame and tough upholstery in your choice of recliners that lay flat.

Manual or power: Consider the number of times you need to use your recliner that lays completely flat. If it is an all the time use, you need one that will work with or without power. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on your comfort just because the lights are out. Moreover, a manual recliner requires effort in operating, which can be challenging for the elderly and those with medical conditions.

Extra features:  Mostly, additional features affect the price in going up. However, features like massage and heating may not be as necessary. They do offer more comfort and relaxation. If your budget is flexible, it wouldn’t be hard to have this on-board and enjoy every bit of your chair even more. Also, side pockets and USB charging ports are a plus in terms of convenience.


Does it recliner flat enough?

Depending on your choice above, approximately all lay flat recliners recline far enough, allowing you to sleep horizontally flat.

How many positions do a lay-flat recliner offer?

Mostly, flat lay recliners offer an average of 3 positions. However, those with a lift function will allow a different position of standing up from the chair.

Does the recliner need assembly?

Lay flat recliners come pre-assembled or with only two pieces to assemble- base and back. The back quickly and firmly snaps in the bottom, and you are ready to take your nap.


Adequate sleep is as vital as food. With the above lay-flat recliner reviews for the best currently, you will be able to catch as much sleep as possible on your chair. It would be best if you do not compromise when it comes to your beauty sleep. If your bed cannot help, it is about time to own a lay-flat recliner.


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