12 Best Power Recliner with Heat and Massage to Buy in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 25, 2021

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The mention of having a day off to the spa for a good body massage is everyone’s desire, especially for those with hectic work schedules. However, each visit’s fee and time can be a challenge every time you need comfort and luxury. But, worry not!

Thanks to the best power recliner with heat and massage, you can now access the endless comfort you want. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

That’s why, with your best interest at heart, our experts took it upon themselves to analyze the best options available in the market. Why? To help you reach utopia at the comfort of your home, of course!

Their results were based on comfort, luxury, durability, style, and more extra features. The best selection and detailed features and functions are as below. Read on.

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12 Best Recliners with Heat and Massage Reviews

1. Esright Massage and Heat Recliner

What more could you ask for? The Esright provides a convenient and useful blend of massage and heat right where you desire. It also features PU leather, 360° swivel, rocker, ergonomic foam, and a comfortable and durable structure.

Being the best-rated heat and massage recliner means that it has more than you desire. It comes with in-built five modes, eight massage nodes for specific body parts like back, legs, thigh, lower back, and two power intensities. Even better, apart from the vibration massage, it has a heat function on the lumbar section, which relieves back pains. So, you can choose what you desire.

This swivel recliner with heat and massage features a 140° manual control recline function. It is also a rocker and 360° swivel to ensure you enjoy all angles of supreme comfort.

Moreover, Esright comprises a CARB-certified board and iron frame. With these long-lasting materials, it can effectively support a total weight of 300 pounds.

Because you can never get enough of comfort, it has cushions and armrests that come thickly padded with ergonomic foam. Also, the PU leather upholstery has three different shades. Besides, it is breathable, waterproof, and easy to clean.



Verdict: What’s fantastic about the Esright is that, even without the extra features, it’s a mighty good chair that serves you with extreme comfort, luxury, and support for an extended period. It’d an excellent value for your money.

2. Right Power Lift Electric Recliner for Elderly

The best gift for your elderly is a heat and massage recliner combined with a lift function for a blend of comfort and independence. This electric reclining massage chair features faux leather, heated vibration massage, USB port, side pocket, cup holder, and sturdy construction.

Are you looking for a recliner that can comfortably serve your grandma with arthritis? Look no further as Esright lift recliner with heated massage is the best choice. Why so?

It is a chair for starters that can help the user stand up or sit down effortlessly. Thanks to the lift function that enables no pressure and stress on the back and joints of the elderly. Moreover, it is a great solution to reduce the frequent elderly falls around the home.

Also, this power recliner provides a soothing heated massage. It enables top-notch relaxation of the four most pressure-filled areas like the head, back, thigh, and legs. With its five massage modes and two power levels, you effortlessly decide on short pulses or longer waves to suit your preference.

The chair features an environmentally-friendly CARB timber and solid alloy steel frame when it comes to its structure. This makes it durable enough to support a 330-pound user and also allows a reclining ability of 150 degrees maximum.

Even though it does not rock, it makes up with its thickly ergonomic padded cushions for its comfort. The upholstery is also something to write home about as soft, fi, and easy to maintain. Besides, it adds a taste of class and aesthetics to the entire chair. Not to mention the useful extra features of a USB port and a cup holder and the neutral shade to blend with your décor easily.



Verdict: Given its unique features, the Esright is one of the best chairs for comfortable lounging hence not worth a pass. Besides, for all the benefits you get, it also boasts of an affordable price. Buy it and see it stand the test of time!

3. ANJ Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair

Designed for the tall user, this oversized recliner with heat and massage delivers the best comfort and heat. It comprises of antiskid fabric upholstery, overstuffed design, sturdy construction, multifunction and heavy-duty.

The ANJ power lift recliner enables the best support for tall users. With the stretched outsize and wide armrests, rest assured of your neck falling into perfect comfort and your arms resting with no restriction of space.

When all you want is to lounge comfortably, this massage recliner offers a complete ten different modes to meet your diverse massage demands. Also, the four areas of massage pay attention to the shin, thigh, lumbar, shoulder. Even better, you have the luxury to decide on the level of intensity and location of the massage. Not to mention the lumbar heating function with massage ensures your waist feels more comfortable. Your every day will feel like an expensive spa day.

Furthermore, comfort is a top priority that this heated power lift recliner gladly delivers. Apart from an overstuffed design that makes you feel like you are sitting on clouds, it reclines up to 160 degrees and lifts you to a standing position. So, you don’t have to worry about straining the back and joints. Besides, the plush anti-slide fabric ensures you are in an intact position even during the lift function to enhance safety and avoid unnecessary falls.

For durability purposes, the fabric is soft, breathable, and tough to resist easy tear and wear. The construction is comprehensive and heavy-duty, making it sturdy enough to support a maximum of 300 pounds.



Verdict: The ANJ is also available in gray and camel giving you an easy time to choose a preferable blend to your décor. Apart from the heated massage function, the antiskid fabric is a killer point to this chair. Besides, safety is always a top priority when handling the elderly.

4. Esright Grey Fabric Massage Recliner

When you are looking for a recliner, you get more, and this Esright offers a combination of heat and massage with a 360° swivel rocking function to make more of your weekend afternoon. All you need is your favorite pet to cuddle.

The Esright recliner takes pride in its 360-degree swivel, but that’s just the cherry on the ice-cream! Because a recliner should be a worthy investment, you will not feel the pinch in buying this heat and massage recliner because of its rocking, vibrating, and heating functions. Besides, its five modes, eight massage modes, and two intensity levels will quickly relieve the strain of your tired back, arms, and thighs. What’s more?

Moreover, this recliner features a hard-wearing metal frame that effortlessly supports a 300pounds maximum weight. It also has a thick, padded headrest, armrest, and cushions for top-notch comfort. Also, it reclines to 140 degrees with stopping in between as you please.

Besides lacking the power lift, it makes up for a variety of styles. It comes with a seven-color variation, and the upholstery ranges from faux leather to fabric, for starters. This gives the buyer complete freedom and an easy time to choose a suitable blend with their décor.

Lastly, the design is elegant and user-friendly. This is because it comes with 2 cup holders and a side pocket to store your readable and the remote control for the heat and massage function.



Verdict: You can be confident that this massage and heat recliner will last for an extended period. This is because of the durable construction and materials, not forgetting the smooth functions. In case you want a birthday gift that will last for more birthdays, then this is it!

5. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Can your budget allow a bigger room for more comfort and luxury? Why not go out of your way and get this complete electric reclining massage chair. This recliner wraps your full body for the ultimate Shiatsu massage experience. It features heat therapy, air massage, stretch vibration, computerized body scanning, and durable structure.

This chair enables you to easily adjust the massage chair’s angle according to suit your preference; for instance, speed control, width control, intensity control all have three different levels. Still, air massage pressure comprises four levels.

Not to mention, four massage points are working together with other parts to ensure you get a thoroughly relaxing massage. This chair also supports the neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot massage with the lumbar and foot’s heating. While on this chair, your heart works less, ensuring you relax more and better.

Still, this massage recliner provided seven massage modes; kneading, tapping, stretching, shiatsu, combo, air pressure, heating, and nine pre-set auto-massage programs with different massage methods to give you a world-class massage experience. There are also distinct stretching programs for full-body stretching suitable for most users. However, you can choose the manual massage functions to control your preferred massage.

Remarkably, it also includes a smart body scan technology that scans your body to distinguish your body size for separate custom fit massage. The in-built sensor automatically measures the length of the spine and detects the spot to massage. The 11 signal switch and sensor operate together to test your body height and vertical distance of the massage machine for massage variety. Moreover, it will adjust massage intensity automatically according to your body weight and allow the massage chair to fit perfectly according to different shapes.

Talk of certainty for comfort and relaxation!



Verdict: Imagine a chair that knows and understands your needs! This massage recliner is lightweight, making it effortless to get in the house. Also, it occupies less space hence ideal even for tight spaces. You don’t have any excuse for not buying this world-class comfort and luxury.


6. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner with Massage and Heat

Nothing beats the feeling of movie series and favorite drink on the weekend after a tiresome day. Besides, no matter how intense the movie gets, the cup holders come in handy. This heated power recliner comes with faux leather, three positions, heat and massage, and extra features.

You don’t have to worry about spilling your drink because there are cup holders to relieve your hands of the tension. Besides, the easy-to-clean faux leather ensures you have an easy time maintaining cleanliness on your massage recliner.

Moreover, it reclines up to 140 degrees to give you a napping position. Better still, it has excellent heat and massage options. For a person with backaches and hectic work schedules, this power massage recliner will relieve the tension by warming up your lumbar area and also provide eight vibrating massage options. Because you are likely to fall asleep due to the maximum comfort, you should set the auto-timer on the chair to go off after a pre-set duration.

Furthermore, there’s a lift function to help the elderly or those with mobility issues. The lift function will help them stand up and get out from the chair and back down easily. This relieves pressure on the knees and back of the elderly.

Whatever function you want to enjoy in this chair, go on and relax for the longest time. This is because the construction is a stable and durable alloy steel frame to support years of use. Besides, it can support users of 320 pounds and 5’9″ in height.

This electric reclining massage chair has additional features, for an instance USB port, two cup holders, and two pockets on each side for complete functionality. This way, the user gets convenience to enjoy their favorite drink, store remotes or readable on the side pocket, and still charge your gadgets within easy reach.



Verdict: Mcombo is an excellent recliner for elderly with value for money. Besides, there are color variations and upholstery options available to pick the best for your style.

7. RELAXIXI Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat

Getting a chair that understands you need to stay connected and recharge is a plus! This electric massage reclining chair features a USB port, soft fabric, massage and heat, and overstuffed padding.

Relaxixi is a fantastic recliner chair with heat and massage function that’s perfect for the busy body or TV junky. With its in-built USB port, you can conveniently charge your low-power device as you enjoy a soothing massage. If you desire light strokes or firmer touch, the massage function is easy to modify according to your taste and preferences. Still extra are the two side pockets on both sides of armrests that ensure you have sufficient storage for your reading materials and remote.

The Relaxixi does not compromise on the comfort levels that it provides. That is why it has lining springs with overstuffed padding on the backrest and chaise area, allowing your body to feel wrapped up. The soft and treated fabric surface delivers a warm and tangible impression, with the effect of anti-tangle and anti-pilling. Its thick padded backrest even comes with an inbuilt heater to keep you warm, no matter the temperature outside!

For durability purposes, the heavy-duty wooden frame ensures strength and stability for an extended period. It will support you up to a maximum of 130 degrees recline and 300 pounds.



Verdict: The Relaxixi recliner is super comfortable and makes a perfect match for a game room. Better still, this power massage recliner comes in different shades of brown, light coffee, and blue to blend with a majority of interior decors.

8. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Recliner

Do not allow the big-budget to rob you of the lifetime comfort and luxury that Kahuna massage recliner can offer. If you think comfort is enough, wait till you get this high-end experience that has no match. Kahuna massage recliner features smart body san, L-Track massage system, foot rollers, and washable footer area with general sturdy construction.

Even though the LM6800 is a little expensive than most massage recliners, it is because you are worth every bit of comfort coming your way. Besides, it is also a fully packed recliner, inclusive of all the fantastic features. How could you miss this excellent massage recliner?

First, it features a Smart Body Scan technology that analyses your entire body and offers a modified massage experience like no other. Still, this best massage recliner chair comes with an L-track massage system and 3 Zero Gravity stages. The L-track system is a massage trail with a distinct design that relieves your neck pressure and soothes your back, going down to your feet!

More so, it beats most massage recliners that only heat the back; Kahuna will gently heat both your legs and back. Amazingly, it consists of yoga stretching programs and boots with dual foot rollers.

While it has several exceptional features, the LM6800 is neither a power lift nor a rocker. Its frame is large and heavyweight, ideal for large spaces. The structure is of steel and plastic frame solid enough to hold a maximum weight of 22 pounds. Also, it reclines to a maximum of 120 degrees.

Lastly, it comes in 2 neutral colors of black and brown that is easy to blend with most decors.



Verdict:  Are you feeling minor aches and pains on your back and feet from work? This chair does look not only pleasing but also feels great and perfect to ease your sorrows. For complete assurance of an unmatched comfortable experience, buy yours now!

9. HOMCOM Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

Who said you could not get luxury in the nursery? Thanks to the HOMCOM massage recliner that offers the nursing mum ultimate comfort and relaxation with a massage function. It features linen upholstery, a push-back recliner, and padded comfort.

While children are a gift that keeps giving, caring for them can also be tiring, especially if you have a colicky baby. That’s why you are worthy of owning the Homcom recliner chair with heat and massage. Read on.

It has a heated back pad that will warm your core and soothe your tired muscles. This feature focuses on two main points of the body, back, and waist, ensuring that you have perfect relaxation when you get off work.

The Homcom wins with an almost flat 165 degrees when it comes to comfort when extended to 65 inches. This gives you enough comfort levels to cuddle your baby and even sleep on the chair. To add more on comfort, it has breathable linen fabric with a thickly padded seat and backrest to wrap you in comfort until you surrender to total bliss or relaxation. Regardless of this, it has a soft foam cushion that will ensure you are comfortable as you bond with your baby.

A convenient attached remote allows you to control your massage modes, intensity, time, and heat without getting up or shift in the chair. Also, there’s an easily accessible side pocket to hold the remote when it’s not in use.

With a sturdy wood and metal frame, the Homcom can only support a user with a total weight of 265 pounds. Lastly, this massage recliner would look fabulous in a nursery or living room because of its elegant design and three nursery-friendly shades.



Verdict: Buying value for whatever price is the ultimate goal of every consumer. This chair is worth every penny for its quality, comfort, and fantastic massage and heat functions that own up to the manufacturer’s claims. Don’t let this choice pass you!

10. Furgle Large Power Lift Recliner with Massage Heat

Safety needs upholding everywhere, especially when it comes to your choice of chair. Thanks to the TUV certification in this Furgle recliner that assures your total safety. It also consists of side pockets, cup holders, PU leather, and reliable but comfortable construction. Read on.

In terms of safety and quality, the Furgle Power recliner closes the deal. This TUV-certified electric recliner can power lift and assume a smooth and quiet 140-degree recline. TUV, a German certification, provides a surety on your recliner’s quality and safety.

The high-quality faux leather upholstery, available in colors brown or cream white, is soft, durable, and stress-free to clean! This chair has overstuffed with a high-density sponge for comfort and support. However, the footrest only works at the same time as reclining.

Moreover, it consists of five massage modes and eight vibrating nodes with two power levels and lumbar heating. Oversized side pockets add to the dual cup holders, one on either side. This massage recliner’s strong wood and joined metal frame construction are robust enough to carry up to 330 pounds.



Verdict: Despite all these fantastic features, the assembly process is also straightforward and quick. Besides, it is also lightweight because of its compact size, hence easy to move to a different setting. Because comfort knows no boundaries and you can enjoy this massage recliner from any spot with power.

11. RelaxZen Longstreet Rocker Recliner with Massage and Heat


Because the material determines the durability of the top-notch comfort, RelaxZen comes in soft and resilient microfiber upholstery. Microfiber is stain and spill-resistant for your peace of mind in maintenance. It comes with a remote, soothing massage and heat, dual USB ports, foam density sturdy structure.

If you have kids, then spending in a recliner chair covered in soft microfiber is a breeze. Microfiber is famous for the easy to clean nature. Relaxzen is among the best microfiber chairs available in the market. This lush recliner chair consists of tough and waterproof microfiber upholstery that makes it a perfect choice for a home full of kids!

The Relaxzen does not only clean well and efficiently, but it’s reliable and stable. Because of its metal frame, it can hold a user of a total weight of 300 pounds. So while you are enjoying the comfy cushion, your child can as well join you too.

Remarkably, this heated power recliner can recline to a comforting almost flat 160 degrees. For the best experience, try the vibration massage on its five power levels and nine modes. More so, the lumbar heat feature provides a professional massage experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Also, it is available in 4 neutral colors that easily compliment any type of home decor.



Verdict: This chair is elegant and performs well in heat and massage functions. It is also effortless to assemble, allowing you to start enjoying its excellent functions without wasting time. Besides, the dual USB ports as a significant plus filled with super convenience.

12. Relaxzen Massage Recliner with Lumbar Heat and Ottoman

Are you bored with the standard designs and hoping to get something different that blends with your style and needs? Look no further as this eight motor massage recliner features an ottoman design, bonded leather, headrest pillow, and arched design.

Bonded Leather is an ideal choice of upholstery if you want a touch of aesthetics, durability, and easy maintenance. With bonded leather as the upholstery of your massage recliner, your recliner will be the center of attraction for an extended period as it is there to stay and serve you well. What’s more?

Instead of an extending footrest that can be a tad challenging to lock back, this massage recliner comes with an ottoman. This ottoman design provides a new level of relaxation for your feet and body as well as a stylish look.

It also features eight powerful massage motors targeting four nodes, five power levels, nine modes, and gentle lumbar heat. This full massage and heat function is silent, allowing you to indulge in soothing silence and comfort.

For added comfort, there’s a luxury-soft headrest pillow and gently curved design with extra-plush cushioning. You will have nothing to complain about this heat and massage recliner. Better still, it comes in 2 shades of cream and mocha that enhance any décor to your preference.



Verdict: Are you looking for a sleek, comfortable, heated, and vibrating super chair? This is it! Even better is the easy-to-follow assembly instructions that ensure you are going to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Go ahead and change to a new style and level of comfort in your home!

Buyer’s Guide for Best Power Recliners with Heat and Massage

Massage programs and programmable massage chairs: This is the top priority to consider. Massage programs are different depending on your needs and affordability. Most massage chairs available at a standard and cost-effective rate have the vibration massage. While this is not intense and particular, it helps to relieve some backaches and pains. More so, you need to consider the zones of the massage programs. It would be best to have specific parts that suffer the most tension receiving full massage attention, like the back and legs. Besides, you want to replace the expensive massage sessions with a chair at the comfort of your home. Ensure you know the type of massage program you would want before buying a massage and heat recliner.

Adjustable intensity: Different people like different massages and on different days. That’s why many chairs available in the market lately come with adjustable intensity, speed, position, and duration of your massage. The goal is to enable as much modification as possible to keep every user happy with a personal yet practical experience. Also, you should know that massage intensities differ from one chair/brand to the other. There are those offering from medium to strong intensities while others have a more gentle massage. Some massage intensities can be painful to some users, hence ensuring you buy something you will not run from.

Space-saving: Space-saving technology works by shrinking the amount of space you require to recline the massage chair completely. Many available models can recline flat in just a few inches. This is a perfect technology for people with a smaller room and don’t need you to stick your chair 5ft. from the wall. Moreover, some massage chairs only need a few inches to recline, while some will still require afoot. So it will be essential to look for massage recliners with the space-saving feature if you have limited space.

Wrapping Up

The best power recliners with heat and massage are worth every penny to have them in the comfort of your home. Why so? Generally, they relieve muscle soreness, back pain, stress, and soft tissue injury. Better still, a heat and massage recliner can solve insomnia and increase blood flow. Well, it’s impossible to compete against a human masseuse;

However, it is cheaper and convenient buying a massage and heat recliner for your home. Besides, you don’t need an appointment or wait in line for your massage session when you have yours at home. Enjoy!


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