7 Ways to Prolong The Life Of Your Recliner

by | Last Updated: January 25, 2021

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After selecting the perfect recliner for your needs from the current types of recliners, your weekends and evenings will be different. Staying indoors during your off days will be a norm since you have maximum comfort, relaxation, and luxury to keep you going.

The immeasurable joy you get from your recliner makes you want to have it for a lifetime. But is that possible? Yes, the general thumb rule is; care for your recliner, and it will care for you. With the tips below, you can prolong the life of your recliner to give you endless comfort.

Read on.

Read and Understand the Maker’s Guidelines

Every piece of furniture comes with paper care instructions therein. Most people don’t care to go through the manufacture’s word about the specific furniture hence miss out on a lot. Usually, there’s so much to learn other than the assembly instructions of a recliner.

Therefore, once you set up your chair, take your time, and go through other guidelines and understand them. Also, keep the paper safe as it contains critical information like warranty details or troubleshooting tips in case of a mishap.

Uphold Cleanliness

Do you know how to clean your recliner? If it’s the favorite chair for everyone in the house, then it’s prone to getting dirty. Whether it is fabric or leather, your recliner is likely to attract dust, pet dander, hair, food stains, and spills quite often. Dirt is not only filthy and smelly, but it will also deteriorate the life of your recliner from 20 years to 6 months of use. You don’t want that, do you?

In cleaning your recliner, the manufacturer gives basic instructions on how to handle your chair. But, other extra tips improve cleanliness, making it look and smell fresh always. For starters, vacuuming your recliner should be a daily cleaning routine to avoid dirt build-up.

Cleaning your recliner will depend on many factors, and you can also check our guide on how to clean your recliner for more elaborate details.

Care for the Reclining Mechanism

Among other unique features of a recliner, its reclining mechanism is the focal point. It is the reason you can kick your feet up and relax after a long day at work. It is necessary to care for your reclining system to keep enjoying its services with this much importance. What’s more?

To make sure your chair does not lose its touch, you should oil the joints, bolts, and screws. That way, they will work smoothly without experiences any unnecessary tension and blockages. The maker’s instructions may also have details on how to handle and care for your reclining mechanism. However, if there’s nothing you can do to help the situation after the problem occurs, contact professional help for repair.

Make Available Leg Support Protection

The legs of your recliner are prone to more damage as well. Besides, you cannot function with a recliner without legs. They receive so much pressure every day from various body weights. Also, the pushing around and moving the chair for decorating or cleaning tends to weaken them at some point sooner or later.

Therefore you need to use leg protection items to prolong their life. It would help if you placed floor protectors and movers under each leg. These useful materials will make it easy for you to move your furniture when you need to and also relieve excess pressure on the legs.

Moreover, they will also protect your floor from scratches and dents. So it becomes a win-win situation as you get to prolong the life of your recliner’s legs and the floor.

Make Use of Furniture Slipcovers

A seat cover is the surest way of protecting the upholstery of your recliner. They bear all the stress of wear and tear, spills and stains, and even pet pee. It is a fact that some upholstery is expensive and needs much care, leather, for instance. Also, other fabrics are hard to clean all the time as this can lead to weakening their nature hence the need for seat covers.

Luckily, you can wash your slipcovers as frequently as possible as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Others have a special coating that only requires you to wipe for easy maintenance. Moreover, you can find seat covers in different designs, shades, shapes, and even materials to suit your needs and match your décor. So you don’t have to fret about hiding the beauty of your recliner with a seat cover. It’s merely protection with style.

Necessary Special Care

Some seats call for more special attention than others. Recliners come in different types hence the need for extra care. For instance, motor and lift recliners have a unique system that needs the user to be attentive to prolong its life. To extend the life of an electric recliner, you need to;

Watch out for the electrics

you should plug your lift and recliner chair into the main socket and not the extension lead. This way, you will avoid overload and any circuit failure that could damage the chair’s electrical system. Be sure to maintain the chair free from dust and dirt, especially on the electric parts, creating problems on the network.

Maintenance check-ups

It would be better to check on your electric cable regularly for any signs of damage and wear and tear. In the event of any damage, it is possible to replace the cable hence the immediate need to ensure smooth functioning. Also, make sure the chair and line rest indoors in a dry and warm area. This is because any form of dampness could cause hitches on the electrics.


It helps to have a back-up or rechargeable battery to prolong the life of your recliner. Your lift recliner needs to have consistent and smooth operation even when the lights are out. Regular batteries help a lot but need replacing after a single use, which can be costly to maintain. Conversely, rechargeable batteries are the best since you can re-use them for an extended period as long as you keep them topped up always when storing.

Apart from special electric needs, some upholstery needs special attention. To maintain your leather recliner’s pride, quality, and appearance, you need to use special polish and creams when cleaning frequently. This particular application also moisturizes the material to avoid cracking, peeling, and even fading over time. Besides, it adds that eye-striking sheen that stands out from the rest.

What to Avoid When Prolonging the Life of Your Recliner

To care for your recliner to prolong its life, you also need to identify and eliminate the enemy. The enemies of your recliner against its long life include;

Sunlight: everybody wants direct natural sunlight filling their space every day, but your recliner does not. The same way UV rays damage your skin; they also damage the upholstery of your recliner. To win in both situations of having natural light and protecting your recliner, place your recliner away from direct sunlight. Better yet, you can use blinders and shears on your large windows to block the direct rays reaching the recliners. Although some upholstery is anti-fade, it will tend to crack, peel, and even tear and wears eventually.

Sharp objects: this goes without saying. Sharp objects are not only dangerous to your recliner but you as well if you forget them on the chair. Make sure you return the items in their safe place to avoid any damage and accidents. Such objects include razors, needles, knives, and forks.

Pets: yes, you need always to cuddle your furry best friend. However, choose a different spot for that. Showing your pet that your recliner is your cozy spot for both of you will only risk the life of your recliner. Even in your absence, you can find them relaxing, which can lead to pet pee, scratching, and even chewing on your favorite chair. Well, don’t blame the pet! Keep your pets away from your recliners to enjoy a lasting service of comfort.

Children: kids tend to play anywhere and with anything. On your recliner, they will jump, stand, and even do some acrobats. While this can be dangerous if they fall, it’s also not healthy for your recliner. The unnecessary and excess pressure will weaken the recliner from the legs to the reclining system and even damage the upholstery. Teach your kids to avoid playing on your seats for both their safety and the recliner.

Food and drinks: food and drink stains are the most stubborn kind and more, especially for the fixed covers or upholstery. It would be better if you had your meals in the right location, such as the dining to avoid accidental stains and spills. Also, remember to wipe off immediately they occur. Better still, carry your food and drinks on the tray and eat while always on it. The stains and spills will collect on the tray rather than the seat.


The best approach to making your recliner endure the extended test of time as expected is to shop for only the best. Make sure you look for a high-quality recliner in almost all aspects. Then follow the above tips of ensuring you give it utmost care. As long as your recliner is in pristine condition, rest assured of having it till old age comes knocking.