10 Best Lazy Boy Recliner for Back Pain (Buyers Guide and Review)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: January 17, 2021

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Is your kind of lifestyle causing you pain in your back? One would wish to book endless masseuse appointments from the strenuous gym sessions to lifting bricks at the construction sites.

But worry not! We are proud and delighted to let you know that we have the best lazy boy recliner for back pain to last you a lifetime of comfort and ease.

At the end of a long day, nothing beats the feeling of putting your feet up and relaxing. The lazy boy back supports recliner is, without doubt, the best on the market for back pains. It comes fitted with all the necessary features to handle the job correctly.

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Best Lazy Boy Recliner for Back Pain in the Market Today

There are many types of back pain recliners available in the market. Hence, making the right pick in regards to your personal needs can be devastating. Not every recliner will work for you; there are those for the elderly (mostly lift recliners) and others just ordinary house furniture with no particular purpose and features. Read on.

For this reason, we put together the ten best recliners for back sufferers presently in the market with your best interest at heart.

The selection above is a result of style, durability, performance, and cost. Take a look at the review of each product and a buyer’s guide afterward.

Come on; let’s find you the lazy boy recliner for a bad back!

1. Sunset Trading Diamond Power Recliner

Overview: This lazy boy electric recliner comes with a unique and sophisticated design that puts it above the market’s rest. It also offers maximum comfort and luxury, and much more. Read on.

Artistic design: the stylish protected luxury stitching on the leg rest and back cushion boosts complexity and charm to this chic recliner. Also, the brown leather-like upholstery is ideal to complement any space décor. Sitting on this recliner gives you not only a comfortable feeling but boosts your ego because of its looks. Besides, who doesn’t want to be king in their own space?

Comfort: when back pains come knocking, all you want is utmost comfort from your chair. Hence, this recliner by Sunset Trading has foam-filled cushions for an enjoyably comfortable firm chair you will delight in for generations. Moreover, the leather-like upholstery is anti-fade under sunlight and has a breathable backing that can keep cool in warm climates.

Support and durability: the high-quality construction is of unique hardwood frames glued and corner-blocked for added durability. Its unmatched reclining mechanism build is on a robust steel rail structure for uncomplicated use. What’s more?

The seat cushion comes with individually covered coil springs, enclosed in a 1. 9″ density foam and secured by Dacron’s coating. So, every time you stand up, all the springs enlarge and press out, maintaining the form of the seat cushion.

Moreover, the pressure coil wire will outlive chairs using outdated foam-only cushions that can collapse eventually and fail to support. Again, the posh compact foam back cushion comes with reinforced web suspension for more resilience and support.

Safety: a chair should not be the cause of an accident. Hence the no gap in the leg rest offers a seamless couch. This is safer than other reclining furniture with an opening when extended outwards. So your foot or child’s arm has no risk of getting stuck in the slit. Amazingly, the sturdy steel base has nylon attachments to protect your flooring.



Summary: the Sunset lazy boy recliner offers maximum comfort and safety. It also has a robust construction to endure a 400lbs bodyweight. It is also ideal for a large space.

2. Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

Overview: This lazy boy recliner by Signature delivers total lumbar support from the back pains. Its muscular build reassures durability and class.


Style: the thick poly-fiber upholstery that looks like leather offers a feel-good touch and appearance. It has perfectly double-stitched edges, which further improves the aesthetics of the chair. Include a signature recliner in your space and have a cozy looking living room.

Powerlift Function: the power-lift feature is a plus for back pain sufferers. You don’t need to strain your back and joints getting up and sitting down. The dual-motor mechanism enables the power-lift to lift your body comfortably upright and legs by just a touch of the remote control. You can lazy around your Sunday afternoon enjoying the best lounging experience.

Comfort: the high backrest for different heights has thick cushions, including the footrest for a prolonged relaxed sitting. The leather-like poly fiber is soft and user friendly, which makes it easy to clean. Also, the sturdy corner-blocked framing with a metal reinforced seat guarantees maximum user comfort.

Durability: the construction of the faux leather is soft, but just like real leather, it’s also challenging. Because the reinforced metal frame can easily support average body weight without breaking down, both the tough upholstery and sturdy construction combined assure you of a worthy investment of long-lasting comfort.



Summary: for a world-class experience, this recliner is also very affordable. It is best for a user of up to 350lbs and average height.

3. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Overview: Esright massage recliner is a known model that relieves back tension for top-notch comfort. This high-quality recliner is just what you need for your home.

Multifunction: you can relax in this chair using the recliner, massage, heat, 360° swivel, and rock features. The recliner is of 140° manual control comprising a power cord and remote controller for massaging Function. The massage functions through vibration with eight nodes spread all over, five control modes, and two-speed levels. What’s more?

The lumbar section has heating features that easily adjust with changeable intensity levels by a remote. All these guarantee the user the freedom of a tremendous multifunction purpose at your home’s comfort.

Style and durability: the soft PU leather delivers an elegant and stylish look, making it easy to clean. The construction frame is CARB certified with strengthening iron fittings for durability and strength. Hence the firm upholstery and construction guarantee long-lasting use.

Comfort: for starters, the PU leather is skin-friendly and comfortable. Also, the thick padded cushions offer total support and comfort for the back and armrest. This way, it eases the strain and pain on your back.

Extra Features: This chair ensures you enjoy every minute spent in your home. It comes with two side pockets for storing remotes and reading materials. Also inclusive are two cup holders for your favorite drink as you watch your favorite show. Esright offers total convenience; hence you don’t have to clutter your side table.



Summary: When you decide to quit massage appointments, you buy the Esright massage recliner. It offers total back pain relief from the massage and heat functions. It’s an everyday, comfortable way of life.

4. Merax Electric Recliner Chair

Overview: This lazy boy recliner chair comes in different eye-striking colors, offering you the freedom to decide on your space décor.

Multifunction: Merax power recliner offers both reclining and power-lifting functions. The recliner has an adjustable backrest with three different positions to suit your style and purpose. Also, the electric-powered power-lift enables you to sit upright and get out of the chair smoothly. This way, you won’t hurt or strain your aching back and joints.

Remarkably, the footrest is also adjustable, giving your feet maximum comfort. It also comes with a massage function of 8 nodes all around the chair.

Comfort and durability: its upholstery PU leather is soft but rigid. Hence it doesn’t easily tear and wear when using the chair. Also, the fabric is easy to clean and warm, thus user-friendly. Moreover, the heavy-duty hardwood frame is strong enough to support up to 225lbs hence long-term use.

Conversely, the thick double padded cushions and armrest provide high-class comfort. The wide armrest allows you enough room to place your arm comfortably for a long time. You can sleep off on this lazy boy power recliner.

Extra Features: it comes with a side pocket on the right to store remotes and magazines. Also, the armrest is wide enough; you can place the remote as you or balance your drink or a bowl of popcorn as you enjoy TV.



Summary: this chair is ideal even after one undergoes surgery as it is super comfortable and convenient. Don’t act surprised if you sleep off on it for a couple of days.

5. ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

Overview: What’s your style? The leather ANJ recliner is super stylish with an eye for detail, making it suitable for any living space.

Style and design: the breathable leather gives it a classic appearance with eye-catching brass accent nails. No matter where you place it, this recliner will easily blend in and boost the space’s appearance.

Functionality: by just pressing the two buttons on the side, you can activate or stop the recline function in any preferable position. The operation is extra smooth and gentle, careful enough not to distort the back, causing more pains.

Comfort and durability: the ideal comfort for a back pain sufferer should be on the back and lumbar. This recliner has overstuffed cushions on the back and head to provide extreme comfort for your lumbar, neck, and back. Also, it has a durable steel construction that guarantees over 25,000 times of usage or 300lbs bodyweight. Amazingly, it’s oversize hence no restrictions for massive people. The bodybuilders have their backs covered.

Convenience: convenience comes in when you don’t have to keep getting out of the seat hence back strains. So the ANJ power recliner comes with one USB charging port on the right side. This keeps your gadgets like phones, remotes within easy reach. Also, breathable leather is easy to clean. Just wipe using a dry or damp piece of cloth.



Summary: the ANJ makes sure to match the appearance of this chair with its functionality. As great as it looks, so does its performance in relieving your back pains and aches.

6. Living Room Slim Manual

Overview: Are you a warm or cool person? This lazy boy recliner for back pains offers you a blend of comfort and a variety of rich colors to choose from.

Style and purpose: this chair comes in a modern and sleek style, just the perfect match for your living room space. It looks simple, but it’s not the ordinary simple chair since it offers a manual reclining purpose. It’s ideal for those who want a laid-back but classy touch.

Material: the living room slim recliner comes with a durable soft cloth material. The upholstery has padded dense foam that is risk-free and hypoallergenic. Therefore, this is the best lazy boy recliner for those with different types of allergies for your peace of mind and safety. What’s more?

Extra Features: The chair comes with side pockets that offer enough storage for your devices and reading material when resting. With less than 10 minutes after arrival, you are ready to use your chair since it’s straightforward to assemble.



Summary: for a simple look in your living room, go the Casa Andrea way with this recliner for back pains. It is small in size hence for short and slim people’s utmost comfort.

7. Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Recliner

Overview: With Ravenna, you get assurance in the style and durability of this recliner. Better still, you save money in buying this quality and pocket-friendly chair.

Comfort: The strong upholstered fabric makes this seat soft and comfortable. The padded cushions on the backrest, chair, and armrest allow you to have a fantastic lounging experience that you never want to get up. You sit and sink in comfortably from a long day’s hustle.

Durability: the fabric is soft, easy to clean with a dry cloth but firm as well. It can withstand years of use even if you have kids playing and jumping on it. Also, the fabric covers a sturdy fibreboard and iron frame. This construction reassures the user of a long-term relationship of trust. With a weight of about 250lbs, you can comfortably lounge without worries of breaking down.

Functionality: the Oakesdale is both a recliner and rocker. From the sleepless night of back pain, one can finally rock away from the problem from the comfort of this chair. Also, with the help of the D-ring on the side, it reclines back into two positions. The napping and TV positions, just how you like it.

Moreover, once you get your chair delivered, it takes less than 15 minutes to set it up. The contemporary style leaves a wow impression on any living space.



Summary: for users within the 250lbs weight limit, you will be sure to enjoy every second spent on this Oakesdale by Ravenna Home. It offers complete support and rests for back pains.

8. YAHEETECH Fabric Recliner Chair

Overview: YAHEETECH recliner rests on four conical legs, has a button-tufted back stylish design, and firm upholstery. This offers you the top of the class feeling in appearance and serves a purpose to elevate your back pains.

Construction: First, the four conical legs are strong enough to support the chair with a maximum of 330lbs. The heavy-duty hardware construction and wooden frame offer complete fatigue relief on your back and legs. You don’t have to worry about squeaking and unstable motion; this is a worthy investment hence long-lasting.

Comfort and durability: the foam-filled fabric upholstery allows you maximum comfort with a padded backrest and armrest. The fabric is skin-friendly and very easy to clean, as well. Also, the wide armrest will better hold your arms as you enjoy your favorite novel. The fabric is wear-resistant and breathable to add to your comfort. As it provides maximum comfort, this fabric is also tough and lasts long. What’s more?

Functionality: this lazy boy chair for back pain reclines in 3 positions. The napping, TV, and book-reading functions, these positions allow you the flexibility to choose what you want. Just by leaning back, the footrest kicks up to allow you a better relaxing experience with your feet in support from 0-90 °.

Lastly, this YAHEETECH recliner is also easy to assemble and disassemble in case you are moving.



Summary: this is like a chair with a secret purpose. Just by looking at it, one would not assume it’s a recliner. However, it serves more than it seems by relieving fatigue and back pain on those tough days.

9. Classic Brands Kingsley Upholstered Reclining Chair

Overview: Live life comfortably. If all you are looking for is paramount comfort, you have this recliner seat for your consideration. The chair has a range of comfort and adjustable features to suit your unique tastes and preferences. Be sure of the safety of your back.

Construction and durability: generally, the seat is of a high-quality manner. This is because it has a substantial and manufactured wood engineered to last longer. This premium material goes a long way in enhancing the total quality of the seat. You may use it over and over again without the fear of damaging it.

Comfort: the tough fabric is super soft, moisture, and stain-resistant. You don’t need to panic about any spills and dirt mess as this fabric material is easy to clean. Also, it can regulate the comfort levels of your back. How? The seat allows you to determine these vital factors while reclining and natural movements that closely copy your body movements. Hence the multiple recline positions and footrest for comfortable feet.

Moreover, this is a wall hugger recliner, thus taking up the least space in the room. The foam-filled cushion, armrest, and backrest provide total support to the body and lumbar. The button-tufted back and conical legs add a world-class touch to this lazy boy recliner’s modern look.



Summary: just like its name, this recliner offers a royalty type of feeling as you take the stress away from your back. It gives you a relaxed kingly feeling in your home, just as you are!

10.  Lane Home Furnishings Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner

Overview: This recliner is a top-notch discovery of comfort and style. It allows you to relax as it takes the back pain from you by heat massage and reclines position.

Comfort and fabric:  with a soft and superb leather-like fabric, the material is skin-friendly and easy to clean. Also, it has overstuffed cushions for maximum support on the back, lumbar, and chaise positions. What’s more?

C3 pocket coil seating offers reliable comfort & durability. Conversely, the comfort cradle seating also adds to the comfort purpose by providing contoured seating. Sitting on this chair leaves you with no choice but to remain seated or to nap for as long as you wish.

Functionality: it comes with heat massage, power-lift, rocker, and recliner in one package. The heated massage offers instant pain relief to the constant backaches during either rocking or reclining. It has five massage modes, eight nodes, and heat all over the back and lumbar. The footrest kicks up while reclining to support your leg for maximum relaxation. Moreover, the power-lift delivers ease of mobility and effortless reclining. Every Function moves quietly and in unison, reducing stress.

Amazingly, the construction can also support a 500lbs person. Lastly, the attractive design allows you to take pride in your space.

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Summary: for the tall and broad people, this chair feels like home. Apart from the comfort and style, the generous sizing has enough room even when reclined to hold tall people of 6″.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Lazy Boy Recliner for Back Pain

In this advanced era, back pains have become a norm in society. The children to the elderly are now suffering constant problems in their backs. At times, the doctor’s visits, the chiropractors, and the masseuse seem quite expensive. Hence one craves an alternative.

The best lazy boy recliner for backaches is a worthy investment. It’s not only cost-effective but provides you with pain and fatigue relief at your home’s comfort. Therefore when shopping for this brand of recliner, you should consider the following factors.

Users vs. size: how many people intend to use the seat? Some sizes accommodate more than one user at a time. So, chose the size best suited for your number of occupants per seat per single time.

Weight Limit: apart from the size and number of occupants, weight capacity is also a crucial factor. What’s the ideal weight of the user? If you are unsure and would like the seat for a general purpose, it would be better if you went with a generous weight limit. This means a high weight limit since different people of different weights will be using the seat. You don’t want it to break down while seated.

Storage Space: space determines the size of the recliner you will buy. For small spaces or large spaces, there are recliners best suited to fit. Buy one that will leave enough room when reclined and also some space for moving around. Also, in the same area, the location matters. Where are you going to place it? Is it at the corner, by the windows, or in front of the tv? In your space, establish the perfect location for your recliner to blend in.

Durability:  for how long do you plan to use the seat? Not all lazy boy recliners are durable. If you want to have it around for the longest time or just for a short while, the market has favorable options. However, be keen when choosing not to pick one that doesn’t last, expecting it to last. Durability is reliant on the type of construction. Therefore, be thorough in identifying the type of building that suits your needs.

Material: the upholstery matters. Is it leather or fabric? As there’s hardly any original leather in the market, faux leather is the most common closest option. It is as durable and tough. Also, certain fabric materials deliver on the toughness aspect. Look for a material that is easy to clean, soft (no one likes bruises), and resilient, mostly stain resistant. This will free you a lot of hustle in using and maintaining your recliner.

Cost: how much do you want to spend? Typically, recliners cost to form an average of $200-$500. The price varies depending on many factors, for instance, fabric, construction, functionality, and extra features. While everybody looks forward to saving in every purchase, make sure you do not compromise on the quality. Most times, cheap is expensive. If you have to, spend the extra coin and go home with the best lazy boy recliner to last you generations.

Lastly, under the cost factor, understand the warranty and return policy offered by the manufacturer. In case of any default, should you get a refund, and after how long? Customer protection is critical as this is not a pennyworth investment for your home.


What is a lazy boy recliner?

The lazy boy has one to suit every style and space, from retro reclining chairs to electric and wall-hugging recliners. A lazy boy recliner offers unique and maximum comfort that you won’t get from any recliner. This is the kind of comfort that back pain sufferers yearn and crave for. 

How long should a lazy boy recliner last?

On average, you can expect any ordinary recliner to last about ten years with regular use. Hence a lazy boy recliner is no exception. But if you do not use it frequently, it may last even longer. However, the duration is reliant on the type of construction you select in your choice of a recliner.

Can you stop a lazy boy recliner from rocking?

The structure of your rocker recliner joins to a hinged box. The hinges allow the recliner to rock back and forth. So, if you must stop your recliner from rocking, you need to install a block between the frame of the chair and the hinges box.

Parting Shot

There you go! All the above are the best lazy boy recliner for back pain in the market today. With any option from these, you are sure to get quality, comfort, style, and top-notch performance. Besides, they are all great for your back pain.

However, if you are finding it hard to make a decision still, we have that under control for you as well. We recommend the Sunset Trading Diamond Power Recliner as our top choice. You will notice that this lazy boy recliner for back pain sufferers is automatic from the review. This makes operation easy, smooth, and convenient when and how you need it.

Go ahead, place your order, and take it away!


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