10 Best Recliners for Sleeping – Perfect Piece for Living Room

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: June 3, 2021

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Just like the Irish proverb, ‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book’; how you sleep plays a significant role in your life. If you thought you could only sleep on a cosy bed with warm blankets, then the truth couldn’t be any further. The best recliners for sleeping will ensure you do not only sleep but dream as well. Besides, what’s life without our dreams?

For a medical condition or just a spot to sleep away from your troubles when watching TV, the best recliners for sleeping will provide you with full-body relaxation. When it comes to ensuring you enjoy a good sleep, you should leave no chance to compromise. However, the market is packed with so many options that could make you dizzy when trying to make a choice.

Luckily, our top selection of sleeping recliners will ensure you escape dizzy confusion and land on an ideal decision. Our options boast of quality, durability, adequate size, reasonable prices and comfort above all. Still, there’s a buyer’s guide at the bottom to emphasize the critical features for your decision.

Come, let’s dig in!

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10 Best Recliners for Sleeping Reviews

1. NHI Express Addison Recliner

Did you know that only sleep makes the pain go away? The NHI recliner for sleeping allows you to sleep and not feel even a toothache with features like stain-resistant upholstery, ample size, hardwood frames and plush cushioning.

 So, this is it! The NHI provides you with solid construction and alluring design that will boost your living space’s aesthetics. Even better, it is a wall-hugging design that doesn’t take so much of your room, allowing even people in tight spaces to own it.

The sturdy structure of this fantastic piece is a hardwood which guarantees durability. Moreover, the frame is covered by stain-resistant microfiber upholstery, enhancing the ease of use and maintenance. Amazingly, the microfiber comes in a range of colors that gives you the luxury of options to improve your interior décor.

Subsequently, the sturdy and stable construction can support up to a maximum of 250 pounds of the user’s weight. Even though it is a manual recliner for sleeping, worry not. It features a high-quality reclining mechanism that makes adjusting into different positions effortless. Here’s another catch, you do not need any assembly tools, just four pieces that quickly and smoothly slides into each other but deliver a firm complete recliner.


  • Space-saving design for tight spaces
  • Solid hardwood frame to support adequate weight
  • High-quality recline mechanism
  • Stain-resistant microfiber upholstery for easy maintenance
  • Elegant and comfortable


  • It does not lock into a recline position


What more could you wish for? This sleeper recliner provides everything; space, comfort, strength and elegance. Besides, the price is reasonable hence the value for your hard-earned cash.

2. Homall Recliner Chair

Sometimes, comfort needs to be loud. That is why this recliner for sleep apnea guarantees comfortable features such as PU leather, foot protection, fully adjustable and upgraded footrest.


With so much to do every day at work, sleep becomes your best friend when you get home because of rest. The selling point of Homall is the adjustable footrest. This allows you to rest in whatever position you like without adjusting the backrest angle. Still, it reclines from 90-180 degrees allowing you to lie flat just like in a bed.

Even though it appears small, rest assured the sturdiness is not questionable. It has a solid metal frame structure that provides the strength and stability to support 265 pounds of maximum weight.

Conversely, PU upholstery serves several roles. For instance, it gives a classy touch to the chair’s appearance and soft to touch yet hardwearing, not to mention it is easy to clean and maintain with just a damp sponge for a constant brand new look.

If you are looking for a sleeper recliner that has a simple but modern look with no complex additions like frills and buttons, here you go. It has thick foam padding that gives you support and comfort to enjoy resting or watching your favourite show, even with a simple look. Still, the foot protection ensures you don’t mark your floor when moving it.

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  • Convenient and durable PU leather
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Sturdy metal frame construction
  • Simple but classy design
  • Comfortable thick foam padding
  • Push-back recline to 180 degrees



Even though it has a simple construction and a reasonable price, rest assured that it provides the confidence to compete with the expensive models. So, relax and sleep in this fully reclining recliner.

3. Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Sleep faster; it is good for you! The Dorel recliner for sleeping comprises microfiber upholstery, hardwood structure, thick padding and a tall back design.

The Dorel recliner for sleeping is the ideal addition to any room in your home that needs laid-back and cozy seating. Thanks to the beige microfiber upholstery that boosts the alluring aesthetics. Better still, the microfiber is soft-to-touch with easy maintenance requirements.

Moreover, with your small space, you do not have to worry since it takes up a smaller footprint than other recliners in the market. The high seat back ensures comfort and back support for all sizes, from the tallest person to the shortest. Finally, this is something for everyone!

When you feel like taking a nap, the easy push-back mechanism allows you to quickly get into a sleeping position. It also offers three available positions, so you have the luxury to find what works for you at any time and rest your feet on the padded footrest.

Because comfort is necessary, the thick padding is generous on the entire chair, making the user feel like they are sitting on clouds. The lightly flared padded arms, chair and high back, enhance the plush feeling turning this into your favorite chair in the house. Besides, the simple design entails a tufted channel back cushion.

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  • Small size for small spaces
  • High back design for all body sizes
  • Easy push-back recline mechanism and padded footrest
  • Soft and easy to maintain microfiber upholstery
  • Comfortable thick padding
  • Alluring tufted channel back cushion design


  • The footrest mechanism feels a bit stiff


Do you want a favourite spot in your living room? Look no further as Dorel sleeping recliner will ensure you love the color, texture, comfort, size and full recline; everything! Trust us, and you will enjoy your sleep.

4. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Yes, you are right! There’s no better life’s nurse than Esright power recliner for sleeping. It comprises massage and heat function, PU leather, 360-degrees swivel, ergonomic design and elegant design.

Among the several perks of Esright, PU leather stands are something worth noticing. It is not just classy looking but also very soft and easy to clean. This PU leather covers extra padding that makes you sink into a world of maximum comfort and relaxation. Besides, you will enjoy the superb padding on the back, armrests, seat and footrest.

For people with body pains, the 360-degrees swivel function comes in handy. This function allows them to take easy on the body and face all directions, whether uprightly seated or reclining at the 140-degrees angle. As a cherry on the ice cream, this unit also rocks!

Furthermore, it also features a massage and heat function. Your personalized setting comes with two power intensities and five control modes with the lumbar section’s heat. Even better, it comes with a power cord and remote control for easy operation.

Because design is a crucial aspect to consider, this unit comes with an elegant and user-friendly design. Apart from having three faux shades to blend with your interior, it also has side pockets and cup holders for a kingly relaxation.


  • Multi-functional
  • Soft and maintenance-free PU leather
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable thick padding
  • Convenient design with extra features


  • The footrest does not lock on recline mode


Sometimes, finding sleep can be a challenge, even when you are super tired. But, the unique heat and massage function will soothe you to a sound sleep instantly. Besides, what’s better than a spa massage treatment in your home’s comfort?

5. ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

Don’t just sleep; sleep in style! Before you buy this recliner sleeper chair, know that it features a hardwood and metal reinforced structure, microfiber upholstery, high-density foam cushions and a stylish design.

For starters, it is a wall-hugger which means that it only requires 4-inch from the wall to recline fully. If you live in a small space, do not pass this unit as this design is space-saving. Still, it comes with attractive color options making your choice of a perfect blend for your space easy to find.

Moreover, the manual mechanism consists of a side lever that allows the user to adjust to a desirable position quickly. Talking of position, ProLounger offers various positions to meet all your comfort needs.

Because of the hardwood and metal reinforced construction, it is sturdy and stable to support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The stain-resistant microfiber gives a soft feeling to the skin and effortless maintenance, not to mention the extra thick padding of high-density foam that makes the user feel like a utopia sleeping.

What of assembly? Remarkably, it comes in one box and takes you only 15 minutes maximum to complete the assembly efficiently.

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  • Space-saving wall hugger design
  • Effortless maintenance stain-resistant and soft microfiber
  • Easy to operate manual mechanism with side lever
  • Comfortable high-density foam cushion


  • It is difficult to come back upright from a recline position


A manual recliner never looked and felt this good! This unit is worth investing in when you want top-notch elegance and maximum comfort.

6. Power Lift Recliner

Is your work strenuous and arduous every day? You deserve to sleep soundly when you go home in this most comfortable recliner to sleep in. the power lift recliner features a lift mechanism, fabric upholstery, wall hugger design and sturdy structure.

For people with back pains, elderly and joint pains or arthritis, this is the perfect chair for your needs. This is because the lift function helps you put no pressure and strain on your knees and back. It will lift you to a standing position so you can get out of the chair quickly and help you sit back down and even lie down flat when you want to sleep.

Also, the polyester fabric is soft and challenging at the same time. Still, it comes in 3 different shades for your options to choose the best for your interior. When it comes to your interior décor, the tufted design is also an addition to aesthetics for the chair and your space.

If you live in a big or small space, this space-saving design only requires 3.15 inches clearance from the wall. Therefore, it takes less room, giving you the versatility to use your area the way you want.

Subsequently, a sturdy structure of steel reinforcements and wood frames ensures it can support a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Better still, the entire operation of the lift and recline is straightforward using a remote control.

To spice up the elegance, it consists of side pockets for your convenience. You can store your remote and readable material for easy reach.


  • Sturdy steel and wood structure for 350 pounds
  • Soft and durable polyester fabric
  • Lift and recline function
  • Elegant design and extra features
  • Space-saving design


  • Armrests are somewhat lower hence uncomfortable


This unit feels like a personal assistant to medical conditions that can affect their mobility. Even better, the entire operation is smooth, quiet and easy, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation. This makes it worth every penny spent.

7. Comhoma Recliner Chair

Do you want to shut out the noise, fatigue, pain and fear? Sleep in this sleeper recliner. Comhoma features massage and heat, rocker and swivel, PU leather and extra features.

For you to experience an entirely new world of comfort and top-notch relaxation, this recliner offers multifunction to meet your needs all-round. The vibration massage has an 8-point massage system and four modes with a slow heat for your personalization. The rocker and swivel function allows you to fall asleep quickly and engage in multiple conversations without moving.

Because it has comfortable padding, it provides support and comfort where you need it the most. Therefore, it offers excellent lumbar support, soft padding and full chaise seating. Still, the PU leather enhances the comfort levels due to its skin-friendly ability and effortless maintenance.

Moreover, it has a high-quality push-back mechanism that allows you to recline easily with your body weight. Remarkably, you can easily extend the footrest with a small lever on the seating area once your slump.

Generally, this stunning recliner for sleeping has armchairs with drink holders and side pockets for easy-to-reach storage. For its construction, rest assured of high standards that provide durability, strength and ultimate comfort.


  • vMultifunction for all-round comfort
  • Straightforward, high-quality push-back mechanism
  • Extra features of drink holders and side pockets
  • The high standard structure for elegance and strength
  • Soft and easy to maintain PU leather


  • The location of the small lever to lift the footrest is challenging for people to see


Nothing beats the satisfaction of a good purchase, thus the need for a Comhoma recliner chair. Apart from the elegance and quality construction that comes with extra features for all your needs, the price is reasonable.

8. Domestic Renu Power Lift Recliner

Every bad day needs a nap for fixing. This fully reclining chair features a 2-button powered reclining function, ergonomic support, Renu leather and a bold alluring appearance.

As a catchy feature, the Renu leather is a blend of fabric and leather. This perfect combination offers durability, comfort and breathable ability to ensure you are resting in top-notch relaxation. Even better, it is soft and easy to maintain. Also, the channel-tufted design gives an attractive appearance and enhanced back support.

Remarkably, this unit can support up to a maximum of 300 pounds. This is because of the steel frames and laminated wood that gives it strength and stability throughout your lounging or sleeping experience. What’s more?

As a 2-button powered recliner, the straightforward two-button controller allows you to get in quickly and out of the chair when you hold the up and down buttons. It is fully padded with high-density foam providing adequate cushioning on the back, arms, seat, and legs because comfort keeps calling.

Do you move a lot? Worry not; this chair has a construction that makes it fit easily through any doorway. Better still, it can quickly be taken apart and reassemble within few minutes.


  • Ergonomic design for full support
  • Sturdy and stable metal and laminated hardwood design
  • Straightforward 2-button power operation
  • Easy assembly process
  • Elegant and practical tufted design
  • Durable and breathable Renu leather


  • The backrest and footrest do not work separately


If you want a gift for your close one who’s had surgery, then this is it. This sleeper recliner will ensure people heal quickly without any further complications. It is comfortable and practical where it needs to be.

9. CANMOV Recliner Chair

When you have many plans for your future, sleep for better meditation; hence the CANMOV comes in handy. This recliner that turns into a bed features wide armrests, advanced design, bonded leather and a manual reclining mechanism.


The manual recline system is smooth with three positions; reading, watching and sleeping. Also, the overstuffed high-density foam provides extreme comfort for your head, lumbar and chaise. This way, you will experience comfort evenly in your body.

Moreover, the lever on the arm extends the footrest before your feet for support. Still, you can retract the footrest quickly by pushing it with your heels to lock back in place. The footrest position is comfortable and convenient to support even tall people without their feet hanging over the recliner.

The top-quality bonded leather with an LVL system and thick foam offers luxurious comfort when reclining. This bonded leather upholstery is soft to the touch, making it skin-friendly, providing the user with a cloudy feeling.  

The structure is sturdy and stable enough to support 300 pounds of weight capacity, ensuring there are no wobbly or shaky movements while relaxing on this one. This is because of the steel-reinforced frames and hardwood finish. What’s more?

It has a perfect look of bold appearance and accent nails on the armrests. This brings a touch of traditional and classic style to your space.


  • Breathable bonded leather upholstery
  • Wide armrest
  • A practical and straightforward manual reclining system
  • Stable and strong
  • Classic and bold design


  • The seat feels a bit firm which can be uncomfortable for some people


Add some warmth into your home with this CANMOV leather recliner for sleeping. For its large size, rest assured of sleeping in any position just like on your bed. Don’t miss out on this quality offer!

10. Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner and Slanted Ottoman

If work has been highly challenging and makes you feel nearly impossible to go on, try going to sleep on the Newport Taupe sleeper recliner. Unlike the ordinary recliners, this unique design features slanted ottoman, multifunction, bonded leather and sturdy structure.

The matching slanted ottoman facelifts your interior space giving it a contemporary appearance. The slanted ottoman allows you to rest your feet when you recline for a nap or watching angle. Still, the 360-degrees swivel function enables your convenience, providing you with ease of holding multiple conversations while seated.

The sleek and modern design consists of a chic wood walnut finished base, reinforced with taupe bonded leather material and a slanted ottoman. The bonded leather is hardwearing, ensuring this recliner chair to sleep serves you for an extended period.

Remarkably, it comes with fire retardant Dacron foam filling on the headrest, armrests, seat and ottoman for top-notch comfort and support. The lush armrests are wide to give you adequate support for as long as you desire. Even so, the bonded leather is skin-friendly and soft, making it easy to maintain for a hustle-free life. The steel springs ensure your comfort is on another level, just the way you want.


  • Sleek and elegant profile with slanted ottoman
  • Comfortable steel springs and fire retardant foam filling
  • Hardwearing wood and metal structure
  • Easy to maintain bonded leather material
  • Multifunction with swivel, recliner and ottoman functions


  • Light ottoman that can easily slide on the floor or tip over your feet when resting


Sleep feels better when it is on a chair that understands what you need hence this Newport Taupe. This recliner for sleeping offers a unique taupe color, excellent comfort, and easy to get up, not to mention the helpful swivel function. Besides, the ottoman provides comfort from any direction despite the slanting design. Look no further!

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Sleeping Recliner

Sleeping in a recline is beneficial to your health than sleeping on a horizontal bed if you have sleep apnea, back and joints aches. Still, it is better for an ordinary person with no complications because it improves blood circulation and digestion, among other benefits. Worried to know more? Read our detailed guide on: is it bad to sleep in a recliner chair?

It can be daunting to select the best one with the top selection and varying personal needs and preferences. However, worry not, as the below factors will help you make a perfect decision. Besides, all our options are the best from the market. So it is not much of a hustle in making up your mind. Read on.

Power: Usually, sleeping recliners come with either manual or electric controls. Manual controls involve using levers to adjust the positions or simply applying strength on the push-back mechanism. They come in reasonable costs compared to the electric ones, but their systems are prone to accessible malfunctions over time. Conversely, the electric models use a power cord. They boost other functions like massage and heat, power lift ensuring the operation is smooth, quiet and advanced. But these models are more expensive.

Types of Recliners: When looking for a sleeping recliner, you need to consider the kind of recliner that matches your needs. This means you need to consider your lifestyle and choose from swivel, rocker, recliner and ottoman, manual, lift and 2-position levers. Lucky for you, there are vast options to consider.

Size and Weight Capacity: Because you will be sleeping, your entire weight will fall on the chair. Therefore, you need a recliner that can hold a high weight capacity and also generous sizing. This way, you will be comfortable sleeping without being pressed and worries about falling over. Preferably, electric chairs have excellent support of high weight capacity than manual recliners. It would be best to check the structure to verify the sizing and weight capacity. The metal reinforcement will stand greater loads for all body sizes and weights. continue reading: How to choose the right size of recliner?

Upholstery: The upholstery plays a significant role in the choice of your sleeper recliner. Upholstery determines the durability, maintenance and appearance of the chair. When choosing the upholstery, consider the cleaning aspect as this will make your experience easy or hard. In upholstery, you can select genuine leather and suede, PU leather and eco-suede and synthetic fabrics.


Every day, the number of recliners is growing with many options to meet people’s needs, including the best recliners for sleeping. From the above options, rest assured of value for your money, so these can make a great starting point when deciding. Generally, our personal favourite is the NHI Express Addison Recliner. Why? This is because it simply understands how terrible it cannot sleep, to sleep soundly, to be precise. After going through its comprehensive review, we are sure it will impress you as much also.

From the above selection, which one would you include in your favourite sleeping spot? Let us know your response in the comment section below. 


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