10 Best Recliner for Short People In 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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Usually, it can be daunting to get the best recliner for short people if you are shorter than average. Most recliners come in standard size hence making you hang your feet not touching the floor. The perfect thing about having a petite recliner is that it has a design specifically for short people around the back, seat, and footrest.

Apart from being comfortable on your body, mini recliners for adults are also perfect for small spaces. In a tight area, all you want is a comfortable recliner that will not take up much of the room and also lightweight to move around.

We finalized the most comfortable chairs from our extensive research on the best petite recliners in the market. Our options will help you find the best cushioning for your body and support for your legs. Still, you will find an extensive buyer’s guide to help you focus on the crucial features before making that purchase.

Let’s get started!

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List of 10 Best Recliner for Short People

1. Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner

This features sturdy construction, durable material, easy to clean and assemble. Small but fierce, this petite recliner provides you with superb comfort in the simplest way.

Ravenna Home recliner is simple but elegant with top performance in impressing its short people audience. Read on.

The fabric upholstery is soft and makes this chair comfortable and easy to maintain by just wiping clean with a dry clean cloth. Better still, it covers overstuffed soft padding on the back, arms, and footrest. This single-chair manual recliner also features a gentle rocking motion. This way, you can cuddle your little one to sleep. Learn more about Power Vs Manual Recliners.

Quality is the deal-breaker in all recliner purchases. Hence, the quality of Ravenna is worth your money and time. The sturdy and stable construction is of the hardwood and iron frame.

Measuring 35.4 x 36.6 x 39.8 inches and weighing 84.7pounds, a short person is sure to fit comfortably and top-notch body support. Remarkably, you can read, watch and even take a nap with your legs up on the footrest for a fantastic lounging experience.


  • Easy to operate multifunction
  • Sturdy and stable hardwood and iron frame build
  • Durable, soft f and easy to maintain upholstery
  • Generous soft cushioning for utmost comfort
  • Simple but elegant design for interior decor


  • The footrest is a challenge in bringing it back into position


Nothing beats the excitement of having your feet touch the ground when you are sitting on a recliner. Most consumers agreed that Ravenna brings value accompanied with quality, comfort, and durability, steering up its chief purpose.

2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

The smaller it is, the bolder its spirit! Three adjustable positions, fabric upholstery, and extra features- this recliner for small people is the best relief for back and joint aches that come with the golden age.

Talking of body aches, Mcombo electric power lift recliner has no match. Why?

The power lift and recliner mechanism bags the trophy. Usually, body aches and old age affect mobility, but the power lift enables you to sit and stand effortlessly without causing any strain on the back and knees. Therefore, operating the remote, the chair lifts or reclines you to a desirable position using the sturdy Counter-balanced lift mechanism with TUV certified actuator. Click here to check our list of Best Remote Recliners.

Moreover, the fabric upholstery is soft, resilient, and easy to maintain. The upholstery covers thick padding for maximum support and has a channeled design that has an impressive appearance.

It also comes with additional features like 2 USB ports, 2 cup holders, and two side pockets. With your body resting in utmost comfort, you get to charge your phone, drink coffee, and have store the remote, napkins, or readable without leaving the chair. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

Finally, because of its dimensions of 37 x 33.5 x 40 inches and 121 pounds, this is a perfect size for people up to 5.9″. Even though it appears somewhat weighty, the assembly is straightforward without any tools.


  • Certified power lift and recliner mechanism for mobility assistance and comfort
  • Extra features for utmost convenience
  • Soft fabric material and thick padding for support and comfort
  • Striking design with simple channeled lines from the back
  • Quiet but efficient operation
  • Robust and stable construction for 320 pounds


  • Somewhat on the heavy side and does not fully flat recline


Is granny’s birthday coming up? The several positive reviews on this recliner would make a perfect gift for the elderly with mobility issues and body pains. The consumers commended on easy but efficient operation, extra features, and top-rated comfort to make life easier.

3. ANJ Recliner Chair

Best things come in small packages, as they say! The ANJ recliner for short legs features sturdy and comfortable material, faux leather upholstery, contemporary but straightforward design, adjustable angle, and heavy-duty.

In terms of durability, the ANJ is of high-quality construction. The build materials range from top-quality faux leather upholstery, wood frame to heavy-duty reinforced steel construction and soft foam. The entire structure is first-class selected for ongoing use and thoroughly tested 25000 times to guarantee a durable structure that holds a maximum of 300 pounds.

As for the comfort, rest assured you will not want to leave the ANJ minor person’s recliner. The faux leather upholstery is not just durable but is also soft to touch and cleans easily. The soft foam padding ensures; a comfortable armrest, thickly padded backrest for adequate lumbar support, and the seat and leg rest also have padding. Read on.

Besides durability and comfort, how is the functionality? Well, like a recliner, it is adjustable into three different positions to suit your needs and preferences. This way, the backrest reclines between 110-145 degrees with much comfort to compliment your work, leisure, and rest time anytime. Thanks to the simple latch at the side, the footrest also lifts your leg support making the entire operation effortless.

But if you have a tight space, worry not! The ANJ measures 29.7 x 30.1 x 41.7 inches making it ideal even for small spaces. So you have enough extra space to redecorate or move around your room. also, you can look at this best wall hugger recliners for small spaces.


  • Effortless and efficient operation from the simple side latch
  • Quality materials for sturdy construction
  • Soft and comfortable upholstery and padding
  • Simple but contemporary design
  • Space-saving


  • Abrupt release of the footrest


In whatever position you choose, the ANJ will still save you space because of its compact nature. Still, it guarantees an impressive color, size, comfort, style, price, and delivery. Not to mention the straightforward assembly that will have you enjoying your chair in no time.

4. Power Recliner Chair

Do you have trouble looking for a recliner for short people for the best relaxation after work? Your short feet and minor nature deserve to rest in utmost comfort every day hence the need for this Power recliner for short adults. It features heat and massage, fabric upholstery, ergonomic design, and sturdy structure.

The construction of a simple and ergonomic design is to die for. First, it consists of a stable steel-reinforced frame structure that assures chair stability supporting 330 pounds of weight capacity. Wrapped in brown polyester fabric, it is resilient and soft, making it simple and easy to clean. The high-density sponge padding is both odor-free and soft to support and protect your spine. Still, it comes in 3 different colors for you to have an effortless option for your interior, not to mention the tufted design, which is an addition to the aesthetics of your space.

Subsequently, it features a massage and heat additional function. The massage comprises eight powerful vibration massage motors, four adjustable zone settings, two power levels, three-time modes, five massage modes, and calming lumbar heat. This function ensures complete body relaxation to take away the fatigue and stress of hectic work schedules.

The recliner function provides three positions. You can easily adjust the flat angle between 90°-150° using the two buttons on the USB port underneath the right armrest. The three positions allow you to read, watch TV and take a nap making this chair a perfect fit for your living room, bedroom, or even a home theatre seat.

Lastly, it comes with 2 cup holders, a USB port, and a side pocket for your convenience. You can store your remote and readable material within easy reach.

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  • Sturdy steel and wood structure for 330 pounds
  • Soft and durable polyester fabric
  • Multifunction for comfort and efficiency
  • Elegant ergonomic design and extra features


  • Cushioning is a bit stiff hence uncomfortable for some people


Remarkably, this unit for a short person has a smooth, quiet, and easy operation that guarantees maximum comfort and relaxation. The massage and heat function is the real deal, especially for people with body aches. This makes it worth every coin spent!

5. Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner

Short, compact, and adorable is all you get with this recliner for short legs. It comes with modern wingback style, 270 degrees swivel and glider, handcrafted, and chemical-free.

You’ve got to love the classic but modern wingback design because of the high solid back and winged sides. Luckily, it takes up less floor space hence allowing you enough room to do as you please. Better still, the high back and enveloping curves make it perfect for cozy chats and legs resting up with your partner.

It also delivers a smooth and quiet reclining operation that raises the footrest and lowers the headrest in your desired position. Remarkably, it also swivels 270 degrees and glides back and forth when in an upright position. As much as this is fun, it also delivers convenience to turn to any direction you want with an easy-to-operate hidden push-button control panel.

Not to mention it comes upholstered in polyester and handcrafted construction. Handcrafted construction delivers skills and perfection in performance. The polyester is skin-friendly, wrinkle-resistant, and stain-resistant, making it easy for you to maintain. Still, the build is from quality wood frames and reinforced with heavy-duty steel for durability and stability for 300 pounds of maximum weight. It is also free of chemical retardants and complies with CA TB117-2013 flammability conditions as a cherry on top.

It would be best to note that with dimensions of 39.5 x 29 x 29.75 inches and a weight of 119 Pounds, it is a compact but not a light chair; hence would be a challenge in regular movements.


  • Wingback design for both aesthetics and purpose
  • The durable and stable construction of quality steel and wood frames
  • Comfortable and easy to maintain polyester upholstery
  • Easy to operate multifunction of recline, swivel, and glider


  • When retracting the footrest, the metal from the mechanism gets stuck on the metal base of the chair


For a nursery chair, this is it! The armrests are comfortable for holding the baby for as long as it takes. Also, the power recline takes the trophy for comfort and convenience in your lounging experience. Everything comes in handy in this unit to ensure nothing but the best relaxation.

6. Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman

Keep calm and love this small person recliner. Because your needs are essential, it comes with a matching ottoman, multi-position recliner, horizontal stitching, and a mahogany swivel base.

Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way as long as there’s excellent value for your money and quality delivered. It makes a perfect addition to your furniture, winning the favorite spot in your heart because of its contemporary style.

 This petite recliner offers excellent back support. It comes with plush and soft padding all-round, especially on the lumbar, head, and ottoman sections. Still, the soft and resilient upholstery is LeatherSoft and approved for the CAL 117 fire retardant foam. Better yet, it is straightforward to maintain as you will just need to wipe clean with a damp clean cloth in case of any spills and stains. What’s more?

The multi-position, lever adjusting recliner, and ottoman set allow you to quickly get into your desired position as you kick up your feet on the ottoman. The ball-bearing 360 degrees swiveling mahogany wood base gives an ideal function to relax before the TV or around family and friends for a cozy chat. Not to mention, the construction is sturdy from a blend of mahogany and steel, offering support for 250 pounds weight capacity. For many impressions, the floor protector glides ensure your floor stays intact.

The chair comes in 3 color options giving you peace of mind in making the right choice for your interior décor.


  • Multi-position and multifunction
  • Soft padding and resilient upholstery
  • Contemporary style and color options for interior décor
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Easy lever operation


  • It does not recline far back


Its simplicity covers a simple set-up process to the functionality. Still, it offers excellent lumbar support and the perfect size for a small person. Above all, the quality is worth your money when you decide to spend on it.

7. ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner

Nothing speaks boldly than a piece of fantastic furniture for short adults in a beautiful space. Apart from being a wall hugger, it also comes with a convenient car door lever, polyester upholstery, and high-density foam cushions.

It comes with basic dimensions of 37.75 x 34.75 x 39.5 inches and 66.14 pounds, making it lightweight to carry or move around. Being a wall hugger is excellent, and also have a design that sits low to the ground is a major plus for people with shorter legs.

The construction is bold with steel reinforcement to accomplish strength and stability. Also, it comes upholstered in a durable, tough, and stain-resistant 100% polyester black microfiber. The polyester is also soft, cleans easy and maintains shape for an extended period. Better still, it covers high-density foam cushions for utmost comfort and relaxation with a wrapped pocket coil spring system.

Subsequently, there is a complete but soft pad between the edge of the chair and the footrest, ensuring comprehensive support for your legs. As its name states, this petite recliner is ideal for smaller areas since it only needs 4 inches of wall clearance for a complete recline. Rest assured that the chair back is comfortable and supportive.

For an easy and convenient operation, there’s a ‘car door’ lever that is within reach, allowing you to adjust into your favorite position and kick up your feet to watch TV, nap, or read. Even though it arrives in parts, it will only take a maximum of 15 minutes to assemble and use right away quickly.


  • Space-saving design
  • Tough and anti-stain upholstery
  • Soft and padding all-round for complete support and comfort
  • Easy to operate using the ‘car door’ lever
  • Lightweight for easy portability


  • Inadequate padding on the seat and feet sections hence hurtful in case of extended lounging


Generally, most consumers agreed that it is a very comfortable and good-looking piece of furniture. Better still, it offers perfect neck and lumbar support for prolonged sitting. Above all, the assembly process was a breeze making you get right into your comfort zone as soon as possible.

8. Mega Motion Lift Recliner

There are times when mobility can be daunting when you want to stand from a seated position, hence this small power recliner. As a result, it features a lift and recliner mechanism, fabric upholstery, multi-position, and sturdy structure.

If you are experiencing difficulty is standing from your chair, this is it! The electric lift and recline mechanism give you an easy push from a seated position to standing up. Still, if you want to go back sitting, the lift will bring you down smoothly and quietly. Remarkably, it delivers three positions for resting so you can read, watch TV, and nap with just the push of a button from the remote.

Also, the back cushions are zippered, making them easy to remove for a convenient machine wash. A quilted backrest guarantees an ideal measure of pressure relief on the back and neck anytime you recline back, and the thick and soft padding provides both comfort and support.

For a lift and recline purpose, this short adult chair has a sturdy build that guarantees 329 pounds of the user’s maximum weight. The fabric upholstery is also soft and easy to maintain, not to mention the three color options to match your preference. This is a small-medium-sized chair ideal for people from 5’4″ to 5’10”.

Do you live where power is not consistent? Do not panic, as this chair has your needs checked with an emergency battery backup. Sounds pretty convenient if you ask me!


  • Lift and recliner functions for convenience and comfort
  • Multi-position for utmost relaxation
  • Durable and soft fabric upholstery
  • Easy remote operation
  • Emergency battery backup
  • Resilient and stable structure


  • The footrest is not independent hence works simultaneously with the backrest


As a gift to an older adult, the set-up process is straightforward with no tools required and easy to follow instructions. The lift and recliner mechanism is a perfect assistant to help ease the body and joints pains that inhibit proper mobility. For the price, the chair provides value because of the quality.

9. Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Short, perfect chair but prolonged comfort and relaxation. This petite recliner makes a great addition to your cozy-seating and laid-back interior. It features microfiber fabric, a high-back, push-back mechanism, and a tufted channel back cushion.

Get into quick and maximum comfort quickly thanks to the smooth push-back reclining mechanism and relax your legs on the padded footrest. The supportive back and lightly wide soft padded arms improve the plush feeling like your favorite spot in the house. The adjustments are also straightforward due to the push-back mechanism providing three functional positions for your comfort preferences and needs.

It comes upholstered in a soft beige microfiber fabric that is also easy to maintain. The high back ensures complete comfort for all sizes, from the tallest to the shortest. Moreover, the striking design entails a tufted channel back cushion that provides aesthetics and comfort.

This mini recliner measures 35.8 x 31 x 38 inches, making it ideal for petite physiques. A weight of 47.3 pounds makes it extremely lightweight for your portability advantages.


  • Elegant tufted channel back design
  • The effortless push-back recline mechanism
  • Three adjustable positions for comfort
  • Soft and easy to clean beige microfiber fabric
  • Light in weight for convenience


  • Reduced seating space making it very narrow


This unit checks all the boxes for the needs of a small person. The comfort, quality, easy push-back mechanism, and price make it a winner. Even though there’s a slight need for assembly, it requires no tools and the simple instructions make it straightforward.

10. JC Home Swivel and Glider Recliner

Sturdy construction, detailed, elegant design, easy to assemble, and durable upholstery- this small person recliner boosts the look of your space and provides comfort. Better still, the dimensions and item weight of 36.4 x 35 x 41 inches and 83.2 pounds make it perfect for your tiny room and easy to carry to any desired position.

JC Home has a striking, detailed design for those who want to be unique from the rest. The hems of the upholstery feature an elevated fold that stands out, attracting attention. This way, it provides an excellent combination of both traditional and modern styles of living. What’s more?

Because it is great to live in your little of heaven, this recliner offers a 360° steel-based swivel, glider, and two recline positions for perfect operation. The entire function is quiet and smooth, which is also ideal for cuddling a baby to sleep.

Moreover, the seat cushion has independent enfolded, drop-in pocket coils that deliver both comfort and strength. Conversely, the broad back provides full back support. Also, it is effortless to set up alone following the simple to understand manual.


  • Multifunction for glider, swivel, and recliner
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean polyester upholstery
  • Soft and comfortable padding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish and detailed design


  • The chair is tough to close from a reclining position; hence you have to jerk it into place


Overall, this makes a decent chair for the price. Still, it is very comfortable from a common observation of most consumers. It glides and swivels smoothly and quietly, not to mention an excellent reclining function.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Recliner for Short People

Dimension: Even if you don’t have a small space, a small recliner would be perfect for a short person. Therefore, ensure the measurements of the recliner match both your size and space. Better still, a wall hugger design makes an ideal match for a tight space.

Construction: What’s a chair if it doesn’t last? The best way to ensure you have a recliner that will stand the test of time is to buy from a renowned manufacturer. Still, you can check the details of materials of construction to be sure of high-quality products. Also, it would help to go through the reviews of people on the type of small recliner you want.

Design: This is also a significant aspect to consider in terms of your interior décor and comfort. You want a design that will boost your space’s aesthetics and gives you an easy time to operate. You will need a design that meets your needs and preference in terms of your comfort levels.

Additional functions: Because a recliner is no ordinary chair, you need one that has extra features. Recliners with different functions include massage and heat, swivel, rocker, glider, and lift. While this can make the price hike, they guarantee a new level of comfort for your needs. Besides, who wouldn’t want a spa in their home comfort?

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Isn’t it great that there are best recliner for short people and even tight spaces? Recliners provide a new level of seating comfort for your home when you want to read, watch TV and even sleep. Therefore, buying a recliner that perfectly fits you and your needs feels like winning a jackpot. Besides, short is cute!


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