How To Fix Recliner Mechanism

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 10, 2022

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How To Fix Recliner Mechanism

Recliners have numerous mechanical components, springs, and joints. They may experience operational challenges if they grow stiff. So, you need to lubricate regularly.

But, if your recliner mechanism isn’t stiff and it’s still not working, a component may be out of place, bent, or broken. Read on for elementary steps explaining how to fix recliner mechanism.

You fix recliner mechanism by addressing the part that is faulty or non-operational. For instance, you fix a recliner release by ensuring it has a firm attachment to the chair and all supported components are in position. On the other hand, you fix a broken pull handle on a recliner by replacement.

How To Fix Recliner Mechanism

If your recliner stops functioning as desired or fails, multiple issues may hamper its performance. Here’s how to repair the different elements in a recliner mechanism.

How Do You Replace a Tension Spring on a Recliner?

If your tension spring doesn’t work, begin by verifying that it isn’t a dislocation. If so, locate it with the procedure below and reposition it.

On the other hand, a broken recliner spring requires replacement. Find a new, suitable, and sturdy tension spring and proceed this way:

  • Invert the recliner.
  • Find the bolts that secure the spring. Get a flashlight if the lighting is inadequate to see their location.
  • Use an adjustable wrench to unbolt them.
  • Remove the recliner’s spring and lay it on the ground, right side up.
  • Remove the fasteners holding the spring and footrest together.
  • Tighten the replacement spring with the wrench.
  • Fix your replacement spring to the recliner’s frame. Tighten all bolts properly.
  • Reposition the recliner upright—test whether it works.

How Do You Fix a Broken Pull Handle on a Recliner?

If your recliner still has a guarantee, you may be eligible for a free replacement. Otherwise, get another pull handle.

  • Ensure the footrest is vertical. Close it before overturning the chair.
  • Next, locate the chair’s screws or mechanism, keeping your recliner in position. Check the base or near the handle.
  • Unscrew the mechanism with your screwdriver. Place your screws securely as you’ll use them to install the replacement handle.
  • Remove your old recliner chair handle.
  • Install the new handle and replace the screws where you removed them.
  • Tighten the screws with the driver.

How Do You Reattach a Recliner Cable?

Sometimes, the cable comes off the hole. So, you need to lodge it back into the lever to use your mechanism. Check the lever’s condition. If it’s loose, tighten its nuts and bolts with a wrench or screwdriver. On the other hand, a stripped lever requires a new one.

Likewise, cable breakage necessitates replacement. So, access the pilot cable.

  • Overturn the recliner.
  • The cable tail attaches to a hook that you can remove from the aperture.
  • Remove the plastic clamps from the arm.
  • Turn your recliner to the side, then unscrew its handle.
  • Remove the handle from the cable tail and hook attachment.
  • Place the new cable through the handle opening.
  • Position it properly, pulling its other end through the dust cover.
  • Reinstall the screws removed before.
  • Reposition the recliner upright, returning its mechanism to open.
  • Reinstall the plastic clamps and finish by securing the cable tail correctly.

How Do You Fix a Recliner Release?

To fix your release trigger, you need:

  • An 11mm socket with an extension
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Socket wrench

Proceed as follows:

  • Turn your chair on its front to access the mechanism.
  • Pull out your cable from the trigger. There are multiple adjustment holes. Note the one it’s in to know where to replace it.
  • Unbolt the Philips bolt with your screwdriver.
  • Check and rectify loose or damaged plastic bushing and spring.
  • If you have a worn-out nut or lost one, replace it with a nylon lock nut.
  • Reposition your trigger in its hole.
  • Take your good nut and affix it on the inner side to secure the trigger.
  • Use your socket wrench and socket to tighten or losen the nut as needed.
  • Reinstall your cable.
  • Reposition your recliner.
  • Test its working

How Do I Fix My Foot Rest?

Footrests that get trapped, don’t lock properly, or fail to remain up are troublesome. If your footrest needs repair, follow the steps below.

  • Overturn your recliner and access the screws.
  • Examine the screws for adequate tightening. If they’re loose, stiffen them with a screwdriver. However, if they are rusty and old, replace them.
  • If replacing, use lengthier screws. Shorter ones have trouble going into the wood. They also can’t secure the footrest firmly.
  • Tighten the footrest brackets with the new screws. Remember to test their firmness.

If the footrest is stationery, use lubrication to get it moving again.

  • Turn your recliner down and loosen the frame screws.
  • Use a cover to keep the cushion clean while lubricating your recliner.
  • Perform the oiling liberally to all joints.


Can a Broken Recliner Be Fixed?

Often, a broken recliner can be fixed. Sometimes you have a broken cable that hampers reclining or a broken handle. You can simply fix these by replacing them with compatible options.

However, other elements like the frame are trickier to repair. You may need to seek your manufacturer or a reputable technician. 

How Do You Fix a Broken Recliner Mechanism?

You fix a broken recliner mechanism by replacing the faulty component. If you have a snipped cable, detach it from the socket on the frame using pliers and replace it. If it’s the spring with the damage or it has a severe bend, unscrew the Philips bolt and fix a suitable spring in its place.

If the bushings or nuts are to blame, get suitable replacements and attach them as well.


So, whether it’s your trigger, handle, cable, spring, loose screws, or whatever, the process on how to fix the recliner mechanism is simple. You just need to identify what needs repair.

While the process may appear challenging, especially to newbies, it’s pretty simple. Just be keen on what goes where. Do this, especially when dealing with sections like the trigger with several components and multiple holes.