10 Best Recliner for Elderly Woman in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 29, 2020

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Well, Hi there! Welcome to my best recliner for elderly woman review.

Old is gold, they say. That is why even in old age, health and comfort should come first, hence needing a recliner chair.

With the limited mobility in old age, other recliner chairs act as a helping hand to sit and stand. (Goodbye to ‘adult-sitting’). Therefore, my team and I spent some time testing and analyzing a couple of recliners with this in mind. We evaluated them according to comfort, performance, price, and size.

In this review, you will learn;

Read on. Let’s find grandma the perfect chair!

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Our Picks For The Best Recliner for Elderly Woman

1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner- Top Choice

Overview: Winter or summer? Never mind, as long as you got Mcombo. Built-in heat massage, three adjustable positions, faux leather, and cup holders- this recliner is the best to ease and soothe back discomfort that comes with old age and heat your elderly even in winter.

With the issue of back problems for your loved one, Mcombo electric power lift recliner comes second to none. Why?

The great design comes with eight different vibrating points distributed around the chair and one lumbar heating point. You get to select between 9 modes and five-speed levels at your will. The heating and massage functions work separately with a fixed turn off after 10/20/30 minutes to suit your preference. (Who doesn’t like to be in control?)

Powerlift? Of course, it is! With mobility and back problems, powerlifting helps you sit and stand easily without any strain to the back and knees. With just the touch of 2 buttons on the remote, the chair lifts or reclines you to a position you prefer with the help of a Counter-balanced lift mechanism with TUV certified actuator.

Moreover, the faux leather upholstery is durable and cleans easy—no need for fancy wax and oil. Just wipe with a clean damp or dry cloth. What’s more?

It features 2 USB ports, cup holders, a sizeable side pocket, and a padded headrest. With your head comfortably in position, you get to charge your phone as you browse online, drink coffee, and have some napkins in the side pocket in case of any spillage. Talk of a blend of luxury and comfort and convenience at its best.

Finally, it’s the perfect size for up to 5.9″ and does not need any assembly.




If you want to keep warm out of bed, then this is your best deal. However, it only stretches to 140 degrees, comfortable but not the best sleeping position for some people. What are you waiting for? Place your order now!

2. Irene House Power Lift Chair for Elderly

Overview: Wait, is that dirt? Worry not! Powerlift, recliner, extended footrest, and vital to support 300lbs- this recliner allows you style and the peace of mind in case of any spillage or wetness.

Irene House Power Lift Chair stands out in the top list of things you must get for your elderly mum. Why?

With a lot of consideration in wetness and spillage, this recliner is your best shot at maintaining her confidence. Old age has its challenges such as poor coordination and involuntary urination hence the protective covers. Guess what? The high technology in this protective cover material is also anti-pet furs, stains, and tears and is present on the armrest and headrest. So, your recliner will still be attractive and clean as well as soft and comfortable. (Oops, you did it again, relax!)

This easy to assemble recliner has breathable fabric is comfortable even in hot weather. Material is safe for kids and pets and also eco-friendly. With the 300lbs weight capacity, grandma can comfortably cuddle with her grandchildren or her cat rosy on this soft recliner. What’s more?

The power lift ability is a savior. For those with joints problems, sitting and getting up from a chair becomes a problem hence the power-lift mechanism. It allows your loved senior to sit and stand easily. With merely a button touch, the chair reclines, allowing you a more comfortable and relaxed position.

Moreover, the comfortable padded headrest and extended footrest allow grandma to stretch as she entirely watches her favorite TV show. With the frequent loss of memory in old age, the side pocket is an easy to remember spot to store remotes both for TV and the chair. No more misplacing.

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We recommend this chair because of the detachable mats hence easy cleaning. The mats can be machine or hand washed. You don’t have to worry about any dirt anymore. Please shop now.

3. U-Max Massage Recliner for Elderly

Overview: Who said short doesn’t deserve comfort? Padded PU leather, power lift system, heat and massage functions- this recliner is specifically for the small older woman’s convenience.

There will be No more wandering about searching for a recliner that will perfectly suit a short elderly lady. The U-MAX massage recliner takes the trophy home in this category. Read on.

It has an impressive design for people not taller than 5″ but can hold over 300lbs of weight capacity. So there’s no need to worry about the feet hanging over as with the norm with most recliners.

Also, this recliner comes with heat and massage features. The massage function works on four areas of your body (leg, back, tight, and lumbar) with five intensity modes (pulse, auto, press, wave, and regular). The heat function is for the lumbar section. These two functions work separately to allow the freedom of preference at your disposal. What’s more?

The power lift performance allows the elderly to quickly get up from the seat, putting no strain on the joint and back. Apart from lifting, it also reclines to a maximum position of 130 degrees. The footrest also allows you to relax and rest your feet while watching the weather forecast or reading a newspaper. The PU leather construction with a soft padded back and headrest adds more spice to this recliner’s performance.

 As if that’s not all, the U-MAX recliner comes with additional features such as a cup holder and side pockets. Grandma can keep her book for later use in the side pocket as she takes her glass of milk. (Sounds pretty convenient, huh?)




U-MAX power lift recliner is very affordable and the ideal match for short people. Even if you are heavy and short, this recliner will function at its very best. The reclining angle, however, only reaches a maximum of 130 degrees. Go ahead and buy it now!

Further, here we have compiled a list of the best recliner for short people. Go and check our reviews.

4. Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair

Overview: when performance and style come in a large package, behold the CANMOV. Perfect large size, easy to assemble, antiskid upholstery, and power lift are a recliner with a sturdy body to support the massive and older adults.

If you are hesitant about the size and weight of your elderly lady at home, the CANMOV is your sure bet. The perfect large size has enough room for all sizes comfortably. Read on.

The single motor and rigid mechanism allow for efficient functionality and style. Just let your loved one lay back, lift and tilt to any position she deems fit. The single motor operation is silent; hence she doesn’t have to let everyone know when she wants to go. Again, there’s no need to break any bone in an attempt to stand, thanks to the power lift system. Read more on power vs manual Recliners.

Moreover, the antiskid upholstery provides a comfortable sitting feel with maximum safety. You don’t have to worry about your elder sliding off the seat when it’s in powerlifting motion or any other time. Once more, to add to the comfort factor is the overstuffed and thick cushions on the back, seat, and armrest. Go ahead and let grandma finish her favorite TV series for as long as she wants. Besides, she is perfectly comfortable.

Remarkably, all the functions are in motion by just the touch of 2 keys on the remote. One is for reclining while the other for a power lift—the footrest and backrest stretch and retract at the same time. Hence, the entire function of the CANMOV is easy to operate with no need for manual operation. If grandma wants to take a nap, the side pockets allow her to store the remote and any other thing for her ease of convenience. (Jealous much? I bet you want to be old right now)




We recommend the CANMOV recliner for older people of all sizes; hence it strong enough to hold. Though, it might be significant because of space strain for a small house. Please shop now!

5. Baby Relax Gliding Swivel Recliner

Overview: What’s best for mum is best for grand mum, mostly. Swivel gliding recliner, easy to assemble, and built-in recliner release- this Baby Relax recliner is best for nursing mums and elderly mums as well.

Even though it may not seem like an ideal recliner for an older woman, its functions are best compatible with her needs as well. How?

We had an older woman sit on it to test their needs, and surprisingly it was a home run. The lower backs, arthritis, and fragile ankles met their match with this recliner. Read on.

As a nursing mum’s best-seller, Baby Relax recliner comprises a ball-bearing system for rotation and gliding motions. You can turn around in any direction and smoothly glide over to reach out for something. Also, the recliner slides to a customizable position to suit your preference. Just pull on the easy-pull system and let go when in the perfect place. What’s more?

The supportive spring core foam-filled seat boosts the comfort performance making it hard for an older woman to leave the living area. Remarkably, the secret easy-pull trigger allows you to pull out and back in between the armrest and seat. This makes it out of sight for protective measures against children and pets but within easy reach.

Finally, the footrest has pads to enjoy relaxing with your legs up as comfortable support. The square outline, track arm design, and stripe trim aspect are polishing that improves the recliner’s general appearance. What more would you ask for?




The Baby Relax recliner is an all in one package if you want grandma to swivel, rock, and glide and recline. Basically, for nursing mums, but grandma is going to love it even more. Go ahead and make your order!

6. Mega Motion Lift Chair

Overview: sit back and relax! Three adjustable positions, 329lbs weight capacity, and emergency battery backup- the Mega Motion wants grandma to do nothing but relax.

This is the most convenient recliner that offers endless comfort. Even the power is out; she doesn’t have to retire to her old, still positioned bed. Why?

The separate battery emergency backup allows infinite rest anywhere. There are times when fresh outdoor air is ideal for a good afternoon rest. Just insert the battery and take the chair out for grandma to unwind and enjoy her time away.

The mega motion has three positions for lift function that is closed, partial, and full reclines. Your loved one has the freedom to stop the chair in any position she wants. If she needs to get up, the power lift provides her with the independence to smoothly stand and sit back down. Hence, she can still her TV show, but the remote in the side pocket, go to the washroom, and back on her choice’s reclined position. What’s more?

This recliner is medium-sized to fit up to 5.10″. It comprises of a buttoned back, padded arms, and chaise seat for all-round comfort. The power lift mechanism can lift a maximum of 329lbs. Well, how heavy is she? The Mega Motion got her back, literally!

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The mega motion is a simple but functional recliner and power lift that does not disappoint the needs of the elderly. Take care of the weary bones and joints by ordering this unit as soon as possible.

7. WHL.HH 8 Point Massage Recliner

Overview: automatic massage has never felt this good! 8 point massage nodes, durable construction, and high-density cushions- this recliner is suitable for older people and even pregnant mums.

The WHL.HL 8 point massage recliner functions as it should. Inclusive of the massage system is the five vibration modes of pulse, wave, and press, regular and automatic. The speed control delivers from low to high levels with a heat control system up to 140f for maximum relaxation of the lumbar area. Just be in control! Read on.

The cushions are of heavy density foam and anti-slip backing, which allows utmost comfort and safety. Besides, it comes with an adjustable backrest and leg rest for a more comfortable bed-like position. It is also perfect for grandma and expectant mum in the house. (Remember to shop for each as sharing will be impossible)

It has leather material, and durable and robust steel construction will be sure to serve an extended period. It’s worth every coin you spend on it. Since it’s also easy to assemble, you can have it in the bedroom or living area.

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This recliner unit allows comfort and style to merge in serving both the pregnant and elderly with mobility problems. It delivers value for your money. No regrets, order now!

8. Esright Faux Leather Electric Recliner for Elderly

Overview: silent but powerful. Eco-friendly construction, quiet operation, heated vibration massage, and easy to assemble- the Esright power lift chair is the best deal for a long term relationship.

If you are the kind of person that values a quiet environment, then the Esright power lift chair delivers precisely that.

With the powerful, single but silent motor, this recliner pushes the elderly up to a standing position. The right arm control button allows you to recline up to 140 degrees, with the backrest and footrest functioning simultaneously. Also, you are in full control of reclining and lifting to any level or position you want. (Hurray!)

Moreover, it comes with four massage points of the thigh, shin, head, lumbar, and five press, wave, pulse, auto, and manual modes. The USB port allows you the convenience to charge your phone as you enjoy the high-end treatment. Read on.

The lining springs with overstuffed seat cushions and backrest will offer your whole body total ‘cloud nine’ comfort. The leather material makes the chair stain-resistant hence easy to clean. Simply wipe out any dirt using a dry dump piece of cloth.

Finally, the Esright power lift chair upholds the safety and health of the elderly with high regard. Therefore, the construction is of eco-friendly but high-quality timber and formaldehyde-free.




The Esright grants your elderly the independence to sit and stand up effortlessly. Grandma gets to enjoy total rest and comfort in less than 30 minutes of assembling it for her. Go on, place your order.

Looking for High-End Recliners? Go and read this complied list.

9. Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

Overview: Style, comfort, and everything nice! Quality furniture, comfortable and elegant design- this recliner comes ready to use for your elderly loved one.


Not everything comfortable is stylish, but this Signature Design by Ashley comes with a full package that allows you to boast of its presence. Read on.

The attractive recliner reclines up to 69″ in length with more height and depth to accommodate taller and larger persons. The powerlifting mode lifts to a much higher and upright position allowing comfortable standing up for the elderly. It has mixed polyester and polyurethane material for a similar leather appearance. Also, the high-density cushions allow grandma to recline more comfortably in a position of your choice.

Remarkably, the side pocket stretches adequately, giving more room to fit a couple of things, including a remote and magazine. This is a blend of convenience and elegance. What’s more?

The back and footrests operate independently, which means you have the freedom to choose extra positioning options. You can simply lay back with your leg rest down or sit up with your feet up. (Yippee!)




If grandma wants to cuddle with her grandkids, this is the perfect recliner for her as it has more room. Go ahead and place your order.

10. CDCASA Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Overview: don’t compromise on style and durability. Powerlift and recline, easy to assemble and robust construction- Ravenna recliner feels home when at home.

This recliner is perfect for indoor use for the elderly at home. Besides, every elderly prefers staying indoors all the time, comes with a doctor’s advice also. Read on.

This is the best power recliner for an older woman allowing her the freedom to recline and motor lifts to whatever position she wants. Whether she wants to stand and fetch a glass of water or lie back to nap, Ravenna has all that to offer.

Moreover, the plywood frame is strong enough to carry up to 300lbs of weight capacity with a strong and powerful performance. Because grandma cannot wait to use it, it takes less than 15 minutes to assemble. What’s more?

The side pocket has enough room to slide the remote and a book for storage and later use. For value and quality, you will feel the worth of each penny you will spend on buying a Ravenna recliner.




CDCASA Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair is the best deal for the elderly with mobility issues and adults with general back problems. The stylish design suits the décor of your living area. Be sure to get one for you and grandma. Please buy now.

Things to Consider While Buying Recliner for Elderly Woman

Even though recliners are typical, there are those with unique features to suit seniors. Take time to read through the buying guide below before making the right choice.

Cleanliness: if the chair is for the elderly living alone, they should clean it with ease. Therefore buy a recliner with easy to clean material like faux leather or detachable mats for effortless maintenance. Also, they may suffer from poor motor skills making spillage common or involuntary urinary conditions. Nevertheless, consider a recliner that will be easy to maintain top-notch cleaning.

Convenience: since they are likely to spend a long time on these chairs, consider additional but necessary features. For example, it has cup holders, USB ports, and a side pocket. Getting all these for a restricted budget can be challenging but make sure you get the essential ones.

Mobility: with old age, the most common problem is mobility. For significant results, make sure you get the best power recliner for older women. This way, there’s much independence in doing easy errands without any help.

Size: a perfect fit can be an issue when shopping for a recliner for an older woman. For petite and short people, make sure you get the best recliner for a short woman by looking at each option’s various sizes. The right size enhances ease of mobility since standing up in an oversized chair can pose a challenge.

We have detailed guide on Recliner dimensions: How to choose the right size of recliner.


What Particular Mobility Problems Are Lift Recliners Most Helpful To?

Old age comes with a wide variety of mobility issues. But to invest in a recliner for the older woman, the recliner helps in sitting and standing motions. The lift recliners have multiple positions to suit their preferences.

Is It Wrong To Sleep In A Recliner Each Night?

Generally, it’s not bad. But if you have no problems with the back and spinal cord, then sleep in your bed. Spending so long on a recliner to the extent of sleeping on it daily can cause knee and hip issues in the long run.

Should Feet Dangle Over A Recliner?

No. Your feet should fit and rest entirely on the footrest. They shouldn’t even touch the ground. Therefore make sure you get the perfect size for you.


Our top pick is the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair as the best recliner for elderly woman because of its unique construction to deal with back problems. Back and mobility problems are the most common issues with old age.

Well, that’s pretty much all, so choose one that either power lifts, swivels, or just a standard recliner for the elderly needs.



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