8 Best Alternative to Stressless Recliners – You’ll Love to Buy

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: June 4, 2021

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Best Alternative to Stressless Recliners

Comfort is inevitable hence our top selection for the best alternative to stressless recliners. Whether your job wants you to lift heavy objects, take long field walks or sit for long hours, we understand that everybody desires to lounge on a stressless recliner when they get home. Besides, what beats the comfort of kicking your legs up and nap your fatigue away?

However, if your budget cannot allow you to own a stressless recliner, worry not. This comprehensive review will give you eight options of the best alternatives to stressless recliners. The other options only differ in price, but all the other features of stressless recliners are similar. So, do not panic about compromising on durability, comfort, and ottoman.

Apart from in-depth reviews of each product, we also have a recliner buying guide to help you make a perfect decision.

Let’s have a quick look at our top picks,

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Best Alternative to Stressless Recliners

1. Best Choice Products – Leather Electric Massage Recline

When quality tops the list of features, you get PU leather, heat and massage, side pockets, and 250 pounds maximum weight capacity. Read on.


Comfort: First, this recliner, like stressless, comes with PU leather as a symbol of class and functionality. The PU leather adds a touch of top-class appearance, and it is also soft and easy to maintain. Still, this upholstery offers firm lumbar support.

Moreover, it entails a double-padded backrest that reclines for pleasurable relaxation, while the thick and soft seat, armrest, and ottoman cushions provide exceptional comfort. Still, the separate ottoman allows you to rest your feet comfortably.

Functionality: Allow your body to relax from top to bottom with the heat and massage features. The heat function is in the backrest to relieve the lower back from aches while the massage points are on the seat and ottoman. The massage function comprises five pre-programmed massages, nine power levels, and two modes to press the thighs, upper and lower back, and calves. Remarkably, for convenience, these functions operate easily using a remote control.

Structure and Durability: With just three steps, you can quickly assemble this chair. It is made of a sturdy and high-quality steel frame and a broad and round swivel base that boosts its stability. Because it is sturdy and stable, it can hold a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, and the ottoman also supports 200 pounds. The ergonomic design comes in handy to offer durable support and comfort.

Design: Apart from the PU leather boosting your interior’s aesthetics, the entire design makes this chair a perfect fit for the living space. It boasts of style and elegance that attracts attention, providing an inviting appearance turning a house into a home of comfort.

What I like

  • Soft and elegant PU leather
  • Massage and heat functions
  • Durable and stable structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic design and thick cushions
  • Stylish for interior space

What I Don’t Like

  • PU leather emits an odor


Why should you buy this chair? Remarkably, you can use this stressless knockoff without the ottoman. The swivel function adds spice to the comfort by allowing you to turn quickly in any direction you want. Therefore, apart from quality and comfort, the price also offers value for money.

2. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman

Raise your hand if you want it all; comfort, quality, durability, and more. This chair features a mahogany structure, wood base, leather, plush padding, swivel and recliner functions, and a modern design.

Comfort: This Stressless recliner alternative boasts plush armrests, a headrest, and a 3″ seat, not to mention the soft leather material that makes cleaning easy. Also, it has an integrated headrest that ensures your neck and head fall in the proper position every time. The thick padding and leathersoft upholstery ensure an excellent whole-body resting position.

Functionality: With the lever’s help on the right-arm underside, you can easily recline and adjust the chair to any position you desire. Even better, this stressless allows a 360-degree swivel enabled by the ball-bearing mahogany ottoman’s base. The floor protector guides help you move the recliner chair quickly if you want to redecorate or clean your floor without making floor scratches.

Structure and Design: Do you want a chair for the office? You can always get rid of the matching ottoman to ensure a perfect office set-up. Apart from the office, it also fits your home living perfectly because of the contemporary design. Besides, if you want a different color, the chair comes in 3 more options to better choose your interior décor. The plush arms allow stressless sitting for as long as you want, with the sitting horizontal stitching boosting the general appearance. Undeniably, the top-quality mahogany finish and metal frame ensure a firm and durable structure.

What I like

  • Sturdy and steady structure
  • Elegant and contemporary
  • Complete swivel
  • The effortless lever recline function
  • Comfortable material and padding

What I Don’t Like

  • It sits low to the ground, making getting out a challenge


It is what it is! This is an inexpensive model with the qualities of a stressless chair for your comfort desires and appearance for your interior décor. Besides, expect to have it for an extended period.

3. Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman

When the future is right with you! This advanced stressless knockoff brings you a different approach to comfort and functionality. It comes with an updated design, PU leather, durable structure, and multi-function.

Functionality: Remarkably, this chair comprises a heat and massage function for an out-of-this-world relaxation. This function operates on four programs for massage needs of particular areas of thighs, lumbar, legs, and back. More so, it also features five vibrating massage modes and eight massage nodes with adjustable intensities just the way you want. The ball-bearing swivel base enables the user to make the effortless rotation to any direction to hold conversations. However you wish to recline, the adjusting knobs quickly put you into a desirable position.

Construction and Design: The high-quality and solid metal structure offers maximum support for up 330 pounds. For the upholstery, the PU leather gives a general service of structure, design, and even comfort features. First, it is hardwearing, soft to touch, and cleans easy. Also, it improves the aesthetics of your living room, giving it a classy touch. Besides, leather and class are inseparable. Even better, It is streamlined to provide a lightweight and compact design for ease of portability and space-saving for the proper functioning of your interior space.

Comfort: Legs up in a perfect resting position allows one’s body to feel relieved from fatigue and proper blood circulation; this is where the ottoman comes in handy. Better still, the entire chair comes with thick and soft fillings on the neck, back, armrests, and chair areas for maximum comfort and body support.

What I like

  • Streamlined and classy design
  • Massage and heat features on the chair and ottoman
  • Convenient and easy wireless remote control
  • 360-degrees full circle swivel
  • Comfortable material and soft fillings

What I Don’t Like

  • Loud vibration massage


Do you live in a small apartment? This stressless style recliner will ensure you have the perfect share of comfort and not hinder your small space. Besides, great things come or exist in small packages!

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4. HOMCOM Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman Set

For a blend of comfort and contemporary vibe, this stressless chair alternative features faux leather, plush padding, sturdy steel construction, and ergonomic design.

Comfort and Durability: The faux leather is soft-to-touch and water-proof hence easy to clean. However, it is not super cozy; the 2.5″ thick padding on the arms and seat makes it comfortable relaxing. The curved armrests are a perfect fit and shape to support your arms, not to mention the adequate legroom that rests most body types.

Structure and Design: A heavy-duty metal frame structure that is sturdy to hold 285 pounds of the user’s weight. Still, it is an ergonomic design that supports the neck and back for ultimate relaxation. Whatever your theme is, do not worry, as it comes in three color selections of cream, black and brown. Your choice of the perfect color and an exotic design ensures a perfect blend into your office or living room. Even better, it has a side pocket for quick storage.

Operation: With a 90-45 degrees reclining angle, this chair comes with an adjusting knob that is easy to reach and lockable to any position you desire. The 360 degrees swivel function is a convenient feature that allows work conversations or fun. Besides, the matching ottoman is steady, somewhat flat with a fixed height to also act as an extra seat.

What I like

  • Vast positions with locking adjusting knob
  • Soft and easy-clean PU leather
  • Comfortable padding with ergonomic design
  • Elegant and exotic design
  • 360-degrees swivel for fun and convenience

What I Don’t Like

  • No height adjustment


Because you deserve the best, gift yourself with this stressless alternative recliner and a matching ottoman for your work and home comfort. The exotic design is rare and boosts the interior décor, not to mention the impressive functionality and high-quality construction.

5. Giantex Recliner Chair with Ottoman

As the boss, your employees’ work conditions should be a significant priority, requiring a comfortable seat. This perfect office stressless knockoff comes with an adjustable backrest position, superior material, sturdy structure, and cross-function.

Functionality: The adjustable backrest adjusts effortlessly between 90-135 degrees, allowing you to recline to a desirable position. A matching ottoman gives your legs the ultimate relaxation when you need to upgrade to a higher level of comfort. Moreover, with a touch of fun and workflow, the 360-degrees swivel function comes in handy. Even better, the swivel mechanism is both smooth and flexible to endure service for an extended period.

Comfort and Support: Is it one of those days that you attend back-to-back board meetings? Worry not. Remarkably, the backrest has practical lumbar support that relieves your waist fatigue when you are glued to your seat. Still, the luxurious soft padding on the head, back, armrests, chaise, and ottoman provides you with more comfort just how and when you need it.

Structure and Durability: Undeniably, the high-quality reinforced steel frame provides long-term service. Even better, the hardwearing construction ensures the chair can steadily support a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Besides, the PU leather upholstery is soft but tough enough to resist easy wear and tear, ensuring you enjoy a lengthened, comfortable experience.

What I like

  • Adjustable backrest for infinite positions
  • Rigid steel frame and PU leather structure for durability
  • Comfortable padding, particularly for lumbar support
  • Convenient swivel, recliner, and ottoman function for ultimate relaxation
  • Classy and contemporary design with color variations

What I Don’t Like

  • It sits low, which is not ideal for tall people


What are you waiting for? For a fantastic price that guarantees you value for money, still, this chair, like stressless, also looks and feels comfortable, ensuring perfection at its role.

6. Relaxzen Massage Recliner with Heat and Ottoman

What is stress? Permit your mind, body, and soul to relax in this recliner-like stressless that features massage and heat, PU leather, swivel wood base, and extra-thick padding.

Comfort: First, the vast and plush armrests ensure you have enough room to rest your arms for an extended period. The extra-thick padding generously on the headrest, back, armrests, and chaise provides comfort and adequate support for the whole body, especially the lumbar section. Moreover, the PU upholstery is soft to touch, giving you a comfortable feel, and cleaning is a walk in the park.

Functionality: Because your sitting comfort determines how much you enjoy life altogether, this chair boasts a unique but practical eight motors massage and heat function. The massage motors focus on your back, especially the lumbar section, legs, and thighs. There is also a particular heat function for the lumbar area, prone to a lot of waste fatigue due to lengthened sitting. Besides, you can choose between 9 different massage modes and five intensity levels for a personalized massage experience. A recline lock control allows you to enjoy any position you desire for relaxation.

Construction and Design: The metal frame reinforcement ensures sturdiness and steadiness in the chair’s structure, for starters. The impressive wood finish and base that swivels, including the PU leather, add a classy touch to the interior décor. The matching ottoman is a unique design that can also function as a side table or extra seat. The entire function is controlled using a remote that you can easily store on its side pocket.

What I like

  • Multi-function for ultimate relaxation
  • Sturdy metal frame, wood finish, and PU leather structure for durability
  • Contemporary design for modern interior
  • Comfortable extra plush padding and wide armrests

What I Don’t Like

  • Cannot use heat function alone


Well, you get what you buy. In this cheaper alternative to stressless, you pay for comfort, luxury, durability, and eye-catching design; nothing less. It is an overall impression.

7. Flash Furniture Palimino Recliner and Ottoman

Nothing feels good than being in control of your body desires, such as maximum comfort. Thanks to this stressless chair competitor you get, plush padding, wood base, reclining lever, and LeatherSoft upholstery.

Functionality: When you want to recline, the lever located on the right underarm makes effortless adjustments to a full reclining position. Remarkably, both the chair and ottoman have a 360-degree swivel after the ball-bearing to accomplish a fun or practical function. Still, the floor glides ensure super protection of your floor when you move the chair.

 Comfort: No relaxation without the arms; hence the soft plush arms ensure you are comfortable for an extended period. Moreover, the foam padding on the neck, back, and seat enhances comfort and total support. The LeatherSoft upholstery is skin-friendly, giving you a comfortable feel, and cleans easily as well.

Durability: The recliner and ottoman’s base structure is of durable wood with a top-quality mahogany finish for an ageless look. The broad base offers stability and strength to support a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Better still, the material is anti-scratch, ensuring a long-term service.

Design: The bold LeatherSoft upholstery and mahogany finish provides a harmonious blend to a modern interior setting. Also, it comes in 3 other color variations for a perfect match of different decors.

What I like

  • Dual functions of recliner and swivel for peak relaxation
  • Bold and contemporary design
  • Maximum comfort of foam padding
  • Durable structure and leather upholstery
  • Easy and convenient operation

What I Don’t Like

  • The chair seems to lean on one side after some use


Looks do not deceive, and this stressless knock offers the exact looks that talk of comfort and alluring design. Besides, you are buying a chair that serves both your needs and your home’s appearance. What more would you ask for?

8. RecPro Charles Chair Recliner

Because traveling is mind-relaxing, you need a body relaxing chair for your escapades. Like stressless, this chair features a lightweight, streamlined profile, color variations, PU leather, and mahogany finish.

Comfort: For an RV chair, this would be perfect because of its ultimate comfort features. First, the streamlined profile ensures your body fits fully and comfortably. The protruding headrest allows you to take a nap when on the road for the lengthened period and not wake up to a stiff neck. It also has plush but firm padding on the back, armrests, and chaise. The lumbar section’s firmness is perfect for combating lower back fatigue that occurs with long-distance travel. Still, the PU leather is soft and skin-friendly to boost your comfort needs.

Functionality: There’s no need to sleep on the floor mattress when traveling; this chair offers a reclining function. The latch on the right side allows you to recline into a comfortable napping position with a tension rod to lock the recline mechanism in your desired place. Moreover, the footrest extends, giving your feet a resting platform for the ultimate experience.

Construction and Design: First, it comes in 4 color options for your liberty to blend your interior décor. Also, the structure is a sturdy blend of hardwood and steel frames to guarantee the user of durability and strength. This way, it is capable of supporting the user’s maximum weight of 250 pounds. The streamlined profile makes it a perfect fit, even for small spaces. Better still, it is lightweight, giving you an easy time to carry it wherever in and out of your RV for a great relaxation experience.

What I like

  • Streamlined profile for tight spaces
  • Lightweight hence easily portable
  • Firm and soft padding perfect for lumbar support
  • In-built footrest for convenience and comfort
  • PU leather for durability and hard-wear
  • Sturdy and solid structure for lengthened service
  • Color variations for perfect interior décor

What I Don’t Like

  • The footrest is challenging to put down


When are you traveling? Please do not forget your RecPro Charles Chair Recliner! Breaking off from the tedious work routine once in a while is healthy. However, always remember that comfort is necessary wherever you are, especially in the RV when taking a field trip with your friends. This cheaper alternative to stressless is just it!

Buyers Guide on Stressless Recliner Alternative

Type: The popular stressless recliners come as swivel types; however, there are other options, especially when you want the best alternative. When looking for the best type apart from swivel, it would be best to consider; regular/push-back recliner, lift recliner, and rocker recliner. learn more about what is rocker recliner.

Power: If your choice is powered, check what type of power it features. Usually, most come with remote controls, and others even have USB charging ports for the convenience of phone charging when you are relaxing. Also, ensure the cable has an adequate length from the chair to your source of power.

Color and Upholstery: When considering upholstery, ensure you pick one that cleans easy, soft, and skin-friendly as well. Besides, look for the one that will not give you a hard time if you want to reupholster in the future. Conversely, the color of the material is also a vital thing to consider. Look for a chair that offers color variations to be sure of a shade that will blend perfectly with your interior. Preferably, something that harmoniously blends and stands out for noticing would do the magic to your décor.

Dimensions and Weight capacity: It would be best to look for a chair that fits perfectly, even in a tight space. Also, you want one that holds your average weight capacity without the risk of breaking down. For both features, it would help to have proper measurements at hand while shopping.

Price: Because it is an alternative, it should cost cheaper. However, even with the affordable rate, ensure it has excellent qualities that do not differ from the Stressless models. Besides, you are looking for value and quality at the same time.


Thanks to the best alternative to stressless recliners, people can still enjoy the stressless models’ benefits. The above options offer quality and value for your money.

This is because, from a wide range of options in the current market, our team ensured to review the very best that will be a perfect match for your body and home needs. Because personal preferences vary, be sure not to miss out on your ideal chair from our selection. Your decision waits!


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