8 Best Two-Person Recliner Chairs to Buy in 2021

by | Last Updated: June 9, 2021

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Two-Person Recliner Chairs

Imagine if you could have among the best two-person recliner chairs to fit you and your loved one and give much comfort and relaxation every time, not just for date nights.

Better still; what if there are eight best of these recliners for two, with each having unique features that would meet your demands and preferences?

You would most definitely want to read more about them.

Well, today is your lucky day because that’s precisely what I’m going to share with you in this review; 8 best two-person recliner chairs that you can easily choose the perfect one to have in your living room today.

What’s more? You will also get a buying guide to help you highlight the basic features. This way, your decision becomes more accessible and quicker.

So, let’s get to it!

Top picked 8 Two-Person Recliner Chairs Review

Below is the quick overview of the our 8 top picks,

1. Signature Design by Ashley Rackingburg Reclining Loveseat 

It’s a modern two-person recliner with thick foam padding and exquisite vanilla leather upholstery. The recliner also provides a high back design for extra comfort and adequate support of a sturdy metal frame for durability.


Comfort: The heavy foam cushions make you recline in a cloudy experience. Apart from the soft feeling, the cushions on the back, arms, seat, and even the footrest enable full support in any position you desire. Better still, the leather interior and vinyl/polyester exterior add to the comfort levels as the feeling is soft to touch.

Design and Structure: Firstly, it is a two-seat recliner that is perfect for you and your loved one to spend a date night with movies. Also, the design is appealing because of the leather upholstery that has reinforced baseball stitching for longevity. It is also rich, making it ideal for the living room and matches many interiors.

Measuring 63 x 39 x 40 inches and a fully reclined length of 68 inches, rest assured that you will both fit comfortably even when you feel like napping. With 3 inches from the wall, it is also a space-saver.

Operation: It is also a manual recliner with a pull tab recline mechanism that is easy to use and reach. Remarkably, the pull tab mechanism allows you to customize your comfort just how you want it in different positions.

What I like

  • Extreme comfort: The thick foam padding all around ensures complete support and comfort for the whole body.
  • Alluring design: The vanilla leather upholstery is not only durable but also charming, offering a perfect blend to the living room.
  • Sturdy and wide structure: Apart from the tough leather with baseball stitching, the dimensions ensure a spacious and sturdy two-person recliner.
  • Easy to use: A pull-tab reclining mechanism is easy to reach and use to customize your comfort needs in any position.

What I Don’t Like

  • The material is peeling off: After a short use, the leather material starts peeling off.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Someone said that everything is quality, from the well-done finishing to the spring and mechanical parts. Indeed, it makes a perfect extra seat for your loved one.


Generally, if you are looking for a two-person recliner for a cost-effective amount, this is it! The finishing is well-done and very comfortable to either sit or recline in. with proper use and care, rest assured of durability as the mechanical parts are quality.

2. Zimmerman Glider Loveseat

A blend of luxury, style, and comfort in a living room. This set includes a pillow-top arm, a glider/rocker, cup holders, a middle console, and a leatherette. All of these features stand on durable wood supported by steel reclining mechanisms that work consistently and effectively.


Comfort: If you are looking for unrivaled comfort, here we go! Thanks to the overstuffed foam pillow top arms, back and pocket coils on the seats, you can relax the way you want for an extended period with proper back support. Also, the breathable leatherette allows you and your partner to rest without any irritation and sweat, not to its ease of maintenance.

Functionality: Use the pull and release mechanism to find your perfect and cozy position easily. Better still, it also has a glider mechanism. The glider moves back and forth to boost your relaxation over a lazy weekend afternoon.

Design and Structure: For starters, the thick foam pillows on the head, lumbar, and arms are not just for support, but they also give a bold appearance. Also, the breathable leatherette makes it look classy with a dark brown shade that blends perfectly with any interior. The middle console also opens, offering additional storage apart from supporting your arms. Moreover, there are 2 cup holders to ensure you are watching your movie without any distractions.

A structure of hardwood and plywood frames with a metal reclining mechanism enables both longevity and sturdiness.

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What I like

  • Comfortable: Overstuffed pillows and seat with pocket coils.
  • Easy to operate: Glider mechanism and effortless pull and release recline mechanism as you desire.
  • Elegant design: Classy and soft leatherette upholstery, middle console with hidden storage, and cup holders.
  • Sturdy structure: Durable hardwood and plywood frames with steel reclining mechanism ensuring balance as well.

What I Don’t Like

  • Tricky locking the footrest in position: The glide/rock motion makes it hard to close the footrest in place since it is not stable.

What Other Reviewers Say:

MostdelightedandBettermen who want the company of their better half to watch football in the man-cave commended this chair as an excellent addition because of the extreme comfort. Even after lasting usage, it still looks brand new to most users who feel they made a perfect choice.


It is extremely comfortable, good quality, and well made. The color is beautiful. It also reclines easily, the footrest is effortless to put back down, and the setup was simple; a perfect match for a couple’s house!

3. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Loveseat

A remarkable cuddler reclining chair that will easily accommodate two people. It consists of a foldable footrest and wide, soft pillow armrests, making it a super comfortable piece of furniture. It also appears in a neutral color that will blend with any decor.

Comfort: This recliner for two is exceptionally comfortable due to the high-quality overstuffed cushioning. While the all-around cushioning makes it a go-furniture whenever you want to chill, it also provides full support to your body.

Operation: The pull and release manual reclining mechanism is not only simple to use but also allows you to customize the positions of this two-person recliner however you want, including down to 64 inches.

Design and Construction: It comes in an attractive and neutral classic brown shade of faux leather. This soft bonded leather upholstery has a matte finish that prevents sweat and sticky skin to the material. The double-stitching also reinforces the material for longevity as well as adds a touch of design. You can be sure this recliner will suit any interior from vintage to contemporary.

 Also, the fine grain woods of construction together with the metal reclining mechanism guarantees balance and strength.

What I like

  • Super comfortable: The top-quality cushions and soft faux leather ensure you rest in maximum comfort for as long as you want.
  • Straightforward functionality: Easy to use, pull and release recline mechanism that allows you to choose a desired position of rest.
  • Sturdy and stable structure: The materials of the build are excellent to ensure support and strength.
  • Alluring design: The classic brown faux leather blends well with any décor f choice.

What I Don’t Like

  • The faux leather is not durable: After some time of use, the faux leather peels quickly, making it a disappointment.

What Other Reviewers Say:

First, the users were happy with the clear instructions that made the couch is easy to put together. Also, the sizing is perfect for two averaged-sized people who were happy snuggling all the time.


First, it is cost-effective. Also, it is not just good-looking, but it also feels great on the body. This is because of the extreme comfort it offers, making it a perfect resting place even for the elderly couple.

4. Flash Furniture Harmony Series Loveseat

As a double chair, this brown leather recliner establishes a perfect proposition for everybody searching for style and comfort. Spacious, finished with LeatherSoft, will engage you for a lasting period.

Design and Construction: It comes in modern styling that will easily fit your living space thanks to the LeatherSoft upholstery that comes in 4 different shades for your preference. It also cleans easily with a water-based cleaner and a damp clean cloth to wipe off the spills. Moreover, the construction is grade-quality with the best wood and heavyweight steel. This ensures stability and sturdiness to hold a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Comfort and Functionality: This is a double-recliner with no match in terms of comfort due to the plush padding on the neck, back, arms, seat, and even the footrest with CAL 117 fire retardant foam. The recessed levers enable you to effortlessly extend the footrests and get into your ideal reclining position. Besides, this recliner for two is 56 inches wide with a 64-inch seat depth when fully reclined hence provides a near-flat angle for a perfect nap.

What I like

  • Easy to operate: The recessed levers are easy to use in managing both the footrest and chair into a desirable position.
  • Maximum comfort: Plush and thick padding all-over with foam that is CAL 117 fire retardant.
  • Contemporary design: Availability of 4 color options and faux leather to blend with a modern interior.
  • Sturdy construction: Stable and robust materials of build that support 300 pounds of maximum weight capacity.

What I Don’t Like

  • The padding is a bit stiff: Initial use would feel somewhat stiff but softens after some time.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Most users who love to travel a lot were content with this chair not just because of the ideal comfort but also due to the perfect fit in the RV. Better still, the bold statement makes it fun to go on a trip with your better half.


For the affordable price, the quality and comfort levels are worth it. Better still, it is easy to maintain, and the material and appearance are impressive. Also, the assembly is easy and quick even when you want to move, and disassembling is also effortless.

5. KKSAFE Double Reclining Loveseat

A cozy two-person recliner will offer you a good relaxing time, embellishing your living room with a striking contemporary design. It features an oversized single button-tufted back, a wide seat, rolled arms, an eco-friendly wood frame, and brown fabric upholstery.

Functionality: When you want to recline, pull the handle up, and you will get into a desirable position quickly. Better still, the backrest and footrest adjust separately with a lay angle of 160° and a footrest angle of 90°. Also, each couch can adjust independently, which allows each person their freedom of positioning.

Comfort and Structure: The cuddler couch comes in a stable, environmentally friendly wood frame that can endure a weight of 700 pounds. Also, it features polyester upholstery which is breathable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Still, the big-size padded pillows with wider armrests and thicker back provide you a more comfortable lounging experience.

Design: It has two thick armrests, a middle console with a storage box, and 2 cup holders. Also, it can perfectly suit a theatre setup. After a tiring day, sip your favorite drink and enjoy a movie with your loved one.

What I like

  • Straightforward operation: Recline angle is easy to pull with the independent adjusting of the couch and footrest.
  • Utmost comfort: Breathable Polyester fabric with plush padding.
  • Stable structure: Eco-friendly wood frame that is stable and strong to support 700 pounds.
  • Design: Contemporary design with attractive brown shade and a middle console with storage box and cup holders.

What I Don’t Like

  • The armrests are stiff: Arm padding feels stiff to enjoy a lasting resting position.

What Other Reviewers Say:

The high-quality wooden frame made most users happy with its lightweight that made it easy to move around. Furthermore, they only spent a maximum of 30 minutes assembling the whole chair ready for use.


What better way than to spend your weekend with your significant other watching endless movies on your favorite theatre two-person recliner? The structure of this chair allows you the convenience of reclining without stress thanks to the easy-pull interior handle and cup-holders and storage box, not to mention the cozy padding and fabric.

6. RecPro Charles Collection Wall Hugger Loveseat

This wall hugger loveseat recliner is ideal living room furniture. The comfortable seat, armrests, and backrest make a perfect connection. Soft faux leather upholstery and robust construction create a flawless piece of furniture for any decor.

Comfort and Structure: It comes thickly padded to provide comfort and support on the neck, back, arms, seat, and footrest. The thick cushioning comes wrapped in soft faux leather that is skin-friendly, ensuring no irritation and discomfort lounging at any time. Better still, it comes in a modular structure that makes it easy to install. The dimensions of 58 x 37 x 39 inches give it general sizing perfect for most body types.

Design and Function:  This 2-person recliner has two reclining positions. Remarkably, a wall hugger makes it ideal for compact spaces with 3 inches clearance from the wall for a complete recline. Also, it comes in 2 color variations that easily match any décor. The push-back recline mechanism is easy to use with just your body weight against the back.

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What I like

  • Durable and low maintenance: The faux leather is tough and easy to clean and solid structure.
  • Super comfortable: Plush and thick padding ensures support and maximum support.
  • Easy to operate: Push-back recliner mechanism easy to engage with body weight.
  • Space-saving design: 3 inches clearance from the wall allows you to save space in full recline.

What I Don’t Like

  • Seams are coming loose: The seams appear not to be firm as they quickly come off, tearing the faux leather.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Most reviewers commented on the wall-hugging design that made it fit even in a camper RV and still comfortable in a lay-flat position. The excellent quality was also a commendable element by several users.


It is a two-person recliner that has an unbelievable well-made structure. Better still, the colors blend perfectly well with the existing interior. Also, the comfort is on top-level, allowing two different positions for your preference.

7. Homelegance Center Hill Glider Reclining Loveseat

This Reclining Loveseat allows you to relax comfortably with your better half. It will surprise you with its dual glider and recliner functions, offering a better experience in comfort. All finished in brown faux leather for a perfect interior blend.

Comfort and Function: The faux leather upholstery and thick padding let you and your partner rest in ultimate comfort with no irritation and sweat. Besides, the bonded leather is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. Also, it features a glider and reclines function allowing you three positions for rest with back and forth motion with the use of a side lever.

Design and Structure: It boasts classic rolled arms and channel-tufted design features with a nail head accent trim. The brown faux leather is also neutral, allowing you to find it easy to match your living room or theatre setting. Also, it has a middle console with a storage box and 2 cup holders for convenience and easy reach. A structure of hardwoods and steel recline/glider mechanism provides strength and balance.

What I like

  • Simple and elegant design: Convenient with storage box and cup holders and brown easy to blend shade.
  • Easy to maintain: The faux leather is soft and easy to clean.
  • Dual function: Glider/rocker and recline processes ensure more comfort.
  • Sturdy structure: Steel reclining mechanism and hardwood frames provide strength and stability.

What I Don’t Like

  • One side challenge: It is hard to close in place one side of the recliner when you want to engage in the upright position.

What Other Reviewers Say:

From a majority of reviews, the back support is adequate, especially for people with back problems. Besides, the brown color won the hearts of many users making it easy to blend with different interior decor.


This double recliner is solid, leather is very soft, and pillows are comfortable. Better still, it reclines almost completely flat to the point one can sleep.

8. 2 Set Sofa Loveseat Chaise Couch Recliner

Two-person recliner with PU upholstery and finished with firm double stitching. It is suitable for watching TV, reading books and sleeping.

Function and Structure: Manual adjustment latch on the side makes it easy to adjust the backrest and lift the footrest. This way, you will get into a desirable position quickly for your comfort demands. Moreover, the frame construction is hardwood and plywood with a sturdy steel frame recline mechanism.

Comfort and Design: The PU upholstery comes in two colors for your liking. Better still, it stimulates a modern style with its beautiful appearance and practicability. Also, it has thick padding that offers maximum comfort and full support for the head, waist/lumbar, hips, and legs. The seat construction consists of pocket seat coiling that ensures durability for a lasting lounging experience. The wide armrests provide more unrestrained comfort.

What I like

  • Easy to use: Manual side latch for recline and footrest functions.
  • Stable and robust structure: Durable hardwood and steel frames offer strength and stability.
  • Contemporary design: PU cover with double stitching gives a touch of modern design to your space.
  • Comfortable: Thick padding with a wide armrest allows full-body support and lasting relaxation.

What I Don’t Like

  • Challenge putting down footrest: For people with joint problems and arthritis, it is strenuous to lock down the footrest in place.

What Other Reviewers Say:

Most reviews showed their satisfaction in the price, delivery, and super easy setup. Above all, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture in most spaces.


This loveseat is beautiful, soft, very cozy, and works great and smoothly. It is also a perfect match for anyone on a tight budget and appreciates a piece of great furniture in their space.

Buyer’s Guide on Double Person Recliner

Buying a double recliner is no different from buying an ordinary recliner. However, few features need more of your focus to ensure you have the perfect match for your needs. For instance;


It would be best to ensure the size is fitting from the head to the leg-rest. More so, in a cuddler recliner, you need to factor in the height of two people. Therefore, it would be best to go with the measurements of the tallest among the two people. Even though this would be somehow uncomfortable for the shorter person, a lumbar pillow will come in handy to ensure they are also comfortable.


Of course, a two-person recliner will take up more space than a single recliner. So, the size of your room is essential, as well as the wall space. A double-person recliner needs about 8- 14 inches to recline back completely. This makes it well-matched to take up the center of the room.


The material is always important in all types of recliners. While everyone needs a material that will make their living space look elegant and soft to touch, the upholstery price varies. Upholstery, like leather, is more expensive to obtain compared to fabric. Moreover, you should consider the ease of maintenance in different materials and choose convenient for your needs.


In a two-person recliner, you will get manual and powered mechanisms. In these mechanisms, there will be the option of either reclining both chairs at the same time or independently. While people’s comfort levels differ, it would be best to look for a unique reclining mechanism, not inconvenience the other user.


This recliner for two should support a higher weight capacity than a single recliner because of the two users. Consequently, you need to look for a structure that is stable and sturdy with high-quality materials. Typically, steel does a great job in ensuring sturdiness and balance, and durability. Hardwood frames are also a great option. It would be best to test the chair with two people sitting and adjusting different positions to ensure support.


After the research, the conclusion was that the best two-person recliner is the Signature Design by Ashley Rackingburg Reclining Loveseat. From its in-depth review, it is clear that it offers durability, strength, and comfortable enough for two people. Conversely, the above other options make an ideal addition for the comfort of two people on one couch, so rest assured whatever you choose will be the right choice.