5 Most Comfortable Recliner to Sleep In (#2 is Worth Buying)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 25, 2021

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When nap time is your happy hour, you will need the most comfortable recliner to sleep in. After a crazy busy day, all you want is a cozy spot to relax and even take a nap. In such times, your couch and pillows cannot beat the comfort of a recliner. Besides, what’s better than having your feet up while watching your favorite show and eventually fall asleep?

Even though the most comfortable recliner to sleep in is ideal for anyone, it would be best for people with sleep apnea, back, joint pain, and the elderly. But, the market has all types of recliners, but not all match up to their claims of comfort.

A stitch in time saves nine! We went on a market survey to find you the best recliner for sleeping. Our research was not just from the customer reviews, but we also studied the comfort, performance, and durability across different brands.

Therefore with much confidence, we welcome you to our top selection review of lay-flat recliners.

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List of Most Comfortable Recliner to Sleep In

1. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman

You cannot make it in life unless you dream. So why not dream in the luxury and comfort of this flat lay recliner. With a swivel, ottoman, leather upholstery, color varieties, extra soft thick padding, and appealing but sturdy build-go ahead and dream because your life depends on it!


Comfort: Because you are looking for comfort, it entails plush arms, 3-inch thick seat padded with CAL 117 fire retardant foam, and a combined headrest enclosed in durable LeatherSoft upholstery. Also, the Leather Soft upholstery is soft to touch, providing an excellent body rest feeling, not to mention the padding that ensures maximum support and comfort.

Functionality: The easy-to-reach lever on the underside of the right arm will help you recline the chair effortlessly. Better still, the recliner offers infinite positions from upright to a complete lay-flat angle stopping anywhere in the middle to match your preference. Furthermore, this recliner for sleeping comes with a matching ottoman, a 360-degree swivel movement enhanced by the ball-bearing smooth motion mahogany wood base. This way, the swivel function allows you to engage in multiple conversations in a boardroom set up at work. The extra-base floor guides act as an anti-scratch to protect your floor when moving the chair.

Structure and Design: Firstly, the dimensions of 44.5 x 33 x 41.25 inches and weight of 58 pounds qualify it as a sizeable chair to accommodate even the tall people, not to mention a lightweight to carry around. The upholstery is durable and soft and attractive, and easy to maintain with just wiping out the stains with a damp cloth. Besides, the stunning contemporary design makes it versatile to blend well for both the living room and office spaces. 

Still, it comes in 2 more color options of beige and black, giving you an easy selection to suit your interior. The plush arms enable tension-free lounging for as long as you desire, while the horizontal stitching boosts the general appearance. Undeniably, the integration of mahogany wood finish and metal frame in the construction ensures strength and stability to hold up to 225 pounds of weight capacity. Remarkably, it is also straightforward to assemble.

What I like

  • Sturdy Structure: A combination of sturdy wood and metal reinforcement provide strength, durability, and stability.
  • Elegant and Contemporary: The LeatherSoft upholstery and rich mahogany color bring out an alluring look.
  • Multifunction: A swivel and recliner function is not just convenient but also ensures you enjoy maximum relaxation for your preference.
  • Comfortable: Thick, soft, and durable padding all around with soft upholstery will stimulate you into instant sleep.

What I Don’t Like

  • Sits low on the ground: This makes it difficult to get out, especially for the elderly and those with underlying conditions.


Generally, it looks and feels great you get what you pay for. Besides, it is inexpensive, so you don’t have to break the bank for your comfort needs. Also, it brings a different and unique touch to your space because of the matching ottoman, which can be versatile in use. Go for it!

2. Flash Furniture Lever Rocker Recliner

How you sleep determines your overall health. This lay-flat recliner offers you a combination of excellent features like rocker and recliner multifunction, LeatherSoft upholstery, plush padding, and solid structure. What’s more?

Comfort: Sleeping comfortably on a recliner is everyone’s desire. Lucky for you, this recliner for sleeping has 5 inches of foam padding on the headrest, backrest, seat, armrests, and footrest-perfect spot to take a nap. Also, the LeatherSoft upholstery is soft to touch, ensuring your skin feels comfortable for an extended period. Better still, the arms are wide and comfy, providing you comfort and support when you are reading your novel. The padding on the headrest and backrest, especially on the lumbar section, also ensures relief from neck and backaches. So, there’s no need for extra cushions to get that cloud-nine feeling of comfort.

Functionality: It is a three-position manual rocker recliner offering upright, TV, and nap positions for starters. The operation is straightforward because of the easy-to-reach lever on the right arm. By turning the lever, the chair gets into an instant recline mode to a desirable position extending the footrest for better comfort and support. Apart from being a high-quality and affordable recliner, it provides double duty also as a rocker. Swivel rocker recliner makes it a perfect addition to your home nursery or living room space. Besides, there’s no better way to call on sleep than a bit of rocking motion back and forth.

Design and Structure: Well, the classic brown color provides a perfect blend to any interior décor. Also, 66 x 40 x 42 inches dimensions provide an extra-wide design with extra plush padding to ensure the build is entirely comfortable. With 95 pounds, it is evident that it is not a light chair. This means that the metal and hardwood materials of the build are heavy-duty, guaranteeing strength, stability, and durability to support 300 pounds. Even though it is heavy, you can quickly assemble it alone within 15 minutes.

 Moreover, the LeatherSoft upholstery cleans easily in stains and spills using a wet clean piece of cloth.

What I like

  • Supreme Comfort: Extra plush 5″ padding and LeatherSoft upholstery ensure you are lounging in utmost comfort.
  • Easy and Convenient Operation: Easy to reach side lever brings you to your favorite position effortlessly.
  • Dual-function: Rocker and recliner functions top up the comfort level to make the chair more versatile to match more needs, including a nursery.
  • Durable Construction: The heavy-duty wood and metal structure are vital to holding 300 pounds of the user’s weight.
  • Appealing Design: A brown color brings life to most interior decors, and the bold form makes it noticeable wherever you place it.

What I Don’t Like

  • The chair does not lock in position: With continuous use without locking into place, the back may break easily, causing severe injuries.


Well, it’s a rocker, recliner, lays mostly flat, brings adequate comfort for a good night’s sleep in, and a beautiful and practical color option. That’s pretty remarkable, which makes it easy to fall in love with this chair.

3. Divano Roma Furniture Rocker Recliner

Sometimes, the mood says you want to sleep for years. Well, that is possible if you have the Divano Roma recliner for sleeping because it consists of faux leather, rocker and recliner function, plush padding, and durable hardwood frame.

Comfort: When looking for a comfortable recliner that allows you to sleep, comfort should be the first factor to consider. Remarkably, the Divano brings out comfort like no other. This is because of the overstuffed plush padding on the back, seat, armrest, and footrest, making it cozier. Also, the faux leather is skin-friendly, ensuring your lounging experience is out of this world. The broad design also boosts comfort because you can easily fit in any desired position. Not to mention, the footrest allows your feet to be comfortable when you kick them up for support.

Functionality: So, it’s both a rocker and recliner-big deal! The easy-to-reach lever on the side activates the recliner mode allowing you to fully recliner to a sleeping mode. What’s better is the back-and-forth rocker motion that enables a nursery setting. The sleepless, colicky nights with your baby come easy when you rock the baby to quick sleep, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably.

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Structure and Design: The two color options of black and brown make this recliner easy to blend in any house with contemporary or traditional interior décor. The faux leather adds a timeless look. Also, the bold appearance with plush padding is both intimidating and alluring, making you walk straight to lounge in after work for maximum relaxation. Better still, the sturdy and durable hardwood frame with faux leather upholstery ensures stability as well for 300 pounds of weight capacity. Besides, the dimensions of 37.8 x 36.2 x 39.8 inches make it a decent size for most people.

What I like

  • Extra comfort: Overstuffed padding on the entire chair and cushion top armrests make it super-cozy.
  • Straightforward Operation: Easy to use and reach side lever allows you to recline to a sleeping position fully.
  • Convenient Functions: The rocker and recliner functions boosts the comfort levels a notch higher.
  • Timeless Design: Faux leather touch and neutral color options activate a timeless but attractive design to blend with classic and contemporary interiors.

What I Don’t Like

  • Faux leather seems weak: After some short usage, the faux leather appears to tear from the seams, which means it could worsen with a heavier person.


It is hard to find furniture with nearly zero complaints. Generally, the chair feels good from the soft faux leather, and the solid structure holds a high weight capacity of 300 pounds. Quite impressive making it worth the money even though it is cost-effective.

4. ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

Great sleep makes you wake up able to move mountains! The advanced features of ANJ comfortable recliner for sleeping comprise of power reclining mechanism, bonded leather, overstuffed padding, and USB port. Read on.

Comfort: The overstuffed chair allows excellent comfort and relief. How? With a cozy backrest, headrest, seat, and armrest, this ANJ lay flat recliner also offers outstanding support for your back, head, feet, and especially the lumbar area. Not to mention it has a flexible and overstuffed footrest that allows you to stretch your feet as far as you want to sleep comfortably.

Functionality: The power reclining operation is straightforward. with the simple two buttons, press activate reclining function to enable an incredibly smooth and quiet gentle motion. This makes a significant benefit, particularly for physically challenged people due to disease or old age.

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Design: It comes with a USB charging port on the right side, enabling your devices to charge within easy reach. Also, breathable leather is not just classy, but it is also soft to touch and easy to clean. Better still, the brass accent nail design makes it eye-catching wherever you decide to place it, either in the living room, bedroom, and even theatre room.

Structure: As bold as it looks, it measures 28 x 39 x 39 inches making it an ideal size for most users. Furthermore, the build is of durable steel frames, which guarantee about 25,000 times use and strength to hold 300 pounds of weight. Generally, this chair is easy to assemble alone because of the simple instructions.

What I like

  • Super Comfort: The overstuffed padding on the whole chair ensures you slip into a deep sleep of luxury and comfort.
  • Easy Operation: 2 buttons on the right side activate the electric reclining function to 3-position as you desire.
  • Durable Structure: The steel frames support a 300 pounds maximum weight capacity.
  • Striking Design: Brass nail accents and bonded leather upholstery boost the interior with three color options.

What I Don’t Like

  • Recliner and footrest not independent: sometimes, you want to watch TV without kicking your feet up; hence the simultaneous operation becomes a challenge.


It is a genuinely great chair that requires no tools for quick assembly. Apart from looking great, the bonded leather also matches its comfort. Also, the USB extra feature ensures you never leave the comfort of this chair because of your phone’s low battery notification.

5. Esright Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair

Dear sleep, I’m ready now because of the Esright Power Lift Microfiber Electric Recliner Chair. Last but not least, the highlights of this recliner for sleeping include sturdy steel frames, heat and massage function, four color variations, and soft microfiber upholstery.

No products found.

Comfort: The massage and heat function is the deal-breaker! It consists of 8 vibration points, two power levels, and five massage modes. For your supreme comfort, this chair will support you and relax the stiff and sore muscles. Better still, the microfiber is soft and covers thick padding on the head, back, seat, armrest, and footrest.

Design and Structure: For support of 330 pounds of maximum weight, the chair is undeniably sturdy. The chair has a dependable metal frame and a quiet but powerful motor. The backrest has strategic padding for the lumbar support to ease the backaches. The microfiber comes in 4 color variations to spoil you with options for a perfect blend of your interior.

Functionality: The lift mechanism is a significant plus for the elderly and people with mobility issues due to surgery or back and joint pains. It enables them to stand up quickly from the chair and sit back down without exerting pressure on the joints and back. Also, the recliner allows you to get into a lay-flat position to sleep comfortably for an extended period. The entire operation is easy using a remote control.

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What I like

  • Comfortable: Overstuffed padding, massage and heat, and microfiber upholstery enable supreme comfort.
  • Convenient and Easy Operation: Lift, and recliner mechanism efficiently activated using a remote control for the user’s convenience.
  • Classy but straightforward Design: The design is simple but comes in a soft microfiber upholstery with four color variations.
  • Sturdy Structure: Has heavy-duty metal frames that support 300 pounds of weight.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not Easy to Clean: The microfiber upholstery poses a challenge when cleaning any stain.


Everything about this recliner for sleeping places is among the best comfortable recliners in the market. The comfort, operation, design, extra features of the sturdy structure make it a must-have in your home.

Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for furniture, more so recliners can be challenging because of the vast market with so many brands. Luckily, a buyer’s guide will shed some light on different but essential features you should keep an eye on when going through a review.

Therefore, when finding the best recliner for sleeping, you should consider the factors below;

Upholstery: Usually, your interior décor will determine the ideal upholstery for your recliner. However, most people go for the leather upholstery because of the classy touch added to their space. There is also fabric upholstery typical for most recliners like polyester and microfiber. Consequently, your choice of upholstery will not just depend on your décor but also the cost and maintenance.

Type of Recliner: There’s no specific type for comfort. Therefore, you should know of different kinds of recliners before making a choice. Besides, comfort is a sum of various features of a recliner. Based on your needs and likings, you should check on the type to make a perfect match.

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Structure: Definitely, the build of a recliner will determine your level of comfort. Even though recliners come in different designs, it would be best to look for a recliner made from high-quality and durable materials. For more convenience, while sleeping, you will need to focus on the cushions, upholstery, and even the frames, which total up to the entire structure.

Size and Weight Capacity: According to the size of your space, be considerate of the size of the lay flat recliner you want to buy. Moreover, you want a recliner with an ideal fit for you to stretch out just like on a bed. Also, the weight capacity is a significant factor to put in mind. Nobody wants a recliner that will break down when they have their beauty sleep! Therefore, look for a recliner that can withstand a high weight capacity; preferably, a power recliner has a higher weight capacity than the manual recliners.

Price: Whatever your budget is, most likely, you will find a recliner to match. However, you should know that extra features make up a higher price tag for more comfort. Therefore, you should first outline what you want on your recliner for comfort then establish a budget from what the market has to offer (Best Budget Recliners). While overspending is not advisable, you should not miss a great feature like heat and massage if you have chronic back pains or a lift recliner for joint aches and arthritis.

Well, now you are out of the dark in terms of shopping for your recliner. To make your work much more straightforward, dig in the review section below to make a quick and perfect decision. Rest assured, the selection consists of the very best in the market.


Usually, the most comfortable recliner to sleep in is not easy to find, but our review will prove otherwise. From any choice in the selection above, rest assured of a deep and comfortable sleep when you go home from work or during your weekends indoors. All we can say is, Goodnight!


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