How To Hide Recliner Cords

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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How To Hide Recliner Cords

Nothing can beat the comfy you get from your recliner after a hard day’s work! However, having one around can be hazardous too! How? Unkept cords of your power recliner are a potential source of electrical problems and a cause of stumbling or falling of those moving around.

Therefore, you need to put your cords in a safe place. So, how to hide recliner cords? 

You can hide recliner cords using floor cords protectors and cable concealer tapes. Also, you can put your wires under the carpet, along the baseboard, or grip them on the wall using cable clips. Consider also moving your recliner close to the power outlet or purchasing a cordless battery power.

Read on to explore our various options for hiding your power recliner cords.

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How To Hide Recliner Cords

You can hide recliner cords by employing various simple hiding techniques. Nonetheless, be careful not to mess up with the appearance of your living room. Below are some of the ways:

All these cord-hiding tactics are discussed hereunder. Read on.

1. Use Floor Electrical Cord Covers 

Power cord covers or floor cord protectors are ideal for covering your wires from any damage. The covers are cost-effective, easy to install and offer maximum protection of your cords from tripping accidents and traffic.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying An Electrical Cord Cover?

2. Use A Cable Concealer Tape

Also known as floor or gaffer tapes, they’re a perfect alternative to electrical cord covers.  Even so, the tape can’t provide the protection offered by the cord protectors. The tape is non-adhesive on the inner side where the cords pass through. 

Moreover, cable concealer tapes leave no residue allowing you to relocate your cords without worrying about your flooring.

Usually, there are tapes suitable for carpeted floors, while others serve on bare floors. It’s, therefore, necessary to choose the appropriate type. They’ve varying lengths, so determining the length of your cords is essential. 

Floor tapes are ideal for a quick fix in a low-traffic area. 

3. Run Cords Under A Rug Or Carpet

Get a thick rug or carpet for your flooring, and it’ll provide cover for your recliner cords. Hiding your cords underneath a rug or a carpet is the most straightforward and quick. However, it’s only suitable for areas with minimal movements.

The size of the rug or carpet depends on the length of the cords and the recliner’s position. 

It’s crucial to note that rugs offer more protection than carpets. Therefore, choose a rug for thick cords, and if you’ve thin ones, have a carpet for your floor.

4. Install A Floor Power Outlet

Fixing a power outlet on the floor area where you want to place your recliner is a permanent cord hiding strategy. Position your chair on the socket hiding the cords underneath. The method allows you to choose the location that pleases you.

Nonetheless, this option is a bit expensive because you’ve to consult a qualified technician for the floor assessment and job quotation. The installation exercise also requires some funds.

Luckily, there are floor outlet covers for all types of flooring.

5. Clip The Cords On The Wall

Attaching your recliner’s cords to the wall is safer than having them lying on your floor. The method keeps your room tidy and minimizes chances of electrical fire and tripping dangers.

The good thing is that you don’t need a technician to fix your cords. However, you need to have the correct measurements since the clips come in various sizes. The thickness of your cords determines the size of the cable clips you buy.

Also, the clips come in various colors allowing you to pick the one that best suits your living room.

6. Buy A Cord Management Kit

You can get a cable management kit of your choice online. Put your cords together with its cable ties and stick them under your recliner using its six high-tack adhesive mounting brackets. Alternatively, you can use cable bins to stockpile your cords. 

7. Run The Cords Along The Baseboard

The method is easy and effective in keeping your living room clean. Cords running along the baseboard are hardly noticeable. Use cable clips to keep them tight and eradicate tripping damages.

8. Use A Basket As A Cord Box

You can put your messy recliner cords in a tiny basket. Preferably one that you can use as decor stuff.  Place your piled-up wires near the power source, and your room will be tidy. If you can’t afford a basket, an unused shoebox can be a perfect alternative.

9. Create An Alluring Design

Position your recliner beside a wall and make an excellent design on the wall. The necessary tools include scissors, sticky hooks, masking tapes, yarn, and wrapping papers. Be careful not to entangle the ends of cords for an easy plugin.

10. Apply Some Foam

Position your recliner near the wall and close to the power outlet. Use a foam that matches that wall to hide most parts of the cords. Stick the disguised cords to the wall so someone can’t notice them quickly.

11. Change Your Furniture Setting

Rearrange your furniture and place your recliner next to the power outlet. That way, you can have the cords running beneath the furniture, and only the head is visible towards the power source.

12. Use Adhesive Hooks

You aim to get the recliner cords off the floor. Use sticky hooks to attach your codes to the legs or back of your chair. 

13. Be Creative

Get crafty and make a rope or shackle using the recliner cords. With a pair of scissors, plastic cord tubes, masking tape, and yarn, you can hide your cords by producing something stylish.

How About Using A Rechargeable Wireless Battery Pack?

You can terminate all the problems of unkept recliner cords by purchasing a cordless battery pack for your chair. The battery remains under the recliner at all times, and thus any present cord is hidden. Nonetheless, you need to be extra careful when purchasing your battery pack. 

Learn More: How To Install Recliner Battery Pack

What Do You Consider When Buying A Rechargeable Battery Pack?

There are a few essential factors to consider when buying a rechargeable battery pack, including the following.

Pros Of Rechargeable Wireless Battery Pack

Cons Of Pros Of Rechargeable Wireless Battery Pack

Besides the benefits you reap from your cordless battery, it also has some shortcomings. Let’s look at the major ones.

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Can You Use An Extension Cord For The Recliner?

No, you can’t use an extension code for the recliner. Why? Extension cords are usually long, and the far the recliner is from the power outlet, the more difficult it is for the electrical current to pass through. Consequently, the current weakens, causing the main outlet to strain. The source can overheat, leading to an electrical fire.   

How Can I Hide The Wires Under My Carpet?

You can hide wires on your carpet by installing plastic raceways. Use plastic raceways together with the trim to hide low-voltage wires under your carpet or furniture. They come in diverse shapes and sizes to suit your specific width and length of cords.

How Do You Hide Cords On Hardwood Floors?

You hide cords on hardwood floors using a shield or cord cover. Ensure the cord cover’s color is neutral or blends well with your hardwood floor. In addition, buy an adhesive cover for the shield to correspond with the floor color. Get several of them, depending on your cord’s length.

Is It Safe To Plug Multiple Extension Cords Together?

No, it isn’t safe to plug multiple extension cords together. Although stringing two extension cords can be a short-term remedy, it may be hazardous in the long run. How? It leads to lower wattage capabilities causing overloading and overheating. That can, in turn, lead to an electrical fire.  

How Many Things Can You Plug In A Surge Protector?

The number of the things you can plug in a surge protector depends on of slots available. Usually, power strips have six to eight outlets. If your surge protector becomes warm, it’s attained its max voltage. Hence, you need to disconnect one cable to allow its cooling. High voltage over a long period may lead to the melting of the surge protector. 

Bottom Line

A tidy living room enhances your mood, and the opposite is true! Enjoying the comfy of your power recliner is more refreshing in a well-kept space. 

Recliner cords not only mess up the look of your living room but also pose a tripping danger to area traffic. That’s why we’ve provided a list of cord hiding techniques for you to choose the most convenient.

Grab one or two or three… they’re all at your disposal! Put your living room back to order without interfering with your relaxation zone and keep your loved ones safe.


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