How To Fix A Recliner Cable: Simple Fixing Methods!

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 1, 2022

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How To Fix A Recliner Cable

Has your recliner stopped reclining lately? Does it move all the way back and forth without you initiating the movement? Stop worrying about buying another recliner—your recliner cable could be worn out or faulty. You, therefore, need to fix it.

Maybe you are at a loss on how to fix a recliner cable? How to fix a recliner cable totally depends on the problem. For example, is it broken or loose? For a broken cable, you may need to install a new one. For a loose one, however, tightening it would solve the problem. In this article, I’ll discuss how to tighten, reattach, or install a recliner cable.

So, be sure to read to the end lest you miss vital information.  

How Do You Tighten A Recliner Cable?

Before reconnecting recliner cables, consider that these chairs employ various functioning mechanisms. For instance, those with cables include chair tilting or footrest adjustment levers.

While breakage necessitates replacement, a loose cable is fixable by reconnection.

How Do You Reconnect a Recliner Cable?

  • Remove the cushion to access the lever located within the arm.
  • Locate the screws in the recliner’s cup-shaped holder, then remove this holder.
  • Reattach your recliner cable in case it comes loose.

How Do You Attach A Recliner Cable?

A broken cable is a prevalent issue that arises after extended usage periods. To sort out the broken cable problem, you have to replace it. Doing this involves first removing the broken cable before replacing it.

Here’s the broken cable detachment procedure.

Hook Removal

Invert your recliner and open its arm. Pull back the recliner’s arm mechanism and remove its hook off the opener (it’s at the cable’s end). The cable may be spring-loaded or simply an exposed wire.

Dislodging Plastic Clips

Locate your plastic clips. Pull them out of your recliner’s arm.

Screw Removal

Now, flip your recliner on its side and dislodge the screws from its recliner cup handle.

Disconnect the previous cable

Remove the handle plus the attached cable, including the removed hook and tail.

How Do I Install A New Recliner Cable?

Source the new cable preferably from your recliner’s purchase store to ensure a correct fit.

  • Align your new cable with the removed handle’s opening and insert it.
  • Reinstall your handle in its original location and pull the new cable’s other end through the dust cover.
  • Once the replacement cable is in the proper location, reinstall your handle using the appropriate tool for the previously-removed screws.
  • Restore your chair to its original upright position and your recliner mechanism to its open position.
  • Fasten the plastic clips and finish by attaching the cable’s tail to its correct spot.

How Do You Measure a Recliner Cable?

While you can use your chair’s model to determine a suitable recliner cable replacement, you may sometimes not know this. However, you can also measure your recliner cable to determine the appropriate replacement.

Here’s how:

  • Detach the handle and cable from your recliner.
  • Remove the cable and sheath from your handle.
  • Measure the barrel’s diameter and note it.
  • Detach the inner silver wire from the sheath.
  • Lay down your inner wire outstretched.
  • Measure the wire together with its hook end. Note this.
  • Lay down and measure the sheath, inclusive of the clips and note.
  • Subtract inner wire measurement from the sheath measurement to determine the exposed length.

Use your measurements to get a suitable replacement cable.

Want to learn more? Here is a handy guide on recliner dimensions & how to measure it.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you now understand how to fix a recliner cable depending on whether it’s loose or broken.

Once you finish tightening your loose cable or attaching a replacement, test your chair’s performance. Place the recliner chair naturally, sit on it, then push the handle to establish if it properly reclines to the desired position.

Depending on the outcome, take the next action—fix it again or sit on it at your convenient time.