What Is a Push-Back Recliner?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 10, 2022

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What Is a Push-Back Recliner

Push-backs are perfect for folks who want to relax and look good doing it. Thanks to their less-demanding nature, affordability, and ease of use, these chairs are increasing in popularity. Besides, most of these recliners only need a couple of minutes to wipe down. 

What’s more? You can dismantle and store them when not used, making them ideal when moving to compact places.

But before diving into their many advantages, what is a push-back recliner?

A push-back recliner is a chair that reclines once you flex back without using switches or levers. In other words, a push-back recliner works by adjusting to the exerted pressure. So, you adjust a push-back recliner by pressing against the backrest.

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What Is a Push-Back Recliner?

Push-back designs recline without using a button or lever, necessitating you to lean back and press against the chair’s back. Because of their sleek appearance, these recliners are the latest trendy style.

As these chairs don’t have switches, they look like traditional armchairs when not reclined.

Even so, the best push back recliner provides many advantages, including:

Excellent Option for Little Spaces

Flex-back recliners are often smaller than electric recliners owing to their simplistic working mechanism. The lean-back reclining style eliminates motors, cords, among other components that cram power recliners, demanding larger designs.

While there are multiple versions, there are two popular options:

The former is excellent for normal to larger people. Conversely, high-leg recliners are petite and perfect for small people in tiny or crowded areas.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Push backs are typically less expensive than many recliners, particularly electric ones. Furthermore, if you want to save power, you won’t worry about spiking the electricity bill. 

Unfortunately, with time, the cushioning on your recliner may flatten. Still, other times, the upholstery may chip. But, push-back recliners come with detachable cushions. Hence, it only takes a few seconds to fit on a new cover or change the padding by opening the zipper.

That also means you don’t need to pay a repair technician to assemble your recliner and do these fixes. So, if you like DIY tasks, you won’t need to buy screwdrivers or other tools required to dismantle a recliner.

Offer Variety

Push-back recliners are available in various styles, from traditional to contemporary, featuring multiple covers. If you have little ones and require an easy-to-clean cover, leather push-backs are excellent. You can also get linen, velvet, among other versions.

How Does a Push-Back Recliner Work?

Push-back recliners have the simplest recliner mechanisms. Let me explain further. They have two leg extension scissors attached to two steel frame rails underneath the seat.

Because of the minimalistic construction, push-back recliner mechanisms tend to be easier to replace or service than other recliners.

Moreover, the mechanism doesn’t attach to the legs like many recliners. The mechanism’s primary function is facilitating footrest movement. So, in case your mechanism fails, it won’t affect your recliner’s legs.

These chairs are incredibly simple to operate by moving the seat rearward whenever you want to recline and forward when rousing. An electric recliner may be better for moving your legs without any strain. Nonetheless, push-backs are some of the most straightforward recliners to use.

Because push-backs don’t require power, you may set them wherever in the room without worrying about plug points. Moreover, they have easier maintenance than electric variants, given their manual operation.

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How Do You Adjust a Push-Back Recliner?

These chairs employ a spring mechanism during recline and decline. The occupant pushes back these recliners manually. To tilt the back, you must push on its arms while pressing on the backrest.

Your body weight adjusts the backrest and rolls out the footrest. You may fully extend your footrest out but still need to recline more. In that case, lean back against your backrest some more for a more pronounced recline.

To get up, lift your torso to reposition the backrest upright. Next, press your heels against the footrest to close it.


Are Push-Back Recliners Good for Your Back?

Push-back recliners are good for your back, provided they are right-sized and with ample lumbar support. The padding should be thick and contoured to cushion the lower back adequately. That said, reclining abilities allow you to rest your back at an incline, reducing the forward tilt pressure.

How Long Does a Push-Back Recliner Last?

Given good treatment, a push-back recliner lasts even two decades. However, the mechanism may grow frail and fail to function after such a duration.

Given the age, you may find it challenging to locate replacement parts. Still, you can wire its footrest shut and continue using it as a regular chair.

Oil and wipe your flex-back recliner often to keep it looking great and working nicely.

How Much Do Push-Back Recliners Cost?

Most push-back recliners cost between $200 and $2000, though there are a few outliers. Usually, prices depend on size and quality. Moreover, the upholstery impacts the cost as leather options tend to cost more than other fabrics.


Even as its liking grows, many still wonder, “what is a push-back recliner?” Push-backs feature the appearance of a fantastic, cozy setup.

In fact, many people won’t know it’s a recliner, thanks to the absence of lever and cords. So, if you’re trying to achieve a discrete arrangement, these chairs are excellent.

Continue checking your deck panel to ensure the recliner’s mechanism doesn’t puncture it, destroying your cushion’s underside after some time. With a punctured deck panel, patch or replace it to enhance the cushion’s longevity.


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