How To Clean Suede Recliner (Pro Guide)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: September 3, 2021

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How To Clean A Suede Recliner

In a cleaning mood? Let’s explore how to clean Suede recliner and everything in between.

A suede recliner comes with a supple texture and a luxurious look that adds timeless elegance to your living room. Its only downside is that it doesn’t come in cheap. Its tiny fibers have a bad reputation of making the cleaning process a real pain.

For these reasons, many people opt for microsuede, which is a cheaper artificial alternative to natural suede. Its cleaning process is different and a bit easier. Read about how to clean a microfiber recliner here.

However, cleaning suede is not as complicated as we have been made to believe. With the right tools, ingredients, and a little know-how, you can do it yourself without involving a professional cleaner.

If your recliner is made of 100% natural suede, read on to find out how to clean it and how to get rid of some common stains. But before we get into that, let’s look at the basics.

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How Often Should You Clean A Suede Recliner?

Maintaining your suede recliner’s stylish and luxurious look will be easy if you clean your recliner regularly. We recommend including vacuuming the recliner into your weekly or at least fortnightly cleaning schedule to avoid the accumulation of dust and loss of debris.

Thorough cleaning of the recliner twice a year will also keep the recliner looking as good as new for a long time.

On the other hand, spills and stains should be dealt with promptly to prevent them from ruining the chair. If you are a pet lover, brushing the recliner on a daily basis to get rid of pet dander is a must.

How To Clean Suede Recliner

A sofa, especially a cozy recliner, is the most used and misused piece of furniture in a home. It’s a chilling spot, snack site, bed, and playground. It’s therefore subject to all kinds of stains created by both humans and pets.

Here is a guide on how to deal with different types of stains on your suede recliner

Before You Start

Removing Wet Stains and Spills

If there has been a spill on your suede recliner, you should act fast. This is because natural suede is very sensitive to moisture and can easily get damaged.

You will need a suede cleaner to clean the affected area. Also, it would be best if you have a suede brush at hand to dust the seat and get rid of scuff marks. You can get them both in a furniture store or online stores like Amazon.

Here’s how to clean a spill on your suede recliner:

  1. Blot out the liquid with a cloth by gently patting it on the wet spot. Avoid scrubbing as it may spread the stain further.
  2. Spray a small amount of suede cleaner or vinegar on the stained spot.
  3. Use a clean white clean cloth to rub the stained spot in circular motions until the stain lifts.
  4. Allow the area to air dry.
  5. Gently brush the arear with a napping brush until it blends with the rest of the chair.

Dealing with Old Dry Stains

Getting rid of an old dry stain on a suede recliner is quick and easy. You only need a soft brush or an eraser.

Gently brush the affected area to remove the stain or rub the area with a specialized suede eraser. An ordinary pencil can do the job too. After getting rid of the stain, brush off the area with a napping brush.

Some dry stains, such as ink and crayon, may not get off by mere erasing. In such cases, you might need to contact a professional cleaner to clean them up.

Cleaning A Grease Stain on A Suede Recliner

If you accidentally pour a greasy substance such as salad dressing or cooking oil on your suede recliner, there is an easy cleaning method that doesn’t require a professional.


  1. Blot out as much oil as you can with a clean cloth.
  2. Cover the affected area with corn starch. Let it sit for 12-24 hours. The corn starch will absorb all the oil. (Talcum powder can do the job, too, if you don’t have corn starch.)
  3. Vacuum or brush off the corn starch from the surface.
  4. Wipe any remaining traces of the stain with a clean vinegar-dampened cloth, and let it dry.
  5. Brush the area with a napping brush.

Dealing with Bloodstains On Your Suede Recliner

Removing a bloodstain is a near-impossible mission for most fabrics, but not with suede. Here is a surprisingly simple method to remove a blood stain from your sued recliner.

  1. In a small pail, mix warm water with soap and stir it to produce foam.
  2. Use a clean cloth or sponge to rub the stain with the foam gently. Use small circular motions to avoid spreading the stain further.
  3. Wipe the now dampened area with a clean cloth until it dries.

How To Brush A Suede Recliner

We have talked about brushing in each procedure given above, and you must be wondering: is there a right or wrong way to brush the suede upholstery?

The answer: Yes!.

It’s wrong to brush a suede recliner with long sweeping motions. You know like you sweep the floor. This will result in a flattened nap.

The right way to brush a suede upholstery is by use of gentle circular motions. You should, however, apply a little pressure in areas with loose debris or dry stain. You can also use the cross pattern.

Final Words

There you have it! A guide on how to clean a suede recliner. You can now confidently deal with any stain thrown at your suede recliner. Remember! The key to an excellent-looking recliner is a speedy response to stains. Also, if you have tried everything we have shared and the stain remains, contact a professional cleaner.

Pssst… the above stain removal stains can be used on other Suede products such as shoes and clothing.


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