10 Best Office Chairs Under $100 (2022 Review)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 12, 2021

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Best Office Chairs Under $100

Do you need to buy an office chair for your home or office but are on a tight budget? Well, you are in luck because I have compiled a list of ten of the best office chairs under $100. 

These chairs are professional-looking, comfortable, and affordable. You don’t have to give up your search for the perfect budget chair due to the many lousy chairs you might find. 

You can wave away the chronic pain and strain from sitting on uncomfortable chairs. Those moments you must spend walking around after an uncomfortable sitting could also quickly end. 

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My Top Picks: Best Office Chairs Under $100

1. BestOffice – Most Comfortable Office Chair Under $100 

BestOffice ergonomic chair is great for tall and heavily built users. The chair has a distinct headrest that supports the neck. What’s more, the chair has flip-up armrests to save space. 


This unisex chair removes any doubt that you can’t be comfortable in an affordable chair. It accomplishes this feat through a 3600 swivel and the backrest tilt, which allows you to recline when relaxing. 

What I  Liked

Adjustability: You can change the height and backrest. This feature reduces any back or neck pain. 

Quality material: The chair base is BIFMA certified, which indicates that it has passed rigorous quality tests. The PU leather is resistant to oil and water. 

Comfortable: The chair has a thickly padded seat, back, and arms. Additionally, you can tilt the chair backwards by 350. A curved backrest supports your back. Lastly, the chair provides you with some lumbar support. 

What I didn’t Like 

You can’t adjust the armrests: You could have more discomfort due to the fixed armrests since your arms may not rest comfortably on the chair. 

What other reviewers say

Many people loved the easy assembly and reported it took about 10 minutes to set up the chair. Other features that users loved were the breathable mesh and the headrest. However, some suggested that the PU leather was not ideal for hot areas. 


I have placed this chair first due to its unique features at such an affordable price. You should try it out and discover why it is the most comfortable chair on the list. 

2. Hbada – Best Compact Task Office Chair

The Hbada Task chair provides comfort and helps users save space. It has flip-up armrests, which are ideal for tight spaces. Another unique feature is the black mesh back, which increases ventilation. This chair also has a lever that controls the seat height.


The chair is ideal for minimalists. It is a memorable space-saving chair because it is also very comfortable. You can truly relax when taking a break from work due to the lumbar support and the fact that you can adjust the backward tilt by 30 degrees.  What’s more, you can adjust the height.

If the 4.2 out of 5-star rating won’t intrigue you, I hope the fact that I enjoyed the 360-degree swivel will convince you of its quality.

What I  Liked

You can flip the armrests and save space: You will appreciate this feature if your office or home is small. You can also tuck the chair easily into a desk when you are not using the chair. Flipping the armrests is also fantastic when using a computer, and you need your arms to be free.

Breathable back: When you live in a hot area or sweat a lot, the feature will help you have excellent ventilation.

Lumbar support: Your lower back will indeed thank you for this feature. The backrest slides into your back which will help reduce lower back pain. You can also enjoy the rocking feature. Besides, the backrest can rock at 30 degrees. 

What I didn’t Like 

The chair is not ideal for a user with large body frames: The Hbada chair is small, and its weight capacity is perfect for petite or average users. Tall users would also find the chair uncomfortable due to the low height. 

You can’t adjust the armrests’ height: Adjusting the size of the armrests allows users to rest their arms comfortably, which reduces strain. 

What other reviewers say

The breathable back, as well as the sleek look, intrigued most buyers. Some praised that easy assembly. However, others were not happy with the lack of headrest, and they could not lock the wheels. 


In terms of ergonomics, compactness, and comfort, this is a great choice when looking for a chair under 100 dollars. 

3. Amazon Basics Black – Most Practical Office Chair 

The AmazonBasic chair has a thickly padded seat and back to improve comfort. It also has a lever that changes the seat height. Users can also move around easily since the chair also has five black wheel casters. 


Here is a high-quality chair. How can I be so sure? The chair is BIFMA certified and also has wear-resistant upholstery. 

The chair is practical yet has a professional look. It’s 4.3/5  star rating on Amazon is because it delivers what you need in an office chair. This chair has a 360-degree rotation feature, but the chair will continue to serve you for years to come. You might replace a cushion after some time, but the chair will still be standing. 

What I  Liked

Comfortable: The backrest changes according to the shape of your spine and posture. You also get a thick cushion and padded armrests. What’s more, you can enjoy rocking and reclining on the chair when working. The tall backrests provide extra protection to the neck. 

Height adjustable: You can change the chair’s height to meet your height for maximum comfort. 

What I didn’t Like 

You can’t adjust the armrests: Your arms could be uncomfortable since you can’t change the height or width of the armrests. 

The chair has no headrest: Tall users would have benefitted from a headrest in addition to the tall backrest. 

What other reviewers say

Most buyers loved the easy assembly, which took about 10 minutes. Others loved that you could easily clean the seat. 


This is, without a doubt, a great chair that meets your needs without costing too much. I loved it for its simplicity. 

4. OFM ESS – Best Hybrid Office and Gaming Chair 

This hybrid chair is great when you have a game or using your computer at the office. It has contours and is very colorful. The chair has padded armrests, seat, and back, and users adjust the height through a lever. 

No products found.


Apart from the tilt control, this chair invites buyers with stunning finishings in red, purple, green, purple, black, and pink. You can’t blame your office chair for interrupting your decorating project in the office or at home. 

 I would also join the many users in giving it a 4.5/5 star rating. Indeed, there must be more than a padded seat and back that makes it so comfortable. 

What I  Liked

Height adjustable: You can customize the chair’s height  (from 17 to 20.75 inches), so different people can use the chair.

Comfortable: The manufacturers have tried to ensure you are comfortable. The chair has a padded seat, armrest, and back. This chair has contours to support different body parts like the neck. You can also tilt the backrest slightly backward. Like other gaming chairs, you can recline up to 180 degrees.

Flip-up armrests: You can flip the arms to save space like others on this list. You also get a chance to relax your arms when using a computer.

What I didn’t Like 

The casters don’t roll well over carpets: Since many people have carpets, this will reduce maneuverability. You will, therefore, have to wake up when getting something in the office.

What other reviewers say

Some buyers loved the chair’s look and the fact you could get the chair in various colors. There were, however, some who had challenges setting up the chair. 


Here is a chair that is comfortable yet functional. I believe this is the best computer chair under 100.

5. Starspace – The Most Functional Budget Office Chair 

This inexpensive office chair has a thick seat to ensure you can sit for long and a five-star base for stability. Users also get a black mesh back, which will improve air circulation. What’s more, the chair has a lever to adjust seat height and tilting. 

Specification : 

This chair is the underdog on this list.  The chair is quite simple; no wonder the manufacturer requests you to focus on your work rather than the chair. Office chairs should quietly serve you. I agree with the 4.6 /5-star rating on Amazon, which indicated that the chair is very comfortable. 

What I  Liked

Adjustability: You can customize the chair’s height(18 to 22.05 inches) through a gas cylinder and the tension tilt. 

Breathable mesh: Those who sweat a lot or live in hot areas can be sure that the air will flow freely. 

Comfortable: The seat is highly padded, and you can also adjust the lumbar support. Besides, you also get a rocking feature. 

What I didn’t Like 

Limited adjustability: Users can’t adjust the chair’s armrests, which reduces comfort. You can’t also change the seat depth. Some users indicate that you can only vary the lumbar support slightly. 

What other reviewers say

Most buyers love that you can easily set up the chair. However, some were not pleased with the lack of a headrest. 


If you need an inexpensive chair that has fabulous features, then this chair is perfect.

6. ELECWISH – The Most Stylish and Professional Office Chair Under $100 

Overview: The ELECWISH chair has a thick seat and a fabric back which makes it very comfortable. Another striking feature is the sleek, stable base which allows users to focus on their tasks. Besides, users can change the armrests to fit their needs.


This chair will be perfect if you need to work for more than 8 hours. The thick skin-friendly and soft foam led buyers to give it a 4.2/5 rating. I honestly love the grey finishing, which should fit with most office and home designs. 

What I  Liked 

Adjustable Armrests:  You can flip the armrests through a 900 angle which is ideal for tight offices. Apart from saving space, users can change the armrests’ height using an SG3 air rod.  

Ergonomic design: The backrest is S-shaped to accommodate the back. Besides, users can adjust the backrest by 30 degrees which allows leaning when tired. 

You can adjust the height: You can also use the SG3 rod to adjust the chair’s size according to your needs. Users can change the height from 15 to 18 inches. 

What I didn’t Like 

It has no headrest: This is a problem for a tall user who would have got extra support from the high back. 

Limited adjustability: Despite its many great features, you will have to get used to the seat depth and lumbar support. 

What other reviewers say

Like other chairs on the list, buyers also loved the easy assemble as well as the 3600 swivel feature. Some complained that they could not lock the wheels. 


This cheap computer chair is cute and has excellent features that make it a must-have for offices and homes.

7. KOLLIEE – The Best Budget Task Chair 

This is chair has a 2.8 inches thick seat to improve comfort. The chair also has flip-up armrests, which save space. Users also get a mesh back that will improve ventilation. 


This ergonomic chair fits right in with other office appliances due to its simple but professional look. Most people can also use the chair since it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. 

What I  Liked

Adjustability: You can change the height ( 16.5 to 20.5 ) and lumbar support, which reduces strain  and pain

Breathable Back: The mesh back is suitable for those who sweat a lot or live in hot areas. 

Comfortable: The chair has a 360-degree swivel, and you can tilt the back by  30 degrees. The foam cushion should take care of your backside since it’s thick.

What I didn’t Like 

Limited adjustability: Like many chairs on the list, customization is an issue. You can’t change the seat depth, armrests. 

What other reviewers say

Many buyers loved the easy assembly. Others were happy that they could flip the armrests and thus save space.


This is one of the best cheap ergonomic chairs you can find for under $100. It is also durable.

8. OFIKA – The Most Durable and Practical Budget Chair 

OFIKA office chair has a distinct mesh back and curved armrests. Users can adjust the seat height through a lever on the underside. Besides, the chair allows rolling, which improves maneuverability.


Here is another simple black office chair. Its selling point is the 15 minutes assembly as well as its durability. The chair has a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon for more than the excellent maneuverability; it is pretty comfortable. 

What I  Liked

Adjustable height: You can change the size from 17.1 to 20.3 inches which is a deal for most people. 

Lumbar support: The backrest adjusts to the shape of your back like on other chairs on the list.

Comfortable: Sitting on this chair should be great since there is a high-density cushion. The soft backrest is also comfortable.

Quality Material: The material is BIFMA –certified, which means that the chair is durable. 

What I didn’t Like 

Thin fabric seat: Some users have reported that the fabric is narrow, which reduces the number of months or years users can sit on the chair. 

What other reviewers say

While some buyers had challenges setting the chair’s armrests, many loved the breathable back. Others loved the stable base.


This is one of the most comfortable chairs under $100, which are not only good-looking but also very practical.

9. ComHoma – Best Ergonomic Budget Chair 

The chair has a thick seat and a stylish mesh back. Users can also adjust the seat height through the level on the underside. Other unique features include the flip-up armrests to allow tucking the chair under the desk. 


From the unique back to the thick seat, it is clear that the chair is just another simple chair. I particularly love that you can adjust the tilting feature using the tilt tension knob. Another feature I found intriguing is the 360  degrees swivel.

What I  Liked

Height adjustable: You can change the chair’s height( from 16.92 to 20.86 inches) based on your height which helps reduce strain. 

You can flip the armrests: This is another chair that will help you save space by flipping the armrests.

Comfortable: It has a thickly padded cushion which allows comfortable sitting. Your arms can also comfortably rest on the padded armrests. The curvature of the back is great for your spine. Users can adjust the lumbar support.

What I didn’t Like 

Limited adjustability: Some users have complained that they can’t adjust the back. You also can’t change the seat depth, while the height might be customizable for taller users. 

What other reviewers say

Many buyers loved the breathable back and that they could recline at an angle. Some, however, struggled to set up the chair. 


This cheap comfortable office chair is great for those who have to spend long hours sitting.

10. Furmax – Most Functional and Professional Budget Chair 

The Furmax office chair has a ribbed back and thick seat, allowing users to sit for long periods. Users will also notice the stylish armrests. Not only does the chair allow users to recline, but they can also adjust the seat height to meet their needs. 


Most reviewers consider this the best value office chair under $100. This positive review is partially due to the 3600 swivel. You can easily reach other objects within the office, and the wheels also glide easily over carpets and smooth floors. 

I also loved the design and the fact that you can sit comfortably on it for long periods. The PU material is waterproof and resistant to wear. 

What I  Liked

BIFMA certification:  You are getting a quality chair. The manufacturers can thus confidently market the chair’s material a both durable and sustainable. 

Comfortable: The chair has 3.15 inches thick padding, which makes sitting comfortably. Apart from this large seat, you also have a chance to tilt the back by 120 degrees. Users also get lumbar support through the wedge-shaped 18.1 by 25.7 inches back.

Adjustable: You can customize the chair based on your height ( from 16.7 to 19.9 inches), which will reduce strain. Users can also customize the lumbar support.

Sturdy and stable base: You are getting a five-star base that makes this chair stable so that you can focus on your work and be more productive. 

What I didn’t Like 

Non-adjustable armrests: You will have to get used to the fixed armrests, which are also not padded. 

What other reviewers say

Users loved the easy assembly as well as the mesh back, which increases airflow.  However, the lack of a headrest posed a challenge for tall users. 


If you are looking for a simple and sexy chair that will be great for your office and home, you should consider getting this chair.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Office Chairs Under $100

1. Adjustability 

It would be best to look for a chair that you can customize according to your weight, height, and other characteristics. Changing the height or tilt tension and armrests height and width reduces pain and interruptions to blood flow. 

2. Material 

This list of the best office chairs under $100 contains chairs with different materials. The ideal chair needs to fit your circumstances. Some budget office chairs contain plastic, but they are often flimsy. You can choose a leather chair because it has a more professional and sophisticated look required for office furniture. Mesh chairs are, however, have more ventilation and would be great for areas with hot climates.

Even when buying a leather seat, it will be necessary to check if it is PU leather or genuine leather. While genuine leather can last for ten to twenty years, PU leather can have tears and cracks after a few years. 

3. Comfort 

While many people focus on the spine and neck, you should also consider your backside. Thickly padded seats can allow you to work for long periods. Chairs with headrests are also great as they help to reduce strain on your neck and back.

You should also try to get a chair that supports reclining and lumbar support. Chairs with backrests that adapt to the shape of your spine and posture allow you to work for long hours.

4. Durability 

With so many bad-quality budget chairs, you need to buy a chair that will serve you for a few years. You might use the chair for more than a decade, but using a chair for a few months or weeks is, of course, not an excellent way to spend that hard-earned money. Users determine how long a product can last by examining the materials and users reviews. The ten chairs on this list had largely positive reviews on Amazon.

5. Price 

You will need to consider the cost of a chair since you might need to but in bulk or are have a tight budget. Some budget chairs have the essential features necessary for a durable, ergonomic chair. I have provided you with ten of the best office chairs under $100. 


I have provided you with the best office chairs under $100, which will have many features. You will choose the ideal chair based on your circumstances and preferences. However, the ten chairs all generally have good reviews and can allow you to work comfortably.

Although you will need to compromise on various aspects, the chair you choose should be comfortable and durable. While reviewing these chairs, they have indicated that cushions may wear out with time, and the chairs may not last for a decade. I wish you all the best as you look for the perfect office chair.


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