8 Best Mission Style Recliner To Buy In 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 25, 2021

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If you think you have seen all that wood has to offer, you haven’t met the best mission style recliner! The recliner world keeps amusing its users with various designs that ensure all your needs are met in comfort, upholstery, size, and general structure. Besides, humans are complicated, with several conditions that require satisfaction!

Mission style furniture is a chair from the 19th century. At this time, furniture emphasized straight horizontal and vertical lines. Without a doubt, the manufacturer paid more attention to the flat boards that highlighted the wood’s quality.

This style of recliners simulates the essential features that furniture should have. Moreover, every brand that wants to make the mission style recliners has to use wood. Even better, this handsome design will fit nicely into any home, matching the user’s comfort desires due to the variety of upholstery and wood quality.

Herein, we offer the best comprehensive review of 8 models from various companies. Our review ensures you make a perfect choice from a vast market full of multiple brands. Moreover, there’s a buying guide for further assistance to your ideal pick.

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8 Best Mission Style Recliner Review

Let’s have a quick look at the list of mission style recliner,

1. Signature Design by Ashley Santa Fe Recliner

Overview: When the name says it all! Santa Fe mission style recliner by Signature boasts of the top-quality structure from this renowned brand hence topping the list. It features faux leather, vintage style, padded back, and seat area, and a high-grain wood structure.

Santa Fe is among the top units that we highly recommend because of its efficiency and aesthetic abilities. This mission recliner chair produces a warm ambiance in a room, not to mention an alluring construction.

The first thing to win your attention is the wood frame that screams of its high quality from a distance. Also, the world-class wood finish creates an impressive design that ensures your living space enjoys its presence.

Moreover, its wooden legs ensure stability. This is because of the strong wood that makes the entire chair sturdy and steady. Still, the corner-blocked frame and the metal-secured seat and footrest provide you with extreme support while prolonging this model’s lifespan. What’s more?

Conversely, it boasts of faux high-grain leather. This type of leather is not only classy but also tough and cleans easy. Its buoyancy makes it able to withstand scratches and scrapes and also anti-peeling like genuine leather.

This mission leather recliner also boasts of the most exemplary stitching method. These unique stitches are elastic, firmly holding the faux leather in place for an extended period. For your comfort’s sake, it comes with a plush back and seat cushions. While this ensures a comfortable seating experience, the thick padding also offers support, more so on the lower back and neck.

Finally, this unit can fit through all doorways of 32″ and is more expansive. Better still, Ashley Furniture ensures you get a complete package by providing it is safe and secure.



Verdict: For starters, chocolate brown is a neutral color that blends well with most interior decors. Though it lacks cup holders, the wooden armrests can hold your drinks and food plates. The wood finish is worth boasting. This unit is definitely worth your money and interior!

2. BarcaLounger Mission Recliner Chair

Overview: You will never go wrong with a touch of genuine leather to bring class and comfort to your life! The vintage design stands out with a variety of colors to choose from. It boasts of genuine leather, mahogany finish, push-back recliner, and stylish.

This mission leather recliner brings together a blend of contemporary, traditional accents and the mission style beautifully. The hand-made mahogany stained wood structure and top-grain leather create an appealing combination. Even with the multicolor option to choose from, rest assured that this combo’s aesthetic value remains constant.

Moreover, the sanded wood and the additional finishing methods ensure a soft, lavish clear look in this piece. This mission-style recliner comes with a back cushion, and the loose seat cushion is also of a similar make. A blend of rigid but soft foam and fiber makes the cushioning for the seat and back. Read on.

Duck feathers and Dacron down-like fibers provide a combination that helps create a steady sitting experience. However, you can decide on a unit without the duck feathers but just as snug. Also, it comes with a material of first-class quality leather that is durable, easy to clean or maintain, and breath-taking.

For its functionality, gradually using your hands push the back, applying pressure on the armrests to initiate the manual push-back recline mechanism. The recliner needs about 2.5 lbs. of force to discharge and go back.

When the seat reclines, the hidden footrest extends, providing comfortable ankle and foot support. The reclining system firmly joins to the frame with bolts and t-nuts, avoiding loosening of the screw. This ensures maximum stability and durability.



Verdict: Undeniably, this is among the best mission style leather recliners in the market. Rest assured of its quality structure that can effortlessly hold a maximum weight capacity of 285 lbs. even better, genuine leather is rare to find and adds a classy touch to this unit.

3. Comfort Pointe Solaris Recliner Chair

Overview: When all you want is top-notch functionality and a trendy chair. A not-so-design design but a structure with a significant vintage touch features faux leather, modern wood-contoured arms, cushioned headrest, and drop-in coil seating.

The manufacturer adopts the leather gel technology for this unit, which goes by the number of benefits it offers; it uplifts this recliner’s value. This world-class leather gel coating adds a soft touch of quality leather to your space at a reasonable price. Faux leather material cleans off any stains and spills quickly hence also straightforward to maintain. Similar to other top-grain types of leather, this material is also durable.

Among the top things that catch the majority’s eye are the modern contoured arms of this mission recliner chair. Also, the legs are steady and robust, but they draw attention to the classic look. A combination of hardwood and plywood ensures this chair’s frame is sturdy and stable to support a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

Nonetheless, the drop in coil seating construction is another element to write home about as it makes this recliner snug and easy to maintain in good shape. The seating area is not detachable, just like all the mission style furniture.

It requires 21 inches of wall clearance to recline. Ensure that you have enough space in your home to allow this wall clearance before you order this trendy mission leather recliner. Remarkably, this recliner features a 3-position reclining mechanism giving the user several options of comfort. Also, take heed that the reclining system does not have locking positions.



Verdict: Take note that the construction is 2-step and super easy with no tools required. Remarkably, you do not only get a beautiful chair for your space but also very comfortable for your lounging needs anytime. Even better, the construction is promising to stand the test of time.

4. Barcalounger Wenlock Mission Recliner

Overview: A good touch of quality leather added to classic design facelifts the entire space to nothing but incredible. Enjoy brighter and more comfortable days with this mission leather recliner featuring push through arms, pocketed coil springs, low-leg design, and sturdy structure.

This mission style recliner brings an entirely new understanding of the meaning of comfort. This is because it comes with a semi-attached back pillow and firm seat with pocketed coils for a top-class relaxation experience.

It is hand-carved from the mahogany stained wood finish. The Leggett & Platt mechanisms of this chair are a connection to the durable wood frame. Besides, the joints are dependable bolts and T-nuts to avoid overturning and boost steadiness, durability, and safety.

After a hectic day at work, you will enjoy the ultimate relaxation, and luckily, this lounger does not disappoint and allows you to enjoy the beauty of life. When you feel like reclining, simply push the chair with slight force with your back and lean back. The footrest will automatically extract and allow you to rest into a TV position. Moreover, when you feel like taking a nap, push back further and fully recline to a sleeping position. You will want to live in this position forever!

Most times, you define more comfort from the style and design of a chair. Lucky for you, this unit has a unique style of a decorative club chair that will leave your space satisfied. Still, the touch of leather does not go unnoticed while it adds sophistication to your interior. Remarkably, maintaining this upholstery is a breeze as it cleans easily and tough to scratches and wears.



Verdict: With a weight limit of 285 lbs. you can be sure of extended service for your comfort. Moreover, the entire structure speaks highly of high functionality and maximum comfort for an affordable rate. It is worth giving space in your living room, and rest assured of no disappointments.

5. Beaumont Kensington Hill Recliner

Overview: Pattern stimulates a handsome and noble look into your space. When you add it to your living room, it adds an unlimited touch of comfort and class. This mission style recliner features warm brown paisley polyester fabric, wood construction, nailhead trim accents and coil seat cushions with foam fillings.

The warm brown paisley patterned polyester fabric is not unique but is soft to the touch and durable. Besides, it also cleans easily against stains and spills. The patterned design is eye-catching, making it the perfect addition to your living room’s style.

For comfort, apart from the fabric is soft and comfortable, the cushions accentuate the coziness more. This is due to the coil seat and foam fillings that ensure durability, firmness, and a smooth lounging experience. You will not want to get up once you sit on this mission style recliner.

The construction ensures you get value for your money. For starters, the bold and handsome design is worth the best budget recliner to add in your living room. Also, the high-quality hardwood is durable and ensures stability since even the legs are wooden. Even better, the nailhead trim accents uplift the design, giving it a classy detail that highlights this unit’s uniqueness and attractive style.

Furthermore, functionality is complete and smooth. It consists of a three-position reclining mechanism, a push-thru arm reclining operation, and a paddle ottoman extended footrest. You can relax when watching TV, reading a book and even take a nap, anyhow you desire at any time. The padded footrest extends at your convenience, allowing comfortable support to your legs. Besides, the push-thru arm reclining operation is effortless, only requiring your pressure rather than the breakable levers and knobs.



Verdict: Remarkably, this unit holds up to 350 lbs. of maximum weight. Even better is that the assembly is effortless that you can complete it alone within 15 minutes. The patterned fabric is not only attractive, but it makes a perfect concealer for spots and stains, especially if you have kids in the house. This creates an ideal match for those who don’t want the standard recliner look in their space.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings CO- Rocking Chair

Overview: Sometimes, a rocking chair is all you need! For the warm weekend afternoons and all you want is to relax your tough week away, this rocking mission style chair will make a perfect fit for your needs. It features leather upholstery, solid hardwood frame, full-foam seating and classic vintage design.

This rocking chair unit is a vintage model that has attractive lines and dark leather. The design makes it a perfect fit for your porch and even the living room. Besides, you can read a book comfortably in this model.

Moreover, it comes with a wide seat and rocking arch to ensure supreme comfort as you rock back and forth in this mission style chair. Besides, the space is sufficient to hold your baby, and the rocking motion will stimulate sleep. This unit also makes a perfect addition to the nursery room.

Remarkably, it also doubles up as a swivel rocker chair. The curved wooden legs can rotate 360 degrees allowing you to hold multiple conversations without moving the chair. Conversely, the full-foam setting boosts comfort, allowing you to lounge in the best way.

Also, the hardwood structure is sturdy and stable, ensuring your safety in either operation. Even better, the manufacturer guarantees to replace any faulty part that secures the chair to remain in peak condition at all times.



Verdict: It is undeniably beautiful and quick to assemble, especially for a reasonable price. Still, it is relatively comfortable and versatile for various needs. The combination of leather and hardwood lines highlights a classic vintage design that will not fail your interior d├ęcor’s level.

7. Rocking Rocker Wood Leather Chair with Mission Style

Overview: An all-wood design with a touch of leather is an excellent way to jog your memory on the traditional styles suitable for your space. This mission style chair features rocking function, faux leather upholstery and hardwood structure.

This rocker mission style chair enables the user to relax in ultimate comfort. A slight motion eases the soul and mind as you enjoy your afternoon at the porch or living space. Besides, the rocker chair is ideal for a nursery set-up when the baby needs attention and soothing to sleep.

The all-wood and fine leather is a vintage design that will still be eye-catching in a modern living room set-up. Also, the leather upholstery gives a classy touch and is soft and easy to clean. Still, the seating area is vast, giving you enough room to relax and read a book.

Conversely, the hardwood structure is durable and stable. It is also safe to use even with the curved wooden feet that enable the rocking motion.



Verdict: Wide arms and seating area gives you enough room for ultimate relaxation. Besides, the high back is ideal even for tall people and offers excellent support. It is still effortless to put together and comfortable with an attractive look that your dad in the countryside will appreciate.

8. Madison Park Katniss Push Back Recliner

Overview: A great twist to a classic design. This mission style recliner comes with fabric upholstery, wooden structure and high-density foam.

This unit allows you to update your living room’s style to a world-class space. A sleek contemporary construction and elegantly bentwood arms give this recliner a sophisticated and modest appeal. The high-quality foam filling and firm wood legs ensure long-term comfort and support.

Also, the reclining feature operates effortlessly, enabling you to kick back and lounge in style. Upholstered in a piece of lovely blue polyester fabric, it boosts the look of this contemporary design. Still, the polyester fabric is soft and easy to clean. In case of a stain or spill, spot clean using a clean damp cloth and allow it to dry. Even better, it is tough enough to endure easy wear and tear.

The footrest has thick padding to support your feet as it reclines comfortably. Remarkably the recline mechanism is easy with just a push-back force not needing the levers and knobs. The high padded back offers total comfort and support to the neck and back, especially the lower back section.



Verdict: Do you want something other than leather upholstery? Well, thanks to this mission style recliner with polyester upholstery, you get a different but classy addition to your interior style. Besides, it ensures total comfort and durability as well. Worth a different approach!

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mission Style Recliner

Upholstery: You must be sure of the material covering a particular section before spending your money on the chair. When looking at the upholstery, please note the level of comfort it offers, maintenance, and durability.

Weight: The materials of construction usually determine how heavy or light the chair will be. Weight is necessary to review because it will tell the chair user will fit into their office or home without any challenges. Consider moving the recliner from one point to another, with the heavy units being a challenge, limiting you to one spot unless you get a hand.

User’s weight capacity: This is one of the crucial factors you need not leave. With the ideal weight capacity, you will gauge if the unit in front of you will cater to your needs or your household. It would be better to always choose models with a higher weight capacity as this gives room for most people to sit comfortably and safely.

Aesthetic value: Nobody wants to buy an ugly piece of furniture for their living rooms. While we have different tastes when it comes to style, others wish to bold, and some want mild, always look for something eye-catching and not dull. The chair should be appealing despite the location you choose to place it.


The mission style recliners above will fit the different needs of different users in one way or another. Besides, this is a top selection review from the available options in the market. Most of them have a vintage design with a touch of current trends.

Our overall pick is the Signature Design by Ashley Santa Fe Recliner. It offers a charming appearance, durability on the entire construction of hardwood and faux leather upholstery with efficient comfort and functionality. Rest assured of value for every penny spent buying this mission style recliner!


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