How Much Does an Office Chair Cost?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 10, 2022

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How Much Does an Office Chair Cost?

You’ll never believe how expensive some office chairs are. Did you know you can sell 750 acres of land in Wyoming or New Mexico and still fail to make enough to buy some of the priciest desk chairs?

Indeed, office chairs come in wide price ranges. While some promise value for money, many remain exorbitantly tagged. In fact, some of the most expensive desk chairs have no sentimental value explaining their enormous cost.

Now, how much does an office chair cost?

On average, an office chair costs about $200, though some are cheaper than $50. Office chairs cost so much because of ergonomics, versatility, warranties, and designs. Still, it’s worth it to buy an office chair to avoid injuring your body and lowering productivity.

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How Much Does an Office Chair Cost?

The average leather office chair costs roughly $150. Some office chairs go for under $40 while the priciest extends to $1.5M.

Choosing the correct chair is tricky, though, especially when looking for leather options. Nonetheless, a nice leather chair goes for about $400 or more. (Here is the best executive leather office chair to buy in 2022)

Before purchasing an office chair, there are many factors to consider. For instance, the price varies depending on the upholstery and its grade.

Typically the most budget office chairs are task chairs. These chairs are less functional than other desk chairs. Like most office chairs, task chairs include height adjustability and lumbar support to accommodate lengthy usage.

A solid task chair lasting years should cost about $80. (Check out these 10 Best Office Chairs Under $50 To Buy in Budget)

Why Do Office Chairs Cost So Much?

An office chair has many moving components making it pricier than the standard chair. The main change is enhanced ergonomics to support lengthy work hours.

Seat Comfort

High-end office chairs often have commercial-grade foam seat cushions. This material conforms to your body’s shape for a customized feel similar to memory foam.

While pricey, many of these seats give all-day relaxation while performing vital activities. Expensive office chairs usually have seat cushions that don’t deform over time.


Most ergonomic chairs take years to develop. Because of the research expenses, these chairs typically sell for more. It takes time to capture designs with technology, versatility, and any-user support.

Quality Construction

Nobody desires a shaky or easily broken office chair. Despite your budget, you want an item that gives lasting comfort.

Material like aluminum or high-end plastic might increase the cost of an office chair. These include more fabric but also flexible mesh backs to increase airflow.

Cheap office chairs include weak plastics and mechanics, slight padding, and limited to no adjustability.


You can change the comfort level of quality desk chairs. A higher price tag often means more modifications.

These high-end office chairs allow you to customize your seat height, depth, tension, back, and lumbar support.

Economical office chairs only have one to two adjustments. You also can’t add functions to gain the support you desire.


A warranty is vital when purchasing an office chair. Check what it encompasses and what not. Chairs with the best warranty are costly. They come with lengthy guarantees that cover practically everything.

Most high-end office chairs feature 10-year to lifetime warranties covering mechanics, cylinders, upholstery, and more. On the other hand, cheap office chairs have limited or no guarantees.


Pricey office chairs allow immense tailoring. These chairs come in many colors, frame finishes, bases, and back designs. Furthermore, they provide many upholstery selections, including leather, velvet, mesh, and more.

For more information on why office chairs are so expensive, see this post.

Is it Worth it to Buy Office Chair?

Studies show that an unsuitable office chair can cause problems, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Besides, an inappropriate chair causes injuries to your neck, back, and shoulders. You may also experience eye strain and chronic pain once these minor problems graduate.

Medical issues not only hinder production but also cause everyday discomfort that lowers morale.

High-end office chairs promote a healthy working environment through:


Is a High-End Office Chair Worth It?

A high-end office chair is worth it as you get better ergonomics. The priciest options allow you to select the best-suited sitting arrangement available and minimize body strain. While various budget picks do fine, they usually miss out on the warranties and longevity on pricier models.

Are Ergo Chairs Worth It?

Ergo chairs are worth it since they respond to your body’s shape and help circumvent health issues. Ability to recline, change your sitting height, pull out your footrest, and more, prevent body aches. This way, you have less stress and more time to focus on work.

Why Are Gaming Chairs More Expensive Than Office Chairs?

Gaming chairs are more expensive than office chairs because they usually use better materials. Memory foam cushions, including the back and armrests, are more common in the entry-level price range of gaming chairs.

Office chairs usually have thinner materials to lower expenses, so you need to get up for a stretch more regularly.

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Hopefully, your “how much does an office chair cost” question isn’t an issue anymore. You can now shop for office chairs with an idea of what to expect based on your budget.

To recap, you can get viable options for about $100. On the other hand, a premium rig can cost $1,000 or more. There is an office chair for any budget. However, remember that your chair is often as good as your investment.

The sweet spot is between $400 to $1300, where you are sure of well-made, comfy, well-warranted options.


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