10 Best Office Chairs Under $400 (Editors Top Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 15, 2021

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Office Chairs Under $400

If you spend hours sitting while working on your computer, your back needs the best support. With more people working from home, there is increased demand for the best office chairs under $400.

Are you one of those persons looking for a comfy office chair? A high-quality and ergonomic office chair can get you working 8 hours without complaining of backaches.

By now, you probably know office chairs can be expensive. However, if you set a budget of at least 400 dollars, you can get a premium office chair.

In this post, we review the top computer chairs under $400. There are several choices at this price range to provide you with enough back support.

Furthermore, the chairs adjust in different positions to give your body the best posture.

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10 Best Office Chairs Under $400 Review + Editors Choice

Hurry? Let’s have a look at the list of best office chairs under $400

1. WorkPro® Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh/Fabric Chair – Best For All-Day Comfort

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series is an ergonomic office chair for all-day comfort. 

Besides, the chair features a minimalistic design to fit most office spaces. It is an ergonomic design chair that improves overall body posture.



The WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series office chair is a versatile office chair with an ergonomic mid-back. No other chair offers all-day comfort like this one.

It features a mesh back that ensures optimal airflow. This keeps you cool throughout the day. Moreover, the chair features generous cushioning for the great support.

I loved the chair, especially the waterfall edge seat design. There was a minimal strain on my leg.

The chair also enhanced the office décor with its modern appearance.

There was a huge improvement in how long I would sit on my desk working. Furthermore, the breathable mesh ensured I enjoyed a cool breeze.

What I Like

Excellent weight capacity thus reliable: The chair is quite supportive due to the steel core frame. It is extremely durable and can withstand huge weights.

Better posture: This is an ergonomic chair with a lumbar support feature. Therefore, the chair greatly enhances your posture.

Minimal leg strain due to waterfall seat cushion: It is a dependable chair that does not strain the legs. This is because of the waterfall seat cushion design.

What I Don’t Like

Minimal spine support: Despite the ergonomic design, the chair lacks enough back cushioning. The back is mesh which is good for breathability but not optimal comfort.

What Other Reviewers Say

Even with initial doubts on the quality, most buyers loved the chair. Most are happy with the excellent comfort levels.

Furthermore, the chair’s aesthetics are sleek and elegant. So, this chair does enhance the office interior décor. It is a great chair to buy without shelling thousands of bucks.


So far, this is the best office chair under $400 to seriously consider buying. Despite the reduced spine support, the chair does offer ergonomic sitting positions.

If you’re looking for a cooling chair with significant leg and back support, then consider ordering this one today.

2. Bush Business Furniture Modelo High Back Leather Office Chair – The Most Executive Office Chair

The Bush Business Furniture is an executive office chair with leather upholstery. It is an adjustable chair that delivers custom sitting.

Moreover, the chair features contoured armrests and soft padding for optimal comfort. You can tilt the chair and lock it in any position for a customized experience.


Bush Business Furniture is an executive office chair with top-notch features. It is a sleek design chair for individuals looking for an executive feeling in the office.

The chair boasts contoured armrests and soft padding for optimal comfort. Moreover, the bonded leather upholstery comes with excellent lumbar support for lower back comfort.

I loved the modern appearance of the chair. It is a perfect fit for most offices and other casual jobs. 

Furthermore, the construction is of good quality guaranteeing long-lasting use.

The chair was quite easy to assemble. It felt comfortable and made a huge impression on our office décor.

What I Like

Easy assembly: First, the chair was quite easy to assemble in minutes. You don’t need many tools or any professional help. Besides, there are clear assembly instructions.

Adjustable seat heights: Secondly, the chair offers customized seating with easy and quick height adjustment. You can adjust the seat height from 42.9 to 46.9 inches.

Durable bonded leather: Finally, the chair boasts of the best quality bonded leather upholstery. It will completely change your interior office décor with an executive and luxurious feeling.

What I Don’t Like

Thin cushioning: Despite the excellent chair features, the seat cushions appear thin. Furthermore, they tend to flatten with continued use. This eventually leads to reduced comfort after prolonged use.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers like its color and modern look. A few had issues with the padding, which they considered thin.

However, most customers did like the chair and considered it a great choice for occasional office use.


Overall, the Bush Business Furniture office chair is a great pick with exciting features. It is easy to assemble and offers comfortable ergonomic seating.

If you want something classy for occasional office use, consider buying this chair. However, if you need a comfortable chair for daily office use, continue reading below.

3. Hon Lota Office Chair – Best Mid-Back Support Overall

The Hon Lota Office chair is the best high back office chair under $400 with commercial-grade quality. It features a breathable mesh to keep your body cool and supported.

In addition, the chair comes with height adjustable pivots to adapt to your body. This is an exciting chair with caster wheels hence smooth swiveling.


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the lightest yet most comfortable office chair under $400. It is a lightweight design chair that is easy to carry and move around.

Besides, the chair is extremely comfortable with height-adjustable pivots, breathable mesh, and a weight-activated recline.

This chair will give your lower back excellent support and balance. You can sit for long hours without backaches.

I would adjust the chair height to sit at the perfect chair desk height. The smooth-rolling casters also allow for effortless movement around the office.

Finally, I would sit and work 8+ hours without complaining of backaches. It greatly impacted my productivity and helped with my posture.

What I Did Like

Smooth-rolling casters wheels: First, the chair did allow easy movement around the office. I would easily swivel and reach the next desk.

Height adjustable pivots: The Hon Lota Office chair supports custom sitting with height-adjustable pivots. In addition, the pneumatic seat height adjustment allows for perfect desk height positioning.

Weight-activated recline: Finally, this chair keeps the lower back comfortable and supported. There are no confusing levers to set the ideal recline.

What I Don’t Like

The seat is too firm: My only concern about the chair is the firm seat. Your butt might feel numb after hours of sitting. Luckily, the firmness does reduce with extended use.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite the firm seat, most customers did love the chair. It is a quality chair with a wide armrest for superior support.

The chair stood out because of its many adjustable features. Therefore, most customers get to enjoy customized sitting positions.


I’m not saying you can sit all day on this chair. However, it is the best computer chair under $400 to get you working for longer. It boasts wide armrests and a ton of adjustable features. However, if you need a comfier office chair where you can slack, continue reading below.

4. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair – Most Conforming Office Chair Overall

The NOUHAUS Ergonomic Office Chair is by far the most conforming office chair. The chair comes with tons of adjustable features to confirm your life.

This is a soft HD office chair to let you ease into work. Moreover, the chair features a 5-point base and dual casters for stability and strength.


Welcome the new Nouhaus Ergo3D ergonomic office chair that conforms to your life. It is a versatile office chair with adjustable lumbar support and armrests.

The chair will let you ease into work. You can sit and recline in whatever position you want. What’s more, the chair’s back is breathable to prevent excessive sweating.

I tried several sitting positions during our testing. The chair offers customer choices. It also supports easy position changes.

You can experience extended sitting hours with minimal fatigue. Furthermore, the smooth blade wheels allow for easy movement.

What I Like

Optimal airflow thus minimal sweating: Due to the breathable mesh back, the chair allows for optimal airflow. So, the back is always cool without much sweating.

Greater stability and strength: This is a heavy-duty office chair with a 5-point base and dual casters. Because of the strong iron base, the chair guarantees long-lasting use and durability.

Adjustable lumbar support and armrests: You get to enjoy multiple sit and recline positions due to tons of flexible features. Furthermore, there is a mesh headrest for optimal and precise head support.

What I Don’t Like

Loud creaks: Despite the glowing reviews, the chair does develop some creaking sound every time you move. The noise can be annoying to other office workers.

Be sure to check any loose parts and tighten them.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite a few problems, the chair did make a huge difference to most customers. Most call it the ideal office chair for lower back pain under $400.

The extra lumbar support helps eliminate lower back pains.


The NOUSHAUS ergonomic office chair is a bang for the buck. It will surely change your life and make office tasks a lot easier.

Despite a few assembly issues, the chair offers the most ergonomic sitting positions. Order it now and enjoy customized sitting.

5. La-Z-Boy Bellamy Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair – Best Memory Foam Cushioning Overall

The La-Z-Boy Bellamy office chair is one of the best office chairs under 400 dollars with premium foam cushioning. It is a suitable office chair for all-around comfort.

The chair comes with adjustable recline, height, and tilt settings. You can easily enjoy multiple sitting positions on the same chair.


The La-Z-Boy Bellamy office chair is a comfortable and supportive office chair with soft bonded leather upholstery. Finally, you will get to enjoy the best executive office chair under $400.

Due to the soft bonded leather and memory foam cushioning, you will get enough support and comfort whenever you shift.

This is a tasteful ergonomic office chair that complements any office décor. Moreover, the chair features contoured lumbar cushions for conforming support and comfort.

I did enjoy sitting on the chair and moving positions at will. Besides the great comfort, operating the chair was easy with one-touch levers.

What I Like

Countered back support: The chair boasts contoured lumbar supports. Therefore, customers get to enjoy enough lower back support and comfort.

Easy to use and adjust levers: Secondly, the chair offers effortless operation. You just need to touch the levers once to adjust them.

Décor enhancing: It is a lovely chair that will surely enhance your office décor. This is because of the traditional and modern style appearance.

What I Don’t Like

Only 20-degree recline: Well, if you enjoy reclining all the way down, this chair will not support that.

What Other Reviewers Say

Even though some buyers were worried about the chair’s durability, they were amazed at the leather’s durability. The leather does maintain its great looks for months. Furthermore, the padding does not flatten easily.


I’m not saying this is the best computer chair for long hours under $400. However, it is an excellent choice to reduce backaches and pains when seated for hours.

If you want a comfortable and luxurious office chair, then order it now.

6. HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable Computer Chair – Best Overall For The Big And Tall

The Hon Ignition computer chair is a suitable office chair for the big and tall. The chair features a wide seat and a high backrest. Besides, it is warranted to support up to 300lbs.

It is a customizable chair that gets you working comfortably. Furthermore, the chair swivels around smoothly for easy movement.


Behold the Hon Ignition office chair with customizable settings. It is a versatile chair with an adjustable recline, seat position, and height settings.

Finally, you have a chair that offers the right support no matter the sitting position. Pull the seat to the perfect computer height and swivel around as you collaborate with workmates.

The chair stood out with its high-quality materials during testing. I would recline and lock it at different angles for optimal comfort.

Overall, this chair will surely enhance your productivity at work.

What I Like

Customizable recline and sea height: The chair gives you the freedom to recline at different recline angles. Moreover, it ensures you sit at the perfect desk height.

Height-adjustable armrests: Armrests move up and down, therefore, giving your neck and head a break. The chair easily adapts to your body movement hence optimal comfort.

Breathable mesh: Finally, I loved the breathable back mesh. I enjoyed optimal ventilation without excessive sweating.

What I Don’t Like

Plastic legs: Plastic legs are known to snap. However, I’m yet to experience this.

What Other Reviewers Say

The chair did seem pretty big. However, it ended up being a great decision for the big and tall guys. The chair offered excellent back support.

It also adjusted with ease for a customized experience. Most customers also loved the massive weight support.


Despite the big size, the chair is pretty easy to move around. It glides effortlessly due to smooth caster wheels.

Furthermore, the chair ensures you keep cool with a breathable mesh back. If you want comprehensive support, then order this chair today.

7. Serta Big And Tall Executive Office Chair – Best Stylish Overall

The Serta Big and Tall is by far the best office home chair under $400. The chair looks lovely and fits most office decors.

It boasts beautiful bonded leather and authentic wood accents. This is a top-quality office chair that brings first-class comfort to your office.


Embrace the big and supportive Serta office chair. It is a premium quality office chair with a generous sitting space. The chair also boasts ergonomic adjustment controls and body pillows for maximum comfort.

It is a proven chair that will keep you comfortable and supported all day. Serta brings you the comfort to work and sleep in the office.

What’s more, no other chair came close to its comfort levels during our testing. The tallest guy in our office did have fun swinging around freely.

I’m not saying you can sleep and work all day on the chair. However, you can be sure of excellent comfort throughout.

What I Like

Elevated and padded headrest: Keep your head and neck comfortably supported throughout the day. The elevated and padded headrest helps prevent neck pains.

Beautiful wood accents; thus, attractive: So far, the Serta office chair stands out as the most attractive pick on the list. The smooth bonded leather and gorgeous wood accents will surely enhance any office décor.

Easy lumbar knob adjustments: Enjoying customized lower back support is made easier due to easy knob adjustments. You just need to rotate the knob to adjust different lumbar zones.

What I Don’t Like

Difficult assembly: While the chair is quite comforting, you need at least one hour to assemble it fully. Fitting the seat against the back is a little hard.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers liked the fact that the chair lived to its expectations. It was extremely solid and cozy. Besides, the leather is soft and smooth.

The chair guarantees comfort and optimal support.


The chair is pretty solid and attractive. It is an excellent choice for the big and tall guys. If you need a supportive, comfortable, and attractive office chair, then place your order!

8. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest – Best-Selling Office Chair Overall

The SIHOO Ergonomic office chair is a best-selling model chair designed according to ergonomics. It has all the features of other office chairs.

What’s more, the chair boasts a retracting footrest and debugging pedals. You can also adjust the backrest, headrest, seat height, and recline angle.


The SIHOO ergonomics office chair is another versatile pick with multiple adjustments. 

Besides, the chair is approved by the Ergonomics Association after extensive research.

It is a chair that promises easy installation and a comfortable office experience. You can sit for hours at different seat positions.

During our testing, no other chair offered the same ergonomic features as this one. Furthermore, it included a retractable footrest to relax the feet.

You can be sure of a better and enjoyable office experience. In addition, your spine health and posture will greatly improve.

What I Like

It protects the spine: The unique ergonomic chair design helps protect the spine. Generally, there is reduced spine pressure as the chair aligns to the human back.

Easy to install, thus saving time: This is one of the simplest office chairs to install. Besides, the chair manual comes with a clear step-by-step installation process.

Multiple adjustments; thus, customizable: The chair is designed according to ergonomics. 

Therefore, customers get to enjoy multiple adjustments. You can sit and relax in whatever position.

What I Don’t Like

Low headrest position: Despite the great ergonomics, the chair headrest is a little lower. However, this is a con that only affects tall persons.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers are wary of 5-star reviews as the company money-back off for 5-star reviews. 

However, the chair does live to its expectations. It is comfortable and offers excellent lower back support.


If you want a computer chair under $400 that will not break your bank, consider buying this one. It is one of the best mesh office chairs under $400 for short people.

However, if you need a more supportive chair for tall persons, check other great choices on our list.

9. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair – Best Lumbar Support Overall

The SIDIZ office desk chair is a leading office chair for lower back pain under $400. 

It stands out with a unique S-shape curve that imitates the spine.

In addition, this chair is easily customizable for convenient use. It is a better quality chair with exceptional build and quality.


Guys, behold the SIDIZ ergonomic office chair with an S-curve shape to align to the human spine. It is a perfect office chair that supports the spine and ensures a correct posture.

It is an exceptional quality office chair that guarantees to serve you for years. Apart from durability, the chair promises outstanding comfort and support.

During our testing, no other chairs tilted like the SIDIZ office chair to offer that right seat slope. The chair makes it easier to lean, therefore, improving concentration.

Overall, this chair lets you personalize for a custom experience. You can sit, lean, and swivel as you want.

What I Like

Adjustable seat slope hence easy leaning: Unlike most chairs, this one features the forward tilt. Therefore, you can easily lean and enhance comfort.

Exceptional build quality due to premium components: It is an extremely durable chair that will serve you for years. This is down to its excellent material quality and solid construction.

S-curve design thus better spine support: The ergonomic S-curve shape ensures the chair matches the spine shape. 

Therefore, users can enjoy minimal back strain and better postures.

What I Don’t Like

Creaking noises: There are slight creaking noises when you recline.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite the average price, most customers were amazed by the chair’s features. It almost matched most high-end office chairs.

While there were a few recline issues, the chair is highly regarded and recommended.


The SIDIZ ergonomic office chair stands out as a better alternative to expensive high-end office chairs. It is probably the best desk chair under $400.

If you want an all-around office chair at an affordable budget, order it right now!

10. OFM 540 Ergo Office Chair – Best Breathable Back Overall

The OFM Ergo Office chair is one of the best computer chairs under $400 with a cooling mesh back. The chair offers excellent ventilation keeping your back cool and dry.

Furthermore, the chair offers synchronizing-tilt control. Here, your feet remain on the floor as you tilt. It is an ergonomic chair for personalized adjustability.

No products found.


The OFM Ergo office chair is a top-rated office ergonomic chair with a cooling back. The chair is attractive, stylish, and offers excellent lumbar support.

Moreover, this chair promises right back support with adjustable lumbar support and seat depth.

It stands out with excellent synchronizing tilt control for easy adjustability. The chair supports easy height, arm, and tilt adjustments.

You can sit for hours in different positions without any back pains and aches. 

Furthermore, the chair will enhance your office décor into something more executive.

What I Like

Cooling mesh: The cooling mesh back ensures you don’t sweat on hot days. Air can flow freely and keep your back cool and dry.

Pressure-relieving and lumbar support: Easy forward and back movements can help relieve pressure on your back. This reduces strain on the spine hence better posture.

Adjustable features thus customizable: Lastly, the chair adjusts with ease for a customized experience. You can adjust the headrest, seat height, and recline angles, hence optimal support.

What I Don’t Like

Small seat: The seat is a little small for big people. It does not offer ample space to move around freely.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers like the smooth sliding feature and comfortable seat cushion. Despite a few concerns about the small seat, it is a highly rated chair.

The chair is on point when it comes to customized support.


The OFM Ergo office chair makes a great choice for small persons looking for a comfortable and supportive chair. It comes with a thick cushioned seat and mesh back.

You can sit for hours and enjoy increased productivity at work. If you want a simple yet effective office chair, then this is the ideal choice.

What To Consider When Buying An Office Chair Under $400?

Before deciding on the best office chairs under $400, there are several factors to consider. These factors include:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying An Office Chair Under $400?



Final Verdict

These are the best office chairs under $400 to get you working comfortably and for longer. Proper support when working for long hours is a must.

Make sure you analyze the different models and choose one that suits your needs. You can never go wrong choosing an office chair.

Office chairs are uniquely designed with ergonomic features for optimal support. They feature mesh backs, adjustable headrests, armrests, and seat height.


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