10 Best Office Chairs Under $200 (2022 – Top Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 16, 2021

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Best office chair under 200 Dollar

Sitting for hours in the office on a poor-quality chair is tiring and can affect your body posture. Most people end the day with back pain. 

Ever wondered why you couldn’t buy a quality office chair? Most people in this position usually don’t have enough money for an ergonomic office chair.

However, did you know you can spend less than $200 for a quality office chair? There are the best office chairs under $200 that can deliver the proper comfort for you. 

You can finally get rid of that back pain and work for hours without spending too much.

By reading this post, you will discover the best computer chairs under 200 dollars. These chairs offer the right support and ensure you work for hours without complaining of backaches and pains.

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Our Top Picks: Best Office Chairs Under $200

Hurry? Let’s have a quick look at the list.

1. Giantex – Best Overall Ergonomic Office Chair Under $200

Sit and work for longer by getting the best ergonomic office chair under 200 dollars today. It is a top contender chair with ergonomic lumbar support and headrest. Moreover, the chair features a reclining back and an adjustable seat. 

You can recline at any position and sit at any preferred height, hence customizable. Moreover, the chair is versatile and will suit various occasions.


Color: Black
Material: Mesh
Item weight: 36.5 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 28.5 x 29 x 44 inches
Maximum Weight Support:  264 pounds

Giantex Ergonomic office chair is a versatile office chair suitable for all occasions. It boasts the highest-grade materials, thus being sturdy and comfy. 

Besides, the chair offers comprehensive support due to the lumbar support and headrest. Moreover, the chair is flexible and supports 360-degree movement.

Furthermore, the chair is specifically designed to help office workers sit and work for long hours. 

You can enjoy swinging from desk to desk and communicating with others quickly as it glides smoothly.

Apart from the excellent support, the chair offers a simple and generous style that matches most office decors. It is a perfect office chair under $200 that I enjoy sitting on.

I would sit for hours without feeling fatigued within a short period. Furthermore, the mesh back ensures I enjoy a cool breeze on hot summer days.

What I Like

There are five universal PU wheels so you can communicate with others conveniently without standing.

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Apart from a slight clicking sound when you sit, most reviewers love this chair. Most are happy with the purchase to the extent of recommending it. 

Moreover, they love the ease of assembly and the balanced chair weight. 

Most are happy with the generous lumbar support and the flexible mobility it brings to offices.


I’m not saying you can sit all day without straining. However, you can enjoy excellent back and head support and work for longer. 

If you’re on a budget and want the best home office chair under $200, get this one now!

2. NOUHAUS Palette – Most Comfortable Swivel Computer Desk Chair

NOUHAUS is a leading swivel computer chair with adjustable lower back support. The chair provides multiple sitting positions for all-day comfort, thus reliable.

Besides, the chair is extremely sturdy with an HD nylon base and structural ribs. You can also enjoy custom seat heights. (Learn more: How to adjust office chair height)


Color: Blue
Material: Open Cell Foam, Soft PU Coated Armrest, and HD ElastoMesh
Item Weight: 31.3 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 22 x 22 x 41.75 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 240 pounds

The NOIHAUS office chair is the best executive office chair under $200 on the market right now. 

It boasts comfort cushions, height-adjustable armrests, adjustable back lumbar, and a solid 5-point harness. It is an impeccable chair with excellent stability.

This is a functional design office chair with decent looks, therefore, enhances any office décor. Furthermore, the chair will offer ergonomic and custom support. 

You can be sure of improving your sitting posture and working for longer.

I loved the chair, especially the solid adjustable armrests. I would lean and relax my arms at any height without straining my back.

If you enjoy leaning backward, you will surely love this chair. You will develop a tendency to swing around due to the smooth-rolling caster wheels.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers on a tight budget love this chair. The chair seat is soft while the fabric is breathable. 

You will not find other budget-friendly office chairs with features like this. Moreover, most buyers like the ergonomic support and recommend it for tall guys.


I’m not saying this is the best high back office chair under $200. However, the chair is quite supportive, and the best picks when on a budget. 

If you’re on a budget and want to enjoy premium office chair features, consider this one. But, if you’re looking for something fancier, then continue reading below.

Further reading:

3. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair – Best For All-Day Comfort

Hbada’s ergonomic office chair boasts the best reclining positions and a highly breathable mesh back. 

It is a reliable office chair when you need all-day support and comfort. 

It is the best ergonomic office chair under $200 to seriously consider buying. Apart from the excellent comfort levels, the chair features a durable frame construction, therefore, offers long-lasting use.


Color: White
Material: Nylon, iron frame, and foam
Item Weight: 37 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 50.3 x 26.7 x 26.7 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 250 pounds

The Hbada ergonomic office chair promises all-day comfort in the office. It is the most comfortable office chair under $200 with an ergonomic recliner and breathable mesh. 

It also features a black mesh that supports airflow for a relaxed and comfortable working afternoon.

It is one of the few office chairs that support long hours of working. The fully upholstered back ensures you sit for long without back pains and aches.

Sitting on the chair on a hot afternoon felt great. I enjoyed increased airflow, which kept my back cool and dry due to the mesh back. 

The subtle waterfall seat edge design also helps reduce stress on the legs.

You will enjoy long working hours and increased productivity at work.

Wants more? Here are the reviews of 9 best Hbada ergonomic office chairs.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most reviewers didn’t like the thin seat cushions that flatten a bit with usage. However, most call it an excellent chair for the price. 

The chair is relatively comfortable and offers ergonomic support. Overall, the chair looks decent and great for the price.


I’m not saying this is the best desk chair under $200 you can get on the market. However, its versatility makes it stand out. 

You can enjoy multiple recline positions, seat heights, and a cooling effect. If you spend all day in the office, then consider ordering this chair right away!

4. HON HVST141 Task Chair – Best For The Big and Tall

The HON Big and Tall Computer Chair is a perfect choice for the tall and big guys. It is a heavy-duty chair with a massive 400-pound weight capacity. Moreover, the chair boasts some durable smooth-rolling wheels that withstand heavy use. The chair also comes with a breathable fabric and mesh back for a cooling afternoon in the office.


Color: Black
Material: Textile
Item Weight: 44 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 30.31 x 30.31 x 42.91 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 400 pounds

Ladies and gentlemen, the HON Big and Tall Computer Chair is a timeless design chair that looks elegant and stylish. It is the best office computer chair under $200 for the big guys. The chair boasts height adjustable arms for upper body and shoulder support. It is one of the few chairs on our list with height-adjustable armrests.

The chair can support some of the heaviest guys weighing up to 400lbs due to a heavy-duty steel frame. It boasts a wide seat area so that big guys can freely move while seated.

You will love the spacious seat and move freely as you work. Overall, the chair feels sturdy, giving big people confidence as they work and swivel around.

Obviously, this chair will offer ergonomic support to tall and big guys. You can work comfortably without fitting tightly on the seat.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

The chair is exceptionally comfortable and easy to assemble. While some customers didn’t like the heavyweight of the chair, they liked the massive support it offers. The chair is quite supportive for larger people. It is also comfy with a sturdy and supportive mesh back.


I’m not saying this chair is only suitable for larger persons. While it is a perfect choice for larger people, it is also an excellent choice for customers that need a spacious seat. It also features excellent height adjustment and lumbar support. If you want to move around freely while working, then get this chair now!

However, if you need something small, cozy, and space-saving, continue reading below.

5. Ficmax – Best PU Leather Gaming Chair With Footrest

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is the best office chair for back pain under $200 with extra cushioning on all sides. Unlike most office chairs, this one boasts a reclining back with massage lumbar support. What’s more, the chair features premium PU leather for executive appearances.


Color: Black
Material: PU Leather Cover, metal framework, and high-density shaping foam
Item Weight: 51 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 350 pounds

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is a sleek design office chair that will match your office style. It is a premium quality chair with the best grade PU leather and sturdy metal framework. No other chair offers all-around comfort like this chair.

Unlike most thinly padded office chairs, this one promises all-around comfort with a thick seat, back, and armrest cushions. By far, this is the best ergonomic office chair under $200. You will finally sit for hours gaming or working on your computer.

I enjoyed sitting on the chair and relaxing my arms on the armrests. It is a pretty comfortable chair that tilts 180 degrees. In addition, the chair features a retractable footrest for optimal foot support.

You’re going to enjoy sitting for hours without fatigue and back pain.

What I Did Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Apart from the slightly complex assembly, the chair is quite reliable. It looks adorable and offers comfortable sitting for long hours. In addition, the chair seems sturdy and stable, offering long-lasting use.


This chair is not just designed for office work. It is a versatile design to use when gaming. While the chair back is breathable, it is generally comfy and a decent choice for extended use in cool weather. If you want something fancy and executive, then consider this chair today!

6. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Office Chair – Best Luxurious Overall

The OFM ESS high back office chair is a premium selection with high-end materials. It is a luxurious and comfortable design chair with contoured comfort. Furthermore, the chair comes with integrated arms and a headrest. You can be sure of all-day padded comfort.

No products found.


Color: Black
Material: Leather
Item Weight:  Pound
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 29 x 28 x 44.75 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 250 pounds

Behold, the OFM ESS high back office chair is an outstanding choice with contoured back support. The chair boasts the best soft thread leather finishes.

It is one of the best office chairs under $200 with a luxurious feel. Users can be sure of all-day lumbar cushioning and back support.

It is an ergonomic design office chair with integrated support. For example, the chair features integrated arms and headrests for all-day comfort. There are also resin-reinforced caster wheels for 360-degree mobility.

I enjoyed the contoured support during our testing. The segmented ultra-plush cushioning provides all-day support. What’s more, the diamond pattern stitching creates a feeling of sophistication in your office.

The chair will enhance performance in offices due to extended sitting without back pains.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers like the fact that the seat is pretty easy to assemble. Apart from the short seat design, the chair is comfortable for most people. The soft, breathable leather and easy tilt mechanism make the chair comfortable and supportive.


This might not be the best office chair for tall guys. However, it is a decent choice for average size persons on a budget. Get it now and enjoy sitting for long hours in the office.

7. Modway Edge Mesh Back Office Chair – The Sleekest And Stylish Overall

The Modway Edge Office Chair stands out as the most stylish design that will enhance your office décor. It is a statement-making chair with a sleek, breathable back, padded waterfall leather seat, and easy recline adjustments. The chair comes complete with synchronizing tilt and tension control.


Color: Brown
Material: Engineered wood, polyester, nylon, fiber, Polypropylene & iron frame
Item Weight: 40 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 26.5 x 24 x 39 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 330 pounds

The Modway Edge office chair is a unique design chair with flip-up arms. It is the best office chair under 200 Dollars with premium features. The chair boasts a waterfall edge seat, breathable mesh back, and lumbar support.

It promises to make a compelling statement in your office with exciting looks. Apart from the refreshing looks, the chair glides smoothly, offering easy mobility. 

Furthermore, the chair comes with a synchronized tilt for a custom sitting experience.

I love the sleek design and how the chair stands out in the office. You can relax without putting your legs under stress since the seat edge slopes gently.

You will notice an immediate increase in comfort levels right away.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers recommend you buy this ergonomic, comfortable, durable, and well-designed chair. However, be sure to adjust it slowly while checking fit before you tighten more. Overall, it is a heavy-duty office chair, great for the price.


I’m not saying you’re getting the best office chair ever. However, this is a significant upgrade on your office and a friendly budget. If you need to enjoy high-end office chair benefits at a friendly price, consider buying this chair now!

If you need something that mimics the human spine, continue reading below.

8. Komene Mesh Office Chair – Best Ergonomic Overall

This is a uniquely designed office chair that mimics the human spine. It is a suitable design chair for office workers that need to work and sit for hours. 

The chair keeps the spine bones in the right position improving overall body posture. It is a multifunction office chair with adjustable features for custom comfort.


Color: Black
Material: Mesh with plastic base
Item Weight: 35.2 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 19.69 x 20.08 x 21.26 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 250 pounds

The Komene is the most ergonomic office chair overall and rightfully so with outstanding features. It features a high mesh back with the human spine curve. This way, the chair offers contoured support for several hours. Moreover, the chair adjusts seamlessly to provide custom comfort.

This is an exciting chair with a stable V-shaped structure to support the lumbar spine and back. It also features a thick seat cushion for better pressure relief.

Overall, the chair feels comfy, customizable, and versatile. I was able to adjust the T-shaped armrests up and down to relax my arms at desired heights. In addition, the silent 360-degree caster wheels for enhanced mobility in the office.

The Komene ergonomic office chair will enhance your comfort levels and leave you feeling at ease. You can sit for longer and enjoy working without pressure points.

What I Did Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Even the few buyers who hesitated to buy the chair ended up loving it. The chair moves easily and silently. It is an ergonomic design chair with excellent back, head, and arm support.


Even with a low design headrest, the chair looks decent and makes an excellent choice for most people. If you want a supportive and comfy office chair that rolls nicely, get this one right away!

9. Bonded Leather Office Chair – Best Executive Overall

The Bonded Leather Office Chair is the best executive office under $200 for the most luxurious customers. It is a quality chair with bonded faux leather finishing and an ergonomic S-shaped waterfall design. 

The chair guarantees a fantastic sitting experience without fatigue and back pains.


Color: Black
Material: Faux Leather
Item Weight: 34.3 pounds
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 29.53 x 25.2 x 46.46 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 250 pounds

The Bonded Leather Office chair is a sturdy design chair that adjusts easily to meet your needs. It is a comfortable executive office chair that will make a statement. 

The chair is easy to assemble and comes with a soft double-padded seat and headrest hence optimal comfort.

It is an ergonomic chair for excellent neck and lumbar support. You can sit and work longer without complaining of back pain.

I loved the experience of leaning safely and locking the chair at any angle. It offers multiple sitting positions, so you never get tired of sitting.

The comfy high back and thick padded seat will get you spending more time on your computer.

What I Did Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviews Say

Most buyers didn’t believe the ventilation of the chair was that good despite the leather finish. The chair feels comfortable and offers extended work hours without fatigue.


While the chair does have a few shortcomings, it is the closest you can get of an executive office chair when on a budget. Get it right now and enjoy fancy looks in your office.

10. Ovios Ergonomic Office Chair – The Most Versatile Overall

The Ovios Ergonomic Office chair is a versatile design to use at home and office. It is a modern design chair with seamless seat height adjustment. Therefore, different people can use it and sit at the perfect height. 

What’s more, the chair tilts at different angles and locks for secure sitting.


Color: Dark coffee
Material: Suede fabric
Item Weight:
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 26.48 x 26.48 x 45.67 inches
Maximum Weight Support: 250 pounds

This is a classic design office chair that will enhance your office looks. It is a top-rated chair to use at the office and home. 

The chair boasts an ergonomic high-back for excellent back support.

It promises to offer extended sitting without back aches and pains. The suede fabric material is breathable and cleans in a breeze.

I did take a photo of this one during our testing. It is a modern chair with classic appearances thus quite attractive.

The chair will offer extended sitting without straining your back. This will help increase productivity and improve body posture.

What I Did Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite some noise when sitting, the chair is liked by most buyers. It is comfortable, and the suede fabric material looks lovely.


While this is not the comfiest office chair, it is an excellent choice for people on a budget. The chair does offer options with broad applications. 

If you need a chair to use at the office, home, seminars, and conferences, be sure to check this one out.

A Buyer’s Guide For The Best Office Chairs Under 200 Dollars

Everyone’s need for an office chair is different. This is why you need to consider various chair features. Below are essential factors to consider when buying the best office chair under $200:


Consider chairs made of quality materials. Durable chairs will serve you for many years to come due to quality materials.

Your Body

Consider your body needs and choose a matching chair. For example, if you’re heavy, choose chairs with a higher maximum weight capacity.

Working Environment

What does your working environment look like? Tight spaces will require small and compact office chairs. 

However, if you have ample open space, consider a more oversized chair.

The Chair Features

Analyze the different chair features and choose accordingly. Some of the standard features to consider include adjustable headrest, backrest, armrests, retractable footrest, etc.

Benefits Of Buying A Cheap Office Chair Under $200

Is It Worth Buying An Office Chair Under $200?

Expensive office chairs can encourage better sitting posture. 

However, they are not a must. You can enjoy a good posture on a cheap chair under $200. 

You just have to pick the right chair that suits you.


I have covered the best office chairs under $200 for you. Getting a comfortable office chair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

You can get excellent back and head support even when on a budget. 

There are several budget-friendly office chairs with great back support, adjustable seat, and armrests on the market to consider.

Carefully analyze our top office chair options and order one that suits your needs. You can never go wrong when it comes to buying an ergonomic office chair.


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