10 Best Office Chairs Under $50 To Buy in Budget

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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Best Office Chairs Under $50

Small companies, startups, and home offices occasionally struggle to find the best office chairs under $50. 

It may not look sensible to go for such cheap office chairs, especially when many consider “expensive” as “quality.”

Businesses work with budgets. It wouldn’t be prudent to splurge on chairs alone when you’re struggling to keep up with the cost of operations. 

On the other hand, an office without “office chairs” is sitting on a time bomb. Sooner or later, the workers’ productivity will drop due to health issues, discomfort, or bad moods.

Looking for an ideal office chair is not easy but takes time and effort. Similarly, looking for desk chairs under $50 is no simple task. 

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry because we’ve got your back. We have several picks for chairs under $50. Have a look.

Table of Contents

10 Best Office Chairs Under $50 Review

1. Furmax Office Mesh Chair

Furmax is an ergonomic office chair with a thickly padded seat pan, heavy-duty base, tilt mechanism, adjustable seat height, breathable mesh backrest, and PU casters that can do 360 degrees rotation.


A five-star heavy-duty base makes it a strong office chair. Besides, the chair has PU casters that can swivel 360 degrees.


The seat has a thickly padded seat pan made from a sturdy panel, thick sponge, and covered by a strong mesh cloth.

Additionally, its backrest has a mesh material that allows air circulation. Therefore, the user of the chair does not sweat but remains comfortable.


Furmax is predominantly a computer desk chair. However, it’s perfect when used as a general desk chair in virtually every office.

What I Like

Comfortable Seat Pan

The chair is well padded with a high-density sponge, and one can spend six to eight hours before he experiences discomfort. The cushion is thus resilient and doesn’t deform when weight presses it down.

Easy To Assemble

Bringing together the parts of the chair is a DIY procedure and doesn’t need any technical know-how.

Seat Height Adjustment

The chair can adjust to varying desk heights. Want to learn? Here is a guide on how to adjust office chair height.

What I Don’t Like

Fixed Armrests

If you care about flexible armrests, then Furmax chairs will disappoint you because their armrests are permanently fixed to the chair.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

A significant number of reviewers laud this chair for its lightweight and durability. The materials used to make the chair are of good quality and solid nature.


Furmax chair is an excellent budget chair that will protect your back and keep you from injury. Moreover, it’s comfortable and lasts long.

2. Yaheetech Computer Chair

Yaheetech ergonomic office chair is a sturdily built seat with fixed armrests, lumbar support, adjustable height, meshed backrest, and a well-padded seat pan.


A rigid base, SGS approved gas lift, strong nylon mesh, and solid casters make this office chair structurally strong.


These office chairs come with a sizeable seat pan depth of 20.7”, accommodating users of varying heights.

Further, the backrest curves inwards towards the base to support the lumbar region.


The Yaheetech office chair is ideal for the typical modern office environment. Besides, its small size makes it the right choice for study desks of teen students.

The meshed backrest allows circulation of air around the user’s back. Thus, the user stays comfortable.

What I Like

Ergonomic Backrest Design

The curved backrest aligns with the shape of the back. Thus, the spine stays supported.

Additionally, the lumbar is well accommodated and supported.

High-Density Cushion

Upholstered in stretchable high-density foam, the comfortable seat pan reduces pressure on the buttocks and gives an excellent seating experience.

What I Don’t Like

Backrest and Seat Height

At 18.1’’, the backrest is not high enough for the tall users who prefer a relatively high back support. On the other hand, a seat height of up to 17.7” renders the seat unusable for tall people.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

It’s ideal for short people, easy to assemble, and comfortable.


Yaheetech computer chair is an ideal choice for a relatively small user. It’s comfortable and durable.

3. The Ergonomic Office Swivel Chair

The Ergonomic office chair is a desk chair under 50 dollars that comes without an armrest. The backrest is made of breathable mesh and curves inwards to provide lumbar support to the user. It has a well-padded seat pan. Additionally, the seat is height adjustable.


This simple chair is made from a heavy-duty metal base that can swivel in a complete circle. The castors too can swivel 360 degrees to provide convenience and mobility in the office.

This desk chair can carry a maximum of 250 pounds.


The seat pan is well padded and soft. Additionally, the backrest has a mesh that allows air circulation.

The backrest snugs against your back to give good back support. Moreover, it’s ergonomically built with a slight bend for lumbar support.


The chair is comfortable as a computer desk chair, especially when typing or studying.

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What I Like

Easy To Assemble

If you follow the instruction manual well, you’ll assemble the chair in less than 20 minutes.


Though the backrest is not adjustable, the seat height can shift up and down. Hence, the chair is convenient for users of different sizes.

 The adjusting lever— conveniently placed under the chair—is easy to use.

What I Don’t Like

Small Seat Pan

The seat pan is quite petite and thus unsuitable for huge or tall people. Besides, it makes it challenging to adjust to some postures.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

The ergonomic swivel chair is durable. Further, the chair is comfortable.

Its lightweight makes it easy to carry from one place to another.


When you buy this chair, you will enjoy its comfort, lightweight, and mobility.

4. Amazon Basics Meshed Office Chair

The AmazonBasics is a uniquely designed low-back office chair with a meshed backrest, height adjustment mechanism.


All the chair parts—gas lift, base, castor assembly, and frame plastic—pass the BIFMA test and are secure.

Besides, the seat can carry a weight of up to 250 pounds.


A high-density sponge cushions the seat pan. Besides, the backrest curves inwards with a plastic reinforcement at the lower part to provide lumbar support.


AmazonBasics chair is ideal for a simple office. Besides, it’s a perfect choice for the home office.

What I Like

Seat Height Adjustment

The chair has a lever that conveniently raises or lowers the seat pan height to match the size of the office table.

Smooth Rolling Castors

Amazon Basic’s wheels do not clog their sockets and thus move freely over any surface.

Breathable Mesh

The mesh that covers the backrest allows the circulation of air. Therefore, the seat user remains refreshed and comfortable.

What I Don’t Like

Low Back and Small Size

The chair’s low back makes it uncomfortable for tall users. Its petite structure makes it too small for some users.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

The chair is easy to assemble and comfortable. Moreover, it’s preferred for its small size, smooth wheels, and affordability.


AmazonBasics office chair is small but strong. It’s the perfect choice for an office with limited space. Moreover, its cost is highly affordable.

5. Patiomage Mesh Computer and Gaming Chair

The Patiomage is one of the best desk chair under 50 dollars. It’s height-adjustable, has lumbar support, adjustable armrests, a nylon back frame, and a stable base.


The seat frame made from stiff nylon plastic can support a weight of up to 300lb. The backrest is firmly fixed without recline nor rocking mechanism.


The seat cushion is comfortable. The plastic lumbar support strengthens the mesh backrest to keep the back in position.


The chair’s design makes it suitable for use as an office, gaming, and home chair.

What I Like

Height Adjustability

The seat height is adjustable by a conveniently located lever under the seat pan. The shift mechanism is built around a high-quality gas lift that passes the BIFMA certification.

Adjustable Armrest

Supporting your arms is crucial when working on an office or computer desk. The Patiomage armrest can shift back up to a maximum of 90 degrees from its normal flat position to give you the comfort you need.

What I Don’t Like

Thin Backrest Mesh

The backrest is almost entirely made of mesh, which is prone to tear when the chair user leans on it.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

The Patiomage chair is an ergonomic and perfect seat for the office. Moreover, it’s easy to assemble.


If you’re going for a versatile chair, then it’s Patiomage. 

People can sit on it in the office and at home. It’s comfortable with soft padding. You will enjoy its adjustability too.

6. Furmax High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Furmax is an executive chair with a uniquely shaped seat pan, seat height adjustment, padded armrests, recline function, lumbar support, and perfect synthetic leather upholstery.


The executive seat rests on a five-star base and has a quality gas lift for seat height adjustment.

It can support a maximum weight of 280 pounds.


The middle part of the backrest and seat pan is meshed to allow for air circulation. Hence, the seat user remains cool even in hot weather.

Further, the seat pan and backrest have three and two inches of cushion, respectively, that make the seat usable for hours.


The Furmax office chair design and adjustability make it a perfect choice for a typical office. Further, the seat pan and backrest’s comfort meet the needs of video gamers who remain seated for many hours.

What I Like

Attractive upholstery

The Furmax leather chair comes draped in attractive black synthetic leather with neatly done white backstitches.

It’s the perfect choice for the buyer looking for some bit of aesthetics beyond the normal function of the chair.

Recline Function

The backrest swings backward from the normal position by a few degrees.

The mechanism is simple—the backrest locks by pushing in the adjustment lever and unlocks by pulling out the lever.

What I Don’t Like

Fixed Armrests

The armrests are padded and comfortable. However, they cannot shift from one position to another.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

The Furmax ergonomic chair stands out for its ease of assembly, soft leather upholstery, and excellent lumbar support.


Furmax is a comfortable and adjustable executive chair.  Besides, it’s the perfect chair for that executive office look.

7. Home Office Ergonomic Computer Chair

Home office Ergonomic rolling swivel chair is a black office chair under $50 with lumbar support, meshed backrest, rolling swivel, and height-adjustable.


The chair has a heavy-duty base made from sturdy, well-designed nylon plastic that passes the BIFM certification test.

It can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds.


The seat pan’s cushion is made from a high-density sponge cushion.

Additionally, the back gets support from a highly breathable mesh fastened firmly on the plastic frame.


In the office, the chair is compatible with the computer desk. Moreover, its design also suits the boardroom.

Its plastic material means it can withstand the home office environment-liquids, dirt, and playing children.

What I Like

Height Adjustable

The user can adjust the height of the chair upwards or downwards. 

The Adjustment mechanism is built around a class-3 commercial gas lift that passes the BIFMA certification and is thus safe for use in the chair.

Tilt Function

Usually, a desk chair under $50 doesn’t come with a rocking or recline function. However, this seat comes with a tilt mechanism where the chair can tilt backward and help you change your posture.

What I Don’t Like

Small Seat Pan

The office chair’s width is not enough to accommodate big people, especially those with big hips. Additionally, the seat depth is relatively small and is only a comfortable fit for users below the height of 5’5″.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

It’s a comfortable and durable chair


Do you need a chair that is not only ergonomic but is also flexible and tilts some degrees backward? Then go for this char. It will offer comfort and make you more productive.

8. NEO Ergonomic Office Chair

NEO meshed office chairs have elastic cushions, adjustable seat pan, lumbar support, dual castors, meshed backrest, and fixed armrests.


Neo office chair comes with 2-inch thick dual castors to make the chair more stable. Besides, the sturdy metal base has a carrying capacity of 250 pounds.


The breathable mesh back allows air circulation that keeps you from sweating. Additionally, the seat pan is upholstered in a soft fabric with a velvet-cotton texture.


The chair is ideal for the typical office. However, its structure makes it very compatible with studying and gaming desks.

What I Like

Lumbar Support

The backrest curves inwards towards the base to support the lumbar region. Further, a plastic extension at the backrest’s lower part reinforces it to give the maximum support.

Seat Height

The seat height is adjustable from 17.3” to a maximum of 21.3’’, which fits many user heights.

What I Don’t Like

Backrest Height

At 17 inches, the backrest’s height is relatively short. Therefore, it doesn’t offer maximum support for tall users above 6 feet.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

The chair is sturdy but comfortable. However, it is highly ideal for small-sized users.


NEO is a sturdy framed ergonomic chair designed for comfort and durability. Thus, it’s worth every penny.

9. Yaheetech Office Chair

Yaheetech is an office chair under 50 dollars with an ergonomic design. 

It has a high-density sponge cushion, fixed armrests, height adjustability, strong casters, lumbar support, and meshed backrest.


The chair is made from a durable five-star base and strong nylon plastic. Mesh material is fixed tight on the backrest to complete the structure of the well-designed chair.


The seat pan is made from a high-density sponge well upholstered with durable fabric.

The backrest is made up of taut mesh that supports the back. Further, the black plastic protruding near the backrest base helps the back mesh prop up the lumbar region.


The chair is ideal for computer workstations of varying sizes.

What I Like

Ease of Assembly

Following the simple instructions given is all you need to do. A DIY assembly can take not more than 20 minutes.

Breathable Mesh

The meshed backrest allows air circulation, and thus the chair user does not sweat and becomes uncomfortable.

Seat Height Adjustment

The adjustment mechanism is built around a gas lift that’s SGS-certified.

What I Don’t Like

Non-Adjustable Armrests

The chair has well-shaped armrests. However, they are not adjustable.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

Yaheetech is a comfortable chair that is easy to assemble. Besides, its back support is excellent.


If you buy this chair, it will offer excellent service with its durability. Its height adjustment has an impressive range of 14.4” to 18.3,” and it’s the ideal chair for different desk sizes.

10. Vnewone Meshed Ergonomic Chair

Vnewone ergonomic chair comes with height adjustability, fixed armrests, tilt function, a well-padded cushion, and a well-shaped backrest for lumbar support.


The seat parts—solid base, hard-wearing mesh, strong casters, and the SGS-validated gas lift cylinder—are all quality assured. They all pass the BIFMA test. Therefore, the seat is safe to use.


The seat pan is thickly padded with a high-density sponge, which reduces the pressure exerted on the buttocks. 

Moreover, the meshed seat and backrest allow air circulation. Therefore, the seat user stays free from sweat and is thus comfortable.


Due to its ergonomic design, the office chair is fit for both home and office use. 

Besides, the high-density cushion, comfortable armrests, and lumbar support make the chair ideal for gaming and boardrooms.

What I Like

Tension Control

A cylindrical rotary knob beneath the chair adjusts “tension” such that the seat can rock 30 degrees from its normal position.

Height Adjustable

The chair has a lever for adjusting the seat height. Luckily, it can shift by 3 inches.

What I Don’t Like

Poor Armrest Design

The armrests are not adjustable. On the other hand, they are made of hard plastic, uncomfortable for long time use.

What Other Reviewers Say About the Chair

Reviewers praise this chair for its ease of assembly and a well-shaped backrest for back support.


Vnewone office chair’s ergonomics make it a comfortable chair worth buying.

Things to Consider When Buying Cheap Office Chairs Under $50

When buying a cheap office chair under $50, there are several factors that you should consider. That is important because you need a chair that will serve its purpose—regardless of its low cost. Let’s have a look.

Seat Height Adjustability

Different people use office chairs and on differently sized desks. For instance, a computer chair under $50 that is too high or too low for the computer desk beats the purpose of buying it in the first place. Again, the chair may be too high or too low for people with different heights.

Thus, the seat height of an office chair has to be adjustable.

Consequently, the productivity of the chair user remains high because he can work for long hours. Besides, using a chair with the right seat height protects you from physical injury.

Finally, it’s important to note that the height adjustment mechanism is in almost every office chair regardless of its cost.

Backrest Adjustability

Sitting with your back in one position is tiring. The normal backrest position for an office chair is 90 degrees to the seat pan.

However, a good backrest reclines a few degrees to rest the back.

The best backrest is the one that shifts forward or backward. Additionally, a mechanism that locks it in place comes in handy in keeping it from a sudden tilt out of position.

Seat Pan Depth

An ideal office chair is one with enough width and depth to allow the user to sit comfortably. For instance, you will need a deeper seat pan to support your long legs if you’re tall.

If you’re short, you need a seat with a shorter depth. Ideally, the best sitting position, whether you’re tall or short, is having your spine against the backrest and leaving a space of about 2-4 inches between the end of the thighs (back of the knees) and the edge of the seat pan.

When sourcing cheap office chairs under $50, it’s essential to consider the sizes of the seat users or buy one that can accommodate all of them. A seat pan beyond 20″ can fit many tall people.


Armrests on an office chair provide support to the elbows. Thus, the strain on the neck and shoulders reduces.

Besides, adjustable armrests help you shift them to a position where your arms find the best comfort. In such a position, you’re less likely to slouch.

Lumbar Support

The lower part of the human back curves inwards. The lumbar’s curved area needs support when sitting to avoid fatigue, discomfort, and long-term health problems. 

Moreover, such reinforcement protects the spine and keeps the lumbar disks free from strain.

Thus a good office chair is the one that assumes a convex shape towards the bottom part of the backrest—commonly referred to as lumbar support— such that you don’t slump into the chair.

Comfortable Cushion and Breathable Material

For an office chair, a well-padded seat pan is better than bare wood or plastic. 

Due to the long time people use office chairs, a cushion that exerts less pressure on the buttocks is ideal, ensuring that the chair user doesn’t get uncomfortable too quickly.

Further, there’s an emerging trend of using mesh in making the seat pans and backrests of office chairs. 

Such materials allow air circulation and keep the seat user from sweating or getting uncomfortable from excessive heat.


A desk chair under 50 dollars doesn’t have to be poorly designed or built. There are durable chairs in that category.

Such chairs will not demand frequent maintenance or even replacement and will save you money in the long run.

Weight Capacity

It’s essential to assess the weight strain that your office chair can take. That will help with the aspect of durability.

Are Cheap Office Chairs Worth It?

It’s better to have a cheap office chair than no “office chair” at all. So what benefit do office chairs bring?

As we’ve said, a well-designed office chair is ergonomic and ensures that your workers have the best sitting posture. 

Consequently, they avoid physical health problems and hence health costs.

Besides, an office chair makes it possible to sit and remain working for longer hours. A healthy employee is a happy employee. A satisfied employee is more productive at work.

Therefore, cheap office chairs are worth it, compared to having no office chairs at all.

What Is The Best Office Chair On A Budget?

When going for a cheap office chair, we usually don’t major in aesthetics. 

On the contrary, we look for basic ergonomic features like adjustability, seat padding, armrest, lumbar support, and flexible backrest.

Moreover, when looking for a cheap chair, it’s vital to assess its suitability for the function at hand.

Cute desk chairs under $50 might score well on aesthetics, but some lack these essential ergonomic qualities.

How Much Does A Good Quality Office Chair Cost?

The price of office chairs ranges between 100-1500 dollars depending on quality, ergonomic features, adjustment capabilities, and brand.

In this review, we’ll look at the best office chairs under $50.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Better To Have A Desk Chair With Or Without Arms?

Armrests are essential because they mitigate pressure buildup on the shoulders and neck. Without the prop, the body will slump as the arms try to find support from the desk.

How Long Do Cheap Office Chairs Last?

A chair bought from a reputable manufacturer should last between 4-9 years. 
However, the durability of a chair depends on the material, chair quality, and time spent on the chair.

Do Mesh Chairs Wear Out?

Though soft meshes sag and lose shape with time, a tightly woven mesh will remain firm and in form. The durability of the mesh is more often than not dependent on the brand of the chair.


The review shows that you can get an optimally functioning chair for your office from the “best office chairs under $50” collection.

You should rest assured that whatever chair you go for from the above list will not disappoint but bring incredible comfort to your office.

However, it’s crucial to note that some comfortable, durable, and affordable chairs are only ideal for specific body sizes. 

Thus, it’s vital to confirm the size of the chair you choose. The actual cost of the chair is also a factor to consider so that you do not overstrain your budget.


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