How To Fix a Broken Office Chair

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 25, 2022

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How To Fix a Broken Office Chair

The office chair is essential as you spend the most time sitting on it. If it breaks, it can be a nightmare to deal with. However, there are ways to fix a broken office chair, and they don’t have to be expensive or complicated.

This post shows how to fix a broken office chair, from simple things like peeling upholstery to damaged mechanisms.

You fix a broken office chair based on the damaged components. For instance, you fix a broken chair base by replacing it. Likewise, you fix a broken caster by installing a new wheel. However, not all require replacing as you fix hydraulics in an office chair with PVC pipes or hose clamps.

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How To Fix a Broken Office Chair

With the constant movement subjected to ergonomic chairs, many components may break. Here are fixes to the most common broken parts on office chairs. 

How Do I Stop My Chair from Wobbling?

The more you dismiss wobbly chairs, the more they bother you. Fortunately, you can rectify this by checking your seat and mechanism.

Fixing a wobbling office chair may be as simple as tightening its mechanism. Check for loose bolts between the seat and the mechanism.

If still wobbly, you may have a loose or broken base or caster. Fix both and recheck.

How Do You Fix a Broken Office Chair Base?

Using tape or brackets to repair cracked or broken office chair bases may jeopardize your chair and lead to injuries should they fail. If your desk chair’s base has cracks or broken supports, it’s time for a new base. 

If your chair’s base is fine, but you can’t move it, it’s probably due to a broken or malfunctioning office chair wheel. So, examine them. If you see filth, thread, cotton, and more, remove it by hand. 

Cut out stubborn threads. To learn how to remove an office chair’s base, follow this guide.

How Do You Fix a Broken Caster?

Begin by recording the dimension of your current wheel. Next, note the stem type and order a compatible replacement. Afterward, pull out, twist out, or unscrew your damaged wheels. Attach the replacements and test.

You may also install glides rather than casters and transform your unit into a wheel-less desk chair.

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How Do I Stop My Office Chair from Squeaking?

To fix your squeaking office chair, identify the source of the squeaking. The most typical reason for squeaking is the mechanism or the hydraulic lift.

Get some lube like WD-40 and put it in the problematic regions of your chair. You may also hear creaking in your desk chair wheels, which a little oil can fix.

After applying the lubricant, adjust flexible components that squeak or change their position. This lets your desk chair disperse the oil evenly. Leave it several hours to fix.

How Do You Fix Hydraulics in an Office Chair?

The most common reasons for sinking desk chairs are worn or malfunctioning pneumatic lifts. The cylinder’s seal is defective when this occurs, leading to uncontrolled air shifting.

Simple fix: Install a hose clamp or PVC pipe around the gas cylinder.

Best fix: Replace the chair’s cylinder.

Find out how to remove the cylinder from an office chair here  

How Do You Fix a Broken Armrest?

If your snapped or broken desk chair’s arms are from hard plastic, replace them. You only need to unscrew the damaged arms and fix the new ones.

If your adjustable chair armrests aren’t operating correctly, you may not need replacements. Examine the arms for dirt buildup and clean them. Then lubricate them, rotate your desk chair around for adequate coating, and retry.

If your adjustable armrests remain nonoperational, replace them.

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How Do You Fix a Broken Office Chair Tilt Lever?

There are two likely cases when your tilt knob isn’t working. Either it’s broken or simply malfunctioning. If it’s the first, replace it. You need to open the mechanism to do this.

For a malfunctioning tilt lever, check whether it’s improperly aligned. Reposition it and try tilting.

You’ll find out how to repair the tilt mechanism for office chairs here.

How Do I Fix My Broken Office Chair Back Support?

If having an adjustable backrest, you may not be able to restore functionality without professional help. However, you can get your backrest to assume a stationary stance with materials like glue.


Can Office Chairs be Repaired?

Often, office chairs can be repaired though some processes are pretty complex. For instance, it’s tedious to cut the suitable fabric sizes and reupholster your office chair. 

Besides, reupholstery is amongst the most expensive repair tasks. Moreover, some damages like a worn-out cylinder valve are impossible to repair and need replacement.

How Do I Fix My Office Chair from Peeling?

You fix your office chair from peeling by slip covering or reupholstery. If you are good at reupholstery, buy some textiles and recover your desk chair. Acquiring quality materials is vital to ensure the ability to withstand a 9-to-5 weekday schedule for years.

You can also hire a professional to refurbish your desk chair, though this is quite pricey. Hence, consider whether reupholstery or replacement is better.

How Do You Fix an Office Chair That Leans Forward?

You fix an office chair that leans forward by adjusting or repairing its tension lever. Firstly, tighten a loose forward tilt lever. Alternatively, the knob may be dirty or rusty. So, disassemble your chair, clean the lever, and lubricate.

A broken tilt lever needs replacement.

How Do You Fix a Stuck Reclined Office Chair?

You fix a stuck reclined office chair by addressing its cause. Ensure the tilt tension isn’t overly tight, and loosen if so. If it’s an improper technique, learn to disengage the rod correctly.

Clean and lubricate rusted reclining rods. On the other hand, a slightly dented recline rod needs straightening.

While a dislodged recline spring needs realignment, a broken one necessitates recliner mechanism replacement.

Closing Thoughts

To ensure that your office chair is in good condition, you should regularly inspect it for signs of wear. Tackling issues within the developing face saves you the trouble of lengthy fixes and potential costly replacements.

Armed with the tips on how to fix a broken office chair above, desk chair maintenance should be easier. Remember to clean parts regularly and use your chair as intended.


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