12 Best Executive Leather Office Chair in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 15, 2021

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Best Executive Leather Office Chair

The best executive leather office chair brings more than just comfort to your office. It is a symbol of your status. It upgrades your office and adds authority in the working space.

If you want a luxurious feeling in your office, then adding these chairs makes sense. They are sturdy and feature a strong metal frame construction.

In addition, the chairs feature artificial or real leather which adds to their excellent looks. In the guide below, I have handpicked the best for you.

Read through carefully and choose one that suits your office needs.

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12 Best Executive Leather Office Chair – My Top Picks

1. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Leather Office Chair – Best For Long Hours

The OFM ESS Collection leather office chair is a quality chair with premium construction materials. It features a sophisticated heat pressed diamond pattern for more comfort.

This is a luxurious chair with contoured comfort. What’s more, the chair boasts ultra-plush padding for all day comfort.

No products found.


The OFM ESS executive chair is a top choice with ergonomic features and premium materials. It is a chair suitable for all day office work.

It is a chair that assures you of all-day comfort and support. The high padded back provides optimal back and head support.

I enjoyed the thick padding that felt comfy. In addition, the chair rotates smoothly, allowing for easy office mobility.

Generally, the chair improves your office décor and ensures excellent comfort levels.

What I Like

Premium materials: The chair construction features the best materials for superior support. It is a premium chair that upgrades your office looks.

Contoured comfort: It’s segmented with ultra-plush padding. It conforms to the body for excellent support.

Integrated support: Lastly, the chair comes with an integrated headrest and arms for superior support. Furthermore, the great padding ensures all day comfort.

What I Don’t Like

Arms: While the arms offer excellent support, they are a little too tall and hard to fit under the desk.

What Other Reviewers Say

According to most customers, the chair is well-designed and offers superior support. However, most consider it a great choice for short people. Even so, the chair is affordable and a great value for money.


Despite the tall arms, the chair makes a great addition to any office. It is a decent choice, especially for short and average persons.

If you’re on a budget and want an executive leather office chair, then order this right now!

2. La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair – Best Executive Overall

The La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall office chair is a fully adjustable chair ideal for multiple sitting positions. You can tilt and recline it at different settings.

Moreover, the chair boasts memory foam cushioning that contours to the body. It is a heavy-duty office chair with mahogany-stained wood.


Let’s embrace the La-Z-Boy Delano office leather chair with premium comfort and support. It is a stylish office chair that complements most office décor.

The chair’s big and tall design provides all body support and comfort. You can finally fit for hours without backaches.

I liked the exceptional back support and contoured lumbar panel. Furthermore, adjusting the seat height, tilt, and recline settings was easy, with a single touch.

Overall, this chair will upgrade your office and leave it looking executive. It is comfy, stylish, and supportive.

What I Like

Easy-to-use-levers: First, this chair allows for effortless seat height, tilt and recline settings adjustment. You can conveniently adjust the chair while seated.

Classic and modern style: Secondly, the chair boasts a modern and traditional classic style. It is a great design chair that complements most office decors.

Memory foam cushioning: Lastly, the chair comes with the preferred ComfortCore memory foam cushioning. It contours to your body for all-day comfort.

What I Don’t Like

Price: Although the chair provides superior support, it is a little pricey.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite huge expectations from most buyers, there were a few complaints on quality control. 

However, most buyers with no quality control issues consider it to be the best executive office chair they have bought.


The chair delivers most of its promises with superior back support and excellent ergonomic features.

I’m not saying you can sit all day and work. However, the chair is the closest you can get for superior support and comfort.

Order it now!

3. Modern Ergonomic Sterling Genuine Leather Executive Chair – Best Genuine Brazilian Leather

The Modern Ergonomic Sterling leather chair is a sleek and stylish office chair. Furthermore, the chair boasts genuine Brazilian leather.

It is an attractive office chair with a polished swivel base. In addition, the chair comes with heavy-duty casters for smooth rolling.


Welcome the stylish and attractive Modern Ergonomic leather executive office chair. The chair features a minimalistic style and is one of the best choices for tight spaces.

It is a lovely leather office chair that enhances your office décor and provides optimal comfort.

I enjoyed the minimalistic looks and lightweight design. It glides smoothly, allowing excellent collaboration in the office.

You can be sure of comfortable sitting for hours. It is also stylish and will upgrade your office décor.

What I Like

Smooth castors: The chair glides smoothly on most floors because of the smooth castors. This supports seamless mobility.

High-density foam padding: It also boasts high-density foam padding for superior support. The thick padding ensures you sit for hours without fatigue.

Genuine Brazilian leather: It is a premium chair with real Brazilian leather. In addition, the chair boasts a Leatherette match on the back.

What I Don’t Like

Seat cushion: The seat cushion is more on the firmer side. While it holds pretty well, you can feel some discomfort after more than 4 hours of sitting.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most reviewers like the chair and call it a great fit. Despite a few concerns about the seat firmness, it does provide superior support.

It is a good quality seat that is well built.


This is the best leather office chair on the market. However, it is an excellent choice for up to 4 hours of sitting.

However, if you’re looking for a bigger, comfortable, and stylish chair, continue reading below.

4. YAMASORO Ergonomic Office Executive Office Chair – Most Ergonomic Overall

The YAMASORO office chair is a durable pick with PU soft leather. The chair is one of the easiest to clean since the leather is water-repellent and fade-resistant.

It is also customizable with height adjustments, recline and tilt settings. The armrests also fold providing ample arms support.


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the most comfortable executive office chair with multiple height adjustments. It is a suitable chair for everyday use.

The chair will offer you superior support for years to come. It is comfortable, durable, and fully adjustable for custom comfort.

I enjoyed the several seat heights, different recline angles and folding armrests.

It is a chair that will surely increase productivity at the office. Moreover, the chair is rugged and durable for stable use.

What I Like

Folding padded armrests: Not only are the armrests padded but also foldable. The armrests provide a comfy place to relax your arms when taking a break from typing.

Customized height adjustments: In addition, the chair seat adjusts in height from 50.7 inches to 54.7 inches. It ensures you work in the most convenient position.

Durable materials: Lastly, the chair construction features a solid base and premium leather. It is a fade-resistant and water-repellent chair.

What I Don’t Like

Clicking sound: The chair makes a clicking sound whenever I sit, which is annoying.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers call it the most comfortable leather office chair despite a few concerns of a clicking sound. They also claim it is a pain to assemble.

However, the high comfort levels and superior support make it a great buy.


I highly recommend the chair as it is pretty comfortable. While there are a few issues, the chair is a great pick for most office workers.

Go ahead and order it now!

5. Furmax High Back Office Adjustable Ergonomic Chair – Editor’s Favorite

The Furmax high back office chair is an executive desk chair with good material construction. It is an ergonomic design chair with a 360-degree swivel.

The chair boasts a ribbed back and curved armrests for superior support. In addition, it features quiet moving casters that protect the floor.


Welcome the black leather office chair with good material construction, ergonomic support, and swivel casters. It is a suitable chair for office, home and conference rooms.

The chair will offer conforming body support reducing back pains and fatigue. It is also versatile and offers multiple seating and recline positions.

I liked the smooth swiveling casters with 360-degree rotation. The chair’s ribbed back design hugged my back comfortably, providing excellent support.

The chair will support you well and ensure long hours of working.

What I Like

Seat and backrest: First, the chair seat and back are thickly padded for extra support. Moreover, the ribbed back design conforms to the back, reducing back pain.

360-degree swivel: Secondly, the chair rotates 360-degrees for seamless movement around the office. Furthermore, the castors glide smoothly and will not damage the floor.

Armrests: The chair’s armrests are curved and padded, therefore, incredibly supportive. You can relax your hands when taking breaks.

What I Don’t Like

Assembly: The assembly can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a power screwdriver.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers on a budget preferred this chair, saying it was affordable and boasted high-end features. Despite a few assembly issues, the chair does offer excellent value for money.


It’s the most affordable leather executive chair with high-end features. However, the chair is a great pick for buyers on a budget.

It offers superior support without breaking the bank. Order it now!

6. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair – Most Comfortable Overall

The Serta AIR Health office chair is an executive style chair with air lumbar technology. It is a comfortable and professional chair to use in offices.

Besides, the chair comes with layered pillows and armrests for superior support. You can sit all day and enjoy seat height adjustments.


Let’s embrace the stylish and comfortable Serta leather computer chair. It is a heavy-duty chair that assembles in minutes and provides superior comfort.

The chair will reduce pressure on the elbows and forearms. In addition, the lumbar air technology will pivot and flex your body for optimal support.

During our testing, the chair stood out for me. I enjoy how you can adjust the seat height and recline to find a desirable seating position.

Finally, you have a chair that will add a refreshing and luxurious feel to your office.

What I Like

Convenient seat height adjustments: The chair offers easy and convenient seat height adjustments. You get to work at the perfect height without straining your neck.

Tension knob: The tension knob stood out for me allowing for easy recline adjustments. The knob rotates, changing the seat recline angle.

Seat and back padding: Lastly, the chair boasts some thick seat and backrest padding. It provides superior lumbar support.

What I Don’t Like

Headrest: While the headrest is thick, it seems a little too thick for my liking. Moreover, it is not adjustable.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers were happy about the purchase. Most said it was not the perfect chair, but they will keep it.

The material quality looks great, and the price range is affordable.


I’m not saying you’re getting the best leather executive chair. However, the chair works as described and makes a decent choice on the list.

Order it today and enjoy exceptional comfort in your office.

7. Bonded Leather Office Chair – Best Lumbar Support Overall

The bonded leather office chair is a quality chair with excellent lumbar support. It boasts an S-shaped and waterfall seat edge design for the best ergonomic support.

It is a uniquely designed chair with adjustable features and great ergonomics. What’s more, the chair boasts premium materials that last.


Welcome the versatile bonded leather office chair with plush paddings and adjustable features. It is an ultra-comfortable chair ideal for long hours of sitting.

It is a premium chair that suits multiple persons and provides custom comfort. What’s more, the chair ensures optimal lumbar support.

I enjoyed the thick padded armrest, back, and seat. The caster wheels are also solid and rolled smoothly.

It is a chair that will ensure seamless office collaboration, great lumbar support, and armrest support.

What I Like

S-shaped waterfall design: First, the chair’s S-shaped waterfall design conforms to your body and provides excellent support. It helps alleviate common back pain problems.

360-degree swivel: Secondly, the chair swivels in all directions. It ensures easy and seamless mobility while seated.

Advanced tilt mechanism: Lastly, the chair’s advanced tilt mechanism provides excellent rocking motion. You can swing and rock your back during breaks.

What I Don’t Like

Seat cushion: While the chair is outstanding, the seat cushion is a little thin for my liking.

What Other Reviewers Say

Although the seat cushion is a little thin, most buyers call this chair a wonderful purchase. The chair met most buyer’s needs and at an affordable price.


While the chair will not get you sitting for 8 hours consecutively, it is a great choice for long 8 hours of use. Place your order right away and enjoy luxurious seating.

8. Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Chair – Most Versatile Overall

The Serta Ergonomic office chair is a versatile design with back in motion technology. The chair maximizes lower back pain for comfortable seating.

It also features easy push buttons for convenient adjustments. The caster wheels are also large in diameter and glide smoothly.


The Serta ergonomic executive office chair with lumbar support is a top-rated choice and versatile. It is a suitable office chair for use by different persons.

You can adjust the seat height, tilt and recline settings for a custom experience. The multi-layered cushions also ensure great back support.

I would sit in any position by adjusting the seat height, recline and tilt settings. What’s more, the chair made me feel more productive at work.

It is a chair that will support long hours of seating and increased productivity at work.

What I Like

Adjustable ergonomics: The chair offers some fully adjustable ergonomics hence easy to customize. There are four adjustable armrest positions for perfect arm rest.

Side seat controls: In addition, the chair features easy side-seat controls. The controls provide the desirable seat height.

High-quality components: Finally, the office leather chair features the highest quality components. It is a chair that will indeed serve you for years to come.

What I Don’t Like

Seat padding: Despite the great ergonomics, the chair’s seat padding tends to wear out with age.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most reviewers claim the chair arrived on time and was pretty easy to assemble. It was also of excellent quality and offered superior comfort.

Despite the seat cushion wearing out with age, the chair does offer excellent value for money.


Not that the chair comes with every feature you want in an office chair. However, it is of good quality and provides superior comfort and support. Get it now!

If you want something more luxurious, continue reading below.

9. REFICCER Big & Tall High Back Executive Chair – Best For Long Hours

The RECIFFER office leather chair is a versatile office chair with a big and tall back. It is a premium chair with high-quality materials and solid construction.

What’s more, the chair is ergonomically designed for customized comfort. You can adjust it fully for multi-functional use.


Here comes the new RECIFFER office chair with a classic design. It is a tall chair with a space-saving design for the most compact offices.

It is a leather executive desk chair that provides custom comfort for prolonged sitting. What’s more, the chair construction is sturdy for long-lasting use.

I like the fact that it could fit in tight spaces during our testing. The solid base and five caster wheels also provide seamless rolling.

You can be sure of upgrading your office looks and enjoying superior back support.

What I Like

Waterproof leather: First, I like the waterproof leather finish. It allows for easy cleaning by simple wiping.

Assembly: Secondly, the assembly process is quick and easy. This is because the chair comes ready with all hardware and necessary accessories.

Sturdy base and nylon roller: Lastly, the chair boasts a sturdy base a five nylon rollers. It can withstand the test of time and provide movement in all directions.

What I Don’t Like

Recline: The chair does lean back slightly but does not fully recline. This can be annoying when you want to lie flat and take a nap.

What Other Reviewers Say

Although most buyers had a few doubts about buying the chair, they call is a decent, comfortable executive chair. The chair quality matches the price despite a few recline issues.

They also claim they can recommend it to anybody anytime.


While the chair does not recline fully, it does meet most office workers’ expectations. It is a decent choice if you’re looking for long hours of sitting.

Order it today and sit for hours without stress on your back.

10. Flash Furniture Big & Tall Office Chair – Best Plush And Thick Padding Overall

The Flash Furniture big and tall is leather executive office chair high back to ensure superior back support. The chair boasts a mesh trim for breathability and thick padding on the arms and headrest.

It is a sturdy chair with a solid base and ergonomic controls. The chair supports persons up to 400lbs.  


Welcome the plush Flash Furniture office chair with a big and tall design. The chair is suitable for persons with tall and larger bodies.

It is a sturdy chair that can support up to 500lbs of weight. Besides that, the broader seat and back width gives ample space to move around.

I sank into the seat during our testing. It is a chair that gives you the freedom to swing and move freely while seated.

You can be sure of working for longer without pressure on the legs due to the waterfall seat edge.

What I Like

Waterfall seat edge: The sliding waterfall seat edge gives the legs excellent support taking off the pressure. Therefore, you can sit for longer without feeling numb on the legs.

Broader seat and wide back: In addition, the chair features a broad seat and wide back. It is a suitable choice for big and tall guys that fit perfectly.

Smooth tilt/rock mechanism: Lastly, the chair offers a smooth and effortless tilt/rock mechanism. Therefore, you can recline at any angle without any issues.

What I Don’t Like

Weight: The chair is quite heavy and difficult to move around. However, when seated, you can glide smoothly using the caster wheels.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most of the guys that bought this chair were big guys. They were really excited, and the chair did not disappoint. Most were surprised it would accommodate their weight and fit them comfortably.

It is a sharp, comfy, and durable chair to serve you for years.


While the chair is not for everyone, it is a great choice for big guys. The chair is sturdy, comfy, and spacious.

If you want a high-back executive chair for big guys, then order this one right away!

11. AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High-Back Chair – Best Flip-up Armrests Overall

The AmazonCommercial office chair is a premium chair with flip-up arms. The chair features bonded leather, easy adjustability, an elevated headrest, and a waterfall seat edge.

Furthermore, the chair comes with segmented padding to ensure optimal comfort. It is a stylish office chair with rhombus-stitched bonded leather.


Behold the AmazonCommercial ergonomic office chair with bonded leather upholstery. It is a versatile chair with an elevated headrest and flexible adjustments for custom comfort.

This chair promises to deliver comfort to all persons. You can adjust the headrest, seat height, and recline for a desirable seat position.

I enjoyed the different head positions during our testing. The waterfall seat edge design also supported my thighs and ensured great blood circulation.

It is a comfortable executive office chair that gets you working for more hours.

What I Like

Waterfall seat edge: I really like the waterfall seat edge and how the chair takes the pressure off my legs. I would sit for hours without feeling fatigued or numb on my thighs.

Headrest: The headrest is one of the best since it is elevated and easily adjustable. You can rest your head in any suitable position by adjusting it.

Armrests: Lastly, the chair boasts some of the best flip-up armrests. You can easily rest your arms as you want or flip them when you don’t want to use them.

What I Don’t Like

Backrest: The back is not high enough to offer excellent back support for tall and big guys.

What Other Reviewers Say

Although most users complained of lacking back support, they call the chair a great value for money. The padding is quite good, and the chair seems a great upgrade in most offices.

It is not the most awesome chair but one that will get you sitting comfortably for hours.


It’s not that you’re getting the best bargain ergonomic leather office chair. However, it is a great value for money and one that will upgrade your office.

If you’re on a budget and want a quality office chair, then order it now!

12. VANSPACE Executive Office Chair – Best Adjustable Lumbar Support

The VANSPACE executive office chair features an adjustable lumbar support to help reduce back pains. It also adjusts in height for comfortable working.

Additionally, the chair boasts flip-up armrests and easy recline movements. The S-shaped backrest conforms to your spine and ensures you enjoy optimal support.

No products found.


This is a real leather office chair with great ergonomics to ensure superior support. The chair boasts a thoughtful design and is a great choice for lumbar support.

It is a chair that will let you sit and work for hours. You can study, play games and work on your computer without back pains.

I like the unique armrests and how they easily flip up. In addition, I enjoyed the great lumbar support and S-shaped backrest.

The chair will transform your office space and ensure extended working hours.

What I Like

Adjustable lumbar support: You can sit for long hours due to the adjustable lumbar support. The chair provides optimal lumbar support with options to adjust for custom comfort.

360-degree swivel casters: In addition, this chair comes with smooth-rolling 360-degree swivel casters. I can glide smoothly on multiple surfaces hence enhanced office mobility.

High-end materials: Lastly, this chair features premium construction materials. It is a genuine leather executive chair that will serve you for years to come.

What I Don’t Like

Backrest height: While the chair does offer superior back support, the backrest is not tall enough. It is a decent chair for short and average sized people.

However, for tall guys, the chair will not offer support beyond the shoulders.

What Other Reviewers Say

Although a few buyers had some concerns, the chair did not disappoint. For the price, it is a great, valuable chair.

Most liked the quality craftsmanship and the genuine leather material.


You might not be getting the best real leather office chair in the market. However, when you look at the price and the chair features, it is surely a great deal.

Order it today and enjoy sitting at bargain prices!

Features To Consider When Choosing The Most Comfortable Leather Executive Office Chair

When buying executive leather office chairs, there are various factors to consider. The factors determine the quality, durability, comfort, and ease of use of the chairs. These factors include:


Apart from looking good, these chairs need to adjust with ease for optimal and custom comfort. Does the seat offer seat height adjustments? What about recline and tilt adjustments?

These are important considerations that support multiple seating positions.

Level Of Comfort And Support

Next, you need to consider the comfort and support levels. Ideally, an executive leather office chair needs to offer excellent lumbar support and comfort.

Consider the chair padding and ensure it is thick and plush. In addition, make sure the lumbar support is available to prevent back pains.


Make sure you consider chairs with a proper backrest for optimal support. Generally, the best backrest must conform to your body.

For example, backrests with an S-shaped design mold to your spine and ensure great support.

Seat Depth And Width

This is another essential feature that most buyers tend to ignore. You need a chair with a wide and deep seat to accommodate your body size.

Make sure you consider your body size and choose a matching seat width and depth.


Lastly, make sure you consider the chair upholstery. While the chairs are usually made of leather, be sure to confirm the type and quality of leather.

In addition, make sure the upholstery is breathable for excellent cooling.

What’s The Difference Between PU, Bonded, And Genuine Leather In Executive Chairs?

The difference between these types of leather is their quality and material composition. Generally, executive office chairs are made of these three types of leather:

PU Leather

PU Leather stands for Polyurethane leather which is artificial leather made without real leather components. It is a composition of polymers that create leather.

The leather is soft, cheap, waterproof, fade-resistant, and durable. It is also referred to as faux leather.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is leather made from leftovers of real hide from animals. The shavings and dust from the hide are bonded together with polyurethane to create this type of leather.

It is the cheapest type of leather hence a great choice for persons on a budget.

Genuine Leather

This is the real leather from the hide and one of the most expensive. It is the best quality leather and one of the most durable.

However, the leather is difficult to clean and maintain.


Finding the best executive leather office chair can be a huge relief for most office workers. The chairs are uniquely designed and ensure optimal support and comfort.

What’s more, the chairs boast some of the best looks. They are stylish and elegant, standing out in your office.

The chairs make offices look more professional, which is a great deal when dealing with clients. There is no one office chair that fits all.

Make sure you analyze our top picks above and carefully choose one that suits your needs. 

You can never go wrong when you upgrade your office chairs for better and comfortable choices.


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