10 Best Office Chairs Under $300 (Top Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 14, 2021

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Best Office Chairs Under $300

The best office chairs under $300 market have skyrocketed in recent years. Such chairs are tilting the balance by shunning the dominance of traditional chairs. Currently, many beautifully designed options exist to meet many needs. 

Beyond a beautiful design, the buyer wants a durable and comfortable chair. You will find one if you want the best office chair for lower back pain under $300. Perhaps you are hunting one with a 360 swivel action; amazing options await you. 

Most of the options on my list come with irresistible prices. Therefore, the buyer can rely on creative designs to get exemplary service.

Nonetheless, finding the best office chair isn’t easy. One can spend days visiting many furniture outlets or clicking endless links. No need. Your options are here. 

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Best Office Chairs Under $300: Review of Our Top Picks

Hurry? Let’s have a quick look at our top 10 picks,

1. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Value Overall

Ticova is worth your attention if the best office chair under 300 dollars is your priority. Among its key features is its adjustable design. Precisely, this seat has a knob to change height and depth for better lumbar support. 

Again, one cannot experience fatigue after prolonged use, thanks to its ergonomic design. The mesh back has a contoured height that conforms to my spine curvature to lower back pain.


Another exciting aspect of the Ticova ergonomic office chair is the rocking design. The seat has a high-density foam construction that is three inches in thickness. Plus, this cushion has a w-shaped and waterfall design for dispersing pressure on my hips, thighs, and buttocks. 

Besides, Ticova uses a breathable mesh that is resistant to damage. In the same vein, this mesh offers cool and comfortable back support. I could sit on it for many hours without accumulating any sweat. 

What I Like 

What I don’t like 

What Other Reviewers Say

Many users appreciated Ticova as a reliable product to eliminate neck pain and back fatigue. Even better, Ticova enjoys concave leather padding to make my arms comfortable. Moreover, this best office chair under 300 dollars has a headrest that provides head and neck support. 


The ergonomic design allows me to use it for extended hours without accumulating fatigue. Besides, the rocking provision tolerates forward and back motion to my needs.

2. Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair – Best Comfort Overall 

Thankfully, the Gabrylly office chair has exact features for endless comfort. My encounter with this best office chair under $300 brought unrivaled comfort and great efficiency. 

The seat has four supporting points to maximize comfort to the user. Precisely, your head, back, hips, and hand will not know any fatigue under extended use. One can adjust the backrest, headrest, and height to meet varying needs. 


Gabrylly office chair enjoys a large mesh seat to tolerate varying body build. However, its loading capacity does not go beyond 280 pounds. 

I maximized the recline function to tilt the backrest from 90° and 120° to get a better sitting position. 

Remarkably, it was effortless for me to fold the armrest up to align with my needs. Again, I could create more area by pushing it under the desk directly. 

What I Like

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What Other Reviewers Say 

The catch lies in 360° swivel action, making it easy for you to change sides conveniently. 

Gabrylly has a sturdy five-point base backed by wheels that roll smoothly. The chair frame is durable and stylish. 

More importantly, the entire package has clear instructions and tools. 


Gabrylly office chair is suitable, especially when working in a high-temperature environment that promotes sweating. 

The design makes it hard to have back pain and fatigue when used for long hours.

3. KBEST High Back Office Chair – Best in Lumbar Support Overall 

KBEST is another best desk chair under $300 with proven ability. The presence of a large seating cushion makes it accommodate users of different body builds. 

For instance, the seat plate can endure any rough handling without weakening easily.  


KBEST office chair uses high-end materials design to give it a stylish finish. Still, the manufacturer applied bonded and soft, which does not irritate the skin. 

Besides, this chair has convenient lumbar support to cater to my therapeutic needs. 

I noted that this chair has a provision for me to adjust the height to meet my needs conveniently. 

 What I Like 

What I don’t like 

What Other Reviewers Say

With this chair, one can lean back securely and effortlessly. Matters become easy when you use the installed advanced mechanism to control any resistance you will encounter while pushing it back. 

Depending on one’s needs, you only lower or raise the tilt tension. The seat accommodates people of varying heights comfortably. 


I recommend this seat because it has a super comfortable seat and backrest. The design works well if you spend prolonged periods while sitting in the workplace. 

I love the 360-degree swivel metal base, which is sustainable. In addition, the swivel action enhances turning convenience. 

4. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair – Best in Reclining Overall 

Luckily, SIHOO Office Chair has what it takes to protect your back and shoulder. Precisely, the adjustable backrest can tilt from 90°-125° to comply with my needs. Besides, it offers a convenient headrest and lumbar support. 

The shoulder and back pains ended when I began to use this chair. The traditional option caused me to encounter fatigue and pain after sitting for long sessions. 


Rocking the scene of the best ergonomic office chair under $300 is this product. If flexibility and comfort are your catch; then, this option cannot disappoint. 

The designer made it with a high-quality gas lift, lever, and PU silent canisters. It was easy for me to adjust the height to 4.7 inches down or up. I could do a 360° rotation to enhance convenience. 

 What I Like 

What I don’t like 

What Other Reviewers Say 

Many reviewers liked the use of breathable mesh materials. As such, the design enhances air circulation, lowers sweat, and maintains cool. 

Nonetheless, the set-up process takes about 20 minutes. 


Overall, SIHOO ergonomic office chair is a superb choice due to its practical relining function. 

One should consider buying this option to encounter enhanced back and lumbar support. 

5. STARSPACE Big & Tall Office Chair – Best in Reliving Back Pain 

STARSPACE has charming features to give it outstanding performance. First off, STARSPACE is a useful office chair under $300 if your budget ranges within that limit. 

It is noteworthy that this chair has a wide seating base to fit all users. The manufacturer equipped it with a heavy-duty structure to support most weights. 


One remarkable feature I noticed is the presence of smooth rocking motion. I use the installed controls to move back and forward and enjoy a soothing experience while relaxing. I constantly adjust the tilting tension to suit my style. 

Again, the chair has an adjustable seating height. As a way of relieving tension, I can alter the seat level to fit my needs. 

What I Like 

 What I Don’t Like 

What Others Reviewers Say 

The chair has a high back that many users maximized to feel safe while relaxing comfortably. 

Even better, the reviewers like its swivel base because it lets one turn effortlessly. In addition, five durable casters support freedom movements.  


Although the set-up procedure needs skills, this chair is reliable to lower back pain. 

You can place your order now to enjoy its therapeutic functions.  

6. HON Wave Mesh Chair – Best for Sweat Removal Overall 

You can upgrade your working area by buying the Hon Wave Mesh chair. Most times, it can be an inexpensive option when looking for the best office chair under 300 dollars. 

Better yet, the entire materials for construction revolve around metal, plastics, leather, and fabric. 

The base enjoys a sturdy metal build to make it withstand heavy loads. The breathable mesh supports ventilation to keep sweat away and promote freshness. 



I noticed that its ergonomic design lowers fatigue and pain in the back and the neck. The back has a contoured design that adapts to my body shape to offer more comfort. 

I never suffered a setback in my body while using this furniture. The pneumatic height adjustment allowed me to reach a suitable style. 

I also customized it for lower back support to reduce fatigue and pain. The adjustable recline provides the right position to operate. 

What I Like 

What I don’t Like 

What Other Reviewers Say 

The chair becomes useful when one wants to swivel around and hold any discussion on any side.

Additionally, this chair consists of five wheels to inspire easier movements. 


Typically, Hon Wave Mesh Chair has adjustable armrests to suit my style. However, the seat needs assembly from the market before using it. 

The seat provides a perfect working height and position for long use. 

7. NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Computer Chair – Best in Flexibility Overall  

NOUHAUS ErgoFLip standouts out best computer chair under $300. When I bought this chair, I was amazed by the additional roller caster wheels in the package. 

I could roll the chair on my wooden floor without experiencing cracks. The five-point heavy-duty aluminum base is sturdy and thick to withstand breakage. 


What excited me about the NOUHAUS computer chair is the flexibility of its armrests. For example, it allowed me to customize it to have an armrest or not. 

When I need the armrests, then I flip up to enjoy its comfy cushioned design. Again, I can close them down if I choose to work without them. 

The furniture uses Elasto-mesh fabric instead of a wiry mesh to promote user comfort. 

What I like 

What I don’t Like 

What Other Reviewers Say 

The clients like varying color options; this chair has a smooth adjustable hydraulic lift from 19 inches to 22 inches. 

Another charming element is the tilt angle lock for adjusting the sitting position. Still, the full-length backrest supports all body heights.


Typically, this chair has a contoured neck and headrest to align with my body shape for comfort. 

The presence of a curved lumbar allowed me to sit for prolonged hours without developing discomfort. Order it now!

8. Dowinx Gaming Chair Office – Best for Massaging Comfort Overall 

If you love playing games while sitting, then this furniture is for you. Also, it is a great option for the player who requires long sitting hours. The seat has a vintage leather finish that matches all locations. 

I love gaming; hence the 360° swivel always helps me when making maneuvers. For mobility purposes, I make use of smooth racing caster wheels. 

Beyond that, the seat has a 90°-180° reclining allowance to support my gaming activities. (Here is the list of best recliners for gaming)


Dowinx gaming seat joins the race of the best office chairs on our list. I appreciate the use of retractable footrest needed while relaxing. 

The package includes both a lumbar and head pillow to support varying body shapes. Dowinx is a multi-purpose product that acts as both an office and gaming chair. 

What I like 

What I Don’t like 

What Other Reviewers Say 

Most reviewers treasured the used frame can withstand a high load without breaking easily.

The seat uses high-density foam, which is 8 inches thick to support comfort. Lastly, Dowinx Gaming Chair enjoys a PU leather finish that is eco-friendly.


The presence of the massage function promotes comfort as you perform your gaming for long sessions. 

Overall, buy this chair to enhance your sitting comfort. 

9. Duramont Reclining Office Chair – Best in Reclining Overall

Getting the best office chair for under 300 dollars requires proper research. I narrowed that wide gap by settling for Duramont Reclining Office Chair. 

Duramont has a waterfall seat edge and soft padding that relieves pressure on my legs after long sitting hours. The reclining angle allows me to adjust it to accommodate my comfort needs. 


The locking system enables me to keep the right angle securely. Such an angle may range from 90 to 155 degrees. Alternatively, I pull out the footrest to compliment the recliner for napping. 

Duramont office chair is an executive office chair to offer the user uttermost comfort. However, it is not fit for outdoor use. 

What I Like 

What I don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

The clients know that the seat can offer optimal comfort for all-day sitting. 

Furthermore, the clients understand that this seat has basic accessories to facilitate its outstanding functions. 

Moreover, this chair has nylon rolling casters to allow me to move around easily. 


The chair that offers comfort throughout all sitting sessions. 

The cool thing is this chair has a high back design necessary for offering maximum support. One can order it right away!

10. BILKOH Ergonomic Office Chair – Best in Spinal Comfort Overall  

The chair gave me a charming experience due to its unique features. For instance, it becomes a piece of cake to customize the headrest, backrest, and armrests for varying needs. 

Furthermore, this furniture has solid tensile strength for comfortable back support. 


Summing up our journey of discovery is BILKOH Ergonomic Chair. Good enough, it happens to be among the most comfortable office chair under $300. The chair comes with convenience for adjusting it to my needs. 

I loved how I could sit on it for long hours without experiencing spinal discomfort.

Precisely, it is an ergonomic chair that supports four-point on the user’s body. Such include the head, hips, back, and hands. 

What I like 

What I Don’t Like 

What Others Reviewers Say 

Most reviewers like this chair due to its durable wheels to facilitate easier relocation. The wheel can slide well without causing some scratches on the floor. 

The catch is on the use of sturdy 3D metal core armrests. Also, these armrests have a softer and thicker concave PU padding for extra comfort. 


The swivel function helps one to move in any direction while working. One can enjoy optimum spinal comfort free of pain. 

Make this your choice to meet your needs. 

What to Consider When Buying an Office Chair Under $300

Buying the best office chairs under 300 dollars needs a careful approach. I always subject my options to different variables before concluding. Nevertheless, it becomes more convenient whenever I gauge my products with the following aspects: 


One’s preferences dictate the choice of materials. For example, one may opt for a durable and breathable mesh. Remarkably, the top-quality mesh is non-abrasive. They do not overstretch to alter the form of the chair. Instead, it should remain tight to your body contours and serve one extensively.

In the same vein, another choice could be bonded or leatherette leather. I noticed that most modern and executive chairs use bonded or PU-based leather. Typically, such materials are stylish, comfortable, and durable. 


The user needs the adjustments to customize the chair into favorable conditions. Firstly, one should consider the height adjustment option. The standard chairs have a height range of 15 to 22 inches above the floor. One can use a lever to control the height to fit into varying desk set-ups. 

Besides, the buyer should be keen on the lumbar adjustment settings. The right choice should feature a thickened lumbar support cushioning. Additionally, one can use a unique lumbar pillow. 


The purpose of having an ergonomic office chair under $300 is to help in maintaining neutral posture support. As such, the user will not experience any pressure on the back after long sitting hours. 

The right seat promotes a healthy sitting posture to maintain comfort. Generally, most seats have extra features like a waterfall seat edge to lower leg pressure and enhance blood flow. Also, there could be an integrated headrest for effective neck support.

360 Swivel Action

The best office chair under 300 dollars should have a solid five-star base. In the same vein, it must consist of a durable caster for easier mobility. Such wheels should be smooth to run on varying floors without leaving scratches behind. 

Why an Under $300 Office Chair Is a Good Idea?

One should appreciate under $300 office chairs because they have many benefits as follows: 

Relieves Pain and Pressure

Many people face the battle of overcoming neck and lower back pain. The key cause is that most traditional seats have poor designs to promote the correct posture for long hours. Moreover, the best ergonomic chair for under $300 office chair reduces hip pressure. Naturally, hips hold down your body weight.

Posture Support

The condition of your posture dictates the duration of comfort while at rest. If one is using a standard chair that lacks basic ergonomics, chances of accumulating fatigue are high. In case the chair has no correct back height, one may tend to lean forward. 

Increases Blood Circulation

Sitting for long hours can procure various risks. Among them are back pain, poor blood circulation, heart disease, and depression. The best practice is to vary your sitting position every 45 minutes. As such, the user may not encounter the above-mentioned scary illness and diseases. 

Reduced Worker Compensation Claims

Many companies invest in medical insurances to handle worker’s health. The management can use the best ergonomic office chairs for under $300 to save worker’s health. Employees will find more comfort while using a chair with spinal and headrest support. 

Is it Worth Buying an Office Chair Under $300?

Indeed, it is a noble idea to have the best office chairs. Such chairs can support one to sit for long hours while working.

The user cannot experience side effects like back pain and hip pressure after prolonged use. 

An office chair should serve the specialized needs of the user. The manufacturers designed it for all users. For example, such chairs come in different sizes and shapes to fit various body types.  

In Conclusion 

At last, you have a chance to choose the best office chairs under $300. The insights above are enough for one to make a purchase decision.

on. Since you know your needs, you only have to match with a corresponding chair. 

One can follow this detailed guide to land the correct office chair with minimal hustle. The options have therapeutic features to promote your health concerns. 

Decide now and improve your sitting experience!


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