NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair Review

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair Review

My attention was captured by the captivating design and color of this ErgoFlip chair. With many customers praising it for its flipping armrests, I felt an urge to know more about this chair before I (probably) buy one for my home office. So, I’ll be writing a comprehensive NOUHAUS ErgoFlip computer review based on my findings—the reason why you should read to the end!

But so you know what you should expect, ErgoFlip mesh chair features a supportive backrest, a curved headrest, and a waterfall edge seat. With several colors to pick from, this chair could be exactly what you’ve been looking for all these years. 

Besides, it’s rollable wheels eases maneuverability while the string base keeps your chair strong.

Read on to know more.

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair Review:  Armless Or Armrests?

Have you been looking for a mesh backrest chair with flip-up armrests? Here’s a chair that offers that and more. Check out its features below.

Flexible Armrests

Life is sometimes tough, and at times you need a few minutes away from everyone, just leaning back and thinking. But other times you’re super productive and want to work and maybe get near to your working table. 

Both these circumstances need different sitting angles. While the former needs a chair with armrests, the latter needs one without. The NOUHAUS ErgoFlip mesh chair fits both situations since it has flexible, flipping armrests.

Optimal Airflow

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with Retractable Armrest and Blade Wheels Ergonomic Office Chair, Desk Chairs, Executive Swivel Chair, Reinforced Base (Black)

The soft but strong mesh that the ErgoFlip mesh features keep your back fully aerated for a comfortable yet productive day in your office. Besides, you don’t have to worry about body marks due to the extended leaning of the mesh. It’s smooth hence doesn’t leave marks. 

Available in Several Colors

Like the NOUHAUS Ergo3D ergonomic office chair, ErgoFlip comes in many colors. So, whether you want a black, burgundy, grey, or blue chair, to match or add style to your office, you simply need to specify the color when making the order.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Base

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with Retractable Armrest and Blade Wheels Ergonomic Office Chair, Desk Chairs, Executive Swivel Chair, Reinforced Base (Black)

Made with heavy workers in mind—the 5-point base doesn’t crack due to daily or extended usage. Also, since the base is strong as well as thick, NOUHAUS ErgoFlip mesh computer chair is ideal for heavy duties. But that’s not the best part—the best is that the chair comes with another set of rollerblade caster wheels.  Besides, they are likened to silk in regards to being smooth. 


Buy the chair and relax—you don’t have to worry about any non-intentional breakages because the chair has a five-year coverage.  Also, if you’re unsatisfied with the ErgoFlip chair’s quality, you have a 30-day money-back privilege. So, trying this chair is not harmful, and there’s no loss if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Tilts to 135 Degrees

Place all your 275 pounds on the tilt—it will still offer the promised comfort. To be precise, it offers a 135-degree tilt. If you wish to retain your chair at a certain tilt angle, you can utilize the tilt lock.

Adjustment Features

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with Retractable Armrest and Blade Wheels Ergonomic Office Chair, Desk Chairs, Executive Swivel Chair, Reinforced Base (Black)

For less than $500, you can still get a fully adjustable chair, for example, this ErgoFlip. The hydraulic lift allows your seat to adjust to 22.04 inches from 19.1 inches. 

The headrest also adjusts regardless of your sitting position. Featuring a full-length backrest, ErgoFlip supports your neck and head as you would wish. So, whether you sit for one or twelve hours, you will still be comfortable. 

Minimized Assembly Requirements

ErgoFlip is easy to set up, and it takes only a few minutes to have the assembly complete. The manufacturing company always adds an assembly guide when shipping the chair so that you can refer to it for a stress-free process.


  • Base: Strong swivel
  • Color: Black, Burgundy, Blue, Grey
  • Dimensions: Depth- 25.59, Width-25, Height: 44.09 inches 
  • Material: Soft PU on the seat, HD ElastoMesh back, Coated armrests

What Other Customers Are Saying

Though NOUHAUS ErgoFlip comes in only one size, it’s similar to the Herman Miller size B chair in many ways, says a buyer. On the other hand, Matt says that the chair is good for people who don’t have wide hips. Matt also says that the chair seems to be strongly built—thus, durable. 

The material, too, was decent in his view. Unfortunately, he felt that the seat was too narrow for him as he is 6 feet, 250lbs. 

So, his thighs hurt due to the plastic that digs into their bottom. 

To Tatty, though, who also bought this chair, ErgoFlip is a comfortable and good quality chair that offers value.

What I like

  • Flip-Up Arms: You decide—do you want to make use of the armrests, or do you want an armless chair? It’s all in your power, just flip-up the arms if you want to get closer to your low-height working desk. Or if you want to push the chair under the working desk before leaving the office. Else, have the armrests in place and allow your hands to relax on them.
  • A Friendly Back: Your back needs extra aeration when you work, as sweating may make your day a little uneasy. Consequently, your productivity would be ridiculously affected. 
  • Pick Your Color: Office chairs must not always be black—ErgoFlip confirms so by manufacturing chairs of various colors. Whether grey is your favorite color or you’re a lover of blue chairs, they are all available. Alternatively, choose black. But if you’re like me, Burgundy color should find its way into your office.
  • Extra Roller Casters: Even for the envied brands, roller casters can be frustrating. Sometimes they crack less than one year after purchasing a chair. Moreover, their replacement may also cost more than you would imagine. NOUHAUS didn’t want to add extra strain to you financially. So, they always add another set of casters just in case you need them. 
  • Low Price Tag: There’s no argument on this one—it’s cheaper than the Herman Miller B size chair, which comes close to it in terms of quality. So, if there’s nothing more you admire in the HM chair, don’t spend more—just order the NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer chair.

What I Don’t Like

  • Best for Averagely sized Users: Most short people complain that their feet aren’t touching the floor when they sit on this chair. This puts their feet on some strains. Due to this challenge, the chair may be suitable for anyone under 6ft. But even users who are close to 5 feet struggle to have their feet flat on the floor.
  • Narrow Seat: While the seat may be of a good size to some, it’s small for others. So, if you have huge hips, I suggest you don’t order this chair.  
  • Backrest Angles: Even though, on average, the backrest may be considered as good, more improvement could make this chair better.

Parting Shot

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with Retractable Armrest and Blade Wheels Ergonomic Office Chair, Desk Chairs, Executive Swivel Chair, Reinforced Base (Black)
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For its price, ErgoFlip is excellent for average-sized people who weigh 275lbs. Also, as I’ve said in the NOUHAUS ErgoFlip mesh computer chair review, this chair may be equal or close to the HM chair in terms of quality.  So, it would not make sense to spend more than $400 while you can comfortably afford the ErgoFlip at a much lower cost. Besides, you’ll still enjoy comfortable working sessions from it.

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