Are Office Chairs Good for Gaming?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 18, 2022

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Are Office Chairs Good for Gaming

Gaming chairs are specs-rich gear, making it challenging to get the same abilities in basic desk chairs. Features like cup holders allow you to have your favorite drink within reach. Hence, you can play for extended durations before needing refills.

Moreover, some include aspects like headphone jacks and gamepad pockets. This way, they keep your gaming necessities within easy reach.

But are office chairs good for gaming or too simple to meet your high-action demands?

Office chairs are good for gaming as they have more flexible looks, with some having superb breathability. The difference between gaming chair and office chair is mainly ergonomics, comfort, and appearance. To briefly highlight, a gaming chair is more comfortable than an office chair, but not always.

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Are Office Chairs Good for Gaming?

While many gamers prefer the racerback form of classic gaming chairs, the desk chair appeals to a far broader audience. A more inconspicuous design lets you place your desk chair in any location, whereas gaming seats can take up a lot of space.

Nonetheless, most gaming chairs include thicker memory foam cushioning and are wider than office seats. Even so, the mesh construction of some low-cost office chairs helps stabilize body temperature to avoid sweating.

What is the Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair?

Beyond the accessories a gaming chair may offer, like cup holders, you want comfort and the ability to use your chair in many areas.

That said, here are the top dissimilarities between these two chairs to help you determine whether office chairs measure up.

Which is More Comfortable, a Gaming Chair or an Office Chair?

Besides their lasting design, gaming chairs use materials that more people like. Memory foam cushions with similar-padded backs and armrests are standard in the entry-level pricing range.

Office chairs usually have thinner materials to make them cheaper, so you need to pause your game more often to rest.

Furthermore, gaming seats are frequently wider than desk chairs. If seeking a compact setting, this is somewhat disadvantageous. Gaming chairs fit many body proportions, with even smaller folks being able to relax conveniently in bigger versions.

Nonetheless, choosing a chair that fits your body type ensures the most fantastic ergonomics.

While less comfy in terms of cushioning and dimensions, inexpensive office chairs frequently have cooler components. The mesh layout is significantly more popular at the starting price, allowing greater temperature regulation and ventilation.

Cheaper gaming chair alternatives use faux leather. Not as resilient as some premium materials used in higher-priced office chairs, this lower-cost leather can quickly warm up.

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Which has Better Ergonomics?

Gaming chairs feature an ergonomics-geared construction. Detachable and height-adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows help relieve lumbago from prolonged sitting.

A lower spine cushion provides improved posture and relaxation. Few budget office chairs have lumbar supports. (Look at this best office chairs under $50)

Typically, a desk chair with comparable lumbar support costs significantly more than a gaming chair. Nevertheless, the components and supports have enhanced quality.

You should get a considerably healthy sitting posture even with minimal reclining capability on budget office chairs. However, gaming seats allow more mobility, frequently with 180° locking.

While unsuitable for work activities, having more reclining possibilities ensures you can achieve the best gaming posture for yourself.

The armrests are the gaming chair’s primary ergonomic features. Whereas the winged race-back style and higher seat margins are only decorative, the armrests’ movements enhance your comfort.

Even budget gaming rigs have armrests that can go up, down, forward, and backward, while mid-range chairs can swivel and rotate.

Office chairs usually only adjust up and down. Moreover, they won’t support you if you’re too little or large. Customized desk chairs are typically costlier than gaming chairs.

But desk chairs have a secret weapon. Waterfall and flat seats encourage a healthier posture than a gaming chair’s elevated lip. Gaming chairs typically have dropped rears with raised fronts creating a ‘bucket-like’ design. Hence, it’s challenging to sit at 90° as per recommended ergonomics.

Contrarily, waterfall seats provide full thigh support and a comfortable stance for keeping legs aligned. While raised lip gaming seats are becoming rarer, ensure you don’t get one of these.

Which Looks Better?

Undoubtedly, the gaming chair’s look doesn’t quite suit the requirements of most modern chair customers. People’s tastes are evolving. Even some gamers find it hard to install an oversized, multicolored chair.

The lofty headrest and trademarked cushions are standard for a streaming chair. Hence, pink gaming chairs are currently on sale at a reasonable price. But, a home office may need something more formal hence an office chair appeals to a broader audience.

Plain black, white, and grey colors and a minimal construction emphasis define office chairs. They, therefore, apply to a more extensive range of settings, including RGB gaming setups.

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What Kind of Chair is Best for Gaming?

A premium gaming chair is best for gaming. Such a chair should have contoured and thick padding for ample cushioning to allow lengthy play.

You want features like adjustable lumbar and head support, enabling you to shift positions as the game goes and use your chair with other players.

Extensive reclining capabilities combined with accessories ensure you’re comfortable and have everything you need.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Working From Home?

Often, gaming chairs are good for working from home. They have denser materials, allowing for enhanced coziness. Also, they have thicker and adjustable armrests to suit all people and let you reposition them based on desk height.

Plus, you have adjustable supports, allowing you to shift whenever discomfort begins.

Nonetheless, you may not need all their features, such as extensive reclining angles. Besides, some have raised seat edges that prevent you from positioning your feet correctly.

Here are the top reclining office chairs with footrests you can add to your home office.

Can You Use a Gaming Chair as an Office Chair?

You can use a gaming chair as an office chair depending on its ergonomics and how you’re using it. In a public office, it’s somewhat unprofessional to have a boldly-branded unit in rainbow coloring. So, you may want to settle for simplistic office chairs.

If the seat pan has raised margins, it may be better to resort to office chairs.

Are Office Chairs Good for Your Back?

Ergonomic office chairs are good for your back. When shopping for an office chair, getting one with an adjustable backrest allows you to angle your chair for an ergonomic setup.

Seek a chair with a contoured backrest that offers you lower back support.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Gaming chairs are worth it, mainly if you seek a gaming-exclusive unit or one that doubles as a work-from-home chair. These chairs have reinforced cushioning to give users superior comfort. Since they’re generally larger, they allow small and heavier individuals to be at ease while seated.

However, they aren’t the best for a public office. Here, get a premium office chair with enhanced versatility if you’ll have gaming breaks between work sessions.


Most gaming chairs offer full adjustability, with even the affordable versions having many flexible components. On the other hand, workplace chairs are significantly more restrictive, especially in lumbar support.

That said, some gaming chairs have an elevated lip at the seat’s edge, which isn’t as comfortable as the office chair’s waterfall design.

So, are office chairs good for gaming? Ergonomic office chairs are good for gaming. As implied by the “good,” hardly does an office chair offer as excellent performance as a dedicated high-end gaming chair.


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