10 Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: October 29, 2021

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Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest

When working, playing games, or reading, nothing feels better than a chair with the freedom to straighten your feet. Do you happen to work for long hours in the office? If that is the case, you need a chair that provides sprawling luxury, ultimate comfort, and relaxation.

There is no chair with these amazing features like a reclining office chair. The best reclining office chair with a footrest offers optimal comfort and increases productivity. Moreover, these chairs are usually found in high-end movie theaters and first-class office cabins.

Continue reading as you try to find an ergonomic chair with footrest to suit your working needs.

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An Overview Of Reclining Office Chairs With Footrest

A reclining office chair is versatile and offers multiple sitting positions. They offer varying reclining positions while locking in positions. You can even take a nap on them. They also feature generous padding, an adjustable headrest, 360-degree smooth-rolling casters, and footrests, thus offer ultimate comfort.

These chairs offer whole-body support, making them suitable for extended use periods. So, you can sit on them for extended hours without suffering from back pains.

Let’s have a quick look at our top selections below,

What Are The Benefits Of a Recliner Office Chair With a Footrest

Our Picks for the 10 Best Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

1. Ergonomic Office & Gaming Chair With Footrest

This is a best-selling ergonomic reclining office chair with a footrest.  It is a thickly padded chair with excellent lumbar support and headrest. The chair is pretty versatile and built for all-day support. 

It features premium leather coverings for a luxurious feeling. The chair is a perfect choice for busy office workers and long-hour gamers.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

The Gaming chair with footrest remains the best-selling office reclining chair on the market. It is a top-rated chair with thousands of good reviews. No other chair offered all-angle comfort during our testing other than this one.

It is a thickly padded reclining chair with maximum comfort and support. The chair looks sleek and stylish with a premium leather covering. Furthermore, the chair comes equipped with freely adjustable lumbar support and headrest. You can, therefore,  relax in any position for all-day comfort.

Everybody who sat on this chair enjoyed swinging around. First, the chair was pretty easy to assemble out of the box. It offered maximum mobility with 360-degree smooth-rolling caster wheels. I noted that most of our team members would easily move around the office while seated.

There was noticeable comfort from members who would sit and work longer without complaining of backaches and pains. The chair’s backrest molds around your back and provides exceptional spine support.

Here’s What You’ll Love

The ergonomic office chair is ideal for long office hours for 3 reasons:

Comfortable from every angle: The ergonomic racing chair is thickly padded from all sides, thus offers maximum comfort. It also features breathable premium PU leather to keep cool and dry.

All-day comfort: The chair is built to provide you with all-day comfort. It features bucket seats, thus molds around the body and provides extra support. 

It also features freely adjustable lumbar support, and a headrest pillow hence protects your spine and neck.

Easy assembly: The chairs come ready to assemble. Furthermore, all hardware, accessories, and necessary tools are included for quick assembly.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Minimal armrest padding: The armrests are thinly padded, with the plastic material feeling hard and rough on the skin.

Chemical smell: There is a chemical smell of the materials or glue that takes a few days to dissipate.


While the chair does have a few cons, it is a decent choice for all-day comfort in the office. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reclining computer chair with footrest that will have you seated for long, consider this one.

However, if you need a reclining desk chair with extra features like massage, continue reading.

2. Dowinx Gaming Office Chair with Footrest

The Downix gaming office chair is a vintage design chair designed for extended sitting hours. It is a versatile desk chair with recliner footrest both for gamers and office workers. The chair features a massage lumbar support to relax and calm your back.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

Ladies and gentlemen, the Dowinx gaming and office chair is a vintage-style reclining office chair for persons that sit for long hours. During our testing, no chair came close to this chair on the multi-point body support.

The chair makes multi-point body contact taking all the pressure away from your spine. It features an ergonomic support and lumber massage for maximum comfort. You can be sure of comfortable all-day support gaming or working.

Besides, the chair is easy to assemble and leaves users feeling comfortable after extended seating hours. So, you can work for longer and increase your productivity.

Here’s What You’ll Love

The Dowinx gaming chair is best for long sitting hours for 3 reasons:

Massage lumbar support:  The chair features massage lumbar support to offer massage for users. There is a USB cable that connects to a USB port to provide power for the massage.

Multi-functional:  It is a flexible chair with 360-degree smooth-rolling swivels. This allows users to freely move while seated. 

What’s more? The chair also features 90-180-degree reclining positions for napping, reading, and gaming.

 Extreme comfort levels: The chair’s winged back provides multi-point body contact relieving pressure off the spine. You can lean your legs more comfortably without straining. The frame on the side is thin and features soft fillings for extra comfort.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Squeaky faux leather: The faux leather covering makes some squeaky sound when moving your body around; thus, irritating

Short: The chair seems slightly shorter than a reclining computer chair with leg rest.  However, this is an issue only for the tallest persons.


I am not saying the chair will get you working for 8 hours continuously without fatigue and back pain. 

However, it is a great choice when you need extra support and comfort for extended hours. It is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chair to buy right now.

3. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

The SIHOO ergonomic office chair is by far the most versatile ergonomic office chair with leg support. It features a built-in headrest pillow and lumbar support to protect the spine and neck. The chair features a unique S-shape design that mimics the human spine. The chair offers a healthy sitting posture.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

The SIHOO ergonomic office chair offers a more comfortable sitting position. It features a synchronized tilt mechanism and linked armrests for smooth and relaxing reclines. 

During our testing, we found the chair suitable for reading, working, and gaming.

The chair does help users sit for long hours without feeling numb. It also features a breathable back for better ventilation. You can work without any pressure with the back feeling cool and dry. 

The chair can straighten for working and recline fully for resting.

Users can experience extended sitting hours without any signs of numbness. A healthy working posture gets working comfortably.

Here’s What You’ll Love

The SIHOO ergonomic office chair is liked for 3 reasons:

Cooling back: The mesh back ensures excellent airflow. Better ventilation means you do not have to deal with a sweaty back. You can keep cool and work comfortably.

Never suffer from spine pain and fatigue: The S-shaped design mimics the human spine offering it excellent support. You can work for long hours without the usual back pain and fatigue.

Smooth relaxing and resting: This office chair with leg elevation also features a synchronized tilt mechanism and liked armrests. 

It provides a smooth and relaxing recliner where you can even take a nap.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Assembly hiccups: The Sihoo ergonomic office chair takes some time to assemble. The cover that hides the screws at the back is difficult to fit.

Price: The SIHOO ergonomic chair with leg support does not come any cheap. Honestly, the price point was a little high for us.


I’m not saying the SIHOO office chair is the best reclining office chair around. However, it is a versatile all-around chair to meet most long-hour sitting needs. 

Get it now and work in comfort.

4. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair – The Most Luxurious

The Duramont is a luxurious reclining desk chair with a footrest for the elites. It features a unique waterfall seat edge and a high back design for optimal support and comfort. It also offers the most flexible reclining office chairs that we tested.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

If you need luxurious comfort, then the Duramont reclining leather office chair is your best bet. The chair boasts high-end materials, flexible reclining angles, and a unique waterfall seat edge. No other reclining office chair came close during our testing.

It is a premium office chair that will immediately change the feel and appearance of your office. The chair adjusts in all manners and meets all your comfort demands. It is an incredible chair with sleek bonded leather to look outstanding.

We all enjoyed sitting and sliding on the waterfall seat edge. The footrests also provided optimal foot support while retracting when not in use.

Here’s What You’ll Love

After analyzing the chair, I found out 3 reasons to love it:

Strong and solid construction: You can be sure of durable use for many years to come. The chair features a heavy-duty metal base for long-lasting use.

Excellent mobility: No other chair moved around easily like the Duramont office chair. The nylon rolling casters ensure seamless movement around the office. 

Maximum support and comfort: the chair’s soft padding and unique waterfall seat edge design put less pressure on your back. You can sit comfortably for hours.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Price: The luxurious features come at a cost. The chair remains one of the most expensive on our exclusive list.

Faux leather, not kitten-proof: If you have cats around, be sure to keep them away from the chair. The leather is not kitten-proof and can develop claw marks from cats.


If you have a few extra dollars and are willing to spend more, this luxurious chair with a footrest is an ideal choice. Order today and join the luxurious class.

If you’re looking for something comfortable, durable, and budget-friendly, keep reading.

5. Hbada Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

The Hbada is a leading brand reclining computer chair with exciting ergonomic features. It features a synchronizing tilt recline and backrest comfortable and ergonomic sitting positions. The chair is adjustable and features a breathable mesh back for a cooling effect.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

If you’re in the market for a sleek and stylish design office chair, the Hbada reclining office chair makes a great choice. It is comfortable, supportive, and standouts with sleek and stylish appearances.

The chair is extremely comfy and supportive, especially for the tall guys. It comes with the necessary hardware for easy and immediate assembly. It is an excellent chair for the price with excellent weight capacity support.

While there are many office chairs to consider, the Hbada office chair meets most conditions. It feels comfortable, sturdy, and looks neat for an office setting.

Here’s What You’ll Love

Below are three reasons to get excited by the Hbada ergonomic office chair

Sleek and stylish appearance: You can be sure of upgrading your office décor with this chair. The chair is attractive with white and black color accents.

Cooling back: The chair ensures good ventilation due to a breathable mesh back. This cools your back and prevents you from sweating on hot summer days.

Long-lasting use: The chair features a stable and durable frame construction. Also, the chair base features a heavy-duty steel frame to provide long-lasting use and durability.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Price: The interesting features come at a higher price. While this is not the most expensive reclining office chair with footrest, the price is still a little high.

Thin seat cushion: The seat cushion also seems a little thin when you compare it with other office chairs. The cushion seems decent on the first few days; however, it flattens a bit after a few days of sitting.


If you’re looking for an ergonomic office chair with footrest that gives you value for money, order the Hbada ergonomic chair right away!

If you want something more affordable, continue reading.

6. DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair

DEVAISE ergonomics recliner is a budget-friendly office chair with a mesh back, synchronized reclining system, and comfortable cushioning. It is a perfect chair for people on a budget but still looking for excellent support and comfort.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

Ladies and gentlemen, the DEVAISE ergonomics office chair is a great option for persons on a budget. It is an adjustable design chair with a reclining back, soft cushioning, and breathable mesh back. No other chair at an affordable price comes with all these features.

The chair gives you excellent comfort levels and flexible use without spending too much. It reclines from 90-160 degrees and locks in any position. It is also breathable, keeping the back and legs cool.

Overall, we all loved the chair and enjoyed sitting on it. The chair offers flexible sitting recline positions for optimal comfort. It also features nylon caster wheels for enhanced mobility.

Most of our members enjoyed leaning back and having the arms supported on the armrests.

Here’s What You’ll Love

The DEVAISE ergonomics chair is loved for these 3 major reasons:

Reduced back pain: The human curved backrest reduces pressure on the back while easing pain. This ensures comfortable everyday use.

A personalized fit: Users can enjoy a personalized fit with a synchronized tilt mechanism. It allows the chair to lock in any position from 90-160 degrees.

Cool and comfortable back: The breathable mesh allows for excellent airflow. This helps cool the back and legs for all-day comfort.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Loose armrests: The armrests tend to come loose with time. You need to tighten them overtime to keep them stable.

Reduced armrest cushioning: The armrests also tend to have thin cushioning. They feel a little hard when you rest your hands on them.


We’re not saying this chair is ideal only when on a budget. It is a great overall choice when you need comfort, support, and flexible sitting positions while spending less. Get it now.

If you need something fancy, consider some of the luxurious choices on the list.

7. REFICCER Ergonomic Executive Reclining Leather Office Chair

The REFICCER is a perfect leather office chair for the tall and big. It is a pretty strong and durable chair that supports a massive 400lbs. No other chair came close during testing, with most supporting around 300lbs. If you’re big and tall, get this REFICCER chair today and enjoy a personalized fit.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

The RECIFFER big and tall reclining office chair is a suitable choice for the biggest and tallest guys. No recliner office chair came close to this one. The chair offers massive weight capacity and a high backrest to support tall persons.

The unique design of the chair ensures the tallest persons have excellent back support. It also features a spacious seat area to provide ample sitting space. Now, big and tall guys have a recliner office chair they can call theirs.

Most of the big and tall members of our time enjoyed these seats. They were a perfect fit, and they would move around with ease. You can be sure of concentrating more on your work and increasing productivity.

The obvious benefit was the freedom at which our tall guys enjoyed. The ample seat area and high-back left them with enough space to move their bodies freely.

Here’s What you’ll Love

The REFICCER is perfect for tall and big guys for 3 main reasons:

Lumbar support and less pressure on the legs: The unique design reduces pressure on the legs. 

The chair features a waterfall seat edge design to take the pressure off your legs. Besides, it also comes with a high back for maximum support.

Reduced back pressure: This chair features a locking system that keeps your body at desired angles. It helps reduce pressure on the back for long-hour sitting.

Comfortable and stylish: Lastly, the chair features premium bonded leather that gives it an elegant look. It also features soft padding, making it stand out in the office.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Price: The chair does cost a little more, which is understandable when you consider the amazing features.

Heavy: The sturdy and heavy-duty metal construction makes the chair pretty heavy and difficult to move around.


This is a solid design chair for the tall and big guys. While it is comfy and reliable, it does require some assembly. If you’re looking for a spacious office recliner with high-back support, consider buying this chair right away.

8. Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner with Ottoman

The Flash Furniture is a luxurious contemporary office chair recliner. It is the most supportive office recliner with thick cushioning on all sides. The chair is a perfect choice for the elites looking for high-end support and comfort.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

The Flash Furniture office recliner is a high-end office chair with premium construction materials. In addition, the chair offers multi-position sitting and comfortable cushioning. 

Furthermore, it is a leading office chair with an ottoman. The chair is a perfect choice for those that desire luxurious relaxation while working.

It is a comfortable reclining office chair that lets you settle in and feel comfy. You can adjust the recliner and ottoman set for optimal foot support. It also comes with plush armrests for extra support. 

As a result, you can spend more time in the office and sit for longer.

Overall, this chair got the most positive reviews. Our testing team spent more time relaxing on it than any other chair. It is extremely comfortable, relaxing, and classy.

You can easily end up taking a nap on this chair. It reclines smoothly and gives multiple positions to sit and relax.

Here’s What You’ll Love

Comfy arm support: You can be sure of resting your arms on plush and soft armrests. The armrests are soft and thickly padded to leave your arms feeling comfy.

Excellent feet support: This is one of the few office recliners with an ottoman to support the feet.

Multiple-seat positions: The chair allows you to recline and lock the seat in varying positions. It ensures you enjoy a personalized experience.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Price: The exciting features of the Flash Furniture recliner come at a price. This is one of the most expensive office recliners on our list.

No adjustable backrest: There is a headrest, but it does not adjust to provide a personalized comfort experience.


Even though the chair is pricey, it is worth every penny! It is not the best choice for people on a budget. 

However, if you’re looking for ultimate comfort and can spend a few extra dollars; this is your ideal office chair with footrest. So, get it right away.

9. Flash Furniture Swivel Recliner Chair with Ottoman Footrest

This is an exciting design Flash Furniture recliner with ottoman. It is a versatile chair with a multi-recline seating position. The recliner adjusts and locks at different angles for a custom sitting experience.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

The Flash Furniture Recliner is another exciting choice for exceptional comfort. The reclining desk chair with footrest is comfortable, durable, and sleek. It is a great addition to any space creating a high-end feel and look.

The chair is pretty comfortable and comes covered in soft yet durable leather upholstery. It lends any space some elegance elevating it. Moreover, the neutral color will complement any décor.

This is a premium quality recliner chair that will greatly change the mood in any setting. It is not just comfortable but also durable. The rich mahogany finish leaves a high-end feel to any living space.

We loved the chair and even took some pictures of it. It is comfortable, supportive, and stylish.

Here’s What You’ll Love

Neutral color: The chair easily compliments any décor and style. The lovely beige color looks outstanding in any setting.

Timeless appearance: the rich mahogany finish gives the chair a rich, timeless appearance. You can be sure this will be an outstanding piece in any living space.

Exceptional comfort: The thick-extra padding and soft leather feeling make the chair comfortable and supportive.

Here’s what you might not like

Price: The chair is more costly than most recliner office chairs. You will pay almost twice the price of common recliner chairs to purchase this one.

Cracking wood finish: The smooth wood finish does develop scratches and cracks with age.


Overall, this is a pretty decent chair for those looking for a high-end class. Also, it is a great pick if you have the money and want extreme comfort. Go ahead and order now.

If you have a limited budget, you can consider budget-friendly options on our list.

10. Giantex Leisure Lounge Chair with Footrest

The Giantex recliner chair is an exciting choice when you want to relax and rest. It is a decent office chair with an ottoman to provide foot support. You can lounge and enjoy different rest requirements. The seat features an adjustable backrest to create varying comfortable positions.

What I Did Like

What I Didn’t Like

Behold, the Giantex Recliner chair with an ottoman is a comfortable and affordable choice. It is a perfect fit for tall persons looking for all-around support. 

The chair comes with an ottoman to relax and support the feet. It also offers flexible adjustments for a custom experience.

This chair will help you sit and work for long hours without fatigue and back pains. It offers you flexibility and mobility. The seat swivels 360-degree while caster wheels roll around for mobility.

During our tests, most members enjoyed swinging around as it moved smoothly. It also adjusts with ease to fit different persons.

Overall, this chair will provide you with optimal comfort and support. You can enjoy extended lounging hours without back pain and fatigue.

Here’s What You’ll Love

Durable structure construction: The chair offers long-lasting use due to the heavy-metal construction. It features a quality iron frame that guarantees a long-life service.

Freedom to move in a full circle: The chair swivels 360-degrees giving you the freedom to move in any direction.

Minimal back pressure: A quality sponge on the chair’s back provides enough cushioning. This reduces pressure on the spine.

Here’s What You Might Not Like

Minimal lumbar support: The chair does not have the best lumbar support thus not the comfiest. However, it is worth every penny when you consider the price.

Squeaky leather sound: The chair makes some squeaky sound when sitting or standing.


If you’re in the market for a comfortable, relaxing, flexible, and yet affordable chair, this is a great idea. Make your purchase today!

Buying Guide Of Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest

Choosing an ergonomic office chair with a footrest is no easy task. 

Below, we discuss important factors to bear in mind when choosing the best reclining office chair.

Type of activity: Reclining office chairs vary depending on the purpose of use. Some are best suited for long-hour sitting while others are ideal for relaxation.

Adjustable seats: Consider office chairs that feature an adjustable seat to ensure a proper posture.

Backrest: A suitable ergonomic office chair features an adjustable backrest. This ensures comfortable resting in varying positions.

Breathability: Leather or mesh backs are both great. However, chairs with a mesh back allow for ventilation keeping the back cool and dry.

Adjustable headrest: Also, consider chairs with an adjustable headrest for optimal head support.

Material quality: Lastly, choose chairs with premium and long-lasting materials.


Why Would You Want a Reclining Office Chair With Footrest?

You need a reclining office chair with a footrest because the chair lets you take pressure off your back and legs.

It, therefore, allows you to work for extended hours without fatigue and back pain. It also lets you take a nap whenever you need to.

Why Does a Recliner Chair Improve Sitting Comfort?

A recliner chair improves sitting comfort because you can always adjust your position to your specific body needs.

Are Reclining Office Chairs Worth It?

Absolutely, reclining office chairs are worth it. Reclining office chairs are also quite popular, reducing back pain and fatigue.

They offer multiple sitting positions to maximize your comfort.

How Do Reclining Office Chairs Work?

The chairs feature a tilt mechanism that reclines/rocks the chair. The mechanism can lock at different angle positions to prevent collapsing when seated.

Should I Choose a Mesh Or Leather Reclining Chair?

You should choose leather fabric chairs because they’re more comfortable than mesh chairs. 

While mesh designs allow for better ventilation, they lack the plush comforts of leather. Leather chairs create a more traditional appearance, while mesh chairs create a modern look.

What About The Footrest? Is It Important

Yes, a footrest is important because it provides a platform to support and relax your feet. 

It is important, especially when you need to stretch and relax your feet.

Are Office Chairs With Footrests Good?

Office chairs with footrests enable you to take a quick nap. They support the leg and feet, enhancing the flow of blood.

Final Verdict

These are the best office reclining chairs with footrests to consider buying. The chairs are uniquely designed to provide excellent head, neck, and back support. 

They also feature a footrest to support and relax the feet. Make sure you analyze them carefully and choose one that best suits your needs.


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