10 Best Office Chair with Flip Up Arms (2022 – Updated)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 1, 2021

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Best office chair with flip up arms

Armrests play a vital role. The flip-up arms will suit your convenience and comfort preferences. Hence, you should buy the best office chair with flip up arms. It is no option.

However, sometimes they are constrictive. They may stand in the way of your work or prevent you from tucking the chair under the desk.

This review is meant to help you purchase the best office chair with flip arms that suits your needs.

In the review, I’ll touch base on what is a flip up armrest office chair plus its pros and cons. In addition, I’ll review the top 10 chairs with flip up arms.

Finally, I’ll guide you through how to choose an ergonomic office chair with flip up arms before wrapping it all up.

Let’s get right into it. Shall we?

Hurry? Let’s have a quick look at our top picks.

Table of Contents

What Is A Flip Up Armrest Office Chair?

A flip up armrest office chair is an office chair designed with movable armrests. Therefore, the user flips them upward when he doesn’t need them or wants to get them out of the way. 

10 Best Office Chair with Flip Up Arms – Reviewed

1. Funria Mid Back Computer Chair with Flip Arms – Editor’s Top Choice

A multifunctional office chair with flip arms for any office work environment. This ergonomic chair is the best office chair with flip arms from the adjustable height, smooth rocking mechanism, and flappable armrest.


Are you looking for comfort on those long hours spent at your workstation? The Funria computer chair with flip arms may be just what you are looking for.

Besides, this computer chair with flip up arms is ergonomically designed to suit all the features you need in an office chair:  excellent lumbar support, wider than average sitting area, and well-padded armrests. 

Moreover, it has a breathable mesh to keep you cool all day. Further, The nylon base with 360 degrees swivel is a great perk. You can comfortably move around without necessarily getting up.

What I liked

Built-in lumbar support: You’ll get enough back support through the long sitting hours at work. Goodbye backaches!

S-Shaped backrest: The backrest mimics the actual shape of your spine. Therefore, it reduces the pressure on your back, giving you ultimate comfort.

Waterfall seat edge: Besides being cushioned with high resilience sponge and mesh cloth, the seat has a waterfall edge. The edge reduces the pressure on your legs while seated and enhances blood circulation.

Adjustability: By a simple lift of the level, you can adjust the height of the chair. The highest height is 20.5” while the lowest is 16”.

Additionally, the mesh chair with flip arms allows you to lock the chair into an upright position.

What I didn’t like

Seat depth: Unfortunately, the seat depth is not adjustable. However, that doesn’t make the chair less comfortable and functional.

What customers are saying about it

The customers have a love hit or miss experience with this flip up armrest office chair. What’s more? The majority loved its design, comfort, support, and ease of assembly. On the other hand, a few customers complained that with time the lock mechanism fails. Hence, the seat’s height keeps lowering after adjustment.


The Funria mid back computer chair is a versatile and multifunctional office chair. It’s sure to blend in any work environment, no matter your style.

2. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair with Flip Up Arms – Best Budget Option

The best desk chair with flip arms at a friendly price. The Hbdada task chair has all the features you need in a high back office chair with flip up arms and a friendly price.


The Hbada office task chair is surprisingly well built for a budget chair. The manufacturer gave the manufacturing process special attention as the chair has no obvious squeaks and wobbles.

For starters, the chair features a supportive and highly breathable backrest. Also, you can tilt and rock the backrest.

When you add the flip up arms and other ergonomic features, you get the best ergonomic office chair with flip up arms.

What I liked

Backrest: The mesh backrest takes the shape of your lower back helping to ease back pains. Moreover, it’s breathable hence keeping your back cool, especially during the hot weather.

Tilt tension: This task chair with flip up arms features a 120 degrees tilt tension making it adjustable to all statures.

Armrests: The 90 degrees flippable armrests add to the convenience of the chair. They make the chair easy to store and save space.

Cushioning: The Hbada office task desk comes in a high-density cushion that’ll keep you comfortable for long hours. Also, it supports your posterior.

Wants more? Here we have the 9 best Hbada ergonomic office chair reviews. Check it out.

What I didn’t like

Armrest height: Besides its comfort and convenience, this chair with moving arms has lower than standard armrest height. The height can only go up to 27.75”. Therefore, the chair is not ideal for tall people.

What customers are saying

Customers seem to love this chair with flip arms. One happy user referred to it as supportive and springy. Another happy buyer also confessed that this chair helped with his chronic back issues.


This office chair with folding arms has a modern design and is easy on your wallet. Additionally, it comes with impressive supportive features. The long days at work will be surprisingly short.

3. Steelcase Gesture – Best Ergonomic Office Chair

A fantastic chair with movable arms designed to flex and mimic natural movements. So, It’s ideal for all-day sitting. From adjustable depth, height, arms, and a recline tension: Therefore, the Steel Gesture chair is arguably the most ergonomic chair in this review.


If you use new technology like tablets to work, you’ll love this ergonomic chair with flip arms. Unlike other office chairs, the Steelcase office chair moves with you no matter your sitting position. Its casters can roll smoothly even on a thick carpet.

Moreover, this desk chair is designed for 24/7 use. If you spend long hours at work, you are sure of a painless experience.

What I liked

Cushioning: The seat cushion has built-in air pockets that conform with your body. It, therefore, reduces the pressure and fatigue that comes with long-term sitting.

Seat edge: The seat edge is flexible around the perimeter and has a slight bend. This helps to relieve pressure under your thighs.

Backrest: the cherry on top of the cream is the contoured backrest. It fits the s-shape of your spine perfectly. Moreover, it flex’s and mimics the spine’s natural movements.

Arms: With their 360 degrees full-range motions, the arms allow you to move freely as you work with different tech devices. 

What I didn’t like

Squeaking: Over time, this office chair with rotating arms tends to squeak when you move it. Also, it’s a bit pricey compared to the other chairs on the list.

What customers are saying

The Steelcase gesture office chair reviews are outstanding. It has an over 77% 5-star global rating. One happy owner referred to the chair as cool, futuristic, quality, and supportive,


If you don’t mind spending a little more, go for this chair. You’ll get a bang for your buck.

Also, it comes fully assembled, thus saving you the time and energy you’d have spent trying to put it together. 

4. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – Best High Back Adjustable Headrest with Flip-Up Arms Model

A spacious and Ergonomic mesh office chair with flip up arms. The Gabrylly Mesh office chair has supporting points on the back, head, hands, and hips. Thanks to the tall mesh back, wide seat, and flip up arms.


Do you like to occasionally stretch out as you work? If your answer is yes, then you’ll love the Gabrylly mesh office chair. Its wide seating area has enough space for you to stretch. Hell, you can even do chair yoga on it.

Additionally, this high back office chair with flip arms can be adjusted for proper support on your head, back and arms. Also, it’s easy to assemble. In as little as 15-20 minutes, you should be able to enjoy your chair.

What I like

Breathable Mesh: The mesh backrest and seat allows air circulation for extra comfort as you work. Further, the high-quality mesh is abrasion-resistant making this office chair with removable arms ideal for sitting for long hours.

Adjustability: You can easily adjust the seat height by pressing the handle on the right hand. Also, in the chair, you can tilt and recline anywhere from 90 to 120 degrees.

Maneuverability: This executive office chair allows you to move across the office without necessarily getting off the chair. All thanks to its smooth-rolling casters.

Armrests:  Gabrylly office chair’s armrests give you two options: To put down the armrest to support your arms or flip them up when you don’t need them.

What I didn’t like

The height: Unfortunately, this flip up armrest office chair may not accommodate all heights. Its overall height is 49.6 inches. So, it’s most ideal for short people.

What customers are saying

With over 4994 ratings on Amazon, there is a lot of love for the Gabrylly ergonomic mesh chair. 72% of the reviews awarded this chair with movable arms 5/5 star rating. One happy owner said that it’s well-built and feels solid.


The Gabrylly office chair is a spacious, ergonomic office chair with flip up armrests that allow you to stretch during work. In addition, it will give you a comfortable posture while you are working. The height won’t be suitable for tall people, but it’s a well-designed chair.

5. Yamasoro – Best Leather Ergonomic Executive Office Chair With Flip Up Arms

A pretty affordable leather office chair by all standards made of high-quality PU leather. Its High back, adjustable height range of about 3 inches, and padded armrests make the chair a high contender against other office chairs.


Looking for a quality leather office chair that won’t break your bank? Well, you just found one: The Yamasoro executive office chair.

It’s easy to look at the photos and description of this leather office chair with flip up arms and wonder what sort of a chair it is. Why?

The chair’s look and padding suggest it’s an executive chair, while the functional aspects like the arms to the base suggest a more practical chair. On the other hand, some details in the design and mechanism suggest it could be an excellent gaming chair.

So, what kind of chair is it? You ask.

The answer: All of the above. You can use the Yamasoro office chair in the office or at home.

What I like

Comfort: First, the PU leather upholstery is very soft and smooth to touch. Underneath the leather is a combination of high-density foam and spring coils which makes the chair very comfortable.

In addition, this executive chair’s headrest is integrated into a high backrest. This means excellent back support.

Adjustability: The chair can be adjusted to your preferred seating preferences. The height can be adjusted 20-23 inches, and the armrests can be flipped up or down.

In addition, this executive office chair comes with a tilt and locking function. Still, you can recline it anywhere between 90 to 135degrees.

Aesthetics: The black and grey color combination gives this high back office chair an executive look.  It is ideal for giving your workspace a facelift.

Value: The chair is not only considerably priced but offers a decent amount of comfort.

What I didn’t like

Breathability: The Leather upholstery is not as breathable as other upholstery. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Yamasoro office chair will have you all wet and sweaty whenever you sit on it.

What customers are saying

For the most part, the customers are impressed by what this office chair with rotating arms offers. The padding and adjustments are satisfactory for most users. However, some users claim that the chair doesn’t meet their personal needs.


If you are on a budget, you should consider the Yamasoro executive office chair. It’s well built and will give you a comfortable sitting experience.

6. NOUHAUS Ergoflip – Best Mesh Computer Chair With Retractable Armrest and Blade Wheels

The NOUHAUS mesh computer chair is an amazingly versatile and capable office chair with flip arms by an Excellent yet small brand.  This chair can comfortably withstand heavy daily use. However, it comes with a seat depth of 16.9” and a width of 19.7”. Therefore, it’s most suitable for smaller people.


Truth be told, this small office chair with flip up arms is not very good-looking.  It’s not outrightly ugly either. However, it can’t take any trophy home in any beauty contest. 

Luckily, it comes in a modest selection of colors, so you can choose one that fits your décor.

Besides its looks, this office chair comes with an array of amazing features that makes it comfortable and convenient. However, it is ideal for short people at anywhere between 5”to 6.1”.

What I like

Lumbar support: The manufactures utilized the Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) technology on the seatback. Therefore, the support offered changes dynamically when you change positions.

Comfort: This high back mesh office chair has no padding, but that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. The breathable mesh makes it unbelievably comfortable.

Headrest: It’s perfectly articulated to provide excellent neck and head support.

Adjustability: The NOUHAUS Ergoflip mesh office chair features a reclining function that offers a reclining range of between 90-135 degrees. Additionally, the 360-degree swivel armrests are fully adjustable.

What I didn’t like

Non-adjustable lumbar support: The lumbar support would have been perfect if it were adjustable.

What customers are saying

For most users (except the big and tall folks), the NOUHAUS mesh office chair is excellent. However, those close to 5” complain that their feet dangle even at the lowest height.


The Nouhaus high back office chair may not be the prettiest office chair on this list, but it’s ergonomic enough and comes with amazing features.

7. Felix King – Best Ergonomic Desk Chair with Lumbar Support and Flip-up Arms

A compact flip arm office chair with a sleek design. Its height and armrests are adjustable, making the Felix King the best small office chair with flip arms.


Are you tight on space? Are you looking for a small office chair with flip arms that will not take too much space in your already packed office? Meet your new best friend: The Felix King ergonomic desk chair.

This compact office chair has ergonomic features and is compact enough to fit into any office space. Moreover, it comes with soft, thick padded armrests that are gentle to your skin.

What I like

Adjustable butterfly lumbar support: The butterfly-shaped part on the backrest can be adjusted for excellent lumbar support. Also, it makes the seat comfortable t0 sit for a long time.

Backrest: The chair features a flexible and ergonomic backrest that gives your spine curve a comfortable posture. Further, the backrest helps prevent fatigue and back pains after sitting for long hours.

High elastic mesh: The high-quality flexible mesh offers a certain degree of elasticity. Thus, the chair cannot be easily damaged. Also, it keeps the chair well ventilated.

Casters: The Flex King office chair comes with smooth-rolling casters made of PU leather. You can move around without the fear of damaging your floor. In addition, the casters are unbelievably quiet during motion.

What I didn’t like

Discomfort: Despite its functionality, the mesh material can be pretty uncomfortable on bare skin. Also, the height can’t be raised as much.

What the customers are saying

The customers have mixed reactions to this chair. Most users find the chair convenient and capable. However, some customers find the mesh bizarrely uncomfortable.


The Felix king desk chair with flip arms ticks all the boxes on the features that will help you relax when working full time.

8. Sadie – Best Leather Racing Gaming Chair with Flip-Up Arms

A comfortable office chair where quality meets value. The Sadie Racing gaming computer chair features excellent ergonomic support, flip-up arms and comes in four exciting colors. Therefore, it’s ideal for any office or gaming room. 


Up your game with the Sadie racing gaming computer chair. It’s high-tech and high performance. Also, its design is ideal for all ages.

You can flip up the armrests when you don’t need them and flip them back down anytime you want extra support. 

You’ll love its 360degress swivel. There is no better way to celebrate a victory in gaming than to take a 360.

In addition, the chair allows many reclining positions. So, you can take whatever gaming posture you desire.

What I like

Design: This flip up armrest gaming chair comes in an innovative design suitable for gamers of all ages. Moreover, its black leather upholstery with gray accents and detailed detailing gives it a sleek look.

Posture support: The setback reclining function and the fully adjustable height matches the desired comfort and work preferences.

The casters: The casters are made from durable material hence can withstand heavy daily use. In addition, they are smooth-rolling, allowing you to move around.

What I didn’t like

The padding: The armrests padding is a bit low compared to other chairs. Therefore, they are a little uncomfortable.

What customers are saying

This ergonomic office chair with flip up arms has received a lot of praise from happy users. It has a 70% 5 out of 5 ratings. Most customers love its sleek design, ergonomic features, and ease of assembly.


The Sadie racing gaming chair is a budget chair that goes beyond the industry’s safety and durability standards. Also, it’s quality and comfortable. 

9. Hylone – Best Ergonomic Swivel Mesh Computer Chair with Headrest and Flip-up Arms

An executive-looking office chair that keeps you comfortable while alleviating pressure on your back and shoulders. The Hylone ergonomic office desk chair features a contoured backrest, adjustable height, and 120-degree rocking mode. Therefore, you are assured of value for your money.


Do you have spine issues or often suffer from back pains? Do you work at a desk for long hours? If your answer to any or both of the questions is Yes, then the Hyclone ergonomic chair will interest you.

This mesh chair with flip arms is ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable and relaxing working day. Moreover, it’s fully adjustable for customized comfort.

You’ll love how its contoured padded arms allow you to get cozy and take off the pressure of your shoulders. Further, they are easily flippable to allow you to get closer to your computer.

What I like

Backrest: The state-of-the-art backrest has curved contours to support your back. In addition, it keeps you properly aligned, and your spine lifted for optimal support, especially during long sitting periods.

Big and wide seat: The wide seating area offers an excellent fit to the hip curve. In addition, it has a waterfall edge that enhances blood circulation and relieves pressure on your legs.

Headrest: The headrest is covered with breathable mesh that keeps you cool and comfortable all day.

Adjustability: This office chair features a synchronous tilt rock control that allows the seat back to recline at various angles. Also, it comes with a pneumatic management lever that allows you to adjust the seat to your desired height.

What I didn’t like

Not versatile: A big and tall user may find this office chair uncomfortable. Especially the neck support.

What the customers are saying

A large percentage of the users find this executive office chair with flip arms great. They are particularly impressed by its convenience and practical functions.


If you have back problems and want to stay comfortable as you work, this is the chair for you. It’s quite supportive, adjustable, and easy to maneuver.

10. Modway Veer – Best Drafting Chair with Flip-Up Arm

An ergonomically designed standing desk chair. It’s ideal for reception desks or for generally when you want to sit a little higher than the regular office chair offers. The Modway Veer Drafting chair features an adjustable chrome-plated foot ring, is easy to assemble, and can support up to 330pounds weight capacity.


You see, drafting chairs are a little different from ordinary office chairs. How? A drafting chair has an elongated cylinder and has a higher height. Also, they have foot rings for the user to rest his feet since the seat is too high for anyone to touch the ground.

Therefore, if yours is a regular office desk, the drafting chair will be too high for you even at the lowest On the other hand, if you use a drafting table or a standing table, then the Modway drafting chair will be perfect for you.

This drafting chair with flip arms comes with a variety of adjustable features that enhance its ergonomic value.

What I like

The seat: The seating area is well padded for optimal support and comfort. Also, it’s wide enough to fit the hip curve perfectly.

Further, the seat has a waterfall edge that promotes good blood flow to your legs.

Breathable mesh: The back and seat have a breathable mesh that promotes proper airflow, thus keeping you cool and relaxed even on hot summer days.

Lock and tension adjustment: The chair has an east-to-reach tilt lock and tension knob. This allows you to lock this office chair with folding arms or adjust the tension.

Pneumatic lift: The One-touch pneumatic lift allows you to adjust the seat height without leaving the chair.

What I didn’t like

Non-adjustable armrests and lumbar support: This drafting chair with flip arms would have been more supportive if the user could adjust the arms and the lumbar support.

What the customers are saying

There’s a lot of love for the Modway Veer Drafting chair. The perks outdo the downsides making this chair a high contender on this list.


The Modway drafting chair can be considered a bargain compared to what other drafting chairs of similar or less quality goes for. So, if you want to get a bang for your buck, this is the drafting chair for you.

Pros and Cons of Office Chairs with Flip Arms

Whether or not to get an office chair with flip arms is a matter of preference. However, you might be wondering why one is better than an ordinary office chair. To answer your questions, I’ll go through some of the pros and cons of office chairs with movable arms.


An office chair with flip-up armrests is ideal for a shared office environment where some people prefer chairs with armrests and others don’t.

In addition, if your office desk’s clearance space underneath is small, flipping the armrests will help you to store the chair. 

Further, a flip up armrest will help you to get closer to your desk, especially if you work with a computer. This will reduce the strain on your neck and back.


Flip up armrests are hinged in a way that offers minimal adjustability. Most of them only flip upward.

How To Choose An Ergonomic Office Chair With Flip Arms That Meets Your Needs

When shopping for an office chair with flip up arms, you have to look for more than just flip up arms. There are chairs that feature 360degrees swivel armrests like some in the review above. That added feature makes the chair more flexible allowing you to adjust to more positions.

In addition, the material of your flip arm office chair armrests is a crucial factor to consider. Some armrests are padded while others are not. Choose what feels best and comfortable for you.

Other factors to consider when choosing an ergonomic chair with flip up arms include:

The human spine has an inward curve. Therefore, sitting for an extended period of time without proper lumbar support strains it. A chair with an S-shaped backrest will help avoid straining your back as it follows the structure of the spine. Also, you should lookout for a chair with adjustable lumbar support(both depth and height). 

An ergonomic office chair with flip arms should have a wide armrest. Also, consider adjustable backrests as they will allow you to adjust your chair to support your back properly.

Your office chair’s height should be adjustable. A chair with a pneumatic lever is the best.

The standard height for an office chair is between 16 to 21 inches. This will allow you to sit comfortably with your feet on the floor.

The upholstery material of your chair should be comfortable to sit on. Also, make sure it has enough padding to be comfortable to sit in for long periods. Furthermore, breathable material is better.

Any ergonomic office chair should easily rotate or have smooth-rolling casters or both. These features will allow you to reach different parts of your desk without ever getting up.

Wrapping It Up

With so many options out there, choosing the best office chair with flip up arms can be overwhelming. Thankfully you’ve got us. I hope our top picks of the best office chair have led you to “The One.” Remember, flip up arms are not all you should look for. There are other crucial features to consider for optimal comfort and convenience.


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