Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Review in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: September 29, 2021

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Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Pain, strain, and low productivity sound common, right? Did you know that aching back results from poor sitting posture? Despite the alarming consequences, many people still use standard office chairs. It is time to substitute your current chair with an ergonomic office chair from Hbada.

An ergonomic chair, unlike the rest, provides sufficient support to your neck and shoulders while reducing spinal pressure on your back. You’ll spend the entire day in your office focused on achieving your most important targets.

Not all chairs are built the same, and that is why the Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Review is critical before you invest in your next Hbada ergonomic chair. Follow through as we explore in detail our top picks.

Hurry? Let’s check out our top picks

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Overview of The Hbada Brand

Hbada company operates in Germany and Italy. It manufactures chairs under the brand name Hbada. Hbada means black and white, which is the tone for the chairs produced under this brand name. 

Since it has a good reputation, the company sells products worldwide through e-commerce platforms with the biggest market in Europe.

Besides, the brand offers ergonomic chairs for different users. Also, it prides itself among the pioneers of ergonomic chairs.

The brand uses advanced product search methods to develop and improve the existing chairs. While doing this, the brand continues to earn global recognition for quality products and exceptional services, which is seen in the Hbada chair reviews online.

Our Picks for the Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Review

1. Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Chair: The Best Overall

Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Chair is the best overall. High back, headrest, lumbar support, adjustable height, and breathability are among the standout features making the chair ideal for those seeking comfort and productivity.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

The Ergonomic Home Office Chair lists among the top most popular Hbada ergonomic chairs. During our testing, no other high-back mesh chair impressed us other than this option.

It is a small chair and perfect if you work in a space-tight office. In fact, short and mid-sized users prefer it when working long-hour shifts.

Through this Hbada office chair review, we found this chair effective in keeping the body upright to hold the spine correctly and eliminate pressure and pain across the back and shoulders. We could sit comfortably through the day.

Equally important, we noticed an improvement in the aesthetics with the aircraft inverted triangular design matching well with the textile mesh, ultimately improving the general appearance of the office.

What you’ll love

Every user who values comfort embraces this chair because of the following reasons.

There is no pain in the back and shoulder lining. The Ergonomic-Human-Curve at the backrest and headrest hold the spine in the right position for proper support.

Comfortable through the day. Unlike the chairs with no mesh at the back, this comes with a mesh fabric that allows air, heat, and water to circulate, keeping the body comfortable.

You are guaranteed a personalized fit. This chair can effortlessly recline while locking in between 90 – 150 degrees, depending on the comfort you prefer. In the end, you’ll decide whether to lock it at 90 degrees while working or through 150 degrees when resting.

Great carrying capacity. While the chair looks minimal, it has a carrying capacity of 225lbs and is ideal if you need a portable chair that saves space.

What you might not like

Poor quality armrest cover: The chair is solid, but the armrest cover peels off with continued use, instantly changing its appearance.

It is complicated to put together: While the chair comes with an assembling guidebook, we found it challenging to fit nuts despite following the guide step by step.


However, if you are in the market for a high-quality chair with superb ergonomics, get this chair!

2. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair: Most Budget-friendly

Not everyone wants a giant chair that occupies the entire room space or a chair that takes hours to set up and use. If you agree, follow through Hbada Office Task Desk Chair review as it offers an excellent match.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

Does a combination of cuteness and simplicity excite you? Hbada Office Task Desk Chair is ideal. It fits in your small space without altering the aesthetic look and functionality.

The small design is perfect for those struggling with storage space and portability in their small world. Even the foldaway armrests fit easily into the desk space.

The solid base features a strong bearing capacity capable of supporting 250lbs. This places the chair above competitors in the same category.

What you’ll love about the chair

Small and space-saving. The minimalist design means that the chair fits in small spaces. It weighs 25lbs and can be moved from one room to the other on hardwood or carpeted floors.

Easy installation. You don’t need plenty of tools to put the chair together. The chair comes with few parts for easy installation. Best still, Hbada incorporates in the cardboard box the instructions you need to put the chair together.

Adjusts easily. It features both height adjustability from 16 to 19 inches and a rocking style design where you can rest easily after a long day of work. In addition, the lumbar support is fixed and offers good support to 5- 6 inch persons.

Overall, the sleek white and black color makes your office look professional.

What you’ll not like

Limited adjustability. The Hbada chair adjusts but not like the high-end chairs. The backrest is limited to tilt up to 30 degrees, and there is no option for locking the angle.

The screw covers don’t fit perfectly. They have a slightly different color from the original white on the chair, making them look awkward.


Even though this chair is small, you’ll still find it strong and able to help you save space. If you are on a budget and looking for something not so significant or complicated, then this is your chair.

3. Hbada Ergonomic Office Desk Chair:  Best for long office hours

Hbada Ergonomic Office Desk Chair is designed for huge folks. Adjustable headrest, backrest, armrest, and height support the back, arms, and hips. So, you’ll benefit if you work in the office for long hours.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

Hbada made this chair specifically for users who need enough space. The sitting area, adjustable backrest, and adjustable height improve efficiency and allow users to complete projects quickly.

A significant improvement in ergonomics helps relieve back pain while offering comfort when doing your paperwork.

Therefore, the entire testing team agreed that the chair is suitable for users who would love to experiment with ergonomics. Even for short folks, the chair still adjusts to fit the correct sizes.

What you’ll love about the chair

At a glance, you’ll love three things on this chair, namely;

The aesthetic design and style. Similar to other lumbar chairs we’ve covered before, this model is black and white, which improves the general office look.

Comfort. The breathable and corrugated mesh allows a breeze to blow gently; hence protecting your back from accumulating sweat. 

The seat has a soft foam padding that provides a comfortable sitting area for anyone working for longer hours.

Adjustability. The height of the headrest adjusts through 5 centimeters and rotates through 30 degrees; it supports the head and neck from injuries and strain. 

The reclining angle moves to 125 degrees providing a comfortable surface for resting. Seat height (adjustable) 8 centimeters while the armrests adjust through 10 cm.

What you’ll not like

Bulkiness. The chair is big but still bulky and a disadvantage for you if you love small and compact chairs.

It may also take plenty of time to put it together. This is because of the loose screws and unmatching holes.


While most chairs deny you the ability to adjust the height and feel your feet on the floor, this one offers different functions thanks to the ergonomics incorporated in the construction. 

Most importantly, you’ll execute more tasks and enjoy a restful afternoon on the same chair. 

So, grab it and join the elites.

4. Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair: Most luxurious chair

An ergonomic executive chair and the most incredible version for all office jobs. It features a semi-leather construction, adjustable features, soft cushion, and recline option. It’s, therefore, suitable for long working hours in the office.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

Are you considering replacing your current chair? A common thing with Hbada chairs is an excellent quality build that meets international standards. During our assessment, no other chair competed well in terms of comfort and style than this chair.

It was designed majorly for office users who value a bit of comfort and style with a touch of a traditional look of recline chairs. When using the chair, you get to enjoy an entire day of hard work and luxury.

We loved the swivel design and long back to head style, which keeps the chair simple yet comfortable for keeping the back in good posture throughout the working session.

Obviously, the chair looks normal but features excellent improvements in terms of ergonomics like adjustability and swivel, which ranks it better than the standard chair.

What you’ll love about the chair

Soft and comfortable cushion. If you work for long hours, you know how straining it can turn out on a hard surface chair. Hbada constructed this chair with comfort in mind by incorporating a soft sponge under the double layer cushion to provide you a comfortable experience when working.

A solid functional base. Like the rest of the Hbada office chairs, the solid base lasts longer and supports up to 330 pounds. Better yet, the chair features mute nylon wheels which roll on the floor without a tear or wear.

Adjustability. Sitting in a single position the entire day can be tedious. The Hbada office adjustable chair features an adjustable height, rocking function through 90 to 125 degrees, and rotatable position makes the chair luxurious.

The flip-up arms. The arms that flip up are padded for added comfort when using the chair. Besides, they create space for storage and for extra activities like playing guitar.

What you’ll not like

Semi leather construction. After months of use, the semi leather surface begins to peel off. However, this is expected if you become rough on the chair.

The plastic base which holds the swivel wheels can break if you assert all your weight at once. The chair requires a lot of care to last longer. 


However, you’ll still get the value for your money if you need extra comfort at affordable rates.

5. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair: Best for supporting the back

Hbada joins the reclining league of ergonomic chairs. Featuring adjustable height, reclining footrest, lumbar support, and mesh back means that it provides luxury and class for anyone set to improve the office look.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

This Hbada ergonomic computer chair is made specifically for long day office users. The ergonomics shape the body and promote good posture by curving your spine naturally.

During our testing, the entire team loved the recline function and, most importantly, the retracting footrest. Even our boss expressed her fears that the chair was too comfortable for the office.

A remarkable improvement I noticed in the chair is the leg rest where you can stretch to relax your fit after an entire day of office work.

What you’ll love

Very comfortable. Both the sitting area and the back design improve the comfort of this chair. A breathable mesh keeps the body cool through the hot summer, and the thick cushion lets you relax the entire day without straining.

Adjustable for a custom fit. Easily customize the seat by adjusting the height, lumbar section, and headrest. The chair rest mode adjusts from 90-155 degrees; you can choose your resting angle.

What you’ll not love

Armrests are not adjustable. If you are used to adjusting armrests, this chair is a total letdown, and we felt that the armrest being part of the support structure won’t last due to frequent adjustment when in the resting mode.

The headrest is not as good. It collapses easily and feels rigid, as if someone is standing behind your head.


While all these faults are noticeable, we felt like this is an excellent quality ergonomic chair if you want some extra relaxing due to the functional footrest. Therefore, it is a good buy option for a luxurious sitting position.

6.Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Chair: Best for gaming

A well-constructed chair for gamers. It features a high back, headrest, footrest, lumbar section, and swivel function hence suitable for gamers of all levels.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

Are you looking for an office chair that is good for gaming? No need to worry, as the Hbada Gaming Chair is designed to satisfy gaming needs. This means you can still enjoy your hobby while at work.

The Hbada chair is specifically designed with a large and comfortable sitting area to support you through hours of gaming. Now, you’ll make more scores and hits and even play faster and better.

The entire team in the office acknowledged the comfort of this chair. Even the non-gamers tried gaming and scored easily, thanks to the friendly features like the curved back.

What you’ll like

After investigating and using this chair, some of the things that might excite you include;

Simple yet functional. This compares to none as the chair can work well as an office chair and gaming chair. All the ergonomics, like the recline function from 90° to 155°, means that you can create your comfort. Additionally, adjustability of the armrest through 7 cm provides a suitable chair height customization to meet your needs.

Quick installation. All the tools required for installation are available. You’ll find the book with full instructions in the package, although it is tiny.

Multipurpose. Gaming after a long day refreshes the mind, and this chair, unlike the rest, is designed for both office and gaming needs. Adjust a few settings, and you are set for the task.

What you’ll not like

Complex instructions. The chair takes time to set up, and you’ll need to figure out some of the setup procedures since the manual is small and complicated.

Despite the complexity of setting up the chair for your office gaming, this is still one of the outstanding chairs ever produced by Hbada. The versatility makes it a great value if you are set to invest.

7. Hbada Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair: Best sleek design and style

A simple, elegant, and high-quality office chair is the concept Hbada adopted while crafting this chair. Thus, Ergonomic design, lumbar support, and flip-up design armrests make the chair suitable for daily office work.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

Ask any officeholder, and they’ll tell you that a bright chair adds decor to the office. Hbada focused on the sleek and simple style to create a unique chair.

Hence, it’s suitable for those who value good-looking offices.

The mid-size style chair accommodates different sizes of people. It improves productivity thanks to ergonomics and adjustability.

Beginners and experts liked this Hbada chair since it guarantees comfort. Better still, flip-up arms offer a resting surface to your arms when in use. This lets you concentrate on executing tasks within the given time.

Even though the chair is easy to adjust, the height will not meet the needs of taller individuals. 

What you’ll love

Very flexible and easy to tilt the lever. This feature lets you push the chair in for easy locking in the upright position and pull out to initiate the rocking motion.

Durable and stable. The base features heavy-duty construction. In addition, it holds the rolling casters, which move smoothly on your source without scraping the floor.

Flip-up arm and height-adjustable. This feature means you’ll rest your arms when the handles are leveled. 

Alternatively, you can flip them when you want to use the chair for different situations like playing guitar.

What you might not like

The seat cushion is not very comfortable. This makes long-hour tasks exhausting. However, you can still add an extra cushion to improve the comfort.

Hard to take apart. Assembling is easy but taking it apart for storage is a nightmare. This will take time, and you risk breaking some parts.


Even though the sitting area is uncomfortable, it doesn’t compromise the functionality. You’ll have it at affordable prices and use it for years. 

8. Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic Best high back chair

Another gaming chair by Hbada is this Racing Style Ergonomic chair. What’s more? It gives exciting experiences to pro gamers. Besides, beginners who want to take their gaming skills to the next level can buy it.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

The large Hbada chair is made specifically for anyone who enjoys office comfort while minimizing mistakes and pressure during gaming.

We tested this chair for a month, and most of those who used it praised its ergonomics and adjustability.

Moreover, the chair comes with an installation manual and takes little time to set up in your office.

What you’ll love

It is compact with a solid built base. While most gaming chairs are built to last, some don’t move past two months. We tested this chair, and indeed, it remained new after months of use. Besides, the stable base means that your weight gets good support. 

Very comfortable. Forget the chairs, which cause pain and discomfort when seated. This gaming style ergonomic chair has a high density thickened cushion and soft armrests, which promote comfort when gaming for long hours.

Swivel chair. This makes it more comfortable. What’s more? The recline moves from 90° to 155°, where you can choose a comfortable angle for office work, gaming or rest.

What you might not like

The armrest wiggles. This makes the chair look cheap and flimsy. You’ll still find it challenging to push the chair under a gaming table.

No cushions on the armrests. If you are gaming for long hours, you’ll not like it when you try to rest your arms over the armrests. They are touchy and uncomfortable. However, the height adjusting feature on the armrest makes it slightly better.


So, if you are searching for a chair that boasts high quality yet affordable, this chair could be an excellent fit for you.

9. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair: Best breathable mesh

A high back, executive design, mesh back, a flip-up padded arm, and adjustable headrest make this chair unique. Besides, it fits anyone who wants to relieve pressure over the back and work for long office hours. 

What we liked

What we didn’t like

If choosing a specific Hbada chair is a difficult task, a multipurpose ergonomic chair will make your work easy. This is why Hbada made the chair to serve those struggling to pick good ergonomic chairs.

It is spacious and suitable if you work long hours. You’ll love the ergonomics, great design, and ease of installation. Additionally, the recline and adjustable features make it unique and pleasing to use.

Even though some flows like hard armrests and hard plastic edges are there, this chair still has a lot of good features to improve your posture and help you achieve more during your office hours.

What you’ll love

Lovely design. This chair is evident that Hbada invests generously in quality and looks. The U-shape waterfall design cushion curves to provide the proper comfort. Additionally, you’ll have more space as the armrests flip up.

Curved backrest. This is a unique feature that corresponds with the shape of the back. This relieves pressure off your spine, thus improving productivity.

Multifunctional. Every movable section on the chair adjusts. You’ll achieve the proper height when seated. It is possible to adjust the headrest and enjoy the 360 degrees swivel, eliminating hurdles of moving around when you need to grab something.

What you might not love

The chair frame feels weak. When you lean infront, the entire body weight puts pressure on your arms, and the frail frame might break.

Thin armrest cushion. The lean cushion over the armrest exerts pressure that might interfere with your concentration. This means you’ll work for a few hours. However, it is still better than standard chairs.


This multipurpose chair supports up to 300 pounds making it suitable to support your work in and out of the office.

Who Should Get this Chair?

Hbada brand manufactures chairs to meet unique market needs. Office owners, gaming enthusiasts, and anybody nursing back injuries must have the Hbada office chair. Additionally, this chair is perfect for you if you know ergonomics’ importance and want to make instant productivity in your work.

Hbada Task Chair Adjustability

The Hbada home office task chair comes with a 120° tilt tension and a pneumatic height adjustment from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches.

Should You Buy It?

If you are a fan of minimalist chairs with plenty of ergonomics, then Hbada would be a great option when looking for a chair. 

The prices are relatively low despite the excellent quality built and ergonomics. Check the Hbada chair review for each Hbada chair and find the one that meets your demands. 

The brand has something for everyone.

Final Verdict

The Hbada brand is becoming popular. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out from our Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Review a dependable ergonomic office chair that improves your productivity and protects your back from injury.


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